Issue Title
Vol 14 (2020) #depression: Singaporean Muslim Women Navigating Mental Health on Social Media Abstract   PDF
Nurhaizatul Jamil
Vol 16 (2022) #Egyptiangirl and #Tunisiangirl: The (Micro)Politics of Self-Presentation on Instagram Abstract   PDF
Soumia Bardhan
Vol 11 (2017) #Fringe, Audiences and Fan Labor: Twitter Activism to Save a TV Show From Cancellation Abstract   PDF
Mar Guerrero-Pico
Vol 12 (2018) #fukushima Five Years On: A Multimethod Analysis of Twitter on the Anniversary of the Nuclear Disaster Abstract   PDF
Anna Rantasila, Anu Sirola, Arto Kekkonen, Katja Valaskivi, Risto Kunelius
Vol 15 (2021) #GaysOverCOVID: The Social Drama of LGBTQ Representation on Instagram Abstract   PDF
Tyler Quick
Vol 13 (2019) #MeToo Empowerment Through Media: A New Multiple Model for Predicting Attitudes Toward Media Campaigns Abstract   PDF
Osnat Roth-Cohen, Vered Ne'eman-Haviv, Hagit Bonny-Noach
Vol 14 (2020) #MeToo; #HimToo: Popular Feminism and Hashtag Activism in the Kavanaugh Hearings Abstract   PDF
Tisha Dejmanee, Zulfia Zaher, Samantha Rouech, Michael J. Papa
Vol 16 (2022) #NoJusticeNoLeBron and the Persistence of Messianic Masculinity in Black Athlete Activism Abstract   PDF
Timothy Piper
Vol 17 (2023) #TrendingNow: How Twitter Trends Impact Social and Personal Agendas? Abstract   PDF
Maggie Mengqing Zhang, Yee Man Margaret Ng
Vol 18 (2024) #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar: The Evolution of the Digital Fight Against Authoritarian State Repression Abstract   PDF
Tuwanont Phattharathanasut
Vol 2 (2008) 'Living the Brand': Nationality, Globality, and the Identity Strategies of Nation Branding Consultants Abstract   PDF
Melissa Aronczyk
Vol 1 (2007) 'No More Peace!': How Disaster, Terror and War Have Upstaged Media Events Abstract   PDF
Elihu Katz, Tamar Liebes
Vol 17 (2023) 10,000 Social Media Users Can(not) Be Wrong: The Effects of Popularity Cues and User Comments on Sharing Controversial Social Media News Stories Abstract   PDF
Arjen van Dalen
Vol 9 (2015) 2921| Violent Frames. Analyzing Internet Movie Database Reviewers’ Text Descriptions of Media Violence and Gender Differences from 39 Years of U.S. Action, Thriller, Crime, and Adventure Movies. Abstract   PDF
Jordy Gosselt, Joris Van Hoof, Bastiaan Gent, Jean-Paul Fox
Vol 6 (2012) 57 Interviews with ICA Fellows | Table of Contents Details   PDF
Michael Meyen
Vol 15 (2021) 84 Lumber’s Constrained Polysemy: Limiting Interpretive Play and the Power of Audience Agency in Inspirational Immigrant Narratives Abstract   PDF
Litzy Galarza, Lars Stoltzfus-Brown
Vol 9 (2015) Public Service Media| Introduction ~ Public Service Media and Exposure Diversity Abstract   PDF
Natali Helberger, Mira Burri
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum for Digital Storytelling| Voices for a New Vernacular: A Forum on Digital Storytelling — Introduction Details   PDF
Anandam Kavoori, Mark C. Lashey, Brian Creech
Vol 5 (2011) Academic Labor| The Politics of Academic Labor in Communication Studies: A Re-Introduction Details   PDF
Jonathan Sterne
Vol 17 (2023) Afterlives of the Californian Ideology| Afterlives of the Californian Ideology: Tech Movements, Pioneer Communities, and Imaginaries of Digital Futures—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Andreas Hepp, Anne Schmitz, Nathan Schneider
Vol 8 (2014) Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Waiting for Spring: Arab Resistance and Change — Editorial Introduction Abstract   PDF
Ilhem Allagui
Vol 12 (2018) Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Marcus Michaelsen, Marlies Glasius
Vol 10 (2016) Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Political Communication, Computational Propaganda, and Autonomous Agents — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Samuel C. Woolley, Philip N. Howard
Vol 8 (2014) Big Data| Critiquing Big Data: Politics, Ethics, Epistemology | Special Section Introduction Details   PDF
Kate Crawford, Mary L. Gray, Kate Miltner
Vol 7 (2013) Breaking Boundaries: Working Across the Methodological and Epistemological Divide in the Study of Political Entertainment Details   PDF
Dannagal G. Young, Jonathan Gray
Vol 10 (2016) BRICS| Building the BRICS: Media, Nation Branding and Global Citizenship — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Hongmei Li, Leslie L. Marsh
Vol 6 (2012) Broadband Adoption| Introduction: Defining and Measuring Meaningful Broadband Adoption Abstract   PDF
Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Greta Byrum
Vol 13 (2019) Cars and Contemporary Communication: Machine, Medium, Mobility – Introduction Abstract   PDF
Thilo von Pape, Gerard Goggin, Laura Forlano
Vol 17 (2023) Civic Participation in the Datafied Society| Civic Participation in the Datafied Society—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, Joanna Redden, Emiliano Trere
Vol 10 (2016) Climate and Sustainability| Climate and Sustainability Communication Campaigns — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Lucy Atkinson, Bruno Takahashi, Merav Katz-Kimchi
Vol 7 (2013) Comm Research—Views from Europe| Evolving Paradigms of Communication Research: Editorial Introduction Details   PDF
Klaus Bruhn Jensen, W. Russell Neuman
Vol 10 (2016) Communication Activism| Communication Activism Research: Engaged Communication Scholarship for Social Justice — Introduction Details   PDF
Kevin M. Carragee, Lawrence R. Frey
Vol 8 (2014) Communication, Crisis, & Global Power Shifts: An Introduction Abstract   PDF
Yuezhi Zhao
Vol 13 (2019) Communication, Culture, and Governance in Asia | The Shifting Institutional Bases of Digital Asia Studies: Communication, Culture, and Governance in Asia — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Emma Baulch, Terry Flew, Luzhou Li
Vol 15 (2021) Comparative Approaches to Mis/Disinformation| Introduction Abstract   PDF
Hyunjin Seo, Robert Faris
Vol 14 (2020) Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Jun Liu, Xinchuan Liu, Klaus Bruhn Jensen
Vol 9 (2015) COMPASS| Communication in Action: Bridging Research and Policy — Introduction Details   PDF
Jason A. Smith, Mark Lloyd, Victor Pickard
Vol 11 (2017) COMPASS| Media Policy Research and Practice: Insights and Interventions ‒ Introduction Abstract   PDF
Pawel Popiel, Victor Pickard, Mark Lloyd
Vol 13 (2019) Computational Communication Science | Outlining the Way Ahead in Computational Communication Science: An Introduction to the IJoC Special Section on “Computational Methods for Communication Science: Toward a Strategic Roadmap” Abstract   PDF
Emese Domahidi, JungHwan Yang, Julia Niemann-Lenz, Leonard Reinecke
Vol 10 (2016) Constructing Public Space: Global Perspectives on Social Media and Popular Contestation — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Thomas Poell, José van Dijck
Vol 17 (2023) COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health| COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health: Lessons Learned and the Way Ahead for the Study of Human Communication—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Kathrin Karsay, Anne-Linda Camerini, Jörg Matthes
Vol 7 (2013) Critical Communication History | Looking Back, Moving Forward: Critical Communication History | Editorial Introduction Details   PDF
D. Travers Scott, Devon Powers
Vol 14 (2020) Critical Rhetoric Special Section: Introduction Abstract   PDF
Raymie E. McKerrow, Art Herbig
Vol 10 (2016) Digital Age| The Management of Visibilities in the Digital Age — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Mikkel Flyverbom, Paul Leonardi, Cynthia Stohl, Michael Stohl
Vol 11 (2017) Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen
Vol 9 (2015) Digital Divide| Max Weber and Digital Divide Studies — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Massimo Ragnedda, Glenn W. Muschert
Vol 15 (2021) Digital Infrastructure, Liminality, and World-Making Via Asia| The Infrastructural Politics of Liminality — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Rolien Hoyng
Vol 17 (2023) Digital Memory and Populism| Digital Memory and Populism—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Manuel Menke, Berber Hagedoorn
Vol 12 (2018) Digital Traces in Context| Digital Traces in Context — An Introduction Abstract   PDF
Andreas Hepp, Andreas Breiter, Thomas N. Friemel
Vol 10 (2016) Discussion. Dialogue, and Discourse| Doing the Talk: Discussion, Dialogue, and Discourse in Action — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Uta Russmann, Anne B. Lane
Vol 7 (2013) Doing It: Methodological Challenges of Communication Research on Sexuality | Editorial Introduction Details   PDF
Lynn Comella, Katherine Sender
Vol 13 (2019) East Asia in Action| East Asia in Action: Activist Media Communication in New Perspectives – Introduction Abstract   PDF
