Issue Title
Vol 11 (2017) Stewart M. Hoover and Curtis D. Coats, Does God Make the Man? Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity Details   PDF
Emma Frances Bloomfield
Vol 8 (2014) Still Glued to the Box? Television Viewing Explained in a Multi-Platform Age Integrating Individual and Situational Predictors Abstract   PDF
Harsh Taneja, Vijay Viswanathan
Vol 16 (2022) Strategic Temporality: Information Types and Their Rhetorical Usage in Digital Election Visualizations Abstract   PDF
Eedan R. Amit-Danhi
Vol 5 (2011) Strategies of Civility and Incivility Details   PDF
G. Thomas Goodnight
Vol 15 (2021) Striking by Telegram, Avatar, and Geotag: Changing ICT Landscapes of Virtual Protest in India Abstract   PDF
Winifred R. Poster
Vol 4 (2010) Structural Media Pluralism| Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Market Concentration, Local Ownership and Media Autonomy in the Czech Republic Abstract   PDF
Vaclav Stetka
Vol 4 (2010) Structural Media Pluralism| Media Concentration and Systemic Failures in Greece Abstract   PDF
Nikos Leandros
Vol 4 (2010) Structural Media Pluralism| Media Pluralism between Market Mechanisms and Control: The German Divide Abstract   PDF
Andrea Czepek, Ulrike Klinger
Vol 4 (2010) Structural Media Pluralism| Spanish Media Concentration Policy: a Crucial Patchwork to Understand Spanish Media System Abstract   PDF
Carles Llorens
Vol 8 (2014) Structures of Ambivalence: The Converging Horizons of Cultural Studies and Sociology Details   PDF
Nick Couldry
Vol 15 (2021) Stuart A. Selber, Institutional Literacies: Engaging Academic IT Contexts for Writing and Communication Details   PDF
Min Wang
Vol 13 (2019) Stuart Cunningham and David Craig, Social Media Entertainment: The New Intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Details   PDF
Patricia Aufderheide
Vol 16 (2022) Stuart Price and Ben Harbisher (Eds.), Power, Media and the Covid-19 Pandemic: Framing Public Discourse Details   PDF
Nath Aldalala'a
Vol 8 (2014) Stuck in First Gear: The Case of German Political "Blogosphere" Abstract   PDF
Stine Eckert, Kalyani Chadha, Michael Koliska
Vol 14 (2020) Student Participation and Public Facebook Communication: Exploring the Demand and Supply of Political Information in the Romanian #rezist Demonstrations Abstract   PDF
Dan Mercea, Toma Burean, Viorel Proteasa
Vol 15 (2021) Studying Personal Internet Access as an Infrastructure: A Qualitative Inquiry Abstract   PDF
Darja Grošelj
Vol 9 (2015) Studying Political Microblogging: Parliamentary Candidates on Twitter During The February 2012 Election in Kuwait Abstract   PDF
Noah W. Miller, Rosa S. Ko
Vol 12 (2018) Studying Real-Time Audience Responses to Political Messages: A New Research Agenda Abstract   PDF
Stephen Coleman, Giles Moss, Alvaro Martinez-Perez
Vol 13 (2019) Studying the Live Cross-Platform Circulation of Images With Computer Vision API: An Experiment Based on a Sports Media Event Abstract   PDF
Carlos d'Andrea, André Mintz
Vol 14 (2020) Subaltern Agency in the Cultural Industries: Palestinian Creative Labor in the Israeli Series Fauda Abstract   PDF
Amal Jamal, Noa Lavie
Vol 5 (2011) Suffering Up Close: The Strategic Construction of Mediated Suffering on Al Jazeera English Abstract   PDF
Tine Ustad Figenschou
Vol 5 (2011) Sujatha Fernandes: Who Can Stop the Drums?: Urban Social Movements in Chavez's Venezuela Details   PDF
Maggie Chan
Vol 4 (2010) Sungook Hong: Wireless: From Marconi's Black-Box to the Audion Details   PDF
Julien Mailland
Vol 14 (2020) Sun-ha Hong, Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society Details   PDF
Anthony Glyn Burton
Vol 15 (2021) Sun-ha Hong, Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society Details   PDF
Roselyn Du
Vol 16 (2022) Sun-ha Hong, Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society Details   PDF
Paige Anne Von Feldt
Vol 13 (2019) Surveillance in Weak States: The Problem of Population Information in Afghanistan Abstract   PDF
Ali Karimi
Vol 7 (2013) Susan Crawford, Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age Details   PDF
Vanessa Lee Jones
Vol 3 (2009) Susan D. Moeller: Packaging Terrorism: Co-opting the News for Politics and Profit Details   PDF
