Table of Contents


War Propaganda Unfolded: Comparative Effectiveness of Propaganda and Counterpropaganda in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine ABSTRACT PDF
Anton Oleinik, Volodymyr Paniotto 26 pgs.
One Big Store: Source Diversity and Value Capture of Digital Games in National App Store Instances ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Joseph, David Nieborg, Chris J. Young 19 pgs.
Opinion Extremity Predicted by Media Exposure, Information Processing Mode, and Issue Sophistication About U.S.–China Trade Dispute ABSTRACT PDF
Yaxin Dai, Xigen Li 22 pgs.
Outcomes and Affordances: Examining why People use Encryption ABSTRACT PDF
Shannon M. Oltmann 21 pgs.
The Impact of Trust in the Government on Willingness to Disclose Personal Data in Hong Kong: The Moderating Role of COVID-19 Infection Concern in the Data Disclosure Mediation Model ABSTRACT PDF
Chun Hong Tse, Marko M. Skoric 21 pgs.
Developing on Shifting Sands: A Case Study of a Workplace Safety Monitoring App During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Jacob Johanssen, Iman Naja, Lamiece Hassan, Carl Adams, Mistale Taylor 21 pgs.
BTS’s Pandemic Hits and Their Implications: Discursive Re-vitalization of Neoliberal Hegemony in K-pop Industry ABSTRACT PDF
Gooyong Kim 22 pgs.
Restorative Power of Empathetic Communication for Participatory Governance and Community Well-Being ABSTRACT PDF
Himani Sharma, Varsha Jain, Emmanuel Mogaji, Anantha Babbili 24 pgs.
Motives for Following Social Influencers and Electronic Word-of-Mouth: The Role of Social Capital ABSTRACT PDF
Yoojung Kim, Soojin Kim 22 pgs.
Montevideo Convention and CGTN: Defining Statehood for Global Outreach ABSTRACT PDF
Keyu Alexander Chen, Virginia Massignan, Mor Yachin, Carol Kay Winkler, Ayse Deniz Lokmanoglu 24 pgs.
Television Continues to Cultivate Attitudes Toward Homosexuality, but Only Among Politically Conservative Individuals and Women: Evidence from U.S. General Social Survey Data ABSTRACT PDF
Lik Sam Chan, Zurong Liang 21 pgs.
The Lives of Others: Unauthorized Depictions of Public Figures in U.S. Film and TV Drama ABSTRACT PDF
Jonathan Stubbs 18 pgs.
Unveiling Gatekeeping Practices in Mobile Environments: A Comparative Analysis of Operating Systems and App Gardens ABSTRACT PDF
Juan Ortiz Freuler 26 pgs.
Staying Tuned for Censored Information Sources? A Media Habit Approach to Immigrants’ Information Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Abby Youran Qin 22 pgs.
Quantifying Public Value Creation by Public Service Media Using Big Programming Data ABSTRACT PDF
Indrek Ibrus, Andres Karjus, Vejune Zemaityte, Ulrike Rohn, Maximilian Schich 24 pgs.
Politicization and Right-Wing Normalization on YouTube: A Topic-Based Analysis of the “Alternative Influence Network” ABSTRACT PDF
Curd Benjamin Knüpfer, Carsten Schwemmer, Annett Heft 23 pgs.
Capturing the Media: Similarities Between Viktor Orbán’s and Donald Trump’s Media Aspirations ABSTRACT PDF
Adam Klein 21 pgs.
Dynamics of Content Diversity Within Issues, Across Platforms: A Pesticide Debate in the News and on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Anke Wonneberger, Sandra Jacobs, Iina Hellsten 22 pgs.
Productive Power in Digital Constitutionalism: Analyzing Civil Society Actors’ Definitions of Digital Rights ABSTRACT PDF
Outi Puukko 20 pgs.
Fake or Fact? Factors Predicting the Capability of Recipients to Assess the Truthfulness of Impactful News ABSTRACT PDF
Johanna Radechovsky 22 pgs.
The Domestication of Netflix in the Gulf ABSTRACT PDF
Bouziane Zaid, Mohamed Benmoussa, Khayrat Ayyad, Mohammed Ibahrine, Abdelmalek El Kadoussi 20 pgs.
Examining the Mobilizing Effect of Populist Political Communication: A Survey Experiment of Populist Communication Style Across Three Policy Issues ABSTRACT PDF
Signe Ringdal Bergan 21 pgs.
Sharing News About COVID-19: Media Exposure, Self-Perceived Knowledge, and the Gap of Perceived Susceptibility of Self/Strangers ABSTRACT PDF
Yihan Li, Han Fu 21 pgs.
Unpacking the Stances and Affects in Weibo Comments on the Policy of Same-Sex Guardianship Agreements in China ABSTRACT PDF
Xuekun Liu 22 pgs.
Hating Theory: “Cultural Marxism,” “CRT,” and the Power of Media Affects ABSTRACT PDF
Moira Weigel 21 pgs.
A Revealing “Confession” or Another Publicity Stunt? Reflections on Social Media Entrepreneurship on Weibo ABSTRACT PDF
Qingyue Sun 19 pgs.
Engaging Audiences With Local News: Can Solutions Journalism Be a Solution to Local Media Crisis? ABSTRACT PDF
Noha Mellor, An Nguyen 19 pgs.
“I’m Not Just a Content Creator”: Digital Cultural Communicators Dealing With Celebrity Capital and Online Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Isabel Villegas-Simón, Ona Anglada-Pujol, María Castellví Lloveras, Mercè Oliva 19 pgs.
The Hate Office? Bolsonaro’s Discourse and COVID-19 Online Disinformation ABSTRACT PDF
Ricardo Ribeiro Ferreira, Juliana Alcantara 23 pgs.
A Pandemic Silver Lining: Remote Learning and Increased Intergenerational Technology Guidance Within Lower-Income Families ABSTRACT PDF
Bianca C. Reisdorf, Vikki S. Katz 27 pgs.
Platforms as Cultural Infrastructures: Identity-Making Practices of WeChat and KakaoTalk in the Diaspora ABSTRACT PDF
Jane Yeahin Pyo, Jingyi Gu 22 pgs.
Enjoyment of Murder Mystery Game Reality Shows: The Influence of Affective Disposition, Suspense and Parasocial Interactions ABSTRACT PDF
Li Zhi, Fei Fan, Wei Jiang 20 pgs.
“Meme-Ing” Peace in Northern Ireland: Exploring the Everyday Politics of Internet Memes in Belfast Riots ABSTRACT PDF
Ivan Gusic, Martin Lundqvist 23 pgs.
It’s Nothing but a Deepfake! The Effects of Misinformation and Deepfake Labels Delegitimizing an Authentic Political Speech ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Hameleers, Franziska Marquart 21 pgs.
Russian Troll Social Media Attacks on Presidential Candidates During the 2016 U.S. Election: The Role of Frontrunner Status, Political Party, and Candidate Gender ABSTRACT PDF
Larissa Terán, Heather Gahler, Daniel Montez, Kate Kenski, Stephen A. Rains 22 pgs.
Communication Network Characteristics of the Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy on Social Media: A Social Network Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Zenglei Yue, Guang Yu, Jing Shan, Guangwu Liu, Lie Chen, Donghui Yang 19 pgs.
Humans vs. AI: The Role of Trust, Political Attitudes, and Individual Characteristics on Perceptions About Automated Decision Making Across Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Theo Araujo, Anna Brosius, Andreas C. Goldberg, Judith Möller, Claes de Vreese 28 pgs.
What Changed During COVID-19? How the COVID-19 Crisis Changed Parental Perceptions and Practices Related to Children's Internet Use in Five European Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Beatrice Sciacca, Christine W. Trültzsch-Wijnen, Anca Velicu, Patricia Dias, Tijana Milosevic, Elisabeth Staksrud 24 pgs.
Elite Hostility Toward Journalism, News Trust, and the Mediating Role of Fear for Motivating Public Support of News Media ABSTRACT PDF
Jason T. Peifer, Alexis Haskell 20 pgs.
Between “Me, Myself, and I” and the “Royal We”: Gender Differences in Personalized Political Discourse on Facebook and User Involvement ABSTRACT PDF
Renana Atia, Meital Balmas 24 pgs.
Engaged and Uncivil? Incivility and Engagement on Twitter Over a Televised Presidential Debate in Chile ABSTRACT PDF
Andrés Rosenberg, Magdalena Saldaña, William Porath 25 pgs.
How did #StopAsianHate and #BlackLivesMatter React to Each Other After the Atlanta Shootings: An Analysis of Twitter Hashtag Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Jihye Kim, Jae-Woo Kim 24 pgs.
The Trust Factor: Investigating the Triple Role of News Media Trust on Perceived Migrant Threat ABSTRACT PDF
David De Coninck, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Hannah Kronschnabl, Leen d'Haenens 20 pgs.