Chiaoning Su, Tin-yuet Ting
Vol 13 (2019) East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Transmedia Storytelling in the Age of Digital Media: East Asian Perspectives — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Dal Yong Jin
Vol 11 (2017) Economic Inequality| Economic Inequalities and Mediated Communication ― Introduction Abstract   PDF
Paschal Preston, Andrea Grisold
Vol 17 (2023) Encounters Between Violence and Media| Encounters Between Violence and Media—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Anu A. Harju, Noora Kotilainen
Vol 9 (2015) European Public Sphere| Toward a European Public Sphere? The Promise and Perils of Modern Democracy in the Age of Digital and Social Media — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Homero Gil de Zúñiga
Vol 13 (2019) Extreme Speech| Extreme Speech and Global Digital Cultures — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Sahana Udupa, Matti Pohjonen
Vol 16 (2022) Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort| Forum on Gandy's The Panoptic Sort — Introduction Details   PDF
Larry P. Gross
Vol 11 (2017) Global Digital Culture| Convergence and Disjuncture in Global Digital Culture — An Introduction Abstract   PDF
Marwan M. Kraidy
Vol 17 (2023) Global Populism: Its Roots in Media and Religion| Religious Populism? Rethinking Concepts and Consequences in a Hybrid Media Age—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Johanna Sumiala, Stewart M. Hoover, Corrina Laughlin
Vol 11 (2017) Global to Village| Global to Village: Grounding Communication Research in Rural China ‒ Introduction Abstract   PDF
Yuezhi Zhao
Vol 7 (2013) Green Movement| Editorial Introduction: Digital Ethnography, Resistance Art and Communication Media in Iran Abstract   PDF
Pedram Khrosronejad
Vol 11 (2017) Health Communication through Media Narratives: Factors, Processes and Effects — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Katalin E. Balint, Helena Bilandzic
Vol 14 (2020) Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| Producing Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings ‒ Introduction Abstract   PDF
Kari Anden-Papadopoulos
Vol 10 (2016) Imagining Futuretypes| A Seat at the Nerd Table — Introduction Details   PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Lonny J Avi Brooks
Vol 6 (2012) Info Capacity| Introduction—How to Measure “How Much Information”? Details   PDF
Martin Hilbert
Vol 14 (2020) Internet Shutdowns in Africa| The Changing Landscape of Internet Shutdowns in Africa — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Eleanor Marchant, Nicole Stremlau
Vol 17 (2023) Is Netflix Riding the Korean Wave or Vice Versa?| Netflix and the Global Receptions of Korean Popular Culture: Transnational Perspectives—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Dal Yong Jin, Sangjoon Lee, Seok-Kyeong Hong
Vol 8 (2014) Kanonizing Katz| Celebrating Katz ~ Introduction Details   PDF
Michael X. Delli Carpini
Vol 11 (2017) Korean Wave| The Korean Wave: Retrospect and Prospect ― Introduction Abstract   PDF
Dal Yong Jin, Tae-jin Yoon
Vol 9 (2015) Latin American Struggles| Battlefields, Experiences, Debates: Latin American Struggles and Digital Media Resistance — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Emiliano Treré, Claudia Magallanes-Blanco
Vol 7 (2013) Latin America| Communication Research: Views from Latin America| Editorial Introduction Details   PDF
Maria Elena Gronemeyer, Rayen Condeza
Vol 16 (2022) Lazarsfeld's Legacy| Lazarsfeld's Legacy — Introduction Details   PDF
Jefferson Pooley, Hynek Jeřábek
Vol 16 (2022) Media and Uncertainty| Media and Uncertainty—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Nelson Ribeiro, Barbie Zelizer
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences| Introduction ~ Audiences Across Media: A Comparative Agenda for Future Research on Media Audiences Abstract   PDF
Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Rasmus Helles
Vol 10 (2016) Media Genealogy: Technological and Historical Engagements of Power — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Alexander Monea, Jeremy Packer
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot and Cold| Introduction: Temperature is a Media Problem Details   PDF
Dylan Mulvin, Jonathan Sterne
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| Mediating Time—Temporalizing Media: Introduction Abstract   PDF