Fouad Touzani
Vol 5 (2011) Susan J. Douglas: Enlightened Sexism Details   PDF
Umayyah Cable
Vol 11 (2017) Susan Jeffords and Fahed Al-Sumait (Eds.), Covering Bin Laden: Global Media and the World's Most Wanted Man Details   PDF
Oliver Boyd-Barrett
Vol 3 (2009) Susan Wise Bauer: The Art of the Public Grovel: Sexual Sin and Public Confession in America Details   PDF
Zohar Kampf
Vol 13 (2019) Susan Zieger, The Mediated Mind: Affect, Ephemera, and Consumerism in the Nineteenth Century Details   PDF
Miles Edward Hubble
Vol 15 (2021) Suzanne Leonard, Wife, Inc: The Business of Marriage in the Twenty-First Century Details   PDF
Sydney Forde
Vol 13 (2019) Sweetgrass AR: Exploring Augmented Reality as a Resource for Indigenous–Settler Relations Abstract   PDF
Rob McMahon, Amanda Almond, Greg Whistance-Smith, Diana Steinhauer, Stewart Steinhauer, Diane P. Janes
Vol 13 (2019) T. L. Taylor, Watch Me Play: Twitch and the Rise of Game Live Streaming Details   PDF
Eszter Hargittai, Gianluca Miscione
Vol 14 (2020) Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, Political Communication and Mobilisation: The Hindi Media in India Details   PDF
Tabassum Ruhi Khan
Vol 13 (2019) Taina Bucher, If...Then: Algorithmic Power and Politics Details   PDF
Hao Cao
Vol 14 (2020) Taking the Reparatory Turn at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice Abstract   PDF
Marouf Hasian, Jr., Nicholas S. Paliewicz
Vol 14 (2020) Tal Morse, The Mourning News: Reporting Violent Death in a Global Age Details   PDF
Jeanna Sybert
Vol 15 (2021) Talal M. Almutairi and Dean Kruckeberg (Eds.), Public Relations in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: An Arab Perspective Details   PDF
Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani
Vol 13 (2019) Talking About and Beyond Censorship: Mapping Topic Clusters in the Chinese Twitter Sphere Abstract   PDF
Shiwen Wu, Bo Mai
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| An Unlikely Seducer: Kim Jong-un’s Charm Offensive From the PyeongChang Winter Olympics Until the Trump–Kim Summit Abstract   PDF
Julia Sonnevend, Youngrim Kim
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Close Encounters of the Nonnuclear Kind: The North Korean Public Relations Campaign in U.S. Media of the 1970s Abstract   PDF
Ria Chae
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Is Mr. Kim a “Nuclear Madman” or a “Reasonable Leader”? Media Framing of Kim Jong-un’s Images in South Korean and U.S. Newspapers Abstract   PDF
Na Yeon Lee, Kanghui Baek, Sun Ho Jeong
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Mapping Communication Research Concerning North Korea: A Systematic Review (2000–2019) Abstract   PDF
Soomin Seo, Seungahn Nah
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Media Liberalization: Control and Consumption of Foreign Media in North Korea, China, and East Germany Abstract   PDF
Martha Kuhnhenn, Micky Lee, Weiqi Zhang
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Mobile Media and Its Impacts on Social Change and Human Rights in North Korea Abstract   PDF
Sunny Yoon
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| North Korean Media Penetration and Influence in Chinese and Russian Media: Strategic Narratives During the 2017‒2018 Nuclear Confrontation Abstract   PDF
Robert Hinck, Skye C. Cooley
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Remaking a Transborder Nation in North Korea: Media Representation in the Korean Peace Process Abstract   PDF
Sunkyung Choi
Vol 14 (2020) Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| What’s Going on in the Korean Peninsula? A Study on Perception and Influence of South and North Korea-Related Fake News Abstract   PDF
Yoo Jung Oh, Ji Youn Ryu, Hee Sun Park
Vol 16 (2022) Tama Leaver, Tim Highfield, and Crystal Abidin, Instagram: Visual Social Media Cultures Details   PDF
Sophia E. Du Val
Vol 10 (2016) Taming Online Political Engagement in Russia: Disempowered Publics, Empowered State and Challenges of the Fully Functioning Society Abstract   PDF
Anna Klyueva
Vol 12 (2018) Tania Lewis, Fran Martin and Wanning Sun, Telemodernities: Television and Transforming Lives in Asia Details   PDF
Yang Bai
