Analysis of Peruvian Newspaper Portrayal of Chinese Foreign Direct Investments From 2001 to 2020: An Exploration of Factors Influencing International Economic News Reporting

Longxing Wang, Yicheng Zhu, Juan Diego Zamudio Padilla, Ruitong Huang, Zejia Bi, Yue Shu, Haoyi Chen


In recent years, the economic exchanges between China and Latin American countries have been further deepened, and news about Chinese foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the region responds to economic reality and the different stages of changing international relations and media characteristics. The current study includes a content analysis by human coders of 308 news articles on Chinese FDIs in three types of Peruvian news outlets from 2001 to 2020, namely the Left-leaning newspaper (La República), the Right-leaning newspaper (El Comercio), and specialized economic news outlets (Gestión Online and Semana Económica). In this context, it explores how international economic news volume is related to real-world economic indexes and how news interpretations of Chinese FDIs, as manifested by news frames, are influenced by contextual and political factors.


Peruvian media, Chinese foreign direct investment, framing theory, content analysis

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