Do Brands Matter? Understanding Public Trust in Third-Party Factcheckers of Misinformation and Disinformation on Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Carson, Timothy B. Gravelle, Justin B. Phillips, James Meese, Leah Ruppanner 25 pgs.
Fanning Money: The Cultural Economy and Participatory Politics of Dogecoin ABSTRACT PDF
Maximilian Brichta 19 pgs.
Catchier Than COVID: An Analysis of Pandemic Coverage by Dutch News Satire Show Zondag Met Lubach ABSTRACT PDF
Jonas Nicolaï, Pieter Maeseele 22 pgs.
Concerns With Infrastructuring: Invisible and Invasive Forces of Digital Platforms in Hangzhou, China ABSTRACT PDF
Kirsikka Grön, Zhuo Chen, Minna Ruckenstein 17 pgs.
Toward Productive Coexistence: A Relational Analysis of a Feminist Counterpublic in Twitter K-Pop Fandom ABSTRACT PDF
Yena Lee 21 pgs.
Stability as an Outcome in Communication Research ABSTRACT PDF
Jacob A. Long 18 pgs.
Reading Emotions in the Digital Age: A Deep Learning Approach to Detecting Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Jinwoo Jeong, Sujin Yoon, Dongyoung Sohn, Yong Suk Choi 22 pgs.
Chilean Gays and Lesbians and the Televisual Representations of Homosexuality: Interpreting Changing Images as “Packages” of Information ABSTRACT PDF
Ricardo Ramírez 19 pgs.
Positive and Negative Role Models in Uncertainty Management Processes About Aging ABSTRACT PDF
Kai Kuang, Patricia E. Gettings 22 pgs.
From Telefónica to Movistar: A European Case of the Transformation of a Telecom Into a Global TV Company ABSTRACT PDF
María José Pérez-Serrano, José Vicente García Santamaría, Andreu Casero Ripollés 21 pgs.
Stand-Up: The "Comic" Public Sphere in India ABSTRACT PDF
Rashi Bhargava, Samarth Singhal 18 pgs.
Why Netizens Report Harmful Content Online: A Moderated Mediation Model ABSTRACT PDF
Xinzhou Xie, Lin Shi, Yaoying Zhu 22 pgs.
All Radicalization Is Local: Media Influence on Local Islamist Radicalization Processes in Five German and Austrian Hotspots ABSTRACT PDF
Katharina Neumann, Philip Baugut 21 pgs.
An Exploration of the Communication Dynamics of the Hard-to-Reach: Considering Disintegration of a Communication Infrastructure in Old Age ABSTRACT PDF
Carrie Leach, Julie M. Novak, Thomas B. Jankowski, Sandie Pierce, Pam Lapan 21 pgs.
Social Media Influencer and Source Credibility: Endorsing Content Moderation on Douyin ABSTRACT PDF
Renyi He, Hao Tian 21 pgs.
Queer Podcasting as a Medium of Visibility in Türkiye’s Media Ecosystem: A Content Analysis on Episodes ABSTRACT PDF
Fırat Tufan, Bilge Şenyüz 24 pgs.
Patterns in Making Victims’ Gender Visible or Invisible in News Media Reporting of Boko Haram’s Massacres and Kidnappings ABSTRACT PDF
Nathan Beel, Kate Jonathan 28 pgs.
Conflicting Responses to Djokovic’s Deportation: Citizenship, The Rule of Law, and Commercial Nationalism ABSTRACT PDF
Zala Volcic, Nikolas Matovinovic, Mark Andrejevic 18 pgs.
From Moving About the City to Moving About the Home: Considering Bounded Spaces of Connected Mobility ABSTRACT PDF
Scott W. Campbell, Morgan Q. Ross, Fan Liang, Rich Ling 21 pgs.
What’s in a Name? Imagined Territories and Sea Names in the South China Sea Conflict ABSTRACT PDF
Lupita Wijaya 24 pgs.
The Role of “State Endorsers” in Extending Chinese Propaganda: Evaluating the Reach of Pro-Regime YouTubers ABSTRACT PDF
Marie Brockling, Haohan Lily Hu, King-wa Fu 23 pgs.
The Go-Betweens: Political Discussion Management Practices on Social Media Among Political Aides—A Comparative Study ABSTRACT PDF
Chen Sabag-Ben Porat, Sharon Haleva-Amir 20 pgs.
Two Tales of One War: Understanding the Media Coverage of the Yemeni Civil War in Saudi Arabia and Qatar ABSTRACT PDF
Talha İsmail Duman, Furkan Halit Yolcu 20 pgs.
The Power of Fake News: Big Data Analysis of Discourse About COVID-19–Related Fake News in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Sou Hyun Jang, Kyoung Eun Jung, Yong Jeong Yi 27 pgs.
Political Campaign Ads on Facebook: Investigating the Effects of Incivility in Videos and User Comments on Affective Polarization and Mobilization ABSTRACT PDF
Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, Ozan Kuru, Subhayan Mukerjee 24 pgs.
Digital Personal Storytelling of Union Supporters and Opponents in Neoliberal Organizational Settings ABSTRACT PDF
Tamar Lazar 22 pgs.
Attracting Effective Support on Social Networking Sites: Examining Three Characteristics of Online Support-Seeking Messages ABSTRACT PDF
Siyue Li, Diyi Liu, Chenyu She, Wenjing Pan 21 pgs.
Seeing With Transparency: Mapping the Privacy-Security Controversy Over Digital Contact Tracing in Vietnam ABSTRACT PDF
Dang Nguyen 20 pgs.
“They Expect us to All be Yellow”: Rhetorical Construction of Asianness in Blackface Controversy Around Jella’s Yellowish-Brown Tanning Makeup on YouTube ABSTRACT PDF
Seonah Kim 20 pgs.
Coming Out of the Fog of War and Adoption Trauma: Central American Adoptees and Social Media Support Groups ABSTRACT PDF
Nathan Rossi 18 pgs.
Questioning Public Service Media in Egypt and Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Mercedes Medina, Rasha Allam 24 pgs.
The Politics of Disconnection: A Systematic Review of Politically Motivated Unfriending ABSTRACT PDF
Qinfeng Zhu 24 pgs.
Disclosing Hearing Loss: Managing Boundaries Surrounding a Stigmatized Identity ABSTRACT PDF
Brittany N. Lash 18 pgs.
Automated Fact-Checking to Support Professional Practices: Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Laurence Dierickx, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Andreas Lothe Opdahl 21 pgs.
The Coloniality of Dating Apps: Racial Affordances and Chinese Men Using Gay Dating Apps in Sydney ABSTRACT PDF
Rodrigo Perez Toledo, L. L. Wynn 21 pgs.
“It Comes With the Job”: How Journalists Navigate Experiences and Perceptions of Gendered Online Harassment ABSTRACT PDF
João Miranda, Maria João Silveirinha, Susana Sampaio-Dias, Bruno Dias, Bibiana Garcez, Mateus Noronha 21 pgs.
“No Does Not Always Mean No”: The Discursive Representation of Female Sexual Rejection as “Last Minute Resistance” in Pick-Up Artist Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Giuseppina Scotto di Carlo 20 pgs.
The Politics of Pity Under Authoritarianism: How Government-Controlled Media Regulates Audiences' Mediated Experiences of Distant Suffering ABSTRACT PDF
Zhe Xu, Mengrong Zhang 19 pgs.
Selling Synthetic Sisterhood: Legitimation Strategies of Entrepreneurship on MLM Corporate Websites ABSTRACT PDF
Heidi E. Huntington, Mary E. Brooks 25 pgs.
“Political Cannabis” or “Medicinal Cannabis?”: An Australian News Framing Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Hannah Adler, Monique Lewis 22 pgs.
Framing and Sourcing the 2019 Lebanese Protests on Local Television ABSTRACT PDF
Jana El Amine, Claudia Kozman 20 pgs.
Perceived Versus Actual Ability to Identify Fake News: Evidence From Israel’s 2019–2020 Elections ABSTRACT PDF
Moran Yarchi, Tal Samuel-Azran, Tsahi (Zack) Hayat 23 pgs.
Kenyan Politics: Determinants of Legislators’ Coverage in Newspapers’ Pictorial News ABSTRACT PDF
Jimmy Ochieng, Kioko Ireri 22 pgs.
Indigenous-Washing and Colonial Amnesia: How New Zealand’s Nation Brand Depoliticizes Climate Change ABSTRACT PDF
Olli Hellmann 21 pgs.
Race, Myth, and News: An Updated Model to Explain Representations of Racism in Colombian Racial Democracy ABSTRACT PDF
Carlos A. Cortés-Martínez, Jesús Antonio Arroyave-Cabrera, Andrea Cancino-Borbón 20 pgs.
Cannabis, Media, and the Neoliberal Marketplace: The Problem With Just Saying Yes to Color-Blind Legalization Narratives ABSTRACT PDF
Corinne Weinstein 19 pgs.
Conceptualizing Online Content From a Game-Theoretic and Relational Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Xiangting Bernice Lin, Poong Oh 21 pgs.
