Table of Contents


Climate Airwaves: Community Radio, Action Research and Advocacy for Climate Justice in Ghana ABSTRACT PDF
Blane Harvey 24 pgs.
Catharsis and Community: Divergent Motivations for Audience Participation in Online Newspapers and Blogs ABSTRACT PDF
Eugenia Mitchelstein 21 pgs.
Fans, Romans, Countrymen: Soccer Fandom and Civic Identity in Contemporary Rome ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew Guschwan 24 pgs.
Determinants of Internet Use in Iraq ABSTRACT PDF
Firas H. Al-Hammadany, Almas Heshmati 23 pgs.
A Systematic Procedure for Detecting News Biases: The Case of Israel in European News Sites ABSTRACT PDF
Elad Segev, Regula Miesch 20 pgs.
Autoethnography as Pragmatic Scholarship: Moving Critical Communication Pedagogy from Ideology to Praxis ABSTRACT PDF
David H. Kahl, Jr. 20 pgs.
The Propaganda Model in the Early 21st Century (Part I) ABSTRACT PDF
Joan Pedro 41 pgs.
The Propaganda Model in the Early 21st Century (Part II) ABSTRACT PDF
Joan Pedro 21 pgs.
Multicultural Sociability, Imperfect Forums and Online Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Georgie McClean 20 pgs.
Journalism Innovation and Participation: An Analysis of the Knight News Challenge ABSTRACT PDF
Seth C. Lewis 26 pgs.
Digital TV Transition and the Hard Disk Drive Revolution in Television Watching ABSTRACT PDF
Mikael Anders Wahlström, Anu Kankainen 19 pgs.
Palestinian and Israeli Voices in Five Years of U.S. Newspaper Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Eugenie P. Almeida 20 pgs.
Pondering the Future for Foreign News on National Television ABSTRACT PDF
Kristina Riegert 19 pgs.
Negotiated Hegemony and Reconstructed Boundaries in Alternative Media Coverage of Globalization ABSTRACT PDF
Jacob Groshek, Ying Han 22 pgs.
Representing the Israeli Internet: The Press, the Pioneers and the Practitioners ABSTRACT PDF
Nicholas A. John 22 pgs.
The Conditional Access System: The Dynamics of A La Carte Pricing for Cable Television in India ABSTRACT PDF
Krishna Jayakar 21 pgs.
Diminished, Enduring, and Emergent Diversity Policy Concerns in an Evolving Media Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Philip M. Napoli 15 pgs.
The Transformative Egyptian Media Landscape: Changes, Challenges and Comparative Perspectives ABSTRACT PDF
Sahar Khamis 19 pgs.
Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Britannica ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Reagle, Lauren Rhue 21 pgs.
Part II. Public Television in a Time of Change and Socioeconomic Turmoil: The Cases of France and the U.S. | New Reforms and the Prospects: Looking Ahead ABSTRACT PDF
Hélène C. Palmeri, Willard D. Rowland, Jr. 30 pgs.
Part I. Public Television in a Time of Technological Change and Socioeconomic Turmoil: The Cases of France and the U.S.| Looking Back: The Theory, The Promise and the Contradictions ABSTRACT PDF
Hélène C. Palmeri, Willard D. Rowland, Jr. 26 pgs.
The Origins of the Telephone in Italy, 1877–1915: Politics, Economics, Technology and Society ABSTRACT PDF
Gabriele Balbi 24 pgs.
Reading the Twelfth Five-Year Plan: China’s Communication-Driven Mode of Economic Restructuring ABSTRACT PDF
Yu Hong 13 pgs.
Producing Quality: A Social Network Analysis of Coproduction Relationships in High Grossing Versus Highly Lauded Films in the U.S. Market ABSTRACT PDF
Jade L. Miller 20 pgs.
Sharing Across the Battle Lines? Israeli and Lebanese Blogs in the 2006 Lebanon War ABSTRACT PDF
Priscilla Ringrose 26 pgs.
The Principle of Charity and Intercultural Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Eli Dresner 14 pgs.
Culture and Metaphors in Advertisements: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Pamela K. Morris, Jennifer A. Waldman 27 pgs.
Histories of User-generated Content: Between Formal and Informal Media Economies ABSTRACT PDF
Ramon Lobato, Julian Thomas, Dan Hunter 16 pgs.
