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Don’t Smile for the Camera: Black Power, Para-Proxemics and Prolepsis in Print Ads for Hip-Hop Clothing ABSTRACT PDF
Chris Boulton 31 pgs.
Perceptions of Mobile Phone Use in Public Settings: A Cross-Cultural Comparison ABSTRACT PDF
Scott W. Campbell 20 pgs.
Covering a Non-Democracy: A Japanese Coverage of China and Implications for Media Balancing ABSTRACT PDF
Jing Sun 21 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Introduction: The State of the Debate on Network Neutrality PDF
Jon M. Peha, William H. Lehr, Simon Wilkie 8 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Network Neutrality: Words of Power and 800-Pound Gorillas PDF
David D. Clark 8 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Network Neutrality: The Debate Evolves ABSTRACT PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber 21 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Does Europe Need Network Neutrality Rules? ABSTRACT PDF
Martin Cave, Pietro Crocioni 11 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] The Benefits and Risks of Mandating Network Neutrality, and the Quest for a Balanced Policy ABSTRACT PDF
Jon M. Peha 25 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Scenarios for the Network Neutrality Arms Race ABSTRACT PDF
William H. Lehr, Marvin A. Sirbu, Sharon E. Gillett, Jon M. Peha 37 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] The Myth of Network Neutrality and What We Should Do About It ABSTRACT PDF
Robert W. Hahn, Robert E. Litan 12 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Analyzing the Net Neutrality Debate Through Awareness of Agenda Denial ABSTRACT PDF
Barbara A. Cherry 15 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Net Neutrality: The Technical Side of the Debate ~ A White Paper ABSTRACT PDF
Jon Crowcroft 13 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Measuring the Network - Service Level Agreements, Service Level Monitoring, Network Architecture and Network Neutrality ABSTRACT PDF
Doug Sicker, Dirk Grunwald 19 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Dynamic Effects of Network Neutrality ABSTRACT PDF
Johannes M. Bauer 17 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] What Can Antitrust Law Contribute to the Network Neutrality Debate? ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher S. Yoo 38 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Internet 3.0: Identifying Problems and Solutions to the Network Neutrality Debate ABSTRACT PDF
Rob Frieden 32 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] A Layered Network Approach to Net Neutrality ABSTRACT PDF
Scott Jordan 34 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] Wireless Carterfone ABSTRACT PDF
Timothy Wu 38 pgs.
[Special Section on Net Neutrality] What Is the Network Neutrality Debate Really About? PDF
J. Gregory Sidak 12 pgs.
U.S. and NATO Apologies for Chinese Embassy Bombing: A Categorical Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Dexin Tian 17 pgs.
Questioning Development Industry Attention to Communication Technologies and Democracy ABSTRACT PDF
Karin Gwin Wilkins, Young-Gil Chae 18 pgs.
The Imperiled 'American': Visual Culture, Nationality and U.S. Foreign Policy ABSTRACT PDF
John D.H. Downing 24 pgs.
Governance Without Politics: Civil Society, Development and the Postcolonial State ABSTRACT PDF
Paula Chakravartty 21 pgs.
Democratizing Global Communication? Global Civil Society and the Campaign for Communication Rights in the Information Society ABSTRACT PDF
Milton L. Mueller, Brenden N. Kuerbis, Christiane Pagé 30 pgs.
Communication, Power and Counter-power in the Network Society ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel Castells 29 pgs.
Regarding the Imprisonment of Others: Prison Abuse Photographs and Social Change ABSTRACT PDF
Dan Berger 28 pgs.
Humor in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Continuity and Change in Internet-Based Comic Texts ABSTRACT PDF
Limor Shifman 23 pgs.
Communicating Criticality ABSTRACT PDF
Steven Maras 20 pgs.
'No More Peace!': How Disaster, Terror and War Have Upstaged Media Events ABSTRACT PDF
Elihu Katz, Tamar Liebes 10 pgs.
Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the Changing Arab Information Order ABSTRACT PDF
Marwan M. Kraidy 18 pgs.
Gideon Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2012: Growing Up Gay Today ABSTRACT PDF
Larry Gross 18 pgs.
After Mobile Phones, What? Re-embedding the Social in China’s “Digital Revolution” ABSTRACT PDF
Yuezhi Zhao 29 pgs.
The Wireless Leash: Mobile Messaging Service as a Means of Control ABSTRACT PDF
Jack Linchuan Qiu 18 pgs.
Governing the “Spatial Reach” ? Spheres of Influence and Challenges to Global Media Policy ABSTRACT PDF
Ingrid Volkmer 18 pgs.
The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Building a New World Information and Communication Order? ABSTRACT PDF
Rachael Craufurd Smith 31 pgs.
Rawls, Fraser, redistribution, recognition and The World Summit on the Information Society ABSTRACT PDF
Richard Collins 23 pgs.
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Point of Disconnect: Internet Traffic and the U.S. Communications Infrastructure PDF
Michael Kleeman 7 pgs.
