Table of Contents


Sex Trafficking in Thai Media: A Content Analysis of Issue Framing ABSTRACT PDF
Meghan Sobel 22 pgs.
Greater Work-Related Stress Among Chinese Media Workers in the Context of Media Transformation: Specific Stressors and Coping Strategies ABSTRACT PDF
Min Wang, Zuosu Jiang 23 pgs.
Journalism's Deep Memory: Cold War Mindedness and Coverage of Islamic State ABSTRACT PDF
Barbie Zelizer 30 pgs.
How Sociocultural Context Matters in Self-Presentation: A Comparison of U.S. and Chinese Profiles on Jack’d, a Mobile Dating App for Men Who Have Sex With Men ABSTRACT PDF
Lik Sam Chan 20 pgs.
Reanchoring an Ancient, Emergent Superpower: The 2010 Shanghai Expo, National Identity, and Public Memory ABSTRACT PDF
Jie Gong 23 pgs.
The Entwinement of Politics, Arts, Culture and Commerce in Staging Social and Political Reality to Enhance Democratic Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel H. Mutibwa 20 pgs.
The Television Spoiler Nuisance Rationale ABSTRACT PDF
Lisa Glebatis Perks, Noelle McElrath-Hart 18 pgs.
Contested Hashtags: Blockupy Frankfurt in Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Christina Neumayer, Luca Rossi, Björn Karlsson 22 pgs.
China’s Green Public Culture: Network Pragmatics and the Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Jingfang Liu, G. Thomas Goodnight 23 pgs.
Cultural Policy in the Korean Wave: An Analysis of Cultural Diplomacy Embedded in Presidential Speeches ABSTRACT PDF
Tae Young Kim, Dal Yong Jin 21 pgs.
Framing Corruption in the Chinese Government: A Comparison of Frames Between Media, Government, and Netizens ABSTRACT PDF
Michelle Chen, Christina Zhang 20 pgs.
Information Control and Political Impression Management: A Dramaturgical Analysis of the Chinese Premier’s Press Conference ABSTRACT PDF
Yan Yi 21 pgs.
Politically Relevant Intimacy: A Conceptual and Empirical Investigation ABSTRACT PDF
Naama Weiss Yaniv, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt 20 pgs.
Social Media Companies' Cyberbullying Policies ABSTRACT PDF
Tijana Milosevic 22 pgs.
The Dual Impact of Social Media Under Networked Authoritarianism: Social Media Use, Civic Attitudes, and System Support in China ABSTRACT PDF
Xueqing Li, Francis L.F. Lee, Ying Li 21 pgs.
Laughing Through Change: Subversive Humor in Online Videos of Arab Youth ABSTRACT PDF
Yomna Elsayed 20 pgs.
Value Framing Effects on the Decision-Making Process: Ethical and Material Frames and Opinions About North Korean Nuclear Development ABSTRACT PDF
Jaeho Cho, Saifuddin Ahmed, Jung Won Park, Heejo Keum 21 pgs.
The Life and Death of Frames: Dynamics of Media Frame Duration ABSTRACT PDF
Rebekah Tromble, Michael Meffert 23 pgs.
Decoding “The Code”: Reception Theory and Moral Judgment of Dexter ABSTRACT PDF
Steven Granelli, Jason Zenor 23 pgs.
Free to Expose Corruption: The Impact of Media Freedom, Internet Access and Governmental Online Service Delivery on Corruption ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher Starke, Teresa K. Naab, Helmut Scherer 21 pgs.
Third-Person Effect of ISIS's Recruitment Propaganda: Online Political Self-Efficacy and Social Media Activism ABSTRACT PDF
Guy J. Golan, Joon Soo Lim 21 pgs.
Taming Online Political Engagement in Russia: Disempowered Publics, Empowered State and Challenges of the Fully Functioning Society ABSTRACT PDF
Anna Klyueva 20 pgs.
White Millionaires and Hockey Skates: Racialized and Gendered Mediation in News Coverage of a Canadian Mayoral Election ABSTRACT PDF
Randy Besco, Bailey Gerrits, J. Scott Matthews 20 pgs.
E-Democracy and Collaborative Lawmaking: The Discussion of the Political Reform in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Patricia Gonçalves da Conceição Rossini, Vanessa Veiga de Oliveira 21 pgs.
What We Need is Good Communication: Vernacular Globalization in Some Hungarian Speech ABSTRACT PDF
David Boromisza-Habashi 20 pgs.
Fonts of Potential: Areas for Typographic Research in Political Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas J Billard 23 pgs.
First and Second Levels of Intermedia Agenda Setting: Political Advertising, Newspapers, and Twitter during the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election ABSTRACT PDF
Yeojin Kim, William J. Gonzenbach, Chris J. Vargo, Youngju Kim 20 pgs.
Uncomfortable Proximity: Perception of Christianity as a Cultural Villain in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Seung Min Hong 18 pgs.
Political Invasions into Collective Memories: Russia ABSTRACT PDF
Julia Sweet 20 pgs.
The Effects of Reader Comments on the Perception of Personalized Scandals: Exploring the Roles of Comment Valence and Commenters’ Social Status ABSTRACT PDF
Christian von Sikorski 22 pgs.
Perceiving Different Chinas: Paradigm Change in the “Personalized Journalism” of Elite U.S. Journalists, 1976–1989 ABSTRACT PDF
Yunya Song, Chin-Chuan Lee 20 pgs.
Are You an Opinion Giver, Seeker, or Both? Re-Examining Political Opinion Leadership in the New Communication Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Joo-Young Jung, Yong-Chan Kim 21 pgs.
Reassessing “Whose Story Wins:” The Trajectory of Identity Resilience in Narrative Contests ABSTRACT PDF
R. S. Zaharna 32 pgs.
The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Online Campaign and Citizen Involvement in India’s 2014 Election ABSTRACT PDF
Kalyani Chadha, Pallavi Guha 18 pgs.
Freedom Train: Mobilizing Alternative Media ABSTRACT PDF
Patricia H. Audette-Longo 15 pgs.
Resisting Censorship: How Citizens Navigate Closed Media Environments ABSTRACT PDF
Golnoosh Behrouzian, Erik C. Nisbet, Aysenur Dal, Ali Çarkoğlu 23 pgs.
Building Bridges, Filling Gaps: Toward an Integrative Interdisciplinary and Mixed Method Approach for Future Audience Research in Relation to the Mediation of Distant Suffering ABSTRACT PDF
Eline Huiberts 21 pgs.
Producing Gendered Migration Narratives in China: A Case Study of Dagongmei Tongxun by a Local NGO ABSTRACT PDF
Siyuan Yin 20 pgs.
Nonprofit Communication and Fundraising in China: Exploring the Theory of Situational Support in an International Context ABSTRACT PDF
Yue Zheng, Brooke W. McKeever, Linjia Xu 24 pgs.
Institutional and Entrepreneurial Engagement in Commons-Based Peer Production ABSTRACT PDF
Rong Wang, Giorgos Cheliotis 22 pgs.
Doing “Authentic” News: Voices, Forms, and Strategies in Presenting Television News ABSTRACT PDF
Debing Feng 19 pgs.
Navigating the Boundaries Between State Television and Public Broadcasting in Pre- and Post-Revolution Egypt ABSTRACT PDF
Rasha Abdulla 20 pgs.
