Table of Contents


Mythologizing Modernity Through Vernacular Discourses ABSTRACT PDF
Olga Baysha 21 pgs.
The Work of Art in the Age of Mediated Participation: Crowdsourced Art and Collective Creativity ABSTRACT PDF
Ioana Literat 23 pgs.
Journalism and "The Call to Allah": Teaching Journalism in Indonesia’s Islamic Universities and State Institutes ABSTRACT PDF
Janet Steele 18 pgs.
Financialization, Economic Crisis, and Corporate Strategies in Top Media Companies: The Case of Grupo Prisa ABSTRACT PDF
Nuria Almiron, Ana I. Segovia 24 pgs.
Does Information Really Want to be Free? Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the Question of Openness ABSTRACT PDF
Kimberly A. Christen 24 pgs.
A Mediation Analysis of International Students’ Patterns of Computer-Mediated Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Georgeta M. Hodis, Flaviu A. Hodis 24 pgs.
No Laughing Matter: The Power of Cyberspace to Subvert Conventional Media Gatekeepers ABSTRACT PDF
John Carr 21 pgs.
Playing with Purpose: Using Serious Play to Enhance Participatory Development Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Lauren Leigh Hinthorne, Katy Schneider 24 pgs.
Local Newspaper Coverage and Endorsement of a U.S. Military Buildup in the Pacific ABSTRACT PDF
Francis Dalisay, Masahiro Yamamoto 21 pgs.
Examining Garden Blogs as a Communication System ABSTRACT PDF
Heike Graf 22 pgs.
Religiosity, Repression and Cultivation: Different Patterns of TV Viewing Effects on Crime Prevalence Estimates and Personal Victimization Likelihood Assessment ABSTRACT PDF
Amir Hetsroni, Hila Lowenstein 28 pgs.
Beyond WikiLeaks: The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative and the Creation of Free Havens ABSTRACT PDF
Florencio Cabello Fernández-Delgado, María Teresa Vera Balanza 24 pgs.
Mobile Money, More Freedom? The Impact of M-PESA’s Network Power on Development as Freedom ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin P. Donovan 23 pgs.
Principal-Agent Dilemma in China’s Social Media Sector? The Party-State and Industry Real-Name Registration Waltz ABSTRACT PDF
Johan Lagerkvist 19 pgs.
Mapping the Nation and Security in Global Space: A Comparative Study of Danish, Egyptian, and U.S. Action-Adventure Fans ABSTRACT PDF
Karin Gwinn Wilkins 19 pgs.
ICA Fellows: A Collective Biography ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Meyen 19 pgs.
Social Movements as Information Ecologies: Exploring the Coevolution of Multiple Internet Technologies for Activism ABSTRACT PDF
Emiliano Treré 19 pgs.
Chimera of International Community: News Narratives of Global Cooperation ABSTRACT PDF
Hans Ibold, Kioko Ireri 22 pgs.
Visible Identities, Visual Rhetoric: The Self-Labeled Body as a Popular Platform for Political Persuasion ABSTRACT PDF
Joel Penney 19 pgs.
Spot News Versus Reportage: Newspaper Models, the Distribution of Newsroom Credibility, and Implications for Democratic Journalism in Mexico ABSTRACT PDF
Ella McPherson 17 pgs.
Threats Versus Promises: How the Framing of Concession Appeals in News Coverage Affects Support for Compromise ABSTRACT PDF
Ifat Maoz 21 pgs.
The Chinese Diaspora and China’s Public Diplomacy: Contentious Politics for the Beijing Olympic Float ABSTRACT PDF
Hongmei Li 35 pgs.
Hail the Independent Thinker: The Emergence of Public Debate Culture on the Chinese Internet ABSTRACT PDF
Angela Xiao Wu 25 pgs.
Relational Public Diplomacy: The Perspective of Sociological Globalism ABSTRACT PDF
Seong-Hun Yun 21 pgs.