The Imitation Game as a Method for Testing Producers and Their Audience, Real and Imagined: A Proof of Concept ABSTRACT PDF
Philippe Ross 21 pgs.
Is Processing COVID-19 Information Effective for Wearing Masks? The Effect of Information Processing on Preventive Intention ABSTRACT PDF
Yunhee Ku, Hwalbin Kim, Wonkyung Kim, Ghee-Young Noh 21 pgs.
Interrogating Dominant Ideology in Media Representations of Witchcraft-Related Gendered Violence: The Case of Mariama Akua Denteh ABSTRACT PDF
Wunpini Fatimata Mohammed 18 pgs.
Mapping the Information Landscapes of Sudanese Youth: Implications for Media Literacy Education ABSTRACT PDF
Abubakr Abdelbagi, Ioana Literat 23 pgs.
Before and After the 2017 Gulf Crisis: Peace, Propaganda, and Violence Frames in Al-Jazeera’s Coverage of Bahrain’s Uprising ABSTRACT PDF
Zainab Abdul-Nabi 28 pgs.
Surviving or Thriving? Examining the Impact of Digital Connective Politics in Primary-Level Cadres’ Live-Streaming E-Commerce in China ABSTRACT PDF
Yupei Zhao, Wanyan Wu, Zhongxuan Lin 20 pgs.
Emojis in Parties’ Online Communication During the 2019 European Election Campaign: Toward a Typology of Political Emoji Use ABSTRACT PDF
Anna-Katharina Wurst, Katharina Pohl, Jörg Haßler, Daniel Jackson 21 pgs.
The Role of Team and Social Identity in Parasocial Relationships and Parasocial Breakups: Lionel Messi’s Departure From FC Barcelona ABSTRACT PDF
Sai Datta Mikkilineni, Andrew C. Billings, Kenon A. Brown, Xavier Ramon 19 pgs.
The Same Old Story: Cultivation of the Warrior Stereotype of American Indians ABSTRACT PDF
Laurel R. Davis-Delano, Renee V. Galliher, Joseph P. Gone 22 pgs.
Understanding Stakeholder Feedback in Digital Contexts ABSTRACT PDF
Renee Mitson, Matthew S. Weber 21 pgs.
Northeast Delhi Riots of 2020: Contesting and (Re)claiming the Western Media Narrative ABSTRACT PDF
Sumanth Inukonda 21 pgs.
Participating or Tuning Out? Engagement With Political Content on Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Ianis Bucholtz, Vineta Silkane, Agnese Davidsone 20 pgs.
Imaginaries of Success About Netflix Original Series: The Case of Cidade Invisível ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Rios, Mayka Castellano 20 pgs.
Participatory Outcomes of Collective Action Groups on Facebook: The Roles of Network Relationships and Group Contexts ABSTRACT PDF
Chih-Hui Lai 22 pgs.
Digital Platforms and Civil War: How Côte d’Ivoire’s Press Informs a New Model of African Journalistic Practices in Authoritarian Regimes ABSTRACT PDF
Jeslyn Lemke 20 pgs.
The Journalistic Wishlist: Exploring Reporters’ Desired Skills Using Delphi Method ABSTRACT PDF
Oded Jackman, Zvi Reich 24 pgs.
Memes and Veganism: Representations of Vegan Identity and Its Alterity ABSTRACT PDF
Camila Joustra, Juan Alfaro, Claudia Giacoman 34 pgs.
Zapping Storms: Camp, Parody, and Queer Video Activism ABSTRACT PDF
Raffi Sarkissian 22 pgs.
From Symbolic Obscurity to Cultural Visibility? African Immigrants on U.S. Television and the Ambivalence of Nigerians on American Sitcom ABSTRACT PDF
Toks Dele Oyedemi 21 pgs.
Mediating Banal Populism Through Vlogging in the Philippines ABSTRACT PDF
Jefferson Lyndon D. Ragragio 16 pgs.
The Role of Media Literacy in Mitigating COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Conspiracy Theories ABSTRACT PDF
Jad Melki, Dana Hamzeh, Jana Itani, Maya Hariri, Perla Daou, Abdulrahman Al-Shami, Hamida El Bour, Sahar Khalifa Salim, Saleh Masharqa, Soheir Othman, Yasar Durra 23 pgs.
Audience Perception and Religious Identity Among Social Media Users: The Case of Muslim Arab Women in Israel ABSTRACT PDF
Aysha Agbarya 18 pgs.
Inequalities in Remote Gig Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Floor Fiers, Eszter Hargittai 20 pgs.
Critiquing “Mainstream Media” on Twitter: Between Moralized Suspicion and Democratic Possibility ABSTRACT PDF
Sean Phelan, Pieter Maeseele 22 pgs.
Delegating Issue Importance Judgments: An Experimental Test of the Agenda Cueing Hypothesis in an Online News Aggregator ABSTRACT PDF
Kirill Bryanov 20 pgs.
Mukbang Streamers in China: Wanghong as Industry, Laborer, and Exemplar of Social Transformation ABSTRACT PDF
Sijun Shen 20 pgs.
Like Grandmother, Like Mother? Multigenerational Mediation of Young Children’s Media Use ABSTRACT PDF
Galit Nimrod, Nelly Elias, Dafna Lemish 18 pgs.
How Class Matters: Examining Working-Class Children’s Home Technology Environments From a Developmental Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Vikki Katz, Brianna Hightower 22 pgs.
“I Urgently Need Your Advice”—Digital Stress Experiences and Social Support in Online Forums ABSTRACT PDF
Cordula Nitsch, Susanne Kinnebrock 20 pgs.
Behind Closed Doors: How Public Affairs Professionals Perceive the Process of Organizational Frame-Building ABSTRACT PDF
Irina Lock, Sandra Jacobs 22 pgs.
Influence of Public Service Media Consumption on Citizens’ Perceptions of the Need for Public Media: The Moderating Role of Political Ideology ABSTRACT PDF
Marcela Campos Rueda 21 pgs.
The Ambivalent Governance of Platformed Chinese Feminism Under Censorship: Weibo, Xianzi, and Her Friends ABSTRACT PDF
Yijia Gu, Luke Heemsbergen 22 pgs.
Manufacturing Humanitarian Imagery: Explaining Norwegian Refugee Council’s Public Communication Strategies Toward the Syrian and Central African Crises ABSTRACT PDF
David Ongenaert, Stijn Joye, Øyvind Ihlen 23 pgs.
Subscribe Now: On the Effectiveness of Advertising Messages in Promoting Newspapers’ Online Subscriptions ABSTRACT PDF
Bartosz Wilczek, Ina Schulte-Uentrop, Neil Thurman 17 pgs.
Uncovering Protest Paradigm Effect Processes: Representations and Perceptions of Media Protest Coverage Among Greek Youth ABSTRACT PDF
Alexandros Vlazakis, Aphrodite Baka 20 pgs.
When Distancing Fails—How Journalists’ Discursive and Mnemonic Techniques Facilitated the Rise of Trump and Trumpism ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer R. Henrichsen 19 pgs.
Persuasive Communication Strategies in Breast Self-Awareness Messages: An International Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Christine Skubisz 21 pgs.
Bayesian Multilevel Modeling and Its Application in Comparative Journalism Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Chung-Hong Chan, Adrian Rauchfleisch 22 pgs.
International News Media Coverage of Black Lives Matter: Evidence From Norway ABSTRACT PDF
Hilmar Mjelde 21 pgs.
Popes as Public Diplomats: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Vatican’s Foreign Engagement and Storytelling ABSTRACT PDF
Phillip Arceneaux 23 pgs.
Reporting in the Age of Coronavirus: Alternating Between “Shoe-Leather” and “Slippers” Journalism ABSTRACT PDF
Mirjana Pantic 18 pgs.
Media Parallelism Beyond the Political World: How Newspapers Push Economic Agendas Through Editorial Journalism ABSTRACT PDF
Deivison Henrique De Freitas Santos, Francisco Paulo Jamil Marques 23 pgs.
Networked Platform Governance: The Construction of the Democratic Platform ABSTRACT PDF
Robyn Caplan 22 pgs.
Understanding Fake News Corrective Action: A Mixed-Method Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Manuel Goyanes, Chris Skurka 23 pgs.
Testing the Role of Inspirational and Crime News Use in Self-Report Empathic Concern and Helping ABSTRACT PDF
Chun Yang, Masahiro Yamamoto 20 pgs.
The Impact of Advertisers on Media and Journalism in Transitional Democracies: The Case of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq ABSTRACT PDF
Jiyan Faris, Pieter Maeseele, Kevin Smets 20 pgs.
TikTok and COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation: New Avenues for Misinformation Spread, Popular Infodemic Topics, and Dangerous Logical Fallacies ABSTRACT PDF
Morgan Lundy 24 pgs.