Writing in the Margins: Mainstream News Media Representations of Transgenderism ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas J Billard 26 pgs.
Theorizing Listening as a Tool for Social Change: Andrea Dworkin’s Discourses on Listening ABSTRACT PDF
Valerie Palmer-Mehta 17 pgs.
Je Suis Charlie? The Framing of Ingroup Transgression and the Attribution of Responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo Attack ABSTRACT PDF
Nathan Walter, Stefanie Z. Demetriades, Ruthie Kelly, Traci K. Gillig 19 pgs.
Welcome to the Club: From Multimodal Voluntary Participation to Community Involvement ABSTRACT PDF
Chih-Hui Lai, Wenhong Chen 25 pgs.
People are the Message? Social Mobilization and Social Media in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Gustavo Cardoso, Tiago Lapa, Branco Di Fátima 22 pgs.
Free Software as Public Service in Brazil: An Assessment of Activism, Policy, and Technology ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin Birkinbine 16 pgs.
Internet Usage and Educational Outcomes Among 15-Year Old Australian Students ABSTRACT PDF
Alberto Posso 26 pgs.
Fostering Support for LGBTQ Youth? The Effects of A Gay Adolescent Media Portrayal on Young Viewers ABSTRACT PDF
Traci Gillig, Sheila Murphy 23 pgs.
The Impact of Exposure to Media Messages Promoting Government Conspiracy Theories on Distrust in the Government: Evidence from a Two-Stage Randomized Experiment ABSTRACT PDF
Minchul Kim, Xiaoxia Cao 20 pgs.
Collective Action Frames, Advocacy Organizations, and Protests Over Same-Sex Marriage ABSTRACT PDF
Lauren Copeland, Ariel Hasell, Bruce Bimber 23 pgs.
Algorithmic Labor and Information Asymmetries: A Case Study of Uber’s Drivers ABSTRACT PDF
Alex Rosenblat, Luke Stark 27 pgs.
“What Can I Really Do?” Explaining the Privacy Paradox with Online Apathy ABSTRACT PDF
Eszter Hargittai, Alice Marwick 21 pgs.
Dynamics of Culture Frames in International News Coverage: A Semantic Network Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Ke Jiang, George A. Barnett, Laramie D. Taylor 27 pgs.
Digital Makings of the Cosmopolitan City? Young People’s Urban Imaginaries of London ABSTRACT PDF
Koen Leurs, Myria Georgiou 21 pgs.
Performing Land of Smiles: Dramatization as Research in Thailand’s Antitrafficking Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Erin M. Kamler 23 pgs.
Understanding the Death of "Citizen Journalist" Rami al-Sayed: Towards a New Interpretive Framework for Digital Journalism ABSTRACT PDF
Nicholas Gilewicz 19 pgs.
Online Boundary Work in Stigmatized Groups: The Case of Support Groups for Israeli Childless Women ABSTRACT PDF
Daphna Yeshua-Katz 20 pgs.
Online Quizzes as Viral, Consumption-Based Identities ABSTRACT PDF
Stephanie N. Berberick, Matthew P. McAllister 19 pgs.
Desire for Cultural Preservation as a Predictor of Support for Entertainment Media Censorship in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates ABSTRACT PDF
Justin D. Martin, Ralph J. Martins, Robb Wood 23 pgs.
Staging and Engaging with Media Events: A Study of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Skey, Maria Kyriakidou, Patrick McCurdy, Julie Uldam 19 pgs.
Why Drop a Paywall? Mapping Industry Accounts of Online News Decommodification ABSTRACT PDF
Mike Ananny, Leila Bighash 22 pgs.
Keeping Up With the Audiences: Journalistic Role Expectations in Singapore ABSTRACT PDF
Edson C. Tandoc, Jr., Andrew Duffy 21 pgs.
Pink Hijab Day: Mediation of the Hijab as a Symbol of Protest ABSTRACT PDF
Rebecca S. Robinson 20 pgs.
Gagged and Doxed: Hacktivism’s Self-Incrimination Complex ABSTRACT PDF
Adam Fish, Luca Follis 20 pgs.
Watchdogs in Chile and the United States: Comparing the Networks of Sources and Journalistic Role Performances ABSTRACT PDF
Lea Hellmueller, Claudia Mellado 20 pgs.
Social Media Keep Buzzing! A Test of The Contingency Theory in China’s Red Cross Credibility Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Yang Cheng 20 pgs.
Regulating "Hate Spin": The Limits of Law in Managing Religious Incitement and Offense ABSTRACT PDF
Cherian George 18 pgs.
Movie Selection and E-WOM Preference: A Cross-Cultural Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Leyla Dogruel, Xiaoming Hao 21 pgs.
Exploring Work-Related Smartphone Dependency Among Young Working Adults in China: A Qualitative Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Li Li, Trisha T. C. Lin 19 pgs.
How Large-Scale Protests Succeed in China: The Story of Issue Opportunity Structure, Social Media, and Violence ABSTRACT PDF
Yunkang Yang 20 pgs.
Born in Facebook: The Refugee Crisis and Grassroots Connective Action in Hungary ABSTRACT PDF
Tibor Dessewffy, Zsófia Nagy 23 pgs.
Heads of Government and Their Media Biographies: How the Media Socialization of German Chancellors Influenced their Strategies Toward the Media ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas Birkner, Benjamin Krämer 19 pgs.
“Power Femininity” and Popular Women’s Magazines in China ABSTRACT PDF
Eva Chen 22 pgs.
Latino Television in the United States and Latin America: Addressing Networks, Dynamics, and Alliances ABSTRACT PDF
Rodrigo Gómez 20 pgs.
What Do Readers’ Mental Models Represent? Understanding Audience Processing of Narratives by Analyzing Mental Models Drawn by Fiction Readers in India ABSTRACT PDF
Neelam Sharma 26 pgs.
New Political and Communication Agenda for Political Discourse Analysis: Critical Reflections on Critical Discourse Analysis and Political Discourse Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Jiayu Wang 19 pgs.
Communication Asset Mapping: An Ecological Field Application Toward Building Healthy Communities ABSTRACT PDF
George Villanueva, Garrett M. Broad, Carmen Gonzalez, Sandra Ball-Rokeach, Sheila Murphy 21 pgs.
Transnational Family Communication as a Driver of Technology Adoption ABSTRACT PDF
Carmen Gonzalez, Vikki S. Katz 21 pgs.
Leftward Shift, Media Change? Ideology and Politics in Spanish Online-Only Newspapers after the 15-M Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Aurora Labio, Antonio Pineda 22 pgs.
To Tweet or Not To Tweet: Factors Affecting the Intensity of Twitter Usage in Japan and the Online and Offline Sociocultural Norms ABSTRACT PDF
Shaojung Sharon Wang 24 pgs.
Starlets, Subscribers and Beneficiaries: Disney, Latino Children and Television Labor ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher Chavez, Aleah Kiley 21 pgs.
Misperceptions as Political Conflict: Using Schattschneider’s Conflict Theory to Understand Rumor Dynamics ABSTRACT PDF
Jill A. Edy, Erin Risley-Baird 20 pgs.
Selective Exposure in the Context of Political Advertising: A Behavioral Approach Using Eye-Tracking Methodology ABSTRACT PDF
Franziska Marquart, Jörg Matthes, Elisabeth Rapp 20 pgs.