Anne Kaun, Johan Fornäs, Staffan Ericson
Vol 17 (2023) Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Özen Odağ, Frank M. Schneider, Larisa Buhin, Jinhee Kim
Vol 11 (2017) Mediadem| Findings from the Mediadem Project: Supporting Free and Independent Media in Europe — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Rachael Craufurd Smith
Vol 11 (2017) Mediating Asia| Mediating Asia: Information, Democracy, and the State In and Before the Digital Age — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Tim Oakes
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Introduction Abstract   PDF
Marwan M. Kraidy, Marina R. Krikorian
Vol 11 (2017) Mediatized Populisms| Mediatized Populisms: Inter-Asian Lineages — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Paula Chakravartty, Srirupa Roy
Vol 6 (2012) Mgt. in Digital Age #1| Back to the Future: Rebuilding the Core Carrier Value to Consumers Details   PDF
David Hytha, Sam Keen, Jonathan Aronson
Vol 12 (2018) Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Mobilities in Asia — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Raka Shome
Vol 10 (2016) Net Neutrality| Working for Internet Freedoms: Network Neutrality in the United States and the Labors of Policy Advocacy—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Becky Lentz, Allison Perlman
Vol 5 (2011) Network Theory | Prologue to the Special Section| Network Multidimensionality in the Digital Age Details   PDF
Manuel Castells, Peter Monge, Noshir Contractor
Vol 15 (2021) New Feminist Studies in Audiovisual Industries | New Feminist Studies in Audiovisual Industries: Feminism, Gender, Ageism, and New Masculinities in Audiovisual Content – Introduction Abstract   PDF
Maria Pilar Rodriguez, Miren Gutierrez, Maria J. Pando-Canteli
Vol 5 (2011) New Media in International Contexts | Introduction Details   PDF
Heather A. Horst, Cara Wallis
Vol 12 (2018) News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Omar V. Rosas, Javier Serrano-Puche
Vol 12 (2018) Nuit Debout| The Nuit Debout Movement: Communication, Politics, and the Counter-Production of “Everynight Life” — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Jayson Harsin
Vol 14 (2020) On Writing in Communication and Media Studies Details   PDF
Pablo J. Boczkowski, Michael X. Delli Carpini
Vol 10 (2016) Online Entertainment| Online Entertainment: A New Wave of Media Globalization? — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Stuart Cunningham, David Craig
Vol 9 (2015) Opinion Leadership| Editorial Introduction | Opinion Leadership Revisited: A Classical Concept in a Changing Media Environment Abstract   PDF
Mike S. Schäfer
Vol 18 (2024) Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| Intermediated Communication via Social Media Platforms During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Dingkun Wang, Brian Yecies
Vol 14 (2020) Participation and Media: Comparative Analysis of Anti-Austerity in the Eurozone Crisis ‒ Introduction Abstract   PDF
Miguel Vicente-Marino, Tao Papaioannou, Peter Dahlgren
Vol 8 (2014) Participations: Dialogues on the Participatory Promise of Contemporary Culture and Politics — Introduction Details   PDF
Henry Jenkins, Nick Couldry
Vol 9 (2015) Piracy & Social Change| Introduction: Piracy and Social Change—Revisiting Piracy Cultures Abstract   PDF
Patrick Burkart, Jonas Andersson Schwarz
Vol 6 (2012) Piracy Cultures | Editorial Introduction Details   PDF
Manuel Castells, Gustavo Cardoso
Vol 13 (2019) Platform Politics in Europe | Platform Politics in Europe: Bridging Gaps between Digital Activism and Digital Democracy at the Close of the Long 2010s — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Marco Deseriis, Davide Vittori
Vol 5 (2011) Plenary| Communication as a Discipline| Introduction Details   PDF
Larry Gross
Vol 12 (2018) Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge: From Important Revelations to Provocations, Trivialities, and Neglect — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Sigurd Allern, Christian von Sikorski
Vol 14 (2020) Practicing Media – Mediating Practice: Introduction Abstract   PDF
Kenzie Burchell, Olivier Driessens, Alice Mattoni
Vol 16 (2022) Precarious Migrants in a Sharing Economy| Precarious Migrants in a Sharing Economy: Collective Action, Organizational Communication, and Digital Technologies—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Amanda Alencar, Yijing Wang