Vol 14 (2020) Tara McPherson, Feminist in a Software Lab: Difference and Design Details   PDF
Samantha Shorey
Vol 16 (2022) Tarleton Gillespie, Custodians of the Internet: Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media Details   PDF
Krysten Stein
Vol 16 (2022) Tarry Hum, Ron Hayduk, Francois Pierre-Louis Jr., and Michael Alan Krasner (Eds.), Immigrant Crossroads: Globalization, Incorporation, and Placemaking in Queens, New York Details   PDF
Benjamin Heim Shepard
Vol 16 (2022) Tearing Us Apart? Muslims’ Attitudes Toward the Majority Population in Response to Differentiated Versus Undifferentiated News About Terror Abstract   PDF
Desirée Schmuck, Jörg Matthes, Christian von Sikorski, Mona Rahmanian, Beril Bulat
Vol 15 (2021) Tech Companies and Public Health Care in the Ruins of COVID Abstract   PDF
ShinJoung Yeo
Vol 15 (2021) Technofutures in Stasis: Smart Machines, Ubiquitous Computing, and the Future That Keeps Coming Back Abstract   PDF
Sun-ha Hong
Vol 7 (2013) Technologies of Piracy? Exploring the Interplay between Commercialism and Idealism in the Development of MP3 and DivX Abstract   PDF
Hendrik Storstein Spilker, Svein Hoier
Vol 13 (2019) Technology and Politics in the Horn of Africa Details   PDF
Azeb N. Madebo
Vol 4 (2010) Technology and the Changing Idea of News: 2001 U.S. Newspaper Content at the Maturity of Internet 1.0 Abstract   PDF
Kevin G. Barnhurst
Vol 13 (2019) Technology Innovation and the Rebirth of Self-Regulation: How The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence Solve Big Problems Managing Environmental Regulation and Resources Abstract   PDF
David A. Hytha, Jonathan D. Aronson, Al Eng
Vol 13 (2019) Ted Grossardt and Keiron Bailey, Transportation Planning and Public Participation: Theory, Process and Practice Details   PDF
Oscar H. Gandy, Jr.
Vol 14 (2020) Teenagers, Terrorism, and Technopanic: How British Newspapers Framed Female ISIS Recruits as Victims of Social Media Abstract   PDF
Sara Shaban
Vol 6 (2012) Tejaswini Ganti, Producing Bollywood: Inside the Contemporary Hindi Film Industry Details   PDF
Ritesh Mehta
Vol 15 (2021) Telesafaris, WildEarth Television, and the Future of Tourism Abstract   PDF
Ian Glenn
Vol 9 (2015) Televised Presidential Debates and Learning in the 2012 Korean Presidential Election: Does Political Knowledge Condition Information Acquisition? Abstract   PDF
Han Soo Lee, Jae Mook Lee
Vol 6 (2012) Television as a Site, Place, and Space Details   PDF
Micky Lee
Vol 2 (2008) Television News: Geographic and Source Biases, 1982 - 2004 Abstract   PDF
Steve Jones
Vol 15 (2021) Ten Myths About the Korean Wave in the Global Cultural Sphere Abstract   PDF
Dal Yong Jin
Vol 9 (2015) Terrorism as Failed Political Communication Abstract   PDF
Ashley Pattwell, Tyson Mitman, Douglas Porpora
Vol 8 (2014) Terry Flew, Global Creative Industries Details   PDF
Lik Sam Chan
Vol 16 (2022) Testing Mechanisms and Effects of Opposition-Targeted Inoculation and Visual Strategies to Promote Health Policy Abstract   PDF
Jiawei Liu, Andy J. King, Jeff Niederdeppe
Vol 11 (2017) Testing the Power of Game Lessons: The Effects of Art Style and Narrative Complexity on Reducing Cognitive Bias Abstract   PDF
Rosa Mikeal Martey, Adrienne Shaw, Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Kate Kenski, Benjamin Clegg, James Folkestad, Tobi Saulnier, Tomek Strzalkowski
Vol 14 (2020) Testing Three Measures of Verbal–Visual Frame Interplay in German News Coverage of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Abstract   PDF
Viorela Dan, Maria E. Grabe, Brent J. Hale
Vol 16 (2022) Teun A. van Dijk, Antiracist Discourse: Theory and History of a Macromovement Details   PDF
Xuelei Wang
Vol 11 (2017) Thank You, Mr. President: Journalist Gender in Presidential News Conferences Abstract   PDF
Lindsey Meeks
Vol 8 (2014) The 2012 Olympics and Its Legacies: State, Citizen, and Corporate Mobilizations of the Olympic Spirit Abstract   PDF
James Pamment
Vol 12 (2018) The 2017 Women’s March on Washington: An Analysis of Protest-Sign Messages Abstract   PDF
Kirsten Weber, Tisha Dejmanee, Flemming Rhode
Vol 9 (2015) The 26/11 Network-Archive: Public Memory, History, and the Global in an Age of Terror Abstract   PDF