“Biased” Systematic and Heuristic Processing of Politicians’ Messages: Effects of Source Favorability and Political Interest on Attitude Judgment ABSTRACT PDF
Sungeun Chung, Moniza Waheed 20 pgs.
Image Versus Text: How Newspaper Reports Affect Evaluations of Political Candidates ABSTRACT PDF
Hajo Boomgaarden, Mark Boukes, Aurora Iorgoveanu 27 pgs.
On Migrant Workers’ Social Status in Taiwan: A Critical Analysis of Mainstream News Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Hsin-I Cheng 20 pgs.
Increased Efforts by Modern States to Improve their Reputations for Enforcing Women's Human Rights ABSTRACT PDF
Kara Alaimo 20 pgs.
Understanding Engagement and Willingness to Speak Up in Social Television: A Full-Season, Cross-Genre Analysis of TV Audience Participation on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Fabio Giglietto, Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Laura Gemini, Mario Orefice 21 pgs.
The Effect of Zero-Rating on Mobile Broadband Demand: An Empirical Approach and Potential Implications ABSTRACT PDF
Oscar Saenz de Miera Berglind 18 pgs.
Determinants of Media Criticism in a Democracy in Transition: Applying Field Theory to Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Basak Yavçan, Hakan Ovunc Ongur 20 pgs.
Pacifying the Dragon? The Role of Expatriate Media Professionals in the Gatekeeping Process in China ABSTRACT PDF
Lindsey E. Blumell, Yiwen Qiu, Robert Moses Peaslee 20 pgs.
A Corpus-Linguistic Analysis of News Coverage in Kenya's Daily Nation and The Times of London ABSTRACT PDF
Ruth Moon 21 pgs.
Value Priority and Humor as a Defense to Cultural Schism: Analysis of Istanbul Gezi Park Protest ABSTRACT PDF
Sermin Tekinalp 31 pgs.
PageOneX: New Approaches to Newspaper Front Page Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Sasha Costanza-Chock, Pablo Rey-Mazón 28 pgs.
Communicative Action and Citizen Journalism: A Case Study of OhmyNews in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Seungahn Nah, Deborah S. Chung 21 pgs.
The Signs of a Strongman: A Semiotic and Discourse Analysis of Abdelfattah Al-Sisi’s Egyptian Presidential Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Mohamad Hamas Elmasry 22 pgs.
Beyond the Binary: Toward the Paraconsistencies of Russian Communication Modes ABSTRACT PDF
Igor E. Klyukanov, Galina Sinekopova 17 pgs.
The Politics of Privacy on State Socialist Television ABSTRACT PDF
Sabina Mihelj, Simon Huxtable 20 pgs.
Data Localization and the Role of Infrastructure for Surveillance, Privacy, and Security ABSTRACT PDF
Tatevik Sargsyan 17 pgs.
Diversity Policies in the Media Marketplace: A Review of Studies of Minority Ownership, Employment, and Content ABSTRACT PDF
Dam Hee Kim 20 pgs.
The Dark Side of "Reality TV": Professional Ethics and the Treatment of "Reality"-Show Participants ABSTRACT PDF
Jelle Mast 22 pgs.
Frailties at the Borders: Stalled Activist Media Projects in East Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Christina Dunbar-Hester 22 pgs.
Changing the Rules of the Game: Strategic Institutionalization and Legacy Companies’ Resistance to New Media ABSTRACT PDF
Heidi J. S. Tworek, Christopher Buschow 21 pgs.
Compulsive Creativity: Virtual Worlds, Disability, and Digital Capital ABSTRACT PDF
Donna Z. Davis, Tom Boellstorff 23 pgs.
Who’s the Boss? Setting the Agenda in a Fragmented Media Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Kathleen Searles, Glen Smith 22 pgs.
Global Maladies, Local In Treatment: “Quality” TV Fiction Formats, Glocal Forms of Prestige, and Cumulative Cross-Cultural Dialogues ABSTRACT PDF
Nahuel Ribke 18 pgs.
Mobile Phones as Participatory Radio: Developing Hmong Mass Communication in the Diaspora ABSTRACT PDF
Lori Kido Lopez 18 pgs.
The Ubiquitous Presidency: Toward a New Paradigm for Studying Presidential Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Joshua M. Scacco, Kevin Coe 24 pgs.
The Tube on YouTube: TV Series, Media Strategies, and User Tactics in a Transmedia Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Raúl Rodríguez-Ferrándiz, Victoria Tur-Viñes, Kiko Mora Contreras 23 pgs.
One-to-One and One-to-Many Dichotomy: Grand Theories, Periodization, and Historical Narratives in Communication Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Gabriele Balbi, Juraj Kittler 20 pgs.
“That Show Really Spoke to Me!”: The Effects of Compatible Psychological Needs and Talk Show Host Style on Audience Activity ABSTRACT PDF
Stephanie Edgerly, Melissa Gotlieb, Emily Vraga 21 pgs.
When Cousins Feud: Advancing Threat Appraisal and Contingency Theory in Situations That Question the Essential Identity of Activist Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Jeesun Kim, Glen T. Cameron 16 pgs.
A Comparative Investigation Into Press–State Relations: Comparing Source Structures in Three News Agencies’ Coverage of the North Korean Missile Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Seok Ho Lee, Qian Wang 22 pgs.
Transmedia Testimonio: Examining Undocumented Youth’s Political Activism in the Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Arely Zimmerman 21 pgs.
Which Countries Does the World Talk About? An Examination of Factors that Shape Country Presence on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
H. Denis Wu, Jacob Groshek, Michael G. Elasmar 18 pgs.
The Challenge of Delocalized Channels: Transfrontier Television in Poland (Characteristics, Typology and Content) ABSTRACT PDF
Tomasz Gackowski 27 pgs.
A Mediation Model to Explain the Effects of Information Seeking from Media and Interpersonal Sources on Young Adults' Intention to Use Marijuana ABSTRACT PDF
Lourdes S. Martinez, Nehama Lewis 24 pgs.
Enjoyment and Appreciation as Motivators for Coping: Exploring the Therapeutic Effects of Media Messages on Perceived Threat ABSTRACT PDF
Jinhee Kim, Mina Tsay-Vogel 23 pgs.
Smiles, Babies, and Status Symbols: The Persuasive Effects of Image Choices in Small-Entrepreneur Crowdfunding Requests ABSTRACT PDF
Kenton Bruce Anderson, Gregory D. Saxton 22 pgs.
Agreeing Not to Disagree: Iterative Versus Episodic Forms of Political Participatory Behaviors ABSTRACT PDF
Yangsun Hong, Hernando Rojas 21 pgs.
Jus Algoritmi: How the National Security Agency Remade Citizenship ABSTRACT PDF
John Cheney-Lippold 22 pgs.
Source Variety, Event Frequency, and Context in Newspaper Crime Reporting ABSTRACT PDF
Rocky Dailey, Debora Halpern Wenger 21 pgs.
Bottom of the Data Pyramid: Big Data and the Global South ABSTRACT PDF
Payal Arora 19 pgs.
Mediated Contact, Intergroup Attitudes, and Ingroup Members’ Basic Values: South Koreans and Migrant Workers ABSTRACT PDF
Hyeyeon Ju, Sung-Yeon Park, Jae C. Shim, Yunhee Ku 20 pgs.
Communication in a Post-Disaster Community: The Struggle to Access Social Capital ABSTRACT PDF
Donald Matheson, Annalee Jones 18 pgs.