Let Them Eat Laptops: The Limits of Technicism PDF
Brian Winston 7 pgs.
Internet, Regulation, the Private Sector and Public Safety PDF
Kenneth Neil Cukier 8 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] Remembering Roger: Diasporic Dialogues PDF
Marie Bernadette Gillespie 8 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Pierre de Vries on "Hard Intangibles" PDF
Pierre de Vries 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Jay T. Harris on "Paradigms Lost: Crises of Journalism and the Future of News" PDF
Jay T. Harris 1 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Don Abelson on "Internet Protocol: Television Regulatory and International Trade Issues" and Jaroslaw Ponder on "New Paradigms in the Info-Communication Sectors" PDF
Donald Abelson, Jaroslaw Ponder 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Simon Wilkie and Susan Crawford on "Cyberlaw" PDF
Simon J. Wilkie, Susan Crawford 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Henry Jenkins on "From YouTube to YouNiversity: Learning and Playing in an Age of Participatory Culture" PDF
Henry Jenkins 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Richard Collins on "Network Governance and the Internet in the UK" and Terhi Rantanen on “When News Was New" PDF
Richard Collins, Terhi Rantanen 2 pgs.
Defending Fair Use in the age of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act PDF
Katherine Sender, Peter Decherney 7 pgs.
“Drowning In Information and Starving For Knowledge”: 21st Century Scholarly Publishing PDF
Toby Miller 13 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] On Morality, Distance and the Other Roger Silverstone's Media and Morality PDF
Daniel Dayan 10 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] Roger and Me(dia) PDF
Dana Polan, Marita Sturken 7 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] The Message of Silverstone PDF
Paddy Scannell 9 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Manuel Castells on "Communication, Power, and Technology" PDF
Manuel Castells 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Jennifer Urban and Cory Doctorow on "Bits Will Never Get Harder To Copy: The Limits of Copyright Online" PDF
Jennifer Urban, Cory Doctorow 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Justin Hall on "Passively Multiplayer Online Games" and danah boyd on "Creating Culture through Collective Identity Performance: MySpace, Youth, and DIY Publics" PDF
Justin Hall, danah boyd 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Francois Bar and Wally Baer on "The Evolution of Network Infrastructure: Aligning Private and Collective Incentives" PDF
Francois Bar, Wally Baer 2 pgs.
USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Mimi Ito on "Amateur Cultural Production in the New Networked Age" and Howard Rheingold on "Participatory Media Literacy and Civic Engagement" PDF
Mizuko Ito, Howard Rheingold 2 pgs.
Honoring Roger Silverstone (1945-2006): A Brief Introduction PDF
Nick Couldry 4 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] A Recent Chapter in the Messianic Tradition? PDF
John Durham Peters 4 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] Cultivating Knowledge For Knowledge Societies At The Intersections of Economic and Cultural Analysis PDF
William H. Melody 9 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] Home, Work and Everyday Life: Roger Silverstone At Sussex PDF
Kate Lacey 9 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] Mediated Politics and Everyday Life PDF
Stephen Coleman 12 pgs.
[Honoring Roger Silverstone] Essential Tensions: Winnicottian Object-Relations In The Media Sociology of Roger Silverstone PDF
Matt Hills 12 pgs.
How Documentary Filmmakers Overcame their Fear of Quoting and Learned to Employ Fair Use: a Tale of Scholarship in Action PDF
Patricia Aufderheide 11 pgs.
Interview with Fritjof Capra PDF
Francis Pisani 21 pgs.
Global Hollywood 2010 PDF
Toby Miller 4 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Nitzan Ben-Shaul: A Violent World: TV News Images of Middle Eastern Terror and War PDF
Reviewed by Courtney C. Radsch 4 pgs.
Mark Andrejevic: iSpy: Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era (Culture America) PDF
Reviewed by Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. 2 pgs.
Zhou Xun and Francesca Tarocco: Karaoke: The Global Phenomenon PDF
Reviewed by Meghan Askins 3 pgs.
Christine Harold: OurSpace: Resisting the Corporate Control of Culture PDF
Reviewed by Laura Portwood-Stacer 3 pgs.
Xu Wu: Chinese Cyber Nationalism: Evolution, Characteristics and Implications PDF
Reviewed by Christopher R. Hughes 2 pgs.
Worth A Second, or a First Look PDF
Reviewed by Ellen Seiter 4 pgs.
W.J.T. Mitchell: What Do Pictures Want? PDF
Reviewed by Heather Collette-VanDeraa, Douglas Kellner 8 pgs.
Mohamed Zayani and Sofiane Sahraoui: The Culture of Al Jazeera: Inside an Arab Media Giant PDF
Reviewed by Marwan Kraidy 4 pgs.
Raul Pertierra: Transforming Technologies: Altered Selves — Mobile Phones and Internet Use in the Philippines PDF
Reviewed by Eric C. Thompson 2 pgs.