Probing the Coping Processes Between Social Media (WhatsApp) Addiction and Mental Health During Social Distancing ABSTRACT PDF
Adil S. Al-Busaidi, Victoria Dauletova, Jean Claude Kwitonda 26 pgs.
Perceived Social Sanctions and Deindividuation: Understanding the Silencing Process on Social Media Platforms ABSTRACT PDF
Mustafa Oz, Esra Nur Oz Cetindere 22 pgs.
Doing “Reputation” in the Indian Context: An Employee Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Avani Desai, Asha Kaul, Vidhi Chaudhri 26 pgs.
Between the Homefront and Battleground, Between TV and Smartphone: Evaluating the Use of a Second Screen in the May 2021 Israel-Palestine Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Vered Elishar Malka, Yaron Ariel, Dana Weimann-Saks 17 pgs.
How Information Factors and Attitudes Relate to Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Role of Uncertainty in the Case of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill ABSTRACT PDF
Zhiwen Xiao, Jaesub Lee 24 pgs.
Exploring Resilience and Communicated Narrative Sense-Making in South Africans’ Stories of Apartheid ABSTRACT PDF
Haley Kranstuber Horstman, Athena Pedro, Tessa Goldschmidt, Olivia Watson, Maria Butauski 19 pgs.
The Fabulous East: On Peripheral Media Capitals and the Streaming Fantasy Television Genre ABSTRACT PDF
Timothy Havens 18 pgs.
Clusters of Dark Patterns Across Popular Websites in New Zealand ABSTRACT PDF
Cherie Lacey, Alex Beattie, Tristam Sparks 25 pgs.
Postmodern Without Modernization: Ages, Phases, and Stages of Political Communication and Digital Campaigns in Brazil (2010–2020) ABSTRACT PDF
Arthur Ituassu 21 pgs.
I am an Influencer and I Approve This Message! Examining How Political Social Media Influencers Affect Political Interest, Political Trust, Political Efficacy, and Political Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wasike 23 pgs.
Toward a Sociologically Enriched Understanding of Anti-Media Populism: The Case of Enough is Enough! ABSTRACT PDF
Torgeir Uberg Nærland 19 pgs.
Partners, Competitors, Frenemies: How Australian Advertising Professionals Understand the Market Power of Facebook and Google ABSTRACT PDF
Samuel Kininmonth, Ramon Lobato 19 pgs.
Social Audience and Emotional Bonding in Marvel's Transmedia Phenomenon: An Exploration of Peruvian Digital Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Tomás Atarama-Rojas, Beatriz Feijoo 18 pgs.
Politicizing, Personalizing, and Mobilizing in Online Political Communication: Drivers and Killers of Users’ Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Milica Vuckovic 21 pgs.
Community Diversity Climate Impact on the Well-Being of Asian Americans Amid Anti-Asian Sentiment During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Role of Two-Way Symmetrical Communication by Local Governments ABSTRACT PDF
Jo-Yun Li, Weiting Tao, Yeunjae Lee 21 pgs.
Are People Easily Duped by Disinformation? Experimental Evidence for Open Vigilance ABSTRACT PDF
Wuyao Ding, Yan Ge 24 pgs.
What Leads to Audience Issue Fatigue? A Linkage Analysis Study on the Effects of News Coverage on Fatigue From Ongoing News Issues ABSTRACT PDF
Gwendolin Gurr, Julia Metag 21 pgs.
Communication for Social Changemaking: A “New Spirit” in Media and Communication for Development and Social Change? ABSTRACT PDF
Jessica Noske-Turner 23 pgs.
Is Ubiquitous a Good Thing? The Vulnerability of Using Smartphones Among Seniors in Taiwan ABSTRACT PDF
Luc Chia-Shin Lin 23 pgs.
A Survey of U.S. Science Journalists’ Knowledge and Opinions of Open Access Research ABSTRACT PDF
Teresa Schultz 22 pgs.
Express Yourself? Political Conversation, Emotion Regulation, and the Expression of Political Emotions ABSTRACT PDF
Christina M. Henry, William P. Eveland, Jr. 22 pgs.
Chinese LGBTQ+ Online Social Movements: A Comparative Study Between the Collective Identity Framings in the #IAmGay and #IAmLes Protests ABSTRACT PDF
Xing Huang 21 pgs.
“Influencers” or “Doctors”? Physicians’ Presentation of Self in YouTube and Facebook Videos ABSTRACT PDF
Noha Atef, Alice Fleerackers, Juan Pablo Alperin 24 pgs.
Media Use and Political Trust in Kenya: Media Malaise or Virtuous Circle? ABSTRACT PDF
Gilbert Kipkoech 22 pgs.
Predicting Romantic Comedy Success From Content ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa M. Moore, Yotam Ophir 22 pgs.
Microaggression Terminology in Communications on Twitter: A Corpus Linguistic Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Iain Alexander Smith, Amanda Griffiths, Kevin Harvey 25 pgs.
Changing Narratives: An Evaluation of Pakistan’s Public Diplomacy Efforts Under Imran Khan ABSTRACT PDF
Ravale Mohydin 23 pgs.
Platformization in Local Cultural Production: Korean Platform Companies and the K-Pop Industry ABSTRACT PDF
Seoyeon Park, Hyejin Jo, Taeyoung Kim 22 pgs.
Does Relational Polarization Entail Ideological Polarization? The Case of the 2017 Norwegian Election Campaign on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Bernard Enjolras 28 pgs.
Immigrant Characters in Spanish Audiovisual Broadcast on Platforms ABSTRACT PDF
María Marcos-Ramos, Ariadna Angulo-Brunet, Beatriz González-de-Garay 27 pgs.
The Great Reset and the Cultural Boundaries of Conspiracy Theory ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Christensen, Ashli Au 19 pgs.
Seeking Online Health Information for Aged Parents in China: A Multigroup Comparison of the Comprehensive Model of Information Seeking Based on eHealth Literacy Levels ABSTRACT PDF
Xin Ma, Liang Chen 22 pgs.
Imagined Audiences and Activist Orientations of Migrant Advocacy Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Sara DeTurk 17 pgs.
Reconsidering Misinformation in WhatsApp Groups: Informational and Social Predictors of Risk Perceptions and Corrections ABSTRACT PDF
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Far Removed From Heteronormativity: Marriage and Same-Sex Couples in a Spanish TV News Program (2011–2020) ABSTRACT PDF
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The Development of Local News Collaboration: A Population Ecology Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
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#TrendingNow: How Twitter Trends Impact Social and Personal Agendas? ABSTRACT PDF
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Perceived Exposure to Misinformation and Trust in Institutions in Four Countries Before and During a Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
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A Cross-Country Study of Comparative Optimism About Privacy Risks on Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
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Media Representations of Nüding in China (2005–2015) ABSTRACT PDF
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Visual Models for Social Media Image Analysis: Groupings, Engagement, Trends, and Rankings ABSTRACT PDF
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Comparing the Effects of Traditional Media and Social Media Use on General Trust in China During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
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Fans’ Practice of Reporting: A Study of the Structure of Data Fan Labor on Chinese Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Haoyang Zhai, Wilfred Yang Wang 22 pgs.
“I Have Learnt These Things by Myself, Because I Always Thought That I Must Overcompensate for My Disability”: Learning to Perform Dis/abled Identity in Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Nomy Bitman 20 pgs.
Digital Patronage: Toward a New Model of Building a Radio Station ABSTRACT PDF
Patryk Galuszka, Piotr Chmielewski 19 pgs.
Governmentality in North American and Post-Soviet Political Discourses: An Analysis of Presidential Speeches and Their Analogues in the United States, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan Delivered From 1993 to 2021 ABSTRACT PDF
Anton Oleinik 24 pgs.
When Right-Wing Populism Becomes Distorted Public Health Communication: Tracing the Roots of Jair Bolsonaro’s Epidemiological Denialism ABSTRACT PDF
Stuart Davis, João V. S. Ozawa, Joseph Straubhaar, Samuel Woolley 19 pgs.
10,000 Social Media Users Can(not) Be Wrong: The Effects of Popularity Cues and User Comments on Sharing Controversial Social Media News Stories ABSTRACT PDF
Arjen van Dalen 20 pgs.
Online Pre-Events During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Luigi Di Martino, Lukasz Swiatek 21 pgs.
“We’re Not Just Telling Stories, We’re Changing Lives”: Dhar Mann’s Progressive Neoliberalism ABSTRACT PDF
Sean T. Leavey 18 pgs.
Contact-Tracing Apps as Boundary Objects of Pandemic Governance: The State-by-State Approach to Contain the Spread of COVID-19 in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Eugene Jang, Jeeyun (Sophia) Baik, Katrin Fischer 22 pgs.
A Transactional Framework of Parenting for Children’s Internet Use: A Narrative Review of Parental Self-Efficacy, Mediation, and Awareness of Online Risks ABSTRACT PDF
Seffetullah Kuldas, Aikaterini Sargioti, James O'Higgins Norman, Elisabeth Staksrud 20 pgs.