Rohit Chopra
Vol 2 (2008) The Adoption of Mobile Phones in Emerging Markets: Global Diffusion and the Rural Challenge Abstract   PDF
Kas Kalba
Vol 14 (2020) The Adoption of Technology and Innovation Among Native Online News Media in Colombia Abstract   PDF
Víctor García-Perdomo, María Isabel Magaña
Vol 8 (2014) The Advertorial as a Tool of Mediated Public Diplomacy Abstract   PDF
Guy J. Golan, Evhenia “Zhenia” Viatchaninova
Vol 11 (2017) The Afterlife of Critique: The Communicability of Criticism and the Publicity of Polemic Concerning Public Debate in the Turkish Press Abstract   PDF
A. Özgür Gürsoy, Gokcen Karanfil
Vol 12 (2018) The Agency Makes the (Online) News World go Round: The Impact of News Agency Content on Print and Online News Abstract   PDF
Jelle Boumans, Damian Trilling, Rens Vliegenthart, Hajo Boomgaarden
Vol 12 (2018) The Ambivalences of the Citizen Marketer Concept: A Response to Tabassum Ruhi Khan Details   PDF
Joel Penney
Vol 2 (2008) The American Hegemonic Responses to the U.S.-China Mid-air Plane Collision Abstract   PDF
Dexin Tian, Chin-Chung Chao
Vol 8 (2014) The American News Media in an Increasingly Unequal Society Details   PDF
Herbert J. Gans
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| A Revolution of the Imagination Abstract   PDF
Tarik Ahmed Elseewi
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Analyzing the Role of ICTs in the Tunisian and Egyptian Unrest from an Information Warfare Perspective Abstract   PDF
Brett van Niekerk, Kiru Pillay, Manoj Maharaj
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Connecting the National and the Virtual: Can Social Media Have a Role in Institution-building After Egypt’s January 25 Uprising? Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Iskander
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Digital Media in the Egyptian Revolution: Descriptive Analysis from the Tahrir Data Set Abstract   PDF
Christopher Wilson, Alexandra Dunn
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Extra-National Information Flows, Social Media and the 2011 Egyptian Uprising Abstract   PDF
Adrienne Russell
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| "I Have Understood You": The Co-evolution of Expression and Control on the Internet, Television and Mobile Phones During the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia Abstract   PDF
Ben Wagner
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| "I'll Be Waiting for You Guys": A YouTube Call to Action in the Egyptian Revolution Abstract   PDF
Melissa Wall, Sahar El Zahed
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Local Knowledge and the Revolutions: A Framework for Social Media Information Flow Abstract   PDF
Victoria Ann Newsom, Lara Lengel, Catherine Cassara
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Media Ecologies, Communication Culture, and Temporal-spatial Unfolding: Three Components in a Communication Model of the Egyptian Regime Change Abstract   PDF
Eike M. Rinke, Maria Röder
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Nextopia? Beyond Revolution 2.0 Abstract   PDF
Albrecht Hofheinz
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Overthrowing the Protest Paradigm? How The New York Times, Global Voices and Twitter Covered the Egyptian Revolution Abstract   PDF
Summer Harlow, Thomas J. Johnson
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Politics through Social Networks and Politics by Government Blocking: Do We Need New Rules? Abstract   PDF
Rolf H. Weber
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| Social Media in the Egyptian Revolution: Reconsidering Resource Mobilization Theory Abstract   PDF
Nahed Eltantawy, Julie B. Wiest
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| The Egyptian Experience: Sense and Nonsense of the Internet Revolution Abstract   PDF
Miriyam Aouragh, Anne Alexander
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| The Revolutions Were Tweeted: Information Flows during the 2011 Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions Abstract   PDF
Gilad Lotan, Erhardt Graeff, Mike Ananny, Devin Gaffney, Ian Pearce, danah boyd