Vol 12 (2018) Privacy at the Margins| Understanding Privacy at the Margins—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Alice E. Marwick, danah boyd
Vol 9 (2015) Qualitative Political Communication| Introduction ~ The Role of Qualitative Methods in Political Communication Research: Past, Present, and Future Abstract   PDF
David Karpf, Daniel Kreiss, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Matthew Powers
Vol 17 (2023) Queer Cultures in Digital Asia| Queer Cultures in Digital Asia—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Lik Sam Chan, Jia Tan, Elija Cassidy
Vol 15 (2021) Research Perspectives on TikTok & Its Legacy Apps| Research Perspectives on TikTok and Its Legacy Apps—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Jing Zeng, Crystal Abidin, Mike S. Schäfer
Vol 18 (2024) Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| Mapping Scholarship on Algorithmic Bias: Conceptualization, Empirical Results, and Ethical Concerns Abstract   PDF
Seungahn Nah, Jun Luo, Jungseock Joo
Vol 9 (2015) Selfies Introduction ~ What Does the Selfie Say? Investigating a Global Phenomenon Details   PDF
Theresa M. Senft, Nancy K. Baym
Vol 10 (2016) Shift or Stasis| Questioning Global Communication Power — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Joe F. Khalil, John D. H. Downing
Vol 18 (2024) Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Creating a Language of and for Sociotechnical Change: Interdisciplinary Sites, Stakes, and Senses of Transformation—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Mike Ananny, Simogne Hudson
Vol 13 (2019) Sonic Publics | Introduction and Audio Transcript Abstract   PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Elinor Carmi
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Talking With the Hermit Regime: North Korea, Media, and Communication — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Seungahn Nah, Soomin Seo
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring and the Role of ICTs| Introduction Details   PDF
Ilhem Allagui, Johanne Kuebler
Vol 6 (2012) The Classroom as Newsroom: Leveraging University Resources for Public Affairs Reporting Details   PDF
Tim Francisco, Alyssa Lenhoff, Michael Schudson
Vol 6 (2012) The Founding Parents of Communication: 57 Interviews with ICA Fellows. An Introduction Details   PDF
Michael Meyen
Vol 6 (2012) The Future of Journalism: Networked Journalism Details   PDF
Bregtje van der Haak, Michael Parks, Manuel Castells
Vol 13 (2019) The Gulf Information War | The Gulf Information War and the Role of Media and Communication Technologies: Editorial Introduction Abstract   PDF
Ilhem Allagui, Banu Akdenizli
Vol 6 (2012) The Happiness Game| Introduction — The Pursuit of Happiness Details   PDF
Paddy Scannell
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Media in Political Polarization| The Complex Relationship Between Media and Political Polarization: Understanding How the Media Can Affectively (De)Polarize Citizens—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Emily Kubin, Christian von Sikorski
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| Theorizing the Korean Wave: Introduction to New Perspectives—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Dal Yong Jin
Vol 10 (2016) Translations| Babel and Globalization: Translating in the 21st Century — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Paolo Sigismondi
Vol 8 (2014) Transmedia Critical: Empirical Investigations into Multiplatform and Collaborative Storytelling ~ Introduction Abstract   PDF
Indrek Ibrus, Carlos A. Scolari
Vol 6 (2012) Transnational Connections Symposium: Challenges and Opportunities for Political Communication Research | Introduction Details   PDF
Magdalena Wojcieszak
Vol 16 (2022) Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Karen Arriaza Ibarra
Vol 7 (2013) Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Editorial Introduction Abstract   PDF
Gokcen Karanfil, Yesim Kaptan
Vol 12 (2018) (Un)civil Society in Digital China| Uncivil Society in Digital China: Incivility, Fragmentation, and Political Stability — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Min Jiang, Ashley Esarey
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Clare O'Connor
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication| Going About the City: Methods and Methodologies for Urban Communication Research — Introduction Abstract   PDF