The Linguistic and Message Features Driving Information Diffusion on Twitter: The Case of #RevolutionNow in Nigeria ABSTRACT PDF
Oluwabusayo Okunloye, Kerk F. Kee, R. Glenn Cummins, Weiwu Zhang 22 pgs.
Two Trusts and a Court: Adapting Legal Mechanisms for Building Trust in Technology Governance ABSTRACT PDF
Opeyemi Akanbi, Stephanie Hill 20 pgs.
Do Not Use This Hashtag: Fat Acceptance (Mis)information and Discursive Boundary-Work as Content Moderation on Instagram ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa Zimdars 21 pgs.
Race, Class, and Sonic Autonomy in the Tower Blocks: Pirate Radio’s Exilic Possibilities ABSTRACT PDF
Larisa Kingston Mann 20 pgs.
Political Relational Influencers: The Mobilization of Social Media Influencers in the Political Arena ABSTRACT PDF
Anastasia Goodwin, Katie Joseff, Martin J. Riedl, Josephine Lukito, Samuel Woolley 21 pgs.
Changing Mass Media Consumption Patterns Before/After Relocation: East Asian International Students’ Mass Media Use and Acculturation Strategies ABSTRACT PDF
Lin Li, Chengyuan Shao 21 pgs.
Temporal Citizen Science After Fukushima ABSTRACT PDF
Yasuhito Abe 19 pgs.
Managing Pandemic Communication Online: Turkish Ministry of Health’s Digital Communication Strategies During COVID-19 ABSTRACT PDF
Emel Ozdora Aksak, Ergin Şafak Dikmen, Nilüfer Pinar Kiliç 22 pgs.
Journalistic Role Performance of the Thai Press on the Issue of Transgender Rights ABSTRACT PDF
Nattawaj Kijratanakoson 23 pgs.
From Westernization to Internationalization: Research Collaboration Networks of Communication Scholars From Central and Eastern Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Marton Demeter, Dina Vozab, Francisco José Segado Boj 21 pgs.
Morally Driven and Emotionally Fueled: The Interactive Effects of Values and Emotions in the Social Transmission of Information Endorsing E-cigarettes ABSTRACT PDF
Jiaxi Wu, Yunwen Wang, Yusi Aveva Xu, Jessica L. Fetterman, Traci Hong 21 pgs.
Knowledge Work in Platform Fact-Checking Partnerships ABSTRACT PDF
Valérie Bélair-Gagnon, Rebekah Larsen, Lucas Graves, Oscar Westlund 21 pgs.
Plant-Based Meat and the Perceived Familiarity Gap Hypothesis: The Role of Health and Environmental Consciousness ABSTRACT PDF
Pengya Ai, Sofia Contreras-Yap, Shirley S. Ho 22 pgs.
Googling in Russian Abroad: How Kremlin-Affiliated Websites Contribute to the Visibility of COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories in Search Results ABSTRACT PDF
Florian Toepfl, Anna Ryzhova, Daria Kravets, Arista Beseler 21 pgs.
Echo Chambers, Cognitive Thinking Styles, and Mistrust? Examining the Roles Information Sources and Information Processing Play in Conspiracist Ideation ABSTRACT PDF
Brian McKernan, Patrícia Rossini, Jennifer Stromer-Galley 24 pgs.
Meditating the Revolution: Analysis of the Sudanese Professionals Association Communicative Strategies During Sudan’s 2018–2019 Revolution ABSTRACT PDF
Hala A. Guta 19 pgs.
A Persuadable Type? Personality Traits, Dissonant Information, and Political Persuasion ABSTRACT PDF
Alessandro Nai, Yves Schemeil, Chiara Valli 22 pgs.
More a Red Herring Than a Harbinger of Democracy: Myanmar’s Experiment With Media Freedom and Domestic Media Coverage of the Rohingya ABSTRACT PDF
Halle M. Young, Nicole Anderson, Mona S. Kleinberg, Jenifer Whitten-Woodring 23 pgs.
The Politics of Being a K-Pop Fan: Korean Fandom and the “Cancel the Japan Tour” Protest ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer M. Kang 19 pgs.
“Seeing but not Believing”: Undergraduate Students’ Media Uses and News Trust ABSTRACT PDF
Ana Isabel Melro, Sara Pereira 26 pgs.
Blame It on the Algorithm? Russian Government-Sponsored Media and Algorithmic Curation of Political Information on Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Elizaveta Kuznetsova, Mykola Makhortykh 22 pgs.
Making Sense of Human Advocacy Narrative: Raising Support for People Seeking Asylum Among Diverse Audiences ABSTRACT PDF
Merrilyn Delporte, Bree Hurst, Jennifer Bartlett, Caroline Hatcher 24 pgs.
Migrating Counterpublics: German Far-Right Online Groups on Russian Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Vadim Voskresenskii 21 pgs.—Learning Media Literacy With and From Media Activists ABSTRACT PDF
Philipp Seuferling, Ingrid Forsler, Gretchen King, Isabel Löfgren, Farah Saati 19 pgs.
“We Have No Newspapers . . . Dull! Dull!”: Mass Media Dependency During the American Civil War ABSTRACT PDF
Betty Houchin Winfield, Chad Painter 19 pgs.
From the Global to the Local and Back Again: MFAs’ Digital Communications During COVID-19 ABSTRACT PDF
Ilan Manor, Moran Yrachi 22 pgs.
Collaborative I-Docs Beyond the Screens: Face-to-Face Participation Processes in Interactive Non-Fiction ABSTRACT PDF
Juanjo Balaguer, Arnau Gifreu-Castells 19 pgs.
Cuteness in Mobile Messaging: An Exploration of Virtual “Cute” Sticker Use in China and the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Dongdong Yang, Laura Labato, Shardé M. Davis, Yuren Qin 22 pgs.
Health, Concerns, and Finance: News Framing of Wearing Masks in China From 2001 to 2020 ABSTRACT PDF
Zhifei Mao, Huaxin Peng, Di Wang, Mengfan He, Kun Zhou 18 pgs.
Language Ideologies and Behavioral Attitudes Toward Ethnolinguistic Outgroups: Perceived Linguistic Competence and Intergroup Anxiety as Explanatory Variables ABSTRACT PDF
Gretchen Montgomery-Vestecka, Yan Bing Zhang 21 pgs.
Social Entrepreneurship Versus Conventional Entrepreneurship: How Entrepreneurship Orientation Moderates the Effects of Human Capital and Social Capital Signals on Media Crowdfunding Success ABSTRACT PDF
Jiyoung Cha 25 pgs.
Crisis Communication on Twitter: Differences Between User Types in Top Tweets About the 2015 “Refugee Crisis” in Germany ABSTRACT PDF
Sanja Kapidzic, Felix Frey, Christoph Neuberger, Stefan Stieglitz, Milad Mirbabaie 20 pgs.
“A Very Difficult Choice”: Bolsonaro and Petismo in Brazilian Newspapers ABSTRACT PDF
Juliana Gagliardi, Camilla Tavares, Afonso de Albuquerque 19 pgs.
Processing Vaccine Misinformation: Recall and Effects of Source Type on Claim Accuracy via Perceived Motivations and Credibility ABSTRACT PDF
Michelle A. Amazeen, Arunima Krishna 23 pgs.
From System to Skill: Palo Alto Group’s Contested Legacy of Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Yonatan Fialkoff, Amit Pinchevski 19 pgs.
User Perceptions and Trust of Explainable Machine Learning Fake News Detectors ABSTRACT PDF
Jieun Shin, Sylvia Chan-Olmsted 23 pgs.
Activists and Journalists as Co-Creators and Co-Revisionists of U.S. Histories: The 1619 New York Times Project ABSTRACT PDF
Elaine Almeida, Sue Robinson 19 pgs.
When Do Data Collection and Use Become a Matter of Concern? A Cross-Cultural Comparison of U.S. and Dutch Privacy Attitudes ABSTRACT PDF
Jessica Vitak, Yuting Liao, Anouk Mols, Daniel Trottier, Michael Zimmer, Priya C. Kumar, Jason Pridmore 28 pgs.
Cues Signaling Gender Segregation and Gender Inclusion in Public Spaces Affect Adolescents’ Binary Conceptualization of Gender and Attitudes Toward Transgender and Nonbinary People ABSTRACT PDF
Traci K. Gillig, Sonia Jawaid Shaikh, Leila Bighash 24 pgs.
Self- and Social Corrections on Instant Messaging Platforms ABSTRACT PDF
Sheryl Wei Ting Ng, Taberez Ahmed Neyazi 21 pgs.
Is the MENA Surfing to the Extremes? Digital and Social Media, Echo Chambers/Filter Bubbles, and Attitude Extremity ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin M. Wagner, Jason Gainous, Allison Warnersmith, Dane Warner 21 pgs.
The New American Dream: Neoliberal Transformation as Character Development in Schitt’s Creek ABSTRACT PDF
William Joseph Sipe 17 pgs.