The Efficacy of Chinese News Coverage of Tobacco Control: A Comparison between Media Agenda and Policy Agenda ABSTRACT PDF
Di Zhang, Baijing Hu, Ruosi Shao 21 pgs.
Hosting Together via Couchsurfing: Privacy Management in the Context of Network Hospitality ABSTRACT PDF
Airi Lampinen 20 pgs.
Co-mmodifying the Gay Body: Globalization, the Film Industry and Female Prosumers in the Contemporary Korean Mediascape ABSTRACT PDF
Jungmin Kwon 18 pgs.
Beyond the Four Theories: Toward a Discourse Approach to the Comparative Study of Media and Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Florian Toepfl 18 pgs.
Moral Economies: Interrogating the Interactions of NGOs, Journalists and Freelancers ABSTRACT PDF
Kate Wright 20 pgs.
Internationalization Through Americanization: The Expansion of the International Communication Association's Leadership to the World ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas Wiedemann, Michael Meyen 21 pgs.
Construction of Obedient Foreign Brides as Exotic Others: How Production Practices Construct the Images of Marriage Migrant Women on Korean Television ABSTRACT PDF
Na Young Cha, Claire Shinhea Lee, Ji Hoon Park 19 pgs.
Russian News Coverage of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games: A Transmedia Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Renira Rampazzo Gambarato, Geane Carvalho Alzamora, Lorena Péret Teixeira Tárcia 24 pgs.
A Korean Mother’s Cooking Notes: Maintaining South Korean Cooking and Ideals of Housewives in Glocal Influences ABSTRACT PDF
Hojin Song 18 pgs.
Green Brand Positioning in the Online Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Hui-Ju Wang 23 pgs.
When Race Matters: What Newspaper Opinion Pieces Say about Race and Poverty ABSTRACT PDF
Imaani Jamillah El-Burki, Douglas V. Porpora, Rachel R. Reynolds 17 pgs.
"Mom’s Voice" and Other Voices:Civil-Military Relations as a Media Ritual ABSTRACT PDF
Oren Meyers 20 pgs.
Discovering the Divide: Technology and Poverty in the New Economy ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Greene 20 pgs.
Food Content of TV Shows Seen by Children in Peru: A Double Dose of Food Messages? ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Busse 18 pgs.
Hate Speech and Covert Discrimination on Social Media: Monitoring the Facebook Pages of Extreme-Right Political Parties in Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Anat Ben-David, Ariadna Matamoros Fernández 27 pgs.
Politician Seeking Voter: How Interviews on Entertainment Talk Shows Affect Trust in Politicians ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Boukes, Hajo G. Boomgaarden 22 pgs.
The Myth of Media Literacy ABSTRACT PDF
Zoë Druick 20 pgs.
Copies, Clones, and Genre Building: Discourses on Imitation and Innovation in Digital Games ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Katzenbach, Sarah Herweg, Lies van Roessel 22 pgs.
Free Dailies in the European Cross-Border Metropolis: The State-Based Economic Deals ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Lamour 20 pgs.
"My Voice Needs to be Heard": Cultural Challengers in the Regulatory Arena ABSTRACT PDF
Efrat Daskal 19 pgs.
Transnational Media Coverage of the ISIS Threat: A Global Perspective? ABSTRACT PDF
Xu Zhang, Lea Hellmueller 20 pgs.
Polymediated Narrative: The Case of the Supernatural Episode "Fan Fiction" ABSTRACT PDF
Art Herbig, Andrew F. Herrmann 18 pgs.
Patriots and Pedagogues: Cultural Institutions and the Performative Politics of Minority German Hip-Hop ABSTRACT PDF
Kate Zambon, Didem Uca 22 pgs.
“Who Has Time for That?" Understanding Media Use Among Conservation Photographers ABSTRACT PDF
Elizabeth Anne Gervais 20 pgs.
Media-Remembering the Falklands War: Subjectivity and Identification ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah Maltby 18 pgs.
Eating Together, Separately: Intergroup Communication and Food in a Multiethnic Community ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Wenzel 22 pgs.
Measuring Freedom of Information: Issues and Opportunities from an Expert Survey ABSTRACT PDF
Diego Giannone, Ruth De Frutos 31 pgs.
Giving Attention to Conduct on Social Media: Discursive Mechanisms of Attention Structures in Mediating Governance-at-a-distance in Today’s Russia ABSTRACT PDF
Julia Zhukova Klausen 18 pgs.
Media Freedom Indexes in Democracies: A Critical Perspective Through the Cases of Poland and Chile ABSTRACT PDF
Ewa Sapiezynska, Claudia Lagos 22 pgs.
Common Sense, Good Sense, and Commercial Television ABSTRACT PDF
Anat First 19 pgs.
Connecting Political Communication with Urban Politics: A Bourdieusian Framework ABSTRACT PDF
Yongjun Shin 22 pgs.
Effeminate Speech on New Media: @HillaryClinton's Public Intimacy through Relational Labor ABSTRACT PDF
Flemming Schneider Rhode, Tisha Dejmanee 22 pgs.
Crimea River: Directionality in Memes from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict ABSTRACT PDF
Bradley E. Wiggins 35 pgs.
Debating "Alternative" Gender Identities: The Online Discourse Triggered by 2014 Life Ball Advertising Posters ABSTRACT PDF
Irmgard Wetzstein, Brigitte Huber 19 pgs.
In Search of Reason-centered Discussion on China’s Twitter: The Effects of Initiating Post and Discussion Format on Reasoning ABSTRACT PDF
Mingxiao Sui, Raymond J. Pingree 16 pgs.
The Effect of Anonymity on Conformity to Group Norms in Online Contexts: A Meta-Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Guanxiong Huang, Kang Li 18 pgs.
Effects of National Identity in Transnational Crises: Implications of Social Identity Theory for Attribution and Crisis Communications ABSTRACT PDF
Jonathan Borden 21 pgs.
Independent Audiovisual Regulators in Spain: A Unique Case in Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Isabel Fernández Alonso 18 pgs.
Liquid Youth: From Street Kids to Theater Actors. An Account of a Reaffiliation Process ABSTRACT PDF
Milton N. Campos, Ana Paula Burg, Mayara Moraes, Adriana Guerra Abreu Lemos, Daniel Goncalves Alves, Ligia C. Leite 19 pgs.
A New Measure for the Tendency to Select Ideologically Congruent Political Information: Scale Development and Validation ABSTRACT PDF
Yariv Tsfati 26 pgs.
Burmese Media in Transition ABSTRACT PDF
Lisa Brooten 18 pgs.
Spatiotemporal Diffusion Modeling of Global Mobilization in Social Media: The Case of 2011 Egyptian Revolution ABSTRACT PDF
K. Hazel Kwon, Weiai Wayne Xu, Haiyan Wang, Jaime Chon 19 pgs.
“I Like the Metamorphosis of the Characters”: Dynamics of Transnational Television Comedy Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Sharon Lockyer, Diana Elena Popa 22 pgs.
"A Tiny and Closed Fraternity of Privileged Men”: The Nixon-Agnew Anti-Media Campaign and the Liberal Roots of the U.S. Conservative “Liberal Media” Critique ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher Cimaglio 19 pgs.