Gender, Religion and New Media: Attitudes and Behaviors Related to the Internet Among Ultra-Orthodox Women Employed in Computerized Environments ABSTRACT PDF
Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar, Azi Lev-On 21 pgs.
Analysis of the Film Production District in Mexico City, 2006–2008 ABSTRACT PDF
Argelia Muñoz Larroa, Rodrigo Gómez Garćia 31 pgs.
Finding Foreigners in American National Identity: Presidential Discourse, People, and the International Community ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin Coe, Rico Neumann 22 pgs.
Theorizing "Lay Theories of Media": A Case Study of the Dissent! Network at the 2005 Gleneagles G8 Summit ABSTRACT PDF
Patrick McCurdy 20 pgs.
Nation Branding in the Era of Commercial Nationalism ABSTRACT PDF
Zala Volcic, Mark Andrejevic 21 pgs.
Exploring Mobile-only Internet Use: Results of a Training Study in Urban South Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Jonathan Donner, Shikoh Gitau, Gary Marsden 24 pgs.
Sociocultural Analysis of the Commodification of Ethnic Media and Asian consumers in Canada ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin, Soochul Kim 19 pgs.
Deliberative, Agonistic, and Algorithmic Audiences: Journalism's Vision of its Public in an Age of Audience Transparency ABSTRACT PDF
C. W. Anderson 19 pgs.
Convergence Through Mobile Peer-to-Peer File Sharing in the Republic of Armenia ABSTRACT PDF
Katy E. Pearce 18 pgs.
It Takes an iVillage: Gender, Labor, and Community in the Age of Television-Internet Convergence ABSTRACT PDF
John Edward Campbell 19 pgs.
The Mediatization of Music as the Emergence and Transformation of Institutions: A Synthesis ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin Krämer 21 pgs.
Digital Communication and Political Change in China ABSTRACT PDF
Ashley Esarey, Qiang Xiao 22 pgs.
I Mix What I Like! In Defense and Appreciation of the Rap Music Mixtape as “National” and “Dissident” Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Jared A. Ball 20 pgs.
The EU-Korea Protocol on Cultural Cooperation: Toward Cultural Diversity or Cultural Deficit? ABSTRACT PDF
Jan Loisen, Ferdi De Ville 18 pgs.
Suffering Up Close: The Strategic Construction of Mediated Suffering on Al Jazeera English ABSTRACT PDF
Tine Ustad Figenschou 21 pgs.
Rethinking Public Service Media and Citizenship: Digital Strategies for News and Current Affairs at Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service ABSTRACT PDF
Terry Flew 18 pgs.
The Silent Partner: News Agencies and 21st Century news ABSTRACT PDF
Jane Johnston, Susan Forde 20 pgs.
Linking Global Press Freedom to Development and Culture: Implications from a Comparative Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Hai Tran, Reaz Mahmood, Ying Du, Andrei Khrapavitski 22 pgs.
Can NGOs Change the News? ABSTRACT PDF
Silvio Waisbord 24 pgs.
Nation Branding: Toward an Agenda for Critical Research ABSTRACT PDF
Nadia Kaneva 25 pgs.
Communication and Creativity: How Does Media Usage Influence Those Who Create Media Texts? ABSTRACT PDF
Elizabeth Paton 16 pgs.
Children’s Exposure to and Perceptions of Online Advertising ABSTRACT PDF
Helena Sandberg, Kerstin Gidlöf, Nils Holmberg 30 pgs.
Gameplay Marketing Strategies as Audience Co-optation:The Story of The Dark Knight, the Cloverfield Monster, and Their Brethren ABSTRACT PDF
CarrieLynn D. Reinhard 27 pgs.
Affect and Belonging in Late Capitalism: A Speculative Narrative on Reality TV ABSTRACT PDF
Catherine Chaput 20 pgs.
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Special Sections

Network Theory | Prologue to the Special Section| Network Multidimensionality in the Digital Age PDF
Manuel Castells, Peter Monge, Noshir Contractor 6 pgs.
Network Theory| Introduction to the Workshop: The Promise of Network Theory PDF
Manuel Castells 2 pgs.
Network Theory| A Network Theory of Power ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel Castells 15 pgs.