Dialogue, Monologue, or Something in Between? Neoliberal Think Tanks in the Americas ABSTRACT PDF
Robert J. Neubauer 26 pgs.
Remote Negotiations: International Broadcasting as Bargaining in the Information Age ABSTRACT PDF
William Lafi Youmans, Shawn Powers 24 pgs.
Breaking Down the Birangona: Examining the (Divided) Media Discourse on the War Heroines of Bangladesh's Independence Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Kajalie Shehreen Islam 18 pgs.
Capturing the Information City: The Liberation of Spatial Technology in Taiwan, 1994–2008 ABSTRACT PDF
Kuan-Chi Wang 14 pgs.
Longitudinal Modeling of Frame Changing and Media Salience: Coverage of Worker Displacement, 1980-2007 ABSTRACT PDF
Ted Brimeyer, Glenn W. Muschert, Stephen Lippmann 23 pgs.
South African Perspectives on Mobile Phones: Challenging the Optimistic Narrative of Mobiles for Development ABSTRACT PDF
Chenxing Han 25 pgs.
Informatization–Dramatization: Communicating Health in East Asian Television Dramas ABSTRACT PDF
Liew Kai Khiun 17 pgs.
Building Frames Link by Link: The Linking Practices of Blogs and News Sites ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Coddington 20 pgs.
Without You, I'm Nothing: Performances of the Self on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Zizi Papacharissi 18 pgs.
User-Generated Warfare: A Case of Converging Wartime Information Networks and Coproductive Regulation on YouTube ABSTRACT PDF
Brittany Fiore-Silfvast 24 pgs.
News Agency Coverage of Conflict Among Russia’s Political Elite ABSTRACT PDF
Anthony Frampton, Joseph Oliver Boyd-Barrett 20 pgs.
Transnational Comparative Framing: A Model for an Emerging Framing Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Lei Guo, Avery Holton, Sun Ho Jeong 24 pgs.
Going Web-First at The Christian Science Monitor: A Three-Part Study of Change ABSTRACT PDF
Nikki Usher 20 pgs.
The Membership Life Cycle in Online Support Groups ABSTRACT PDF
Galit Nimrod 23 pgs.
Who Participates and How? Twitter as an Arena for Public Debate about the Data Retention Directive in Norway ABSTRACT PDF
Hallvard Moe 23 pgs.
Collective Memory and the Stranger: Remembering and Forgetting the 1918 Finnish Civil War ABSTRACT PDF
Piotr M. Szpunar 21 pgs.
Managing Unexpected Publics Online: The Challenge of Targeting Specific Groups with the Wide-Reaching Tool of the Internet ABSTRACT PDF
Daren C. Brabham 20 pgs.
Media at the Margins: Policy and Practice in American, Canadian, and British Community Television ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher Ali 20 pgs.
Face and Facework: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Managing Politeness Norms in U.S. and Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Wonsun Kim, Xiaowen Guan, Hee Sun Park 19 pgs.
Media and Transitional Justice: Toward a Systematic Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Monroe Price, Nicole Stremlau 23 pgs.
Notes on Hype ABSTRACT PDF
Devon Powers 17 pgs.
The Impact of a Multichannel Environment on Television News Viewing: A Longitudinal Study of News Audience Polarization in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Su Jung Kim, James G. Webster 19 pgs.
PeaceMaker: Changing Students’ Attitudes Toward Palestinians and Israelis Through Video Game Play ABSTRACT PDF
Saleem Elias Alhabash, Kevin Wise 25 pgs.
Language Choice on University Websites: Longitudinal Trends ABSTRACT PDF
Ewa Callahan, Susan C. Herring 34 pgs.
The Whole Online World is Watching: Profiling Social Networking Sites and Activists in China, Latin America and the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Dustin Harp, Ingrid Bachmann, Lei Guo 24 pgs.