Distinction and Cosmopolitanism: Latin American Middle-Class, Elite Audiences and Their Preferences for Transnational Television and Film ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Straubhaar, Melissa Santillana, Vanessa de Macedo Higgins-Joyce, Luiz G. Duarte 23 pgs.
Social Media and Protest Behavior in a Restrictive Traditional Media Environment: The Case of the Philippines ABSTRACT PDF
Jason P. Abbott, Jason Gainous, Kevin M. Wagner 20 pgs.
The Mediating Role of Depression in the Relationship Between News Consumption and Interparty Hostility During Covid-19 ABSTRACT PDF
Meital Balmas, Renana Atia, Eran Halperin 27 pgs.
“They Just Want to Erase Us”: Triumphant Modernity and Catastrophic Witnessing in Debates About Genocide in Xinjiang ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen J. Hartnett, Andrew Gilmore 23 pgs.
A Systematic Literature Review of Research From 2010 to 2020 Addressing User-Generated Online Comments Related to Health Issues and Recommendations for Future Research ABSTRACT PDF
Muhammad Ittefaq, Mauryne Abwao, Ioana A. Coman, Waqas Ejaz 25 pgs.
A Leader and a Lady? A Computational Approach to Detection of Political Gender Stereotypes in Facebook User Comments ABSTRACT PDF
Aliya Andrich, Emese Domahidi 20 pgs.
Believing in Credibility Measures: Reviewing Credibility Measures in Media Research From 1951 to 2018 ABSTRACT PDF
Anina Hanimann, Andri Heimann, Lea Hellmueller, Damian Trilling 22 pgs.
A Multiple-Stakeholder Perspective of Patient–Provider Communication Among Families With Rare Diseases in Taiwan Through a Cross-Cultural Lens ABSTRACT PDF
Jinli Wu, Hsinyi Hsiao, Lei Chen, Chun-Ying Weng, Pao-Sheng Chang, Shao-Yin Chu 22 pgs.
Intergroup Contact, Traditional and Social Media Use, and Attitudes Toward Chinese People in COVID-19: U.S. College Students’ Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Yan Bing Zhang, Teri Terigele, Molly Han, Sile Li, Yang Yu, Racheal Ruble 21 pgs.
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Civic Participation in the Datafied Society| Understanding Civic Participation and Realizing Data Justice ABSTRACT PDF
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Global Populism: Its Roots in Media and Religion| The World Congress of Families: Anti-Gender Christianity and Digital Far-Right Populism ABSTRACT PDF
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Global Populism: Its Roots in Media and Religion| The Role of Religion in Construction of the People and the Others: A Study of Populist Discourse in the Polish Media ABSTRACT PDF
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Global Populism: Its Roots in Media and Religion| “Brazil Above Everything. God Above Everyone.” Political-Religious Fundamentalist Expressions in Digital Media in Times of Ultra-Right Populism in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Magali do Nascimento Cunha 23 pgs.
Global Populism: Its Roots in Media and Religion| Islam as the Folk Devil: Hashtag Publics and the Fabrication of Civilizationism in a Post-Terror Populist Moment ABSTRACT PDF
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Manuel Menke, Berber Hagedoorn 12 pgs.
Digital Memory and Populism| Populists’ Use of Nostalgia: A Supervised Machine Learning Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Lena Frischlich, Lena Clever, Tim Wulf, Tim Wildschut, Constantine Sedikides 25 pgs.
Digital Memory and Populism| Commemorative Populism in the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Strategic (Ab)use of Memory in Anti-Corona Protest Communication on Telegram ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Schwarzenegger, Anna Wagner 19 pgs.
Digital Memory and Populism| Radical-Right Populist Media Discourse in Social Media and Counter Strategies: Case Study of #ConfederateHeritageMonth 2021 Twitter Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Krzysztof Wasilewski 23 pgs.
Digital Memory and Populism| Deploying Private Memory in the Virtual Sphere: Feminist Activism Against Gender-Based Violence in Mexico ABSTRACT PDF
Emanuela Buscemi 20 pgs.
Digital Memory and Populism| Remembering Gezi: The Digital Memory Practices on Twitter During the Anniversaries in the Face of Populist Challenges ABSTRACT PDF
Duygu Karataş, Mine Gencel Bek 24 pgs.
Digital Memory and Populism| Remembering and Forgetting Fukushima: Where Citizen Science Meets Populism in Japan ABSTRACT PDF
Yasuhito Abe 19 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Özen Odağ, Frank M. Schneider, Larisa Buhin, Jinhee Kim 12 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| News Podcast Use, Press Freedom, and Political Participation: A Cross-National Study of 38 Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Yoonmo Sang, Sunyoung Park, Jiwon Kim, Sora Park 23 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| When Pop and Politics Collide: A Transcultural Perspective on Contested Practices in Pop Idol Fandoms in China and The West ABSTRACT PDF
Qian Huang, Simone Driessen, Daniel Trottier 20 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| What Role Does Media Entertainment Play in Emerging Adults’ Political Identity and Engagement Across Cultures? ABSTRACT PDF
Frank M. Schneider, Katharina Knop-Huelss, Jinhee Kim, Larisa Buhin, Miriam Gröning, Audris Umel, Özen Odağ 21 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| Political Engagement Through Visual Mediation: The Visuality of the Christchurch Attack and a Cross-Governmental Analysis of Performative Populist Responses ABSTRACT PDF
Balca Arda 20 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| Media Use and Green Lifestyle Politics in Diverse Cultural Contexts of Postmaterialist Orientation and Generalized Trust: Findings From a Multilevel Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Laura Leissner 24 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| Between Individual and Collective Social Effort: Vocabularies of Informed Citizenship in Different Information Environments ABSTRACT PDF
Emilija Gagrčin, Pablo Porten-Cheé 20 pgs.
Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| The Role of Media Use in Political Mobilization: A Comparison of Free and Restrictive Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Regina Arant, Katja Hanke, Alexandra Mittelstädt, Rosemary Pennington, Audris Umel, Özen Odağ 21 pgs.
Encounters Between Violence and Media| Encounters Between Violence and Media—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Anu A. Harju, Noora Kotilainen 10 pgs.
Encounters Between Violence and Media| Remembering January 29: The Québec City Mosque Shootings and the Struggle for Recognition ABSTRACT PDF
Yasmin Jiwani, Marie Bernard-Brind'Amour 23 pgs.
Encounters Between Violence and Media| “We Are One”: Mediatized Death Rituals and the Recognition of Marginalized Others ABSTRACT PDF
Tal Morse 28 pgs.
Encounters Between Violence and Media| “You Will Never Hear Me Mention His Name”: The (Im)possibility of the Politics of Recognition in Disruptive Hybrid Media Events ABSTRACT PDF
Katja Valaskivi, Johanna Sumiala 18 pgs.
Encounters Between Violence and Media| Echo of Experience: A Feminist Response to Racialization of Sexual Crime in the Hybrid Media Event ABSTRACT PDF
Kaarina Nikunen 17 pgs.
Encounters Between Violence and Media| Trafficked Women in Press Journalism: Politics and Ambivalence in the Quest for Visibility ABSTRACT PDF
Tijana Stolic 18 pgs.
Encounters Between Violence and Media| Sticky Violence—Afterword ABSTRACT PDF
Barbie Zelizer 7 pgs.
COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health| COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health: Lessons Learned and the Way Ahead for the Study of Human Communication—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Kathrin Karsay, Anne-Linda Camerini, Jörg Matthes 8 pgs.
COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health| Communicating About Mental Health During a Pandemic: An Examination of Active and Aware Publics on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Jesse King, Audrey Halversen, Olivia Morrow, Whitney Westhoff, Pamela Brubaker 18 pgs.
COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health| Health Messaging and Social Media: An Examination of Message Fatigue, Race, and Emotional Outcomes Among Black Audiences ABSTRACT PDF
Hope Hickerson, David Stamps 20 pgs.
COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health| Children’s and Parents’ Worries About Online Schooling Associated With Children’s Anxiety During Lockdown in Ireland ABSTRACT PDF
Derek A. Laffan, Seffetullah Kuldas, Beatrice Sciacca, James O'Higgins Norman, Tijana Milosevic 23 pgs.
COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health| Beliefs in Times of Corona: Investigating the Relationship Between Media Use and COVID-19 Conspiracy Beliefs Over Time in a Representative Dutch Sample ABSTRACT PDF
Marloes van Wezel, Emiel Krahmer, Ruben Vromans, Nadine Bol 20 pgs.