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Net Neutrality| Wonkish Populism in Media Advocacy and Net Neutrality Policy Making ABSTRACT PDF
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Net Neutrality| The Debate Nobody Knows: Network Neutrality’s Neoliberal Roots and a Conundrum for Media Reform ABSTRACT PDF
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Net Neutrality| From Critical Perspectives to Media Reform: A Review of Three Books (Book Reviews) PDF
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Net Neutrality| The Labor of Teaching and Learning Policy Advocacy as Media Activism: A Review of Works by Ollis and Choudry (Book Reviews) PDF
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Online Entertainment| Online Entertainment: A New Wave of Media Globalization? — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
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Online Entertainment| Disconnecting, Connecting, and Reconnecting: How Chinese Television Found Its Way Out of the Box ABSTRACT PDF
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Online Entertainment| Professionalization of Amateur Production in Online Screen Entertainment in China: Hopes, Frustrations and Uncertainties ABSTRACT PDF
Elaine Jing Zhao 19 pgs.
Online Entertainment| Mapping and Managing Chinese Social Media Entertainment: A Conversation with Heng Cai, Chinese Media Entrepreneur ABSTRACT PDF
David Craig, Heng Cai, Junyi Lv 10 pgs.
Online Entertainment| YouTube Nation: Precarity and Agency in India’s Online Video Scene ABSTRACT PDF
Sangeet Kumar 18 pgs.
Online Entertainment| The Globalization of On-Screen Sociability: Social Media and Tethered Togetherness ABSTRACT PDF
Ralph Schroeder 18 pgs.
Online Entertainment| Cross-Cultural Comparisons of User-Generated Content: An Analytical Framework ABSTRACT PDF
Limor Shifman 20 pgs.
Media Times| Mediating Time—Temporalizing Media: Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Anne Kaun, Johan Fornäs, Staffan Ericson 7 pgs.
Media Times| The Mediatization of Third-Time Tools: Culturalizing and Historicizing Temporality ABSTRACT PDF
Johan Fornäs 20 pgs.
Media Times| In The Time of the Microcelebrity: Celebrification and the YouTuber Zoella ABSTRACT PDF
Anne Jerslev 19 pgs.
Media Times| The Rhythm of Ages: Analyzing Mediatization Through the Lens of Generations Across Cultures ABSTRACT PDF
Göran Bolin 18 pgs.
Media Times| Affective Historiography: Archival Aesthetics and the Temporalities of Televisual Nation-Building ABSTRACT PDF
Anu Koivunen 14 pgs.
Media Times| Networked Simultaneities in the Time of the Great Exhibitions: Media and the 1914 Oslo Centenary Jubilee Exhibition ABSTRACT PDF
Espen Ytreberg 20 pgs.
Media Times| Stormy Weather: The Pre- and Post-History of Television ABSTRACT PDF
Staffan Ericson 20 pgs.
Media Times| The Flow of Nostalgia: Experiencing Television from the Past ABSTRACT PDF
Ekaterina Kalinina 18 pgs.
Media Times| When is the Now? Monitoring Disaster in the Expansion of Time ABSTRACT PDF
Anders Ekström 20 pgs.
Media Times| Geographies of Liveness: Time, Space, and Satellite Networks as Infrastructures of Live Television in the Our World Broadcast ABSTRACT PDF
Christine Evans, Lars Lundgren 16 pgs.
Media Times| Times of Literature, Times of the Machine: Poetic Media Archaeologies ABSTRACT PDF
Jesper Olsson 17 pgs.
Media Times| Archiving Protest Digitally: The Temporal Regime of Immediation ABSTRACT PDF
Anne Kaun 14 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Political Communication, Computational Propaganda, and Autonomous Agents — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Samuel C. Woolley, Philip N. Howard 9 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics | Keeping Ottawa Honest—One Tweet at a Time? Politicians, Journalists, Wikipedians and Their Twitter Bots ABSTRACT PDF
Heather Ford, Elizabeth Dubois, Cornelius Puschmann 24 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Talking to Bots: Symbiotic Agency and the Case of Tay ABSTRACT PDF
Gina Neff, Peter Nagy 17 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Where Do Bots Come From? An Analysis of Bot Codes Shared on GitHub ABSTRACT PDF
Bence Kollanyi 20 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Bots and Political Influence: A Sociotechnical Investigation of Social Network Capital ABSTRACT PDF
Dhiraj Murthy, Alison B. Powell, Ramine Tinati, Nick Anstead, Leslie Carr, Susan J. Halford, Mark Weal 20 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics | When the Algorithm Itself is a Racist: Diagnosing Ethical Harm in the Basic Components of Software ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Sandvig, Kevin Hamilton, Karrie Karahalios, Cedric Langbort 19 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Auditing for Transparency in Content Personalization Systems ABSTRACT PDF
Brent Mittelstadt 12 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Growing Bot Security: An Ecological View of Bot Agency ABSTRACT PDF
Douglas Guilbeault 19 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| When Bots Tweet: Toward a Normative Framework for Bots on Social Networking Sites (Feature) ABSTRACT PDF
Nathalie Maréchal 10 pgs.
Automation, Algorithms, and Politics| Automation, Big Data and Politics: A Research Review ABSTRACT PDF
Samantha Shorey, Philip N. Howard 24 pgs.
Climate and Sustainability| Climate and Sustainability Communication Campaigns — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Lucy Atkinson, Bruno Takahashi, Merav Katz-Kimchi 5 pgs.
Climate and Sustainability| Audience Segmentation for Campaign Design: Addressing Climate Change in Singapore ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin Detenber, Sonny Rosenthal, Youqing Liao, Shirley S. Ho 23 pgs.
Climate and Sustainability| The Consumer as Climate Activist ABSTRACT PDF
Connie Roser-Renouf, Lucy Atkinson, Edward Maibach, Anthony Leiserowitz 24 pgs.
Climate and Sustainability| Seeking Visibility in a Big Tent: Digital Communication and the People’s Climate March ABSTRACT PDF
Kjerstin Thorson, Stephanie Edgerly, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik, Yu Xu, Luping Wang 23 pgs.
Climate and Sustainability| Faith-Based Nongovernmental Environmental Organizing in Action: Veroes’ Campaigning for Vegetarianism and Mindful Food Consumption ABSTRACT PDF
Boris H. J. M. Brummans, Pauline Hope Cheong, Jennie M. Hwang 23 pgs.
Climate and Sustainability| Dominant Visual Frames in Climate Change News Stories: Implications for Formative Evaluation in Climate Change Campaigns ABSTRACT PDF
Stacy Rebich-Hespanha, Ronald E. Rice 33 pgs.
Climate and Sustainability| The Roles of Social Media in Promoting Sustainability in Higher Education ABSTRACT PDF
Serena Carpenter, Bruno Takahashi, Carie Cunningham, Alisa P. Lertpratchya 19 pgs.
Discussion. Dialogue, and Discourse| Doing the Talk: Discussion, Dialogue, and Discourse in Action — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Uta Russmann, Anne B. Lane 6 pgs.
Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse| Elegy for Mediated Dialogue: Shiva the Destroyer and Reclaiming Our First Principles ABSTRACT PDF
Michael L. Kent, Petra Theunissen 15 pgs.
Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse| Language and Discourse in Social Media Relational Dynamics: A Communicative Constitution Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Chiara Valentini, Stefania Romenti, Dean Kruckeberg 19 pgs.
Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse| Why Dialogic Principles Don’t Make It In Practice — And What We Can Do About It ABSTRACT PDF
Anne B. Lane, Jennifer Bartlett 21 pgs.
Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse| Understanding Dialogue and Engagement Through Communication Experts' Use of Interactive Writing to Build Relationships ABSTRACT PDF
Betsy D. Anderson, Rebecca Swenson, Nathan D. Gilkerson 24 pgs.
Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse| Dialogue in Public Relations Roles: A Q Study Among Young Professionals ABSTRACT PDF
Helena Stehle, Simone Huck-Sandhu 22 pgs.
Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse| Quality of Understanding in Campaign Communication of Political Parties and Mass Media in Austria Between 1970 and 2008 ABSTRACT PDF
Roland Burkart, Uta Russmann 25 pgs.
Communication Activism| Communication Activism Research: Engaged Communication Scholarship for Social Justice — Introduction PDF
Kevin M. Carragee, Lawrence R. Frey 25 pgs.
Communication Activism| Crossing Boundaries between Communication Activism Research and Applied Communication Research Discourses PDF
J. Kevin Barge 9 pgs.
Communication Activism| Missing in Action: Engaged U.S. Communication Research in the Context of Democratic Decline and the Digital Revolution PDF
Robert W. McChesney 8 pgs.
Communication Activism| Critical-Cultural Communication Activism Research Calls for Academic Solidarity PDF
Michelle Rodino-Colocino 10 pgs.
Communication Activism| Seizing the Social Justice Opportunity: Communication Activism Research at a Politically Critical Juncture — Epilogue PDF
Lawrence R. Frey, Kevin M. Carragee 7 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| Questioning Global Communication Power — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Joe F. Khalil, John D. H. Downing 8 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| The 2015 Charlie Hebdo Killings, Media Event-chains and Global Political Responses ABSTRACT PDF
Annabelle Sreberny 18 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| The Changing Geographies of Pirate Transnational Audiovisual Flows ABSTRACT PDF
Tristan Mattelart 19 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| Advertising and Media in the Age of the Algorithm ABSTRACT PDF
John Sinclair 14 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| CCTV News and Soft Power ABSTRACT PDF
John Jirik 18 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| Al Jazeera’s Complex Legacy: Thresholds for an Unconventional Media Player from the Global South ABSTRACT PDF
Mohamed Zayani 16 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| Engaging Youth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Through Chat Apps: Challenges and Opportunities for International News Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Anne Geniets 15 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| Challenging U.S. Leadership in Entertainment Television? The Rise and Sale of Europe’s International TV Production Groups ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Esser 30 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| Vacillation in Turkey’s Popular Global TV Exports: Toward a More Complex Understanding of Distribution ABSTRACT PDF
Sevda Alankuş, Eylem Yanardagoglu 17 pgs.
Shift or Stasis| The Business Push and Audience Pull in Arab Entertainment Television ABSTRACT PDF
Joe F. Khalil 15 pgs.
BRICS| Building the BRICS: Media, Nation Branding and Global Citizenship — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Hongmei Li, Leslie L. Marsh 16 pgs.
Toward a Common Standard for Aid Transparency: Discourses of Global Citizenship Surrounding the BRICS ABSTRACT PDF
James Pamment, Karin Wilkins 15 pgs.
BRICS| Strategizing for Creative Industries in China: Contradictions and Tension in Nation Branding ABSTRACT PDF
Anthony Fung 18 pgs.
BRICS| Branding Brazil Through Cultural Policy: Rio de Janeiro as a Creative, Audiovisual City ABSTRACT PDF
Leslie L. Marsh 20 pgs.
BRICS| Voters against Public Opinion: Press and Democracy in Brazil and South Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Afonso de Albuquerque 20 pgs.
BRICS| Global Partners or International Spies? A Comparative Analysis of the Russian Media’s Coverage of the Law on “Foreign Agents” ABSTRACT PDF
Anna Popkova 23 pgs.
BRICS| Getting in the Game? A Rising India and the Question of Global Sport ABSTRACT PDF
Erika Polson, Erin Whiteside 21 pgs.
BRICS| The Global as the Postcolonial: Desire, Identity, and Liminality in Indian Rock ABSTRACT PDF
Sangeet Kumar 18 pgs.
BRICS| Road to India—A Brazilian Love Story: BRICS, Migration, and Cultural Flows in Brazil’s Caminho das Indias ABSTRACT PDF
Swapnil Rai, Joseph Straubhaar 17 pgs.
Media Genealogy: Technological and Historical Engagements of Power — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Alexander Monea, Jeremy Packer 19 pgs.
Media Genealogy| Abstract Materialism: Peter Galison Discusses Foucault, Kittler, and the History of Science and Technology ABSTRACT PDF
Jeremy Packer, Peter Galison 14 pgs.
Media Genealogy| An Archive for the Future: Paul N. Edwards on Technology, Historiography, Self and World ABSTRACT PDF
Alexander Monea, Paul N. Edwards 12 pgs.
Media Genealogy| Is the Earth an Optical Medium? An Interview with Chris Russill ABSTRACT PDF
Kate Maddalena, Chris Russill 17 pgs.
Media Genealogy| Cinema/Cybernetics/Visuality: A Conversation with Orit Halpern ABSTRACT PDF
Eddie Lohmeyer, Orit Halpern 13 pgs.
Media Genealogy| As If, or, Using Media Archaeology to Reimagine Past, Present, and Future: An Interview with Lori Emerson ABSTRACT PDF
Jay Kirby, Lori Emerson 14 pgs.
Media Genealogy| The Future of Critique: Mark Andrejevic on Power/Knowledge and the Big Data-Driven Decline of Symbolic Efficiency ABSTRACT PDF
J. J. Sylvia IV, Mark Andrejevic 11 pgs.
Urban Communication| Going About the City: Methods and Methodologies for Urban Communication Research — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Giorgia Aiello, Simone Tosoni 11 pgs.
Urban Communication| Learning the City Through Stories: Audio Documentary as Urban Communication Pedagogy ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Makagon, Mary Rachel Gould 14 pgs.
Urban Communication Research| Decentering Media Studies, Verbing the Audience: Methodological Considerations Concerning People’s Uses of Media in Urban Space ABSTRACT PDF
Simone Tosoni, Seija Ridell 17 pgs.
Urban Communication| Being Through There Matters: Materiality, Bodies, and Movement in Urban Communication Research ABSTRACT PDF
Greg Dickinson, Giorgia Aiello 15 pgs.
Urban Communication Research| Visually Researching and Communicating the City: A Systematic Assessment of Methods and Resources ABSTRACT PDF
Luc Pauwels 22 pgs.
Urban Communication| Multi- and Mixed-Methods Approaches to Urban Communication Research: A Synthesis and the Road Ahead ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew D. Matsaganis 20 pgs.
Urban Communication| Researching Local News in a Big City: A Multimethod Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Coleman, Nancy Thumim, Giles Moss 15 pgs.
Urban Communication| The Communicative City Redux ABSTRACT PDF
Susan Drucker, Gary Gumpert 22 pgs.
Translations| Babel and Globalization: Translating in the 21st Century — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Paolo Sigismondi 8 pgs.
Translations| Communication Studies Without Frontiers? Translation and Cosmopolitanism Across Academic Cultures ABSTRACT PDF
Silvio Waisbord 19 pgs.
