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Socrates Back on the Street: Wikipedia's Citing of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ABSTRACT PDF
John Willinsky 20 pgs.
RED is the New Black: Brand Culture, Consumer Citizenship and Political Possibility ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah Banet-Weiser, Charlotte Lapsansky 21 pgs.
The Rise of China’s Media Supermarket: An Appraisal of Cultural Imperialism's Relevance to the Chinese TV Industry ABSTRACT PDF
Yu Shi 27 pgs.
The Informationalization of Race: Communication Technologies and the Human Genome in the Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Peter A. Chow-White 27 pgs.
Branding Chinese Products: Between Nationalism and Transnationalism ABSTRACT PDF
Hongmei Li 38 pgs.
Deploying Cognitive Radio: Economic, Legal and Policy Issues ABSTRACT PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber 11 pgs.
Public Opinion Research in a Conflict Zone: Grassroots Diplomacy in Darfur ABSTRACT PDF
Iginio Gagliardone, Nicole A. Stremlau 29 pgs.
The Performative Language Games of Dramapolitik: How Abraham Lincoln became an intellectual patriot and George W. Bush became a cowboy diplomat ABSTRACT PDF
Kurt Lancaster 37 pgs.
The "Lippmann-Dewey Debate" and the Invention of Walter Lippmann as an Anti-Democrat 1985-1996 ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Schudson 12 pgs.
Global Privacy in Flux: Illuminating Privacy Across Cultures in China and the U.S. ABSTRACT PDF
Kenneth Neil Farrall 38 pgs.
Intrinsic Characteristics of Health-Related Fear Appeals from Chinese Print OTC Ads: Implications for Fear Message Construction ABSTRACT PDF
Vivian C. Sheer, Ling Chen 23 pgs.
Data Retention in the European Union: When a Call Returns ABSTRACT PDF
Oliver Leistert 11 pgs.
The Economy of Media Events: Theory and Examples ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin Krämer 16 pgs.
Broadcasting Space: China Central Television's New Headquarters ABSTRACT PDF
Shannon Mattern 40 pgs.
News Media Coverage of the Iraq War in Basra, Fall 2007: A case study in “spinning” news for the state ABSTRACT PDF
Kurt Lancaster 17 pgs.
Defining the Enemy for the Post-Cold War World: Bill Clinton's Foreign Policy Discourse in Somalia and Haiti ABSTRACT PDF
Jason A. Edwards 18 pgs.
Trudeaumania Part II: Passionate Politics in a Canadian 21st Century Media Event ABSTRACT PDF
Emily West 34 pgs.
New Media and Political Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Coleman, David E. Morrison, Michael Svennevig 21 pgs.
The Extreme Right and Its Media in Italy ABSTRACT PDF
Cinzia Padovani 18 pgs.
The Structure and Dynamics of Global Multi-Media Business Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Amelia H. Arsenault, Manuel Castells 43 pgs.
Cultural Noise: Amplified Sound, Freedom of Expression and Privacy Rights in Japan ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Dolan 29 pgs.
The Adoption of Mobile Phones in Emerging Markets: Global Diffusion and the Rural Challenge ABSTRACT PDF
Kas Kalba 31 pgs.
From Mass to Networked Communication: Communicational models and the Informational Society. ABSTRACT PDF
Gustavo Cardoso 44 pgs.
Seeking Truth in Video Game Ratings: Content Considerations for Media Regulation ABSTRACT PDF
Jason Tocci 26 pgs.
Transmitting Identity: Radio in Barcelona ABSTRACT PDF
Nancy Morris 18 pgs.
"...and money is answer for all things": The News Corp.–Dow Jones Merger and the Separation of Editorial and Business Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Amit M. Schejter, Roei Davidson 28 pgs.
Distinctive Characteristics of China's Path of ICT Development: A Critical Analysis of Chinese Developmental Strategies in Light of the Eastern Asian Model ABSTRACT PDF
Yu Hong 16 pgs.
Mainstream Critique, Critical Mainstream and the New Media: Reconciliation of Mainstream and Critical Approaches to Media Effects Studies? ABSTRACT PDF
Magdalena E. Wojcieszak 25 pgs.
War Correspondents, the Military, and Propaganda: Some Critical Reflections ABSTRACT PDF
Douglas Kellner 34 pgs.
Korean Communication and Mass Media Research: Negotiating the West's Influence ABSTRACT PDF
Jukka Pekka Jouhki 23 pgs.
Television News: Geographic and Source Biases, 1982 - 2004 ABSTRACT PDF
Steve Jones 30 pgs.
Al-Jazeera, Phoenix Satellite Television and the Return of the State:Case studies in market liberalization, public sphere and media imperialism ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Shuang Xie 17 pgs.
Public Relations Through a New Lens—Critical Praxis via the Excellence Theory ABSTRACT PDF
Adam W. Tyma 13 pgs.
The Evolution of the Children’s Television Community, 1953-2003 ABSTRACT PDF
J. Alison Bryant, Peter R. Monge 33 pgs.
Modeling Information Equality: Social and Media Latency Effects on Information Diffusion ABSTRACT PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Arul Chib, Jesse Gilbert 28 pgs.
Faith-Based Initiatives in HIV/AIDS Communication: The Jamaican Situation ABSTRACT PDF
Nancy Muturi 24 pgs.