Network Theory| Fuzziness of Inclusion/Exclusion in Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Karine Nahon 17 pgs.
Network Theory | Networks of Power, Degrees of Freedom ABSTRACT PDF
Yochai Benkler 39 pgs.
Network Theory | Multidimensional Networks and the Dynamics of Sociomateriality: Bringing Technology Inside the Network ABSTRACT PDF
Noshir Contractor, Peter Monge, Paul M. Leonardi 39 pgs.
Network Theory| The Flip Side of Metcalfe’s Law: Multiple and Growing Costs of Network Exclusion ABSTRACT PDF
Rahul Tongia, Ernest J. Wilson III 17 pgs.
Network Theory| The Ever Evolving Web: The Power of Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Wendy Hall 14 pgs.
Network Theory| Networks, Societies, Spheres: Reflections of an Actor-network Theorist ABSTRACT PDF
Bruno Latour 15 pgs.
New Media in International Contexts | Introduction PDF
Heather A. Horst, Cara Wallis 8 pgs.
New Media Practices in Brazil | Free, Social and Inclusive: Appropriation and Resistance of New Media Technologies in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Heather A. Horst 26 pgs.
New Media Practices in China: Youth Patterns, Processes, and Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Cara Wallis 31 pgs.
New Media Practices in Ghana ABSTRACT PDF
Araba Sey 26 pgs.
New Media Practices in India: Bridging Past and Future, Markets and Development ABSTRACT PDF
Anke Schwittay 31 pgs.
New Media Practices in Korea ABSTRACT PDF
HyeRyoung Ok 29 pgs.
More Special Sections


Academic Labor| The Politics of Academic Labor in Communication Studies: A Re-Introduction PDF
Jonathan Sterne 20 pgs.
Academic Labor| Academic Labor and the Literature of Discontent in Communication PDF
Thomas A. Discenna 10 pgs.
Academic Labor| The Contingency of (Some) Academic Labor: Communication Studies and the Cognitariat PDF
Toby Miller 6 pgs.
Academic Labor| The Uneasy Institutional Position of Communication and Media Studies and Its Impact on Academic Labor PDF
Michael Griffin 10 pgs.
Academic Labor| First They Came for Everyone: The Assault on Civil Society is an Injury to All PDF
Victor Pickard 7 pgs.
Academic Labor| Who’s Sitting in the President’s Box?: Development and the Neoliberal University PDF
Carol Stabile 5 pgs.
Academic Labor| Reflecting on Academic Labor from the Other Side PDF
Fernando P. Delgado 7 pgs.
Academic Labor| Confessions of a Reluctant Manager in the Academic Labor System PDF
5 pgs.
Academic Labor| Administration in the Neo-Liberal World PDF
8 pgs.
Academic Labor| Four Myths About Academic Labor PDF
Amy M. Pason 9 pgs.
Academic Labor| Of Careers and Curricula Vitae: Losing Track of Academic Professionalism PDF
Kathleen F. McConnell 10 pgs.
Academic Labor| Feminist Labor in Media Studies/Communication: Is Self-Branding Feminist Practice? PDF
Sarah Banet-Weiser, Alexandra Juhasz 8 pgs.
Academic Labor| PowerPoint and Labor in the Mediated Classroom PDF
Ira Wagman, Michael Z. Newman 9 pgs.
Academic Labor| Canned Courses: Lecture Capture, Podcasting and the Transformations of Academic Labor PDF
Mark Hayward 7 pgs.
Academic Labor| The Visible College PDF
Ted Striphas 8 pgs.
Academic Labor| Negotiating Labor and Management in the French Context PDF
Jayson Harsin 7 pgs.
Academic Labor| Media Pranks: A Three-Act Essay PDF
Kembrew McLeod 12 pgs.
Academic Labor| Product UG and Critical Visioning in Communication Studies PDF
Joel Saxe 13 pgs.
Academic Labor| Getting to “Not Especially Strange”: Embracing Participatory-Advocacy Communication Research for Social Justice PDF
Michelle Rodino-Colocino 13 pgs.
Plenary| Communication as a Discipline| Introduction PDF
Larry Gross 2 pgs.
Plenary| Communication as Social Science (and More) PDF
Craig Calhoun 18 pgs.