Translations| Rapid and Radical Changes in Translation and Translation Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Yves Gambier 20 pgs.
Translations| Translation’s Histories and Digital Futures ABSTRACT PDF
Karin Littau 22 pgs.
Translations| Massively Open Translation: Unpacking the Relationship Between Technology and Translation in the 21st Century ABSTRACT PDF
Minako O'Hagan 18 pgs.
Translations| The Impact of Translation Technologies on the Process and Product of Translation ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Doherty 23 pgs.
Translations|Translators as Adaptive Experts in a Flat World: From Globalization 1.0 to Globalization 4.0? ABSTRACT PDF
Vanessa Enríquez Raído 19 pgs.
Translations| “The Task of the Translator”: Comparing the Views of the Client and the Translator ABSTRACT PDF
Hanna Risku, Christina Pein-Weber, Jelena Milosevic 20 pgs.
Translations| The Challenges and Opportunities of Legal Translation and Translator Training in the 21st Century ABSTRACT PDF
Catherine Way 21 pgs.
Translations| Cultural Translators of Communication Studies in Greater China ABSTRACT PDF
Jack Linchuan Qiu 24 pgs.
Translations| Synchronization Techniques in Multilingual Fiction: Voiced-Over Films in Poland ABSTRACT PDF
Katarzyna Sepielak 20 pgs.
Translations| The Stimulating Challenges of Translating Contemporary Swiss German Poetry ABSTRACT PDF
Lucia Salvato 23 pgs.
Translations| Perils of Translation in a Conflict Situation: Lessons from Kashmir ABSTRACT PDF
Rashmi Luthra 19 pgs.
Translations| Book Review| Tytti Suojanen, Kaisa Koskinen & Tiina Tuominen, User-Centered Translation (Translation Practices Explained) ABSTRACT PDF
Nike K. Pokorn 4 pgs.
Constructing Public Space: Global Perspectives on Social Media and Popular Contestation — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas Poell, José van Dijck 9 pgs.
Constructing Public Spaces| Participants on the Margins: Examining the Role that Shared Artifacts of Engagement in the Ferguson Protests Played Among Minoritized Political Newcomers on Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Lynn Schofield Clark 26 pgs.
Constructing Public Space| Rousing the Facebook Crowd: Digital Enthusiasm and Emotional Contagion in the 2011 Protests in Egypt and Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Paolo Gerbaudo 20 pgs.
Constructing Public Space| “Legit Can’t Wait for #Toronto #WorldPride!”: Investigating the Twitter Public of a Large-Scale LGBTQ Festival ABSTRACT PDF
Stefanie Duguay 25 pgs.
Constructing Public Space| New “Danger Zone” in Europe: Representations of Place in Social Media–Supported Protests ABSTRACT PDF
Cornelia Brantner, Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat 22 pgs.
Constructing Public Space|Weibo, WeChat, and the Transformative Events of Environmental Activism in China ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin Michael DeLuca, Elizabeth Brunner, Ye Sun 19 pgs.
Digital Age| The Management of Visibilities in the Digital Age — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Mikkel Flyverbom, Paul Leonardi, Cynthia Stohl, Michael Stohl 12 pgs.
Digital Age| Transparency: Mediation and the Management of Visibilities ABSTRACT PDF
Mikkel Flyverbom 13 pgs.
Digital Age | Managing Opacity: Information Visibility and the Paradox of Transparency in the Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Cynthia Stohl, Michael Stohl, Paul M. Leonardi 15 pgs.
Digital Age| From Radical Transparency to Radical Disclosure: Reconfiguring (In)Voluntary Transparency Through the Management of Visibilities ABSTRACT PDF
Luke Heemsbergen 14 pgs.
Digital Age| Managing Secrecy ABSTRACT PDF
Clare Birchall 12 pgs.
Digital Age |Managing Surveillance: Surveillant Individualism in an Era of Relentless Visibility ABSTRACT PDF
Shiv Ganesh 14 pgs.
Digital Age| Occult(ing) Transparency: An Epilogue ABSTRACT PDF
Jack Bratich 4 pgs.
More Special Sections


Imagining Futuretypes| A Seat at the Nerd Table — Introduction PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Lonny J Avi Brooks 5 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| Everybody and Nobody: Visions of Individualism and Collectivity in the Age of AI PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Jessa Lingel, Gideon Lichfield, Adam Richard Rottinghaus, Lonny J Avi Brooks 15 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| Black Holes as Metaphysical Silence PDF
Jessa Lingel, Daniel Sutko, Gideon Lichfield, Aram Sinnreich 9 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| The Aliens Are Us: The Limitations That The Nature of Fiction Imposes on Science Fiction About Aliens PDF
Gideon Lichfield, Aubrie Adams, Lonny J Avi Brooks 6 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| The End of Material Scarcity: Dystopia and Immanent Critique of Capitalism PDF
Adam Richard Rottinghaus, Roseann Pluretti, Daniel Sutko 11 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| The Medium is the Message of the Future: Tyranny of Media in Organizing Our Imaginary PDF
Daniel Sutko, Jessa Lingel, Aubrie Adams, Adam Richard Rottinghaus 11 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| Narratives on Extending and Transcending Mortality: An Essay on Implications for the Future PDF
Aubrie Adams, Adam Richard Rottinghaus, Ryan Wallace 11 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| Toward an “Other” Dimension: An Essay on Transcendence of Gender and Sexuality PDF
Roseann Pluretti, Jessa Lingel, Aram Sinnreich 8 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| Future Im/Perfect: Defining Success and Problematics in Science Fiction Expressions of Racial Identity PDF
Ryan Wallace, Roseann Pluretti, Gideon Lichfield, Aubrie Adams 9 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| Afro-Futuretyping Generation Starships and New Earths 05015 C.E. PDF
Lonny J Avi Brooks, Daniel Sutko, Aram Sinnreich, Ryan Wallace 14 pgs.
Imagining Futuretypes| Imagining and Reimagining the Future — Commentary PDF
McKenzie Wark 8 pgs.
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Open Media Scholarship: The Case for Open Access in Media Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Jefferson D. Pooley 17 pgs.
Where is the Queerness in Games?: Types of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Content in Digital Games ABSTRACT PDF
Adrienne Shaw, Elizaveta Friesem 13 pgs.
The Significant Other: A Longitudinal Analysis of Significant Samples in Journalism Research, 2000–2014 ABSTRACT PDF
Ben S. Wasike 22 pgs.
International Media and Latvian Sovereignty: From Liberation to Today’s Vexation ABSTRACT PDF
Janis Chakars 12 pgs.
The Herald and Daily News' Framing of the Leaked Zimbabwean Draft Constitution and Vice President Joice Mujuru’s Fall from Grace ABSTRACT PDF
Albert Chibuwe 17 pgs.
Epistemological (Im)possibilities and the Play of Power: Effects of the Fragmentation and Weak Institutionalisation of Communication Studies in Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Louise Phillips 17 pgs.
“I Has Seen Image Macros!” Advice Animals Memes as Visual-Verbal Jokes ABSTRACT PDF
Marta Dynel 29 pgs.
Relocating Development Communication: Social Entrepreneurship, International Networking, and South-South Cooperation in the Viva Rio NGO ABSTRACT PDF
Stuart Davis 18 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Kaarle Nordenstreng & Daya Kishan Thussu (Eds.), Mapping BRICS Media PDF
Reviewed by Ruth Moon 4 pgs.