Manuel Castells, Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol, Jack Linchuan Qiu, and Araba Sey: Mobile Communication and Society: A Global Perspective PDF
Reviewed by Scott W. Campbell 7 pgs.
Edward Branigan: Projecting a Camera: Language Games in Film Theory PDF
Reviewed by Tomas Kemper 6 pgs.
Review Essay: The Media In and After 9/11 PDF
Reviewed by Douglas Kellner 20 pgs.
Dan Schiller: How to Think About Information PDF
Reviewed by Russell A. Newman 5 pgs.
Joseph Turow: Niche Envy: Marketing Discrimination in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by James T. Hamilton 2 pgs.
Katherine Sender: Business Not Politics: The Making of the Gay Market PDF
Reviewed by Mary L. Gray 5 pgs.
Cynthia Chris: Watching Wildlife PDF
Reviewed by Derek Bousé 15 pgs.
Arthur A. Raney and Jennings Bryant (eds.): Handbook of Sports and Media PDF
Reviewed by Daniel Durbin 3 pgs.
Jack Goldsmith and Tim Wu: Who Controls the Internet? Illusions of a Borderless World PDF
Reviewed by Lauren Bree Movius 4 pgs.
Elizabeth Ewen & Stuart Ewen: Typecasting: On the Arts & Sciences of Human Inequality PDF
Reviewed by Stephen Duncombe 3 pgs.
Patricia Covarrubias: Communication, Culture and Cooperation: Interpersonal Relations and Pronominal Address in a Mexican Organization PDF
Reviewed by Tamar Katriel 3 pgs.
Leung Lai Kuen: An Apple Fell Down: A Study of the Apple-fication Phenomenon in Hong Kong Newspapers Industry PDF
Reviewed by Anne Cheung 2 pgs.
Elana Levine: Wallowing in Sex: The New Sexual Culture of 1970s American Television PDF
Reviewed by Karen Tongson 2 pgs.
Annabel Jane Wharton: Selling Jerusalem: Relics, Replicas, Theme Parks PDF
Reviewed by Ari Y Kelman 2 pgs.
Alexander Galloway: Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture PDF
Reviewed by Dmitri Williams 3 pgs.
Pui-Lam Law, Leopoldina Fortunati and Shanhua Yang: New Technologies In Global Societies PDF
Reviewed by Richard Ling 7 pgs.
Gesher: Russian Theatre in Israel - A Study of Cultural Colonization PDF
Reviewed by Nelly Elias 3 pgs.
Toby Miller: Cultural Citizenship: Cosmopolitanism, Consumerism and Television in a Neoliberal Age PDF
Reviewed by Laurie Ouellette 2 pgs.
Jill A. Edy: Troubled Pasts: News and the Collective Memory of Social Unrest PDF
Reviewed by Oren Meyers 4 pgs.
Worth a Second, or a First Look PDF
Reviewed by Toby Miller 2 pgs.
Martin Meeker: Contacts Desired: Gay and Lesbian Communications and Community, 1940s-1970s PDF
Reviewed by Barry Adam 2 pgs.
Alexei Yurchak: Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More: The Last Soviet Generation PDF
Reviewed by Lauhona Ganguly 3 pgs.
Marwan M. Kraidy: Hybridity, or the Cultural Logic of Globalization PDF
Reviewed by Douglas Kellner 3 pgs.
Henry Jenkins: Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide PDF
Reviewed by Aram Sinnreich 4 pgs.
Hye Seung Chung: Hollywood Asian: Philip Ahn and the Politics of Cross-Ethnic Performance PDF
Reviewed by Oliver Wang 4 pgs.
Howard S. Becker, Robert R. Faulkner and Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, eds.: Art from Start to Finish: Jazz, Painting, Writing, and Other Improvisations PDF
Reviewed by Scott Saul 5 pgs.
Worth a Second, or a First Look PDF
Reviewed by Larry Grossberg 3 pgs.
Janell Hobson: Venus in the Dark: Blackness and Beauty in Popular Culture PDF
Reviewed by Tavia Nyong'o 5 pgs.
Scandinavian Takes On Mediated Authenticity PDF
Reviewed by Espen Ytreberg 6 pgs.
Richard Davis: Politics Online: Blogs, Chatrooms, and Discussion Groups in American Democracy PDF
Reviewed by Carlo P.M. Hagemann 3 pgs.
Nico Carpentier, Caroline Pauwels & Olga Van Oost, (eds.): The Ungraspable Audience PDF
Reviewed by Sofie van Bauwel 4 pgs.
Daniel Biltereyst & Philippe Meers, (eds.): Film/TV/Genre PDF
Reviewed by Leen Engelen 2 pgs.
Guido Gili: La Violenza Televisiva PDF
Reviewed by Piermarco Aroldi 3 pgs.
Piermarco Aroldi and Fausto Colombo (eds.): Le Eta Della TV PDF
Reviewed by Barbara Scifo 5 pgs.
Messages: Free Expression, Media and the West from Gutenberg to Google.... PDF
Reviewed by D. Travers Scott 3 pgs.
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