Plenary| Bridging Diversity Through Problem-Based Collaboration PDF
Joseph N. Cappella 3 pgs.
Plenary| If Everything is Mediated, What is Distinctive About the Field of Communication? PDF
Sonia Livingstone 4 pgs.
Plenary| Sweet Lemons PDF
John Durham Peters 5 pgs.
Plenary| Paradigm Shift and the Centrality of Communication Discipline PDF
Georgette Wang 9 pgs.
Plenary| Another Plea for the University Tradition: The Institutional Roots of Intellectual Compromise PDF
Jefferson D. Pooley 16 pgs.
The Arab Spring and the Role of ICTs| Introduction PDF
Ilhem Allagui, Johanne Kuebler 8 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Nextopia? Beyond Revolution 2.0 ABSTRACT PDF
Albrecht Hofheinz 18 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Analyzing the Role of ICTs in the Tunisian and Egyptian Unrest from an Information Warfare Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Brett van Niekerk, Kiru Pillay, Manoj Maharaj 11 pgs.
The Arab Spring| The Revolutions Were Tweeted: Information Flows during the 2011 Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions ABSTRACT PDF
Gilad Lotan, Erhardt Graeff, Mike Ananny, Devin Gaffney, Ian Pearce, danah boyd 31 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Overthrowing the Protest Paradigm? How The New York Times, Global Voices and Twitter Covered the Egyptian Revolution ABSTRACT PDF
Summer Harlow, Thomas J. Johnson 16 pgs.
The Arab Spring| The Egyptian Experience: Sense and Nonsense of the Internet Revolution ABSTRACT PDF
Miriyam Aouragh, Anne Alexander 15 pgs.
The Arab Spring| WikiRevolutions: Wikipedia as a Lens for Studying the Real-Time Formation of Collective Memories of Revolutions ABSTRACT PDF
Michela Ferron, Paolo Massa 20 pgs.
The Arab Spring| "I'll Be Waiting for You Guys": A YouTube Call to Action in the Egyptian Revolution ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa Wall, Sahar El Zahed 11 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Local Knowledge and the Revolutions: A Framework for Social Media Information Flow ABSTRACT PDF
Victoria Ann Newsom, Lara Lengel, Catherine Cassara 10 pgs.
The Arab Spring| "I Have Understood You": The Co-evolution of Expression and Control on the Internet, Television and Mobile Phones During the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wagner 8 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Politics through Social Networks and Politics by Government Blocking: Do We Need New Rules? ABSTRACT PDF
Rolf H. Weber 9 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Media Ecologies, Communication Culture, and Temporal-spatial Unfolding: Three Components in a Communication Model of the Egyptian Regime Change ABSTRACT PDF
Eike M. Rinke, Maria Röder 13 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Digital Media in the Egyptian Revolution: Descriptive Analysis from the Tahrir Data Set ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher Wilson, Alexandra Dunn 25 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Extra-National Information Flows, Social Media and the 2011 Egyptian Uprising ABSTRACT PDF
Adrienne Russell 10 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Connecting the National and the Virtual: Can Social Media Have a Role in Institution-building After Egypt’s January 25 Uprising? ABSTRACT PDF
Elizabeth Iskander 13 pgs.
The Arab Spring| Social Media in the Egyptian Revolution: Reconsidering Resource Mobilization Theory ABSTRACT PDF
Nahed Eltantawy, Julie B. Wiest 18 pgs.
The Arab Spring| A Revolution of the Imagination ABSTRACT PDF
Tarik Ahmed Elseewi 10 pgs.
Power Under Pressure: Digital Capitalism In Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Dan Schiller 18 pgs.
International Journal of Communication | Report: Our First Four Years PDF
Larry Gross, Manuel Castells, Arlene Luck 6 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Carrie A. Rentschler: Second Wounds: Victims’ Rights and the Media in the U.S. PDF
Reviewed by Jennifer Petersen 3 pgs.
Journalism’s Future: “Collapse” Versus “Transformation” PDF
Reviewed by Katherine Fink 4 pgs.
Strategies of Civility and Incivility PDF
Reviewed by G. Thomas Goodnight 4 pgs.
Wendy S. Hesford: Spectacular Rhetorics PDF
Reviewed by Erin Kamler 3 pgs.