COVID-19, Digital Media, and Health| Exposure to COVID-19 Misinformation Across Instant Messaging Apps: Moderating Roles of News Media and Interpersonal Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Woohyun Yoo, Sang-Hwa Oh, Doo-Hun Choi 23 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| Theorizing the Korean Wave: Introduction to New Perspectives—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 8 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| Transnational Proximity of the Korean Wave in the Global Cultural Sphere ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 20 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| Shock and Surprise: Theorizing the Korean Wave Through Mediatized Emotions ABSTRACT PDF
Irina Lyan 23 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| K(Q)ueer-Pop for Another World: Toward a Theorization of Gender and Sexuality in K-Pop ABSTRACT PDF
Jungmin Kwon 20 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| Netflix and Platform Imperialism: How Netflix Alters the Ecology of the Korean TV Drama Industry ABSTRACT PDF
Ji Hoon Park, Kristin April Kim, Yongsuk Lee 20 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| K-Pop Without Koreans: Racial Imagination and Boundary Making in K-Pop ABSTRACT PDF
Ji-Hyun Ahn 20 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| Translational Audiences in the Age of Transnational K-Pop ABSTRACT PDF
Kyong Yoon 18 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| Virtual Technology in Netflix K-Drama: Augmented Reality, Hologram, and Artificial Intelligence ABSTRACT PDF
Jinhee Park 19 pgs.
Theorizing the Korean Wave| K-Culture Without “K-”? The Paradoxical Nature of Producing Korean Television Toward a Sustainable Korean Wave ABSTRACT PDF
Taeyoung Kim 22 pgs.
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Coverage of the Russia–Ukraine War by Television News ABSTRACT PDF
Kaarle Nordenstreng, Svetlana Pasti, Tao Zhang, Savyasaachi Jain, Giuliano Bobba, Henry Wolgast, Aaron Hyzen, Liziane Soares Guazina, Suchitra Patnaik, Musawenkosi Ndlovu 17 pgs.
Converging Media Unions: A Labor History of Newsworkers in a Predigital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Errol Salamon 13 pgs.
Still Watching From the Sidelines? The Case for Transformative Environmental Communication Scholarship ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Brüggemann, Anabela Carvalho, Benedetta Brevini, John Downey 14 pgs.
Americans Cannot Consent to Companies’ Use of Their Data ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Turow, Ypthach Lelkes, Nora A. Draper, Ari Ezra Waldman 22 pgs.
“Napalm Girl” at 50: On Photojournalism and the Ethics of Care ABSTRACT PDF
Meenakshi Gigi Durham 13 pgs.
Building Legitimacy in the Absence of the State: Reflections on the Facebook Oversight Board ABSTRACT PDF
Monroe E. Price, Joshua M. Price 11 pgs.
A Discussion of Think Tanks in Climate Obstruction in Response to the “Analysis of the Moreno et al. (2022) Publication on EIKE Using Peter Gleick’s Toolbox” ABSTRACT PDF
Jose A. Moreno, Mira Kinn, Marta Narberhaus 10 pgs.
Analysis of the Moreno et al. (2022) Publication on EIKE Using Peter Gleick’s Toolbox ABSTRACT PDF
Horst-Joachim Lüdecke 9 pgs.
Renewing Pedagogical Research and Practices: Helping International Students Succeed Post-COVID-19 ABSTRACT PDF
Piyawan Charoensap-Kelly, Narissra Punyanunt-Carter 15 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Lin Zhang, The Labor of Reinvention: Entrepreneurship in the New Chinese Digital Economy PDF
Reviewed by Alberto Lusoli 3 pgs.
Sara Liao, Fashioning China: Precarious Creativity and Women Designers in Shanzhai Culture PDF
Reviewed by Qiuying Zhao 4 pgs.
Siegfried Kracauer, Jaeho Kang, Graeme Gilloch, and John Abromeit (Eds.), Selected Writings on Media, Propaganda, and Political Communication PDF
Reviewed by Aaron Hyzen 3 pgs.
Amy D. Propen, At Home in the Anthropocene PDF
Reviewed by Trish Morgan 3 pgs.
Camilla Fojas, Border Optics: Surveillance Cultures on the US–Mexico Frontier PDF
Reviewed by João C. Magalhães 3 pgs.
D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, Jing Zeng, and Patrik Wikström, TikTok: Creativity and Culture in Short Video PDF
Reviewed by Liangwen Kuo 4 pgs.
Eli M. Noam, Media and Digital Management PDF
Reviewed by Paschal Preston 3 pgs.
Saskia Warren, British Muslim Women in the Cultural and Creative Industries PDF
Reviewed by Noha Mellor 4 pgs.
Kate Fortmueller, Below the Stars: How the Labor of Working Actors and Extras Shapes Media Production PDF
Reviewed by Kristina Brüning 4 pgs.
Sarah Lamdan, Data Cartels: The Companies That Control and Monopolize Our Information PDF
Reviewed by Sue Curry Jansen 3 pgs.
Guillaume Pitron, The Dark Cloud: How the Digital World Is Costing the Earth PDF
Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer 4 pgs.
Marianne Kac-Vergne and Julie Assouly (Eds.), From the Margins to the Mainstream: Women in Film and Television PDF
Reviewed by Olivia A. González 4 pgs.
Richard M. Perloff, The Dynamics of News: Journalism in the 21st-Century Media Milieu PDF
Reviewed by Bingbing Zhang 4 pgs.
David H. Kahl Jr. and Ahmet Atay (Eds.), Pedagogies of Post-Truth PDF
Reviewed by Noah Zweig 4 pgs.
Lauren B. Frank and Paul Falzone (Eds.), Entertainment-Education Behind the Scenes: Case Studies for Theory and Practice PDF
Reviewed by Neelam Sharma 3 pgs.
Sara Polak and Daniel Trottier (Eds.), Violence and Trolling on Social Media: History, Affect, and Effects of Online Vitriol PDF
Reviewed by Luca Follis 3 pgs.
David Beer, The Tensions of Algorithmic Thinking: Automation, Intelligence and the Politics of Knowing PDF
Reviewed by Haktan Ural 3 pgs.
Summer Harlow, Digital-Native News and the Remaking of Latin American Mainstream and Alternative Journalism PDF
Reviewed by Darsana Vijay 3 pgs.
Linda Aldoory and Elizabeth L. Toth, The Future of Feminism in Public Relations and Strategic Communication: A Socio-Ecological Model of Influences PDF
Reviewed by Lia Grabowski 4 pgs.
Michael Mario Albrecht, Trumping the Media: Politics and Democracy in the Post-Truth Era PDF
Reviewed by Zahedur Rahman Arman 3 pgs.
Nick Monaco and Samuel Woolley, Bots PDF
Reviewed by Ho-Chun Herbert Chang 3 pgs.
Luzhou Li, Zoning China: Online Video, Popular Culture, and the State PDF
Reviewed by Mengru Sun 3 pgs.
Michael Brüggemann and Simone Rödder (Eds.), Global Warming in Local Discourses: How Communities around the World Make Sense of Climate Change PDF
Reviewed by Lijing Gao 4 pgs.
Kyle Parry, A Theory of Assembly: From Museums to Memes PDF
Reviewed by Jan Teurlings 3 pgs.
Fiona Rossette-Crake, Digital Oratory as Discursive Practice: From the Podium to the Screen PDF
Reviewed by David Boromisza-Habashi 4 pgs.
Elena Block, Discursive Disruption, Populist Communication and Democracy: The Cases of Hugo Chávez and Donald J. Trump PDF
Reviewed by Raymie E. McKerrow 3 pgs.
Thy Phu, Erina Duganne, and Andrea Noble (Eds.), Cold War Camera PDF
Reviewed by Liz Hallgren 3 pgs.
Jacob Nelson, Imagined Audiences: How Journalists Perceive and Pursue the Public PDF
Reviewed by Anya Schiffrin 5 pgs.
Jennifer Miller, The Transformative Potential of LGBTQ+ Children's Picture Books PDF
Reviewed by Jackson McLaren 3 pgs.
James Balfour, Representing Schizophrenia in the Media: A Corpus-Based Approach to UK Press Coverage PDF
Reviewed by Jiamin Pei, Min Wang 3 pgs.
Chrisanthi Giotis, Borderland: Decolonizing the Words of War PDF
Reviewed by Maia Nichols 4 pgs.
Ross Melnick, Hollywood's Embassies: How Movie Theaters Projected American Power Around the World PDF
Reviewed by Eneos Çarka 3 pgs.
Shanon Fitzpatrick, True Story: How a Pulp Empire Remade Mass Media PDF
Reviewed by Hana Vega 3 pgs.
Jennifer DeClue, Visitation: The Conjure Work of Black Feminist Avant-Garde Cinema PDF
Reviewed by M. Sellers Johnson 4 pgs.
Jennifer Gabrys, Citizens of Worlds: Open-Air Toolkits for Environmental Struggle PDF
Reviewed by Yasuhito Abe 4 pgs.
Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp, Business Acumen for Strategic Communicators: A Primer PDF
Reviewed by Heidi E. Huntington 3 pgs.
Maria Ressa, How to Stand Up to a Dictator: The Fight for Our Future PDF
Reviewed by Sue Curry Jansen 4 pgs.