Vol 5 (2011) The Arab Spring| WikiRevolutions: Wikipedia as a Lens for Studying the Real-Time Formation of Collective Memories of Revolutions Abstract   PDF
Michela Ferron, Paolo Massa
Vol 6 (2012) The Art of Criticism in the Age of Interactive Technology: Critics, Participatory Culture, and the Avant-Garde Abstract   PDF
Ryan Gillespie
Vol 13 (2019) The Associations of Appearance Comparisons with Peers and Chinese and Korean Media Figures with Thin-Ideal Internalization, Body Dissatisfaction, and the Drive for Thinness Among Female Korean-Chinese College Students in China Abstract   PDF
Namdoo Kim, Jounghee Lee
Vol 16 (2022) The Audacity of Clout (Chasing): Digital Strategies of Black Youth in Chicago DIY Hip-Hop Abstract   PDF
Jabari M. Evans, Nancy K. Baym
Vol 13 (2019) The Battle for #Baltimore: Networked Counterpublics and the Contested Framing of Urban Unrest Abstract   PDF
Brooke Foucault Welles, Sarah J. Jackson
Vol 7 (2013) The BBC and Al Jazeera English: The Similarities and Differences in the Discourse of the Pre-Election Coverage of the 2009 Iranian Election Abstract   PDF
Mohd Faizal Kasmani
Vol 10 (2016) The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Online Campaign and Citizen Involvement in India’s 2014 Election Abstract   PDF
Kalyani Chadha, Pallavi Guha
Vol 14 (2020) The Black Box and Japanese Discourses of the Digital Abstract   PDF
David Humphrey
Vol 12 (2018) The Bounded Embodiment of Fandom in China: Recovering Shifting Media Experiences and Fan Participation Through an Oral History of Animation-Comics-Games Lovers Abstract   PDF
Yiyi Yin, Zhuoxiao Xie
Vol 13 (2019) The Carrier Wave Principle Abstract   PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Jesse Gilbert
Vol 8 (2014) The Case for a Dutch Propaganda Model Abstract   PDF
Tabe Bergman
Vol 14 (2020) The Case for Asymmetry in Online Research: Caring About Issues in Australian and Canadian Web 1.0 Bee Networks Abstract   PDF
Mathieu O'Neil, Mahin Raissi, Bethaney Turner
Vol 13 (2019) The Challenge of Constructing a Unique Online Identity Through an Isomorphic Social Media Presence Abstract   PDF
Sirin Atakan Duman, Aysin Pasamehmetoglu, Tuba Bozaykut-Buk
Vol 10 (2016) The Challenge of Delocalized Channels: Transfrontier Television in Poland (Characteristics, Typology and Content) Abstract   PDF
Tomasz Gackowski
Vol 15 (2021) The Challenges of Digital Diplomacy in the Era of Globalization: The Case of the United Arab Emirates Abstract   PDF
Osman Antwi-Boateng, Khadija Ali Mohammed Al Mazrouei
Vol 2 (2008) The Changing Context of News Work: Liquid Journalism for a Monitorial Citizenry Details   PDF
Mark Deuze
Vol 14 (2020) The Changing Landscape of Internet Shutdown in Africa| A Spectrum of Shutdowns: Reframing Internet Shutdowns From Africa Abstract   PDF
Eleanor Marchant, Nicole Stremlau
Vol 13 (2019) The Children Are Watching: A History of Age-Rating Television in Brazil Abstract   PDF
Liam Grealy, Catherine Driscoll, Andrea Limberto
Vol 14 (2020) The Children of the Revolution, the Nation’s Future: Understanding the Multigenerational Audience of the Rock in Rio Music Festival Abstract   PDF
Juliana Müller
Vol 6 (2012) The Chinese Diaspora and China’s Public Diplomacy: Contentious Politics for the Beijing Olympic Float Abstract   PDF
Hongmei Li
Vol 14 (2020) The Communication Rights of Palestinian Israelis Understood Through the Capabilities Approach Abstract   PDF
Baruch Shomron, Amit M. Schejter
Vol 13 (2019) The Complexities of the Role of Children in the Process of Technology Transmission Among Disadvantaged Families: A Mixed-Methods Approach Abstract   PDF
Teresa Correa, Isabel Pavez, Javier Contreras
Vol 11 (2017) The Compoundness and Sequentiality of Digital Inequality Abstract   PDF
Alexander van Deursen, Ellen Helsper, Rebecca Eynon, Jan van Dijk
Vol 5 (2011) The Conditional Access System: The Dynamics of A La Carte Pricing for Cable Television in India Abstract   PDF
Krishna Jayakar
Vol 15 (2021) The Conditional Indirect Effects of Political Social Media Information Seeking and Expression on Government Evaluation in Hong Kong: Revisiting the Communication Mediation Model Abstract   PDF
Yan Su, Danielle Ka Lai Lee, Porismita Borah