Moment of Hope, Mode of Realism: On the Dynamics of a Transnational Journalistic Field During UN Climate Change Summits ABSTRACT PDF
Risto Kunelius, Elisabeth Eide 25 pgs.
"Dam" the Irony for Greater Common Good: A Critical Cultural Analysis of the Narmada Dam Debate ABSTRACT PDF
Tabassum Ruhi Khan 20 pgs.
Framing Interethnic Conflict in Malaysia: A Comparative Analysis of Newspapers Coverage on the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) ABSTRACT PDF
Lai Fong Yang, Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak 24 pgs.
Mapping the Limits of Multiculturalism in the Context of Globalization ABSTRACT PDF
Raka Shome 22 pgs.
The Internet, the Law, and Privacy in New Zealand: Dignity with Liberty? ABSTRACT PDF
Luke Strongman, Jonathan Barrett 17 pgs.
Reconsidering Site and Self: Methodological Frameworks for Virtual-World Research ABSTRACT PDF
Rosa Mikeal Martey, Kevin Shiflett 22 pgs.
International Coverage, Foreign Policy, and National Image: Exploring the Complexities of Media Coverage, Public Opinion, and Presidential Agenda ABSTRACT PDF
Cui Zhang, Charles William Meadows III 20 pgs.
The Art of Criticism in the Age of Interactive Technology: Critics, Participatory Culture, and the Avant-Garde ABSTRACT PDF
Ryan Gillespie 20 pgs.
Who Do They Think They’re Talking To? Framings of the Audience by Social Media Users ABSTRACT PDF
David Russell Brake 21 pgs.
Digital Media Literacy Education and Online Civic and Political Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Kahne, Nam-Jin Lee, Jessica Timpany Feezell 24 pgs.
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Special Sections

Broadband Adoption| Introduction: Defining and Measuring Meaningful Broadband Adoption ABSTRACT PDF
Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Greta Byrum 8 pgs.
Broadband Adoption| Measuring Sustainable Broadband Adoption: An Innovative Approach to Understanding Broadband Adoption and Use ABSTRACT PDF
Robert LaRose, Kurt DeMaagd, Han Ei Chew, Hsin-yi Sandy Tsai, Charles Steinfield, Steven S. Wildman, Johannes M. Bauer 25 pgs.
Broadband Adoption| Toward an Inclusive Measure of Broadband Adoption ABSTRACT PDF
Charles M. Davidson, Michael J. Santorelli, Thomas Kamber 21 pgs.
Broadband Adoption| Free Library Hot Spots: Supporting Broadband Adoption in Philadelphia's Low-Income Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Colin Rhinesmith 26 pgs.
Broadband Adoption| Measuring Digital Citizenship: Mobile Access and Broadband ABSTRACT PDF
Karen Mossberger, Caroline J. Tolbert, Allison Hamilton 37 pgs.
Broadband Adoption| The Bandwidth Divide: Obstacles to Efficient Broadband Adoption in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Veljko Pejovic, David L. Johnson, Mariya Zheleva, Elizabeth Belding, Lisa Parks, Gertjan van Stam 25 pgs.
Broadband Adoption| Practical Approaches and Proposed Strategies for Measuring Selected Aspects of Community-Based Broadband Deployment and Use ABSTRACT PDF
Lisandra R. Carmichael, Charles R. McClure, Lauren H. Mandel, Marcia A. Mardis 22 pgs.
Info Capacity| Introduction—How to Measure “How Much Information”? PDF
Martin Hilbert 14 pgs.
Info Capacity| Tracking the Flow of Information into the Home: An Empirical Assessment of the Digital Revolution in the U.S. from 1960–2005 ABSTRACT PDF
W. Russell Neuman, Yong Jin Park, Elliot Panek 20 pgs.
Info Capacity| International Production and Dissemination of Information: Results, Methodological Issues and Statistical Perspectives ABSTRACT PDF
David Bounie, Laurent Gille 21 pgs.
Info Capacity| Measuring Consumer Information ABSTRACT PDF
Roger Bohn, James E. Short 21 pgs.