Thomas Klikauer, Media Capitalism: Hegemony in the Age of Mass Deception PDF
Reviewed by Marcus Breen 4 pgs.
Allison Page, Media and the Affective Life of Slavery PDF
Reviewed by Kelli Moore 3 pgs.
Dal Yong Jin, Understanding Korean Webtoon Culture: Transmedia Storytelling, Digital Platforms, and Genres PDF
Reviewed by Haixia Man 3 pgs.
Rogers Brubaker, Hyperconnectivity and Its Discontents PDF
Reviewed by Jacob Green 3 pgs.
Michael Keane, Haiqing Yu, Elaine J. Zhao, and Susan Leong (Eds.), China’s Digital Presence in the Asia-Pacific: Culture, Technology, and Platforms PDF
Reviewed by Nicholas P. Fernacz 4 pgs.
Cortland Rankin, Decline and Reimagination in Cinematic New York PDF
Reviewed by Michael D. Dwyer 4 pgs.
Sarah C. Bishop, A Story to Save Your Life: Communication and Culture in Migrants' Search for Asylum PDF
Reviewed by Kristin Wells 3 pgs.
Traci B. Abbott, The History of Trans Representation in American Television and Film Genres PDF
Reviewed by Aiden James Kosciesza 4 pgs.
Georgina Born, Music and Digital Media: A Planetary Anthropology PDF
Reviewed by Jiaqi Tan, Qiuying Zhao 4 pgs.
Joel Penney, Pop Culture, Politics, and the News: Entertainment Journalism in the Polarized Media Landscape PDF
Reviewed by Valentina Proust 3 pgs.
Rachel E. Dubrofsky, Authenticating Whiteness: Karens, Selfies, and Pop Stars PDF
Reviewed by Sim Gill 4 pgs.
Igor E. Klyukanov, Communication: A House Seen From Everywhere PDF
Reviewed by Philip Effiom Ephraim 3 pgs.
Danny Kimball, Net Neutrality and the Battle for the Open Internet PDF
Reviewed by Maria Michalis 4 pgs.
Emmanuel Alloa (Ed.), This Obscure Thing Called Transparency: Politics and Aesthetics of a Contemporary Metaphor PDF
Reviewed by Raúl Rodríguez-Ferrándiz 3 pgs.
Ralph Engelman and Carey Shenkman, A Century of Repression: The Espionage Act and Freedom of the Press PDF
Reviewed by Renita Coleman 3 pgs.
Heather Ford, Writing the Revolution: Wikipedia and the Survival of Facts in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Noah Zweig 3 pgs.
Nathaniel Tkacz, Being With Data: The Dashboarding of Everyday Life PDF
Reviewed by Li Zeng 3 pgs.
Nicholas Mirzoeff, White Sight: Visual Politics and Practices of Whiteness PDF
Reviewed by Frederick Brady Fletcher 4 pgs.
Regina M. Marchi, Day of the Dead in the USA: The Migration and Transformation of a Cultural Phenomenon (rev. 2nd ed.) PDF
Reviewed by Robert Heckert 3 pgs.
Chuyun Oh, K-pop Dance: Fandoming Yourself on Social Media PDF
Reviewed by Jungmin Kwon 3 pgs.
Karen Redrobe and Jeff Scheible (Eds.), Deep Mediations: Thinking Space in Cinema and Digital Cultures PDF
Reviewed by James Gabrillo 3 pgs.
Christina S. Beck (Ed.), Communication in the 2020s: Viewing Our World Through the Eyes of Communication Scholars PDF
Reviewed by Yingfeng Zhang 3 pgs.
Caty Borum, The Revolution Will Be Hilarious: Comedy for Social Change and Civic Power PDF
Reviewed by Amy B. Becker 4 pgs.
Emily Hund, The Influencer Industry: The Quest for Authenticity on Social Media PDF
Reviewed by Michael Skey 4 pgs.
Sarah Sharma and Rianka Singh (Eds.), Re-Understanding Media: Feminist Extensions of Marshall McLuhan PDF
Reviewed by Niall Stephens 4 pgs.
Matthew E. Khan, Going Remote: How the Flexible Work Economy Can Improve Our Lives and Our Cities PDF
Reviewed by Elizabeth R. Hornsby 3 pgs.
Kevin Driscoll, The Modem World: A Prehistory of Social Media PDF
Reviewed by Aaron Shaw 4 pgs.
David J. Park, Media Reform and the Climate Emergency: Rethinking Communication in the Struggle for a Sustainable Future PDF
Reviewed by Henrik Bødker 3 pgs.
Rebecca Wanzo, The Content of Our Caricature: African American Comic Art and Political Belonging PDF
Reviewed by Florence Zivaishe Madenga 4 pgs.
Daniel E. Agbiboa, Mobility, Mobilization, and Counter/Insurgency: The Routes of Terror in an African Context PDF
Reviewed by Buket Oztas 3 pgs.
Mike Hill, On Posthuman War: Computation and Military Violence PDF
Reviewed by Maia Nichols 4 pgs.
T. Bettina Cornwell and Helen Katz, Influencer: The Science Behind Swaying Others PDF
Reviewed by Hannah Block 4 pgs.
Shayda Kafai, Crip Kinship: The Disability Justice & Art Activism of Sins Invalid PDF
Reviewed by Jaggar DeMarco 3 pgs.
Balsam Mustafa, 'Islamic State' in Translation: Four Atrocities, Multiple Narratives PDF
Reviewed by Jared Ahmad 3 pgs.
Hermann Wasserman and Dani Madrid-Morales (Eds.), Disinformation in the Global South PDF
Reviewed by Noah Zweig 4 pgs.
C. Simon Fan, The Socioeconomics of Nationalism in China: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives PDF
Reviewed by Wenliang Chen 4 pgs.
Kylie Jarrett, Digital Labor PDF
Reviewed by Micky Lee 3 pgs.
Francesca Bolla Tripodi, The Propagandists' Playbook: How Conservative Elites Manipulate Search and Threaten Democracy PDF
Reviewed by Jose Mari Hall Lanuza 3 pgs.
Renyi Hong, Passionate Work: Endurance After the Good Life PDF
Reviewed by Thomas A. Discenna 4 pgs.
Kelli Moore, Legal Spectatorship: Slavery and the Visual Culture of Domestic Violence PDF
Reviewed by Ke M. Huang-Isherwood 4 pgs.
Jonathan Rauch, The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth PDF
Reviewed by Sue Curry Jansen 4 pgs.
D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, Jing Zeng, and Patrik Wikström, TikTok: Creativity and Culture in Short Video PDF
Reviewed by Parker Bach 3 pgs.
Páraic Kerrigan, LGBTQ Visibility, Media and Sexuality in Ireland PDF
Reviewed by Aiden James Kosciesza 3 pgs.
Christian Vaccari and Augusto Valeriani, Outside the Bubble: Social Media and Political Participation in Western Democracies PDF
Reviewed by João Carlos Sousa 3 pgs.
Amir Hetsroni and Meriç Tuncez (Eds.), It Happened on Tinder: Reflections and Studies on Internet-Infused Dating PDF
Reviewed by Min Wang 4 pgs.
Lindsay Ems, Virtually Amish: Preserving Community at the Internet’s Margins PDF
Reviewed by Louisa S. White 3 pgs.
Lisa M. Tillmann, Kathryn Norsworthy, and Steven Schoen, Mindful Activism: Autoethnographies of Social Justice Communication for Campus and Community Transformation PDF
Reviewed by Courtney D. Tabor 3 pgs.
Emily Hund, The Influencer Industry: The Quest for Authenticity on Social Media PDF
Reviewed by Tyler Quick 4 pgs.
Qiao Li, Yanqiu Guan, and Hong Lu (Eds.), Development of the Global Film Industry: Industrial Competition and Cooperation in the Context of Globalization PDF
Reviewed by Youwen Ma 3 pgs.
Elaine J. Yuan, The Web of Meaning: The Internet in a Changing Chinese Society PDF
Reviewed by Eileen Le Han 3 pgs.
Last Moyo, The Decolonial Turn in Media Studies in Africa and the Global South PDF
Reviewed by Burçe Çelik 3 pgs.
María Pia López, Not One Less: Mourning, Disobedience and Desire PDF
Reviewed by Lucila Rozas Urrunaga 3 pgs.
Victor Fan, Cinema Illuminating Reality: Media Philosophy Through Buddhism PDF
Reviewed by Jacob Green 3 pgs.
Zac Gershberg and Sean Illing, The Paradox of Democracy: Free Speech, Open Media, and Perilous Persuasion PDF
Reviewed by Yotam Ophir 4 pgs.
Rolien Hoyng and Gladys Pak Lei Chong (Eds.), Critiquing Communication Innovation: New Media in a Multipolar World PDF
Reviewed by Liting Lu 4 pgs.
Louisa Ha and Lars Willan (Eds.), The U.S.-China Trade War: Global News Framing and Public Opinion in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Tanja Vierrether 3 pgs.
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