Vol 11 (2017) The Conditional Nature of Presidential Agenda Influence on TV News: The Case of Education Abstract   PDF
Amber E. Boydstun, Rens Vliegenthart, Marshall L. Baker
Vol 14 (2020) The Construction of Country Images and Stereotypes: From Public Views to Google Searches Abstract   PDF
Diana Ingenhoff, Elad Segev, Jérôme Chariatte
Vol 8 (2014) The Construction of Symbolic Power: Comparing Offline and Online Media Representations of Occupy the Street in Spain Abstract   PDF
Leonarda García-Jiménez, Rocío Zamora-Medina, Rebeca Martínez-Fernández
Vol 12 (2018) The Contextual Accomplishment of Privacy Abstract   PDF
Kelly Quinn, Zizi Papacharissi
Vol 11 (2017) The Contingency of Meaning to the Party of God: Carnivalesque Humor in Revolutionary Times Abstract   PDF
Nour Halabi
Vol 16 (2022) The Criminal is Always the Foreigner?! A Case Study of Minority Signification in German Crime Reporting Abstract   PDF
Azade Esther Kakavand, Damian Trilling
Vol 11 (2017) The Cultural Cold War Goes “Vulgar”: Radio Serial Melodrama in Post–Korean War South Korea, 1956–1960 Abstract   PDF
Bohyeong Kim
Vol 8 (2014) The Cultural Economy of Postconsensus Television Abstract   PDF
Esteve Sanz
Vol 9 (2015) The Cultural Production of a Pharmaceutical Market: The Making of ADHD Abstract   PDF
Melina Sherman
Vol 11 (2017) The Curious Absence of Economic Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission: An Agency in Search of a Mission Abstract   PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber, Hal J. Singer, Augustus H. Urschel
Vol 11 (2017) The Curious Case of the Lack of Balance in the Winseck/Pooley Rebuttal Details   PDF
Tom Galvin
Vol 10 (2016) The Dark Side of "Reality TV": Professional Ethics and the Treatment of "Reality"-Show Participants Abstract   PDF
Jelle Mast
Vol 11 (2017) The Defining Approaches and Practical Paradox of Sensitive Data: An Investigation of Data Protection Laws in 92 Countries and Regions and 200 Data Breaches in the World Abstract   PDF
Min Wang, Zuosu Jiang
Vol 13 (2019) The Digital Divide, Social Inclusion, and Health Among Persons With Mental Illness in Poland Abstract   PDF
Yu-Leung Ng, Kara Chan, Łukasz Balwicki, Peter Huxley, Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu
Vol 12 (2018) The Digital Public Sphere: An Alternative and Counterhegemonic Space? The Case of Spain Abstract   PDF
Víctor Sampedro, Mayra Martínez Avidad
Vol 13 (2019) The Distant Sufferer: Measuring Spectatorship of Photojournalism Abstract   PDF
Teresa E. Weikmann, Thomas E. Powell
Vol 10 (2016) The Dual Impact of Social Media Under Networked Authoritarianism: Social Media Use, Civic Attitudes, and System Support in China Abstract   PDF
Xueqing Li, Francis L.F. Lee, Ying Li
Vol 8 (2014) The Dynamic Interplay of Interaction Goals, Emotion, and Conflict Styles: Testing a Model of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Effects on Conflict Styles Abstract   PDF
Qin Zhang, Michael Andreychik, David Sapp, Colleen Arendt
Vol 12 (2018) The Earnest Internet vs. the Ambivalent Internet Details   PDF
Ashley Hedrick, Dave Karpf, Daniel Kreiss
Vol 12 (2018) The Ecological Dynamics of Organizational Change: Density Dependence in the Rate of Weibo Adoption by Populations of News Organizations Abstract   PDF
Yu Xu
Vol 2 (2008) The Economy of Media Events: Theory and Examples Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Krämer
Vol 10 (2016) The Effect of Anonymity on Conformity to Group Norms in Online Contexts: A Meta-Analysis Abstract   PDF
Guanxiong Huang, Kang Li
Vol 11 (2017) The Effect of Counterexemplars and Victim Expectations on Crime Perceptions and Hostile Attitudes Toward Racial Minorities Abstract   PDF
T. Franklin Waddell
Vol 3 (2009) The Effect of the State on the Evolution of Print Media Abstract   PDF
Guadalupe Aguado, José María Sanmartí, Raul Magallón
Vol 10 (2016) The Effect of Zero-Rating on Mobile Broadband Demand: An Empirical Approach and Potential Implications Abstract   PDF
Oscar Saenz de Miera Berglind
Vol 11 (2017) The Effects of Generational Identification Accessibility and Normative Fit on Hostile Media Perception Abstract   PDF
Jisu Kim, Sung-Yeon Park