Karen Beckman (Ed.), Animating Film Theory PDF
Reviewed by Monika Raesch 3 pgs.
Shelley Cob, Adaptation, Authorship and Contemporary Women Filmmakers PDF
Reviewed by Stefania Marghitu 3 pgs.
Lincoln Dahlberg & Sean Phelan, Discourse Theory and Critical Media Politics PDF
Reviewed by Dafni Mangalousi 7 pgs.
Samuel Greengard, Internet of Things PDF
Reviewed by Yang Bai 4 pgs.
Shelton A. Gunaratne, Mark Pearson, & Sugath Senarath (Eds.), Mindful Journalism and News Ethics in the Digital Era: A Buddhist Approach PDF
Reviewed by Palphol Rodloytuk 2 pgs.
Majid KhosraviNik, Discourse, Identity and Legitimacy: Self and Other in Representations of Iran’s Nuclear Programme PDF
Reviewed by Ehsan Dehghan 4 pgs.
Tristan Anne Borer (Ed.), Media, Mobilization and Human Rights: Mediating Suffering PDF
Reviewed by Lisa Brooten 3 pgs.
Victor Pickard, America’s Battle for Media Democracy: The Triumph of Corporate Libertarianism and the Future of Media Reform PDF
Reviewed by Josh Shepperd 5 pgs.
Michael Schudson, The Rise of the Right to Know, Politics and the Culture of Transparency, 1945-1975 PDF
Reviewed by Mark Hannah 4 pgs.
Vikki S. Katz, Kids in the Middle: How Children of Immigrants Negotiate Community Interactions for Their Families PDF
Reviewed by Teresa Correa 3 pgs.
Helen Caple, Photojournalism: A Social Semiotic Approach PDF
Reviewed by Debing Feng 6 pgs.
Markus Krajewski, World Projects: Global Information Before World War I (Electronic Mediations) PDF
Reviewed by Maria Rikitianskaia 4 pgs.
Silas F. Harrebye, Social Change and Creative Activism in the 21st Century: The Mirror Effect PDF
Reviewed by Ian Reilly 3 pgs.
Angela McRobbie, Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Cultural Industries PDF
Reviewed by Lisa Henderson 7 pgs.
Kevin Barnhurst, Mister Pulitzer and the Spider: Modern News from Realism to the Digital PDF
Reviewed by Patricia Aufderheide 3 pgs.
Garrett M. Broad, More Than Just Food: Food Justice and Community Change PDF
Reviewed by Andrea Wenzel 3 pgs.
Ying Zhu, Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television PDF
Reviewed by Weiwei Zhang 5 pgs.
Lori Emerson, Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound PDF
Reviewed by Amanda C. R. Clark 3 pgs.
Joseph M. Reagle, Jr., Readings the Comments: Likers, Haters, and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web PDF
Reviewed by Mary Grace Lao 4 pgs.
Elisabeth L. Engebretsen, William F. Schroeder & Hongwei Bao (Eds.), Queer/Tongzhi China: New Perspectives on Research, Activism and Media Cultures PDF
Reviewed by Lik Sam Chan 4 pgs.
Gary D. Rawnsley & Ming-yeh T. Rawnsley (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Chinese Media PDF
Reviewed by Yavor A. Kostadinov 4 pgs.
Elizabeth Cowie, Recording Reality, Desiring the Real PDF
Reviewed by Heather McIntosh 3 pgs.
Alvin Y. So & Yin-Wah Chu, The Global Rise of China> PDF
Reviewed by Joseph Oliver Boyd-Barrett 3 pgs.
Orit Halpern, Beautiful Data: A History of Vision and Reason Since 1945 PDF
Reviewed by Yasuhito Abe 3 pgs.
François Cooren, Organizational Discourse: Communication and Constitution PDF
Reviewed by Katherine R. Peters 4 pgs.
David Lyon, Surveillance after Snowden PDF
Reviewed by M. M. Masoodi 3 pgs.
Shawn M. Powers & Michael Jablonski, The Real Cyber War: The Political Economy of Internet Freedom PDF
Reviewed by Anna Loup 4 pgs.
Deborah Chambers, Linda Steiner & Carole Fleming, Women and Journalism PDF
Reviewed by Elega A. Adeola 4 pgs.
Zizi Papacharissi, Affective Publics: Sentiment, Technology, and Politics PDF
Reviewed by Ian Reilly 4 pgs.
Jean K. Chalaby, The Format Age: Television’s Entertainment Revolution PDF
Reviewed by Dom Caristi 4 pgs.
W. Lance Bennett & Alexandra Segerberg, The Logic of Connective Action: Digital Media and the Personalization of Contentious Politics PDF
Reviewed by Hao Cao 5 pgs.
Victoria A. Farrar-Myers & Justin S. Vaughn (Eds.), Controlling the Message: New Media in American Political Campaigns PDF
Reviewed by Doron Taussig 5 pgs.
Adrienne Shaw, Gaming at the Edge: Sexuality and Gender at the Margins of Gamer Culture PDF
Reviewed by Steffi Shook 3 pgs.
Perspectives on Copyright in Education: A Review of Selected Works Pertaining to Copyright and Fair Use in the Educational Setting PDF
Reviewed by H. Victoria Bryant 5 pgs.
Phoebe H. Li, A Virtual Chinatown: The Diasporic Mediasphere of Chinese Migrants in New Zealand PDF
Reviewed by Aya Yadlin-Segal 4 pgs.
Mohan J. Dutta, Communicating Social Change: Structure, Culture, and Agency PDF
Reviewed by Daniel Lane 4 pgs.
Joseph M. Reagle Jr., Reading the Comments: Likers, Haters, and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web PDF
Reviewed by Anna Lee Swan 4 pgs.
Benedetta Brevini, Arne Hintz, & Patrick McCurdy (Eds.), Beyond Wikileaks: Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism and Society PDF
Reviewed by Ayodeji Awobamise 4 pgs.
Frederik Claeyé, Managing Nongovernmental Organizations: Culture, Power and Resistance PDF
Reviewed by Stefanie Z. Demetriades 4 pgs.
Shane Greenstein, How the Internet Became Commercial: Innovation, Privatization, and the Birth of a New Network PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan David Aronson 3 pgs.
Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner and Lisa McLaughlin (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Media and Gender PDF
Reviewed by Melike Asli Sim 4 pgs.
Zizi Papacharissi, Affective Publics: Sentiment, Technology, and Politics PDF
Reviewed by Lynn Schofield Clark 5 pgs.
Pavel Shlossberg, Crafting Identity:Transnational Indian Arts and the Politics of Race in Central Mexico PDF
Reviewed by Regina Marchi 6 pgs.
Christian A. Klöckner, The Psychology of Pro-Environmental Communication: Beyond Standard Information Strategies PDF
Reviewed by Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim 4 pgs.
John Durham Peters, Marvelous Clouds: Toward a Philosophy of Elemental Media PDF
Reviewed by Niall P. Stephens 3 pgs.
Shi-xu, Chinese Discourse Studies PDF
Reviewed by Xuelei Wang 4 pgs.
Joe Sacco, Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992–95 PDF
Reviewed by Benjamin Woo 6 pgs.
Kaitlynn Mendes, SlutWalk: Feminism, Activism, Media PDF
Reviewed by Giuliana Sorce 3 pgs.
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