Giorgia Aiello, Simone Tosoni
Vol 13 (2019) Urban Media Studies| The Mediated City Between Research Fields: An Invitation to Urban Media Studies ‒ Introduction Abstract   PDF
Simone Tosoni, Zlatan Krajina, Seija Ridell
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Entrepreneuring the Good Life? ― Introduction Abstract   PDF
Laura Robinson
Vol 8 (2014) WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks: From Popular Culture to Political Economy ~ Introduction Details   PDF
Christian Christensen
Vol 14 (2020) Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey: Struggles Over Media Representations and Discourses in the Past and Present – Introduction Abstract   PDF
Esra Ozcan
Vol 17 (2023) Worker Resistance in Digital Capitalism| Worker Resistance in Digital Capitalism—Introduction Abstract   PDF
Julie Yujie Chen, Alessandro Delfanti, Michelle Phan
Vol 13 (2019) Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown in Africa: Cultural Brokerage, “Going Native,” and Colonial Nostalgia Abstract   PDF
Téwodros W. Workneh, H. Leslie Steeves
Vol 13 (2019) Color TV: Postcolonial Concerns and "Colored" Television Audiences in South Africa Abstract   PDF
Shelley-Jean Bradfield
Vol 7 (2013) How to Make Money from Subliminal Advertising and Motivation Research Details   PDF
Paul Messaris
Vol 10 (2016) Jus Algoritmi: How the National Security Agency Remade Citizenship Abstract   PDF
John Cheney-Lippold
Vol 7 (2013) Media Transformation and Political Marketing in the Post-Communist World Details   PDF
Mark Hannah
Vol 12 (2018) Not a Twitter Revolution: Anti-neoliberal and Antiracist Resistance in the Ferguson Movement Abstract   PDF
Cristina Mislan, Amalia Dache-Gerbino
Vol 10 (2016) The Herald and Daily News' Framing of the Leaked Zimbabwean Draft Constitution and Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Fall from Grace Abstract   PDF
Albert Chibuwe
Vol 11 (2017) A Blind Spot in Public Broadcasters’ Discovery of the Public: How the Public Values Public Service Abstract   PDF
Natascha Just, Moritz Büchi, Michael Latzer
Vol 14 (2020) A Click Is Worth a Thousand Words: Probing the Predictors of Using Click Speech for Online Opinion Expression Abstract   PDF
Tai-Yee Wu, Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch, David Atkin
Vol 11 (2017) A Coming Singularity in Media Regulation: The American Case Abstract   PDF
W. Russell Neuman
Vol 10 (2016) A Comparative Investigation Into Press–State Relations: Comparing Source Structures in Three News Agencies’ Coverage of the North Korean Missile Crisis Abstract   PDF
Seok Ho Lee, Qian Wang
Vol 10 (2016) A Corpus-Linguistic Analysis of News Coverage in Kenya's Daily Nation and The Times of London Abstract   PDF
Ruth Moon
Vol 16 (2022) A Country Comparative Analysis of International Print Media’s Framing of the COVID-19 Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Shumaila J. Bhatti, Paul P. Billinson, Lauren A. Cornell, Ashmita Das, Courtney Gammon, Lauren O. Kelly, Jeongwon Yang, Silje Kristiansen
Vol 14 (2020) A Critical Analysis of Attempts to Regulate Native Advertising and Influencer Marketing Abstract   PDF
Kyle Asquith, Emily M. Fraser
Vol 15 (2021) A Critical Analysis of the Digitization of Healthcare Communication in the EU: A Comparison of Italy, Finland, Norway, and Spain Abstract   PDF
Robert Wallace Vaagan, Sinikka Torkkola, Anna Sendra, Jordi Farré, Alessandro Lovari
Vol 16 (2022) A Critical Discourse Analysis of Antigay Discourse on Chinese Tongqi Forum Abstract   PDF
Ke Zhang, Jingyuan Zhang, Chao Lu
Vol 17 (2023) A Cross-Country Study of Comparative Optimism About Privacy Risks on Social Media Abstract   PDF
Hichang Cho, Miriam Metzger, Sabine Trepte, Elmie Nekmat
Vol 17 (2023) A Discussion of Think Tanks in Climate Obstruction in Response to the “Analysis of the Moreno et al. (2022) Publication on EIKE Using Peter Gleick’s Toolbox” Abstract   PDF
Jose A. Moreno, Mira Kinn, Marta Narberhaus
Vol 16 (2022) A Failed Regulatory Remedy? An Empirical Examination of Affordable Broadband Plan Obligations Abstract   PDF
Hernan Galperin
Vol 4 (2010) A Failed Success: A Community Television Case study of the Contradictory Nature of Participation and Deliberation Abstract   PDF
Amir Har-Gil, Roei Davidson
Vol 4 (2010) A Foot in Both Worlds: Transnationalism and Media Use Among Venezuelan Immigrants in South Florida Abstract   PDF