Alan Jay Zaremba: Crisis Communication: Theory and Practice PDF
Reviewed by Granville King III 2 pgs.
Kembrew McLeod & Peter DiCola, Creative License: The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling PDF
Reviewed by Meghan Drury 3 pgs.
Vicki Mayer: Below the Line: Producers and Production Studies in the New Television Economy PDF
Reviewed by Nina F. O'Brien 3 pgs.
Leslie Haddon (Ed.), The Contemporary Internet PDF
Reviewed by Raul Pertierra 4 pgs.
The Uses of Religion PDF
Reviewed by Ryan Gillespie 18 pgs.
Karen Tongson: Relocations: Queer Suburban Imaginaries PDF
Reviewed by Scott Herring 3 pgs.
Igor Klyukanov: A Communication Universe: Manifestations of Meaning, Stagings of Significance PDF
Reviewed by Inna Semetsky 5 pgs.
Philip N. Howard: The Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy: Information Technology and Political Islam PDF
Reviewed by Vanessa Valdivia 3 pgs.
Sujatha Fernandes: Who Can Stop the Drums?: Urban Social Movements in Chavez's Venezuela PDF
Reviewed by Maggie Chan 3 pgs.
John McMillian: Smoking Typewriters: The Sixties Underground Press and the Rise of Alternative Media in America PDF
Reviewed by Dan Berger 5 pgs.
Rudolf G. Wagner: Joining the Global Public: Word, Image, and City in Early Chinese Newspapers, 1870-1910 PDF
Reviewed by Chin-Chuan Lee 5 pgs.
John Carey and Martin Elton: When Media Are New: Understanding the Dynamics of New Media Adoption and Use PDF
Reviewed by Stacey Michele Goldstein 3 pgs.
From Identity Politics to Identification Studies PDF
Reviewed by D. Travers Scott 6 pgs.
Bella Mody: Geopolitics of Representation in Foreign News: Explaining Darfur PDF
Reviewed by Alex Laverty 3 pgs.
Lewis Hyde: Common As Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership PDF
Reviewed by David McDougall 3 pgs.
Valerie Alia: The New Media Nation: Indigenous Peoples and Global Communication PDF
Reviewed by Rebecca Porlier 4 pgs.
A. Langlois, R. Sakolsky, M. van der Zon: Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada PDF
Reviewed by Barry Rooke 4 pgs.
Thomas Fahy (Ed.), Considering Aaron Sorkin: Essays on the Politics, Poetics and Sleight of Hand in the Films and Television Series PDF
Reviewed by Myles B. Clarke 7 pgs.
Susan J. Douglas: Enlightened Sexism PDF
Reviewed by Umayyah Cable 5 pgs.
Byron Hawk, David M. Rieder & Ollie Oviedo (Eds.): Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools PDF
Reviewed by Kim De Wolff 4 pgs.
Pablo Boczkowski: News at Work: Imitation in an Age of Information Abundance PDF
Reviewed by Elisheva Weiss 4 pgs.
Mark D. Alleyne: Anti-Racism and Multiculturalism PDF
Reviewed by Cameron Ross McCordic 3 pgs.
Lawrence R. Frey & Kenneth N. Cissna (Eds.): Routledge Handbook of Applied Communication Research PDF
Reviewed by Dennis S. Gouran 4 pgs.
Tim Wu: The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan David Aronson 6 pgs.
Queer Media Studies in the Age of the E-invisibility PDF
Reviewed by D. Travers Scott 6 pgs.
Brenda M. Weber: Makeover TV: Selfhood, Citizenship, and Celebrity PDF
Reviewed by Gary Goldman 2 pgs.
Rasha A. Abdulla: The Internet in the Arab World: Egypt and Beyond PDF
Reviewed by Marina Saleeb 2 pgs.
Stephen Hess: Through Their Eyes: Foreign Correspondents in the United States PDF
Reviewed by Jennifer Lauren Junger 3 pgs.
Randall Stross: Planet Google: One Company’s Audacious Plan To Organize Everything We Know PDF
Reviewed by Emma Fish 2 pgs.
Peter Gonsalves: Clothing for Liberation: A Communication Analysis of Gandhi’s Swadeshi Revolution PDF
Reviewed by Rebecca Matey 2 pgs.
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