Vol 15 (2021) The Effects of Message Order and Debiasing Information in Misinformation Correction Abstract   PDF
Yue Dai, Wenting Yu, Fei Shen
Vol 14 (2020) The Effects of Personality Traits and Situational Factors on the Deliberativeness and Civility of User Comments on News Websites Abstract   PDF
Johannes Beckert, Marc Ziegele
Vol 14 (2020) The Effects of Political Conflict News Frame on Political Polarization: A Social Identity Approach Abstract   PDF
Youngju Kim, Shuhua Zhou
Vol 10 (2016) The Effects of Reader Comments on the Perception of Personalized Scandals: Exploring the Roles of Comment Valence and Commenters’ Social Status Abstract   PDF
Christian von Sikorski
Vol 10 (2016) The Efficacy of Chinese News Coverage of Tobacco Control: A Comparison between Media Agenda and Policy Agenda Abstract   PDF
Di Zhang, Baijing Hu, Ruosi Shao
Vol 13 (2019) The Elephant and the Bird: Republican Candidates’ Use of Strategy and Issue Framing in Twitter During the 2016 Republican Presidential Primaries Abstract   PDF
Dror Walter, Yotam Ophir
Vol 14 (2020) The Elusiveness of Communicative Influence: How Key Socializers Influence Adolescents’ Proenvironmental Engagement Abstract   PDF
Yuliya Lakew
Vol 14 (2020) The Emerging Institutionalization of Global Internet of Things Governance: A Network Approach Abstract   PDF
Jaewon R. Choi, Wenhong Chen
Vol 14 (2020) The Enhancement of Verbal Immediacy in Online University Classes: A Student-Generated Taxonomy Abstract   PDF
Richard S. Bello, Frances E. Brandau, Dena Horne
Vol 10 (2016) The Entwinement of Politics, Arts, Culture and Commerce in Staging Social and Political Reality to Enhance Democratic Communication Abstract   PDF
Daniel H. Mutibwa
Vol 5 (2011) The EU-Korea Protocol on Cultural Cooperation: Toward Cultural Diversity or Cultural Deficit? Abstract   PDF
Jan Loisen, Ferdi De Ville
Vol 14 (2020) The European Refugee Crisis Discourse in the Spanish Press: Mapping Humanization and Dehumanization Frames Through Metaphors Abstract   PDF
Marta Montagut, Carlota M. Moragas-Fernández
Vol 15 (2021) The Event-Centered Nature of Global Public Spheres: The UN Climate Change Conferences, Fridays for Future, and the (Limited) Transnationalization of Media Debates Abstract   PDF
Antal Wozniak, Hartmut Wessler, Chung-hong Chan, Julia Lück
Vol 9 (2015) The Evolution of Christian America: Christianity in Presidential Discourse, 1981–2013 Abstract   PDF
Kevin Coe, Sarah Chenoweth
Vol 2 (2008) The Evolution of the Children’s Television Community, 1953-2003 Abstract   PDF
J. Alison Bryant, Peter R. Monge
Vol 14 (2020) The Experience of Internet Freedom Among African Users Abstract   PDF
Valentina Bau, Enrico Calandro
Vol 2 (2008) The Extreme Right and Its Media in Italy Abstract   PDF
Cinzia Padovani
Vol 9 (2015) The Feel of Life: Resonance, Race, and Representation Abstract   PDF
Herman Gray
Vol 12 (2018) The Flip: Mobile Communication of North Korean Migrant Women During Their Journey to South Korea Abstract   PDF
Juhee Kang, Richard Ling, Arul Chib
Vol 9 (2015) The Food of the Worlds: Mapping and Comparing Contemporary Gastrodiplomacy Campaigns Abstract   PDF
Juyan Zhang
Vol 7 (2013) The Functionality of Social Tagging as a Communication System Abstract   PDF
Poong Oh, Peter Monge
Vol 15 (2021) The Game of Life: How Playing Gamified Interactive Narratives Affects Career Planning in Cambodia Abstract   PDF
Lauren B. Frank, Paul Sparks, Sheila T. Murphy, Lizzie Goodfriend, Paul Falzone
Vol 15 (2021) The Gender Dimensions of Foreign Influence Operations Abstract   PDF
Samantha Bradshaw, Amélie Henle
Vol 16 (2022) The Genderization of American Political Parties in Presidential Election Coverage on Network Television (1992–2020) Abstract   PDF
Maria Elizabeth Grabe, Ozen Bas
Vol 13 (2019) The Genealogy of Communication Abstract   PDF
Eduardo Yuji Yamamoto
Vol 8 (2014) The Geography of LGBTQ Internet Studies Details   PDF
Lukasz Szulc
Vol 14 (2020) The Geotagging Counterpublic: The Case of Facebook Remote Check-Ins to Standing Rock Abstract   PDF
Jeeyun Baik
Vol 16 (2022) The Ghosts of Newspapers Past: Public Interest Journalism as Movement Abstract   PDF
Yuan Zeng, Cherian George