Third-Person Perception and Racism ABSTRACT PDF
John R. Chapin 8 pgs.
Chinese Government and Software Copyright: Manipulating the Boundaries between Public and Private ABSTRACT PDF
Jia Lu, Ian Weber 19 pgs.
Betrothal and Betrayal: The Soviet Translation of Norbert Weiner's Early Cybernetics ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin J. P. Peters 15 pgs.
'Living the Brand': Nationality, Globality, and the Identity Strategies of Nation Branding Consultants ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa Aronczyk 25 pgs.
Philanthropy as Public Relations: A Critical Perspective on Cause Marketing ABSTRACT PDF
Inger L. Stole 21 pgs.
The American Hegemonic Responses to the U.S.-China Mid-air Plane Collision ABSTRACT PDF
Dexin Tian, Chin-Chung Chao 19 pgs.
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How Public Perceptions of How Media and NGOs Contribute to Civil Society ABSTRACT PDF
Maureen Taylor, Philip M. Napoli 22 pgs.
The Changing Context of News Work: Liquid Journalism for a Monitorial Citizenry PDF
Mark Deuze 18 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] Trying to Intervene: British media research and the framing of policy debate PDF
Georgina Born 8 pgs.
[Fernando Henrique Cardoso on Globalization] A Surprising World PDF
Fernando Henrique Cardoso 43 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] INTRODUCTION PDF
Monroe E. Price, Stefaan G. Verhulst 2 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] The Academic and the Policy Maker PDF
Peng Hwa Ang 4 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] Policy Research in an Evidence-Averse Environment PDF
Sandra Braman 17 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] Research In Government Agency Decisions — Observations About the FCC PDF
Daniel L. Brenner 4 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] Academic Research and Its Limited Impact on Telecommunications Policy Making PDF
Rob Frieden 8 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] Comparative Media Law Research and Its Impact on Policy PDF
Stefaan G. Verhulst, Monroe E. Price 15 pgs.
[Special Section on Academic Research and Communications Policy] The Role of Academic Research in Media Policy Making: The Case Study of Hong Kong PDF
Mei Ning Yan 10 pgs.
[Fernando Henrique Cardoso on Globalization] New Paths: Globalization in a Historical Perspective PDF
Fernando Henrique Cardoso 17 pgs.
Ecological Ethics and Media Technology PDF
Richard Maxwell, Toby Miller 23 pgs.
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Book Reviews

David D. Perlmutter: Picturing China in the American Press PDF
Reviewed by Wenxiang Gong 4 pgs.
Marjorie Harness Goodwin: The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion PDF
Reviewed by Tamar Katriel 4 pgs.
Changes in China’s Media and Internet Technology: A Review Essay PDF
Reviewed by Joseph Tse-Hei Lee 5 pgs.
Rita Watson & Menahem Blondheim (Eds.): The Toronto School of Communication Theory: Interpretations, Extensions, Applications PDF
Reviewed by Bob Hanke 8 pgs.
Cher Krause Knight: Public Art: Theory, Practice and Populism PDF
Reviewed by Susana Smith Bautista 4 pgs.
Yuezhi Zhao: Communication in China: Political Economy, Power and Conflict PDF
Reviewed by Wanning Sun 5 pgs.
Mary Ann Watson: Defining Visions: Television and the American Experience in the 20th Century PDF
Reviewed by Vincent Brook 3 pgs.
Mladen Dolar: A Voice and Nothing More (Short Circuits) PDF
Reviewed by Steven Rafferty 4 pgs.
David Domke & Kevin Coe: The God Strategy: How Religion Became a Political Weapon in America PDF
Reviewed by Don Waisanen 4 pgs.
The Liberalism of the Other: Response to Carolyn Marvin PDF
Reviewed by John Durham Peters 8 pgs.
Zephyr Teachout & Thomas Streeter (Eds.): Mousepads, Shoe Leather, and Hope: Lessons from the Howard Dean Campaign for the Future of Internet Politics PDF
Reviewed by James L. Bonville 2 pgs.
Mehdi Semati, (Ed.): Media, Culture and Society in Iran: Living with Globalization and the Islamic State PDF
Reviewed by Nahid Siamdoust 6 pgs.
Kathryn C. Montgomery: Generation Digital: Politics, Commerce, and Childhood in the Age of the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Sakari Taipale 4 pgs.
John Peters: Courting the Abyss PDF
Reviewed by Carolyn Marvin 9 pgs.
Yes, but: The state (but not nation) of queer media and culture PDF
Reviewed by D. Travers Scott 5 pgs.
Benedikt Feldges: American Icons: The Genesis of a National Visual Language PDF
Reviewed by Jason Tocci 5 pgs.
Review Essay: Urban Communication: The Blind Men and the Elephant PDF
Reviewed by Susan Drucker, Gary Gumpert 16 pgs.
Sarah Banet-Weiser: Kids Rule! Nickelodeon and Consumer Citizenship PDF
Reviewed by Kari R. Hensley 4 pgs.
Chakravartty & Sarikakis: Media Policy and Globalization Chakravartty & Zhao: Global Communications PDF
Reviewed by John D.H. Downing 2 pgs.
Don Tapscott & Anthony D. Williams: Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything PDF
Reviewed by Christian Fuchs 11 pgs.
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