Moses Shumow
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Hector Postigo Details   PDF
Hector Postigo, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Henry Jenkins Details   PDF
Henry Jenkins, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Janet Murray Details   PDF
Janet Murray, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Knut Lundby Details   PDF
Knut Lundby, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Marie-Laure Ryan Details   PDF
Marie-Laure Ryan, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Veena Raman Details   PDF
Veena Raman, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Vladimir Barash Details   PDF
Vladimir Barash, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 11 (2017) A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Zizi Papacharissi Details   PDF
Zizi Papacharissi, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech
Vol 9 (2015) A Hush Falls Over the Crowd: Diminished Online Civic Expression Among Young Civic Actors Abstract   PDF
Emily C. Weinstein, Margaret Rundle, Carrie James
Vol 7 (2013) A Kiss Is (Not) Just a Kiss: Heterodeterminism, Homosexuality and TV Globo Telenovelas Abstract   PDF
Samantha Nogueira Joyce
Vol 10 (2016) A Korean Mother’s Cooking Notes: Maintaining South Korean Cooking and Ideals of Housewives in Glocal Influences Abstract   PDF
Hojin Song
Vol 5 (2011) A. Langlois, R. Sakolsky, M. van der Zon: Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada Details   PDF
Barry Rooke
Vol 8 (2014) A Laugh Riot: Photoshopping as Vernacular Discursive Practice Abstract   PDF
Andrew M. Peck
Vol 17 (2023) A Leader and a Lady? A Computational Approach to Detection of Political Gender Stereotypes in Facebook User Comments Abstract   PDF
Aliya Andrich, Emese Domahidi
Vol 13 (2019) A Matter for the Boss? How Personalized Communication Affects Recipients’ Perceptions of an Organization During a Crisis Abstract   PDF
Nora Denner, Benno Viererbl, Thomas Koch
Vol 6 (2012) A Mediation Analysis of International Students’ Patterns of Computer-Mediated Communication Abstract   PDF
Georgeta M. Hodis, Flaviu A. Hodis
Vol 10 (2016) A Mediation Model to Explain the Effects of Information Seeking from Media and Interpersonal Sources on Young Adults' Intention to Use Marijuana Abstract   PDF
Lourdes S. Martinez, Nehama Lewis
Vol 13 (2019) A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Sociodemographic Factors on Social Media Adoption Abstract   PDF
Guangchao Charles Feng, Yuting Zhang, Zhiliang Lin
Vol 12 (2018) A Mixed Methods Approach to Examining the Relationship Between News Media Literacy and Political Efficacy Abstract   PDF
Melissa Tully, Emily K. Vraga
Vol 8 (2014) A Model of Crowd Enabled Organization: Theory and Methods for Understanding the Role of Twitter in the Occupy Protests Abstract   PDF
Sheetal D. Agarwal, W. Lance Bennett, Courtney N. Johnson, Shawn Walker
Vol 14 (2020) A Model of Social Eavesdropping in Communication Networks Abstract   PDF
Leila Bighash, Kristen S. Alexander, Christina S. Hagen, Andrea B. Hollingshead
Vol 12 (2018) A Movement of Varying Faces: How “Occupy Central” Was Framed In the News in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, the UK, and the U.S. Abstract   PDF
Y. Roselyn Du, Lingzi Zhu, Fan Yang
Vol 16 (2022) A Multilevel Model of Mobile Media Use and Public Support for Press Freedom in Africa Abstract   PDF
Jason A. Martin
Vol 17 (2023) A Multiple-Stakeholder Perspective of Patient–Provider Communication Among Families With Rare Diseases in Taiwan Through a Cross-Cultural Lens Abstract   PDF
Jinli Wu, Hsinyi Hsiao, Lei Chen, Chun-Ying Weng, Pao-Sheng Chang, Shao-Yin Chu
Vol 3 (2009) A National Broadband Plan for Our Future: A Customer-Centric Approach Abstract   PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber
Vol 10 (2016) A New Measure for the Tendency to Select Ideologically Congruent Political Information: Scale Development and Validation Abstract   PDF
Yariv Tsfati
Vol 12 (2018) A New Women’s Work: Digital Interactions, Gender, and Social Network Sites Abstract   PDF
Angela M. Cirucci
Vol 11 (2017) A Noneventful Social Movement: The Occupy Wall Street Movement’s Struggle Over Privately Owned Public Space Abstract   PDF
Hao Cao
Vol 15 (2021) A Non-Media-Centric Approach to Mediatization: Digital Orientations in the Lives of Football Fans Abstract   PDF