Vol 13 (2019) The God Card: Strategic Employment of Religious Language in U.S. Presidential Discourse Abstract   PDF
Ceri Hughes
Vol 15 (2021) The Growing Up Asian American Tag: An Asian American Networked Counterpublic on YouTube Abstract   PDF
Dasol Kim
Vol 13 (2019) The Gulf Information War| Car Decals, Civic Rituals, and Changing Conceptions of Nationalism Abstract   PDF
Jocelyn Sage Mitchell, Ilhem Allagui
Vol 13 (2019) The Gulf Information War| Cyberconflict, Online Political Jamming, and Hacking in the Gulf Cooperation Council Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Al-Rawi
Vol 13 (2019) The Gulf Information War| News Coverage of the Gulf Crisis in the Turkish Mediascape: Agendas, Frames, and Manufacturing Consent Abstract   PDF
Ivo Furman, Erkan Saka, Savaş Yıldırım, Ece Elbeyi
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Ifat Maoz
Vol 12 (2018) Three Network Dynamics in Iran: A McLuhanian Account Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Mohsenian-Rad, Babak Rahimi
Vol 14 (2020) Three Peasants Fight for Freedom: Radio and the United States’ Cultural Cold War in Latin America Abstract   PDF
Yeidy M. Rivero
Vol 13 (2019) Three Volumes on Information and Value Communication: A Review Essay Details   PDF
Glenn W. Muschert, Dimitrios Reppas
Vol 11 (2017) Thucydides’ Trap and Online Readers’ Reviews of Two Books on Zheng He’s Voyages Abstract   PDF
Dexin Tian, Chin-Chung Chao
Vol 14 (2020) Tijana Milosevic, Protecting Children Online? Cyberbullying Policies of Social Media Companies Details   PDF
Atika Alkhallouf
Vol 16 (2022) TikTok Politics: Tit for Tat on the India–China Cyberspace Frontier Abstract   PDF
Megha Mishra, Pu Yan, Ralph Schroeder
Vol 11 (2017) Tilman Baumgärtel (Ed.), A Reader in International Media Piracy Details   PDF
Dom Caristi
Vol 7 (2013) Tim Dant, Television and the Moral Imaginary: Society Through the Small Screen Details   PDF
David R. Craig
Vol 11 (2017) Tim Highfield, Social Media and Everyday Politics Details   PDF
Erhardt Graeff
Vol 16 (2022) Tim Hwang, Subprime Attention Crisis: Advertising and the Time Bomb at the Heart of the Internet Details   PDF
Bridget Barrett
Vol 9 (2015) Tim Jordan, Information Politics: Liberation and Exploitation in the Digital Society Details   PDF
Nathalie Maréchal
Vol 14 (2020) Tim Muehlhoff and Richard Langer, Winsome Persuasion: Christian Influence in a Post-Christian World Details   PDF
Lakelyn Taylor
Vol 11 (2017) Tim Wu, The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside our Heads Details   PDF
Jonathan D. Aronson
Vol 5 (2011) Tim Wu: The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires Details   PDF
Jonathan David Aronson
Vol 16 (2022) Time for Climate Action? Political Actors’ Uses of Twitter to Focus Public Attention on the Climate Crisis During the 2019 Danish General Election Abstract   PDF
Julie Uldam, Tina Askanius
Vol 7 (2013) Timothy Havens, Black Television Travels: African American Media Around the Globe Details   PDF
Alfred L. Martin, Jr.
Vol 8 (2014) Timothy L. Sellnow and Matthew W. Seeger, Theorizing Crisis Communication Details   PDF
Christina Sheaff Hagen
Vol 13 (2019) To Like is to Support? The Effects and Mechanisms of Selective Exposure to Online Populist Communication on Voting Preferences Abstract   PDF
Michael Hameleers
Vol 11 (2017) To Speak or Not to Speak: Predicting College Students’ Outspokenness in the Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong Abstract   PDF
Wan-Ying Lin, Bolin Cao, Xinzhi Zhang
Vol 10 (2016) To Tweet or Not To Tweet: Factors Affecting the Intensity of Twitter Usage in Japan and the Online and Offline Sociocultural Norms Abstract   PDF
Shaojung Sharon Wang
Vol 13 (2019) To Verify or to Disengage: Coping with “Fake News” and Ambiguity Abstract   PDF
Andrea Wenzel
Vol 8 (2014) Tobias Olsson (Ed.), Producing the Internet: Critical Perspective of Social Media Details   PDF
Jun Gao
Vol 1 (2007) Toby Miller: Cultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitanism, Consumerism and Television in a Neoliberal Age Details   PDF
Laurie Ouellette
Vol 9 (2015) Todd Wolfson, Digital Rebellion: The Birth of the Cyber Left Details   PDF
Christian Fuchs
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