Info Capacity| How to Measure the World’s Technological Capacity to Communicate, Store and Compute Information? Part I: Results and Scope ABSTRACT PDF
Martin Hilbert, Priscila López 24 pgs.
Info Capacity| How to Measure the World’s Technological Capacity to Communicate, Store and Compute Information? Part II: Measurement Unit and Conclusions ABSTRACT PDF
Martin Hilbert, Priscila López 20 pgs.
Info Capacity| The Volume and Value of Information ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Odlyzko 16 pgs.
Info Capacity| One in a Million: Information vs. Attention ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Lesk 13 pgs.
Info Capacity| A Meta Study of 26 “How Much Information” Studies: Sine Qua Nons and Solutions ABSTRACT PDF
István Dienes 33 pgs.
Piracy Cultures | Editorial Introduction PDF
Manuel Castells, Gustavo Cardoso 8 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| European Cinema in P2P Networks: A New Distribution Model ABSTRACT PDF
Gustavo Cardoso, Miguel Caetano, Rita Espanha, Pedro Jacobetty, Tiago Lima Quintanilha 31 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| The Network Studio Revisited: Becoming an Artist in the Age of "Piracy Cultures" ABSTRACT PDF
Hendrik Storstein Spilker 22 pgs.
Piracy Cultures | Do Fans Own Digital Comic Books?: Examining the Copyright and Intellectual Property Attitudes of Comic Book Fans ABSTRACT PDF
J. Richard Stevens, Christopher Edward Bell 22 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Audiovisual Piracy, Informal Economy, and Cultural Globalization ABSTRACT PDF
Tristan Mattelart 16 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Piracy Culture in Greece: Local Realities and Civic Potentials ABSTRACT PDF
Yiannis Mylonas 25 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Corporate Encouragement of Piracy Cultures: Cultural Borrowing as Standard Practice in Game Spaces ABSTRACT PDF
Nathaniel Poor 21 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Poisoning the Affective Economy of RW Culture: Re-Mapping the Agents ABSTRACT PDF
Dan Fleming 20 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Pirates, Who are They? A Cognitive-Linguistic Analysis of Italian Media Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Annarita Guidi 26 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| “Free Culture” Lost in Translation ABSTRACT PDF
Monique Vandresen 17 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| The Business of Anti-Piracy: New Zones of Enterprise in the Copyright Wars ABSTRACT PDF
Ramon Lobato, Julian Thomas 20 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| The Quiet Agglomeration of Data: How Piracy is Made Mundane ABSTRACT PDF
Jonas Andersson 21 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Survey of File-Sharing Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Brett Robert Caraway 21 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| From “D-Buffs” to the “D-Generation”: Piracy, Cinema, and An Alternative Public Sphere in Urban China ABSTRACT PDF
Jinying Li 22 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| The Collector is the Pirate ABSTRACT PDF
Abigail T. De Kosnik 19 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Broadening the Scope of Cultural Preferences: Movie Talk and Chinese Pirate Film Consumption from the Mid-1980s to 2005 ABSTRACT PDF
Angela Xiao Wu 29 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Participation, Citizenship, and Pirate Radio as Empowerment: The Case of Radio Dialogue in Zimbabwe ABSTRACT PDF
Last Moyo 17 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Underdetermined Globalization: Media Consumption via P2P Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Bingchun Meng 17 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| The Culture of Subversion and Russian Media Landscape ABSTRACT PDF
Ilya Kiriya 21 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| P2P and Cinematographic Movie Distribution in Hungary ABSTRACT PDF
Balázs Bodó, Zoltán Lakatos 33 pgs.
Piracy Cultures| Benjamin, BitTorrent, Bootlegs: Auratic Piracy Cultures? ABSTRACT PDF
Raúl Rodríguez-Ferrándiz 17 pgs.
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The Future of Journalism: Networked Journalism PDF
Bregtje van der Haak, Michael Parks, Manuel Castells 16 pgs.
