Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey: Struggles Over Media Representations and Discourses in the Past and Present – Introduction

Esra Ozcan



“Women’s rights” and “gender equality” are not straightforward or neutral terms. Competing political projects define them in different ways. The articles in this Special Section show how the struggle to define gender equality and women’s rights has played out in different moments and in different types of media during the past hundred years in Turkey. The articles cover a range of historical and contemporary issues about women’s rights and gender equality. This Special Section contributes to our understanding of institutional structures, actors and relationships, and media texts that shape the landscape of women’s rights and gender equality in Turkey. In this introduction, I present the contributions and provide a summary of debates on gender and media in Turkey today.



Turkish media, social media activism, women’s rights, authoritarianism, religion, feminism, violence against women, LGBT

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