Michael Skey, Solomon Waliaula
Vol 12 (2018) A Normative Study of Broadcast Regulators in the Arab World Abstract   PDF
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Vol 8 (2014) Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Blogging Against Violations of Human Rights in Egypt: An Analysis of Five Political Blogs Abstract   PDF
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Vol 8 (2014) Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Egypt's Unfinished Revolution: The Role of the Media Revisited Abstract   PDF
Anne Alexander, Miriyam Aouragh
Vol 8 (2014) Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Mediating Discourse of Democratic Uprising in Egypt: Militarized Language and the “Battles” of Abbasiyya and Maspero Abstract   PDF
Mervat Youssef, Heba Arafa, Anup Kumar
Vol 8 (2014) Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| The Arab Spring & Online Protests in Iraq Abstract   PDF
Ahmed K. Al-Rawi
Vol 8 (2014) Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| The Cultural Logic of Visibility in the Arab Uprisings Abstract   PDF
Hatim El-Hibri
Vol 11 (2017) Arabism and Anti-Persian Sentiments on Participatory Web Platforms: A Social Media Critical Discourse Study Abstract   PDF
Majid KhosraviNik, Nadia Sarkhoh
Vol 8 (2014) Aram Sinnreich, Mashed Up: Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture Details   PDF
Qian Wang
Vol 14 (2020) Aram Sinnreich, The Essential Guide to Intellectual Property Details   PDF
MC Forelle
Vol 14 (2020) Are Netflix and Spotify Subscribers More Likely to Pay for Online News? Comparative Analysis of Data From Six Countries Abstract   PDF
Richard Fletcher, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Vol 17 (2023) Are People Easily Duped by Disinformation? Experimental Evidence for Open Vigilance Abstract   PDF
Wuyao Ding, Yan Ge
Vol 15 (2021) Are Smartphones Enhancing or Displacing Face-to-Face Communication With Close Ties? A Panel Study Among Adults Abstract   PDF
Anja Stevic, Desirée Schmuck, Kathrin Karsay, Jörg Matthes
Vol 10 (2016) Are You an Opinion Giver, Seeker, or Both? Re-Examining Political Opinion Leadership in the New Communication Environment Abstract   PDF
Joo-Young Jung, Yong-Chan Kim
Vol 7 (2013) Ariel Dorfman, Feeding on Dreams: Confessions of an Unrepentant Exile Details   PDF
Nancy Morris
Vol 13 (2019) Arta Khakpour, Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami and Shouldeh Vatanabadi (Eds.), Moments of Silence: Authenticity in the Cultural Expressions of the Iran-Iraq War, 1980‒1988 Details   PDF
Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani
Vol 1 (2007) Arthur A. Raney and Jennings Bryant (eds.): Handbook of Sports and Media Details   PDF
Daniel Durbin
Vol 3 (2009) Articulating a Chinese Commons: An Explorative Study of Creative Commons in China Abstract   PDF
Bingchun Meng
Vol 14 (2020) Articulating Transgender Subjectivity: How Discursive Formations Perpetuate Regimes of Power Abstract   PDF
Erica Ciszek, Nathian Shae Rodriguez
Vol 14 (2020) Ashley Hinck, Politics for the Love of Fandom: Fan-Based Citizenship in a Digital World Details   PDF
Kyle A. Hammonds
Vol 7 (2013) Asserting an Ancient, Emergent Superpower: 2009 Beijing Military Parade, Public Memory, and National Identity Abstract   PDF
Jie Gong
Vol 14 (2020) Assessing Digital Threats to Democracy, and Workable Solutions: A Review of the Recent Literature Abstract   PDF
Kathleen M. Kuehn, Leon A. Salter
Vol 15 (2021) Assessing the Co-Occurrence of Professional Roles in the News: A Comparative Study in Six Advanced Democracies Abstract   PDF
María Luisa Humanes, Claudia Mellado, Cornelia Mothes, Henry Silke, Patric Raemy, Nikos Panagiotou
Vol 14 (2020) Associations Between Media Representations of Physical, Personality, and Social Attributes by Gender: A Content Analysis of Children’s Animated Film Characters Abstract   PDF
María Pilar León González, Álvaro Infantes Paniagua, Tracey Thornborrow, Onofre Contreras Jordán
Vol 8 (2014) Aswin Punathambekar, From Bombay to Bollywood: The Making of a Global Media Industry Details   PDF
Maria Magdalena Leturia Bravo
Vol 7 (2013) Athina Karatzogianni (Ed.), Violence and War in Culture and the Media: Five Disciplinary Lenses Details   PDF
Brittany Farr
Vol 9 (2015) Attack Versus Advocacy: Advertising Tone That Mobilizes Abstract   PDF
Jaeho Cho
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