Reply to Van der Haak, Parks, Castells| Thinking Beyond the Box PDF
Joris Luyendijk 4 pgs.
Reply to Van der Haak, Parks, Castells| A Few Notes on Networked Journalism PDF
Geert Lovink 1 pgs.
The Classroom as Newsroom: Leveraging University Resources for Public Affairs Reporting PDF
Tim Francisco, Alyssa Lenhoff, Michael Schudson 21 pgs.
Reply to Francisco, Lenhoff, Schudson| University News Sites: Investments in Civic Entrepreneurship PDF
Jan Schaffer 3 pgs.
Reply to Francisco, Lenhoff, Schudson| Promise, Peril of “Teaching Hospitals” PDF
Eric Newton 4 pgs.
Mgt. in Digital Age #1| Back to the Future: Rebuilding the Core Carrier Value to Consumers PDF
David Hytha, Sam Keen, Jonathan Aronson 9 pgs.
Mgt. in Digital Age #2| The (Mobile) Web Changes Everything: Ten Steps for Molbile Carriers to Get Back to Growth PDF
David Hytha, Jonathan Aronson, Stephen Hytha 8 pgs.
Mgt. in Digital Age #3| New Directions for Organizing Carriers PDF
David Hytha, Jonathan Aronson 3 pgs.
Iran and the Soft War PDF
Monroe Price 19 pgs.
Figure/Ground Communication: The Meaning of Meaning is Relationship ABSTRACT PDF
Laureano Ralón 4 pgs.
The Founding Parents of Communication: 57 Interviews with ICA Fellows. An Introduction PDF
Michael Meyen 9 pgs.
57 Interviews with ICA Fellows | Table of Contents PDF
Michael Meyen 427 pgs.
The Happiness Game| Introduction — The Pursuit of Happiness PDF
Paddy Scannell 8 pgs.
The Happiness Game| "THE HAPPINESS GAME" A Content Analysis of Radio Fan Mail (1950) PDF
Elihu Katz 149 pgs.
The Happiness Game| The Happiness Game: Notes on the Katz Canon PDF
John Durham Peters 7 pgs.
The Happiness Game| Mail and Females at the Bureau: The Happiness Game in the Gendered Contexts of Early U.S. Communications Research PDF
Peter Simonson 13 pgs.
The Happiness Game| In Pursuit of an MA PDF
Elihu Katz 7 pgs.
The Murdoch Media Empire and the Spectacle of Scandal PDF
Douglas Kellner 32 pgs.
Transnational Connections Symposium: Challenges and Opportunities for Political Communication Research | Introduction PDF
Magdalena Wojcieszak 11 pgs.
Transnational Connections| Shifting Contours in Political Communication Research PDF
Patricia Moy, Bruce Bimber, Andrew Rojecki, Michael A. Xenos, Shanto Iyengar 8 pgs.
Transnational Connections| On the Dichotomies of Political Communication PDF
Patricia Moy, Gianpietro Mazzoleni, Hernando Rojas 6 pgs.
Transnational Connections| Theorizing and Conducting Research of Glocal Phenomena PDF
Hernando Rojas, Yariv Tsfati, Marina Popescu, Marcus Maurer, Carsten Reinemann, Shanto Iyengar 9 pgs.
Transnational Connections| New ICTs and the Study of Political Communication PDF
R. Kelly Garrett, Bruce Bimber, Homero Gil de Zuniga, François Heinderyckx, John Kelly, Marc Smith 18 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Rhacel Parreñas, Illicit Flirtations: Labor, Migration and Sex Trafficking in Tokyo PDF
Reviewed by Erin Michelle Kamler 5 pgs.
Tejaswini Ganti, Producing Bollywood: Inside the Contemporary Hindi Film Industry PDF
Reviewed by Ritesh Mehta 5 pgs.
Leah A. Lievrouw, Alternative and Activist New Media PDF
Reviewed by Todd Wolfson 3 pgs.
Jonathan Keats, Virtual Words: Language on the Edge of Science and Technology PDF
Reviewed by William McClain 2 pgs.
Melissa Gregg, Work’s Intimacy PDF
Reviewed by Yujie Julie Chen 3 pgs.
Johan Lagervist, After the Internet, Before Democracy: Competing Norms in Chinese Media and Society PDF
Reviewed by Weiwei Zhang 4 pgs.
Cynthia Weber, ‘I am an American’: Filming the Fear of Difference PDF
Reviewed by Monika Raesch 4 pgs.
Mobile Interface Theory: Location-Aware Mobile Devices in Urban Environments PDF
Reviewed by Andrew Richard Schrock 8 pgs.
Emile G. McAnany, Saving the World: A Brief History of Communication for Development and Social Change PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan D. Aronson 3 pgs.
Peter B. Seel, Digital Universe: The Global Telecommunication Revolution PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan D. Aronson 3 pgs.
Thomas Streeter, The Net Effect: Romanticism, Capitalism, and The Internet PDF
Reviewed by Yuenmei Wong 3 pgs.
Judith Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure PDF
Reviewed by Liora Elias 3 pgs.
Alison Trope, Stardust Monuments: The Saving and Selling of Hollywood PDF
Reviewed by Monika Raesch 4 pgs.
Roy Krøvel and Thore Roksvold (Eds.), We Love to Hate Each Other: Mediated Football Fan Culture PDF
Reviewed by Travis Vogan 4 pgs.
Jason Mazzone, Copyfraud and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property Law PDF
Reviewed by Jaclyn L. Selby 3 pgs.
Dan Breznitz & Michael Murphree, The Run of the Red Queen: Government, Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China PDF
Reviewed by Bei Yan, Ramya Mushti 5 pgs.
Jason Farman, Mobile Interface Theory: Embodied Space and Locative Media PDF
Reviewed by Dan Hassoun 3 pgs.
Television as a Site, Place, and Space PDF
Reviewed by Micky Lee 7 pgs.
Kenneth J. Gergen, Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community PDF
Reviewed by Zizi Papacharissi 4 pgs.
Standing Out in a Crowded Field—The Global Media Anthology Turns 15 PDF
Reviewed by Nitin Govil 6 pgs.
Media and Communication Activism PDF
Reviewed by Micky Lee 6 pgs.
David J. Grimshaw and Shalini Kala (Eds.), Strengthening Rural Livelihoods: The impact of information and communication technologies in Asia PDF
Reviewed by Diana Nicholson 3 pgs.
Benjamin Shepard, Play, Creativity, and Social Movements: If I Can't Dance, It's Not My Revolution PDF
Reviewed by Stephen Duncombe 3 pgs.
Roopali Mukherjee and Sarah Banet-Weiser, Commodity Activism: Cultural Resistance in Neoliberal Times PDF
Reviewed by Stephen Duncombe 4 pgs.
Book Futures: Reading, Writing, and Publishing in the Age of the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Kathleen Fitzpatrick 9 pgs.
Barbie Zelizer, About to Die: How News Images Move the Public PDF
Reviewed by John Nerone 4 pgs.
Wendy Quarry and Ricardo Ramirez, Communication for Another Development: Listening Before Telling PDF
Reviewed by Justine Dol 4 pgs.
David Serlin (Ed.), Imagining Illness: Public Health and Visual Culture PDF
Reviewed by Joy V. Fuqua 7 pgs.
What Are Video Games, Anyway? PDF
Reviewed by Nicholas David Bowman 5 pgs.
Vilém Flusser's Digital Galaxy PDF
Reviewed by Bob Hanke 11 pgs.
Lorraine Whitmarsh, Saffron O’Neill & Irene Lorenzoni (Eds.), Engaging the Public With Climate Change PDF
Reviewed by Stephanie Hajer 4 pgs.
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