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Shifting Demographics: Understanding How Ethnically Diverse Networks Influence Latinos’ Political Uses of Social Media and Offline Political Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea M. Quenette, Alcides Velasquez 21 pgs.
Mo “Meta” Blues: How Popular Culture Can Act as Metajournalistic Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Patrick Ferrucci 18 pgs.
Between Violence and Exclusion: Cinematic Representation of Gender Politics in Antarmahal and Water ABSTRACT PDF
Imran Mazid 19 pgs.
Media Censures: The Hutchins Commission on the Press, the New York Intellectuals on Mass Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Bates 18 pgs.
Immigrants’ Church Participation and Community Integration: The Mediating Role of the Local Storytelling Network ABSTRACT PDF
Minhee Son 23 pgs.
The Whole World Is Watching: Comparing European and United States News Coverage of the U.S. 2008 and 2016 Elections ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Van Aelst, Rens Vliegenthart, Amber E. Boydstun 23 pgs.
Audience, Media, and Cultural Factors as Predictors of Multiscreen Use: A Comparative study of the Netherlands and the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Claire M. Segijn, Anastasia Kononova 23 pgs.
A Racial Reckoning of a Progressive Ideology in Public Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Sue Robinson 19 pgs.
Routine Adjustments: How Journalists Framed the Charleston Shootings ABSTRACT PDF
William P. Cassidy, Betty H. La France, Sam Babin 21 pgs.
Business Strategies of Korean TV Players in the Age of Over-The-Top (OTT) Video Service ABSTRACT PDF
Eun-A Park 22 pgs.
Imbalances in On-Demand Documentary Offerings. The Case of a Small Media Market: Belgium ABSTRACT PDF
Catalina Iordache, Eline Livémont 26 pgs.
It’s Only a Game, Let’s Leave Politics Out of It: Mega-Sporting Events, Broadcasting Rights, and Network News Bias ABSTRACT PDF
Catie Snow Bailard, Mark Major 22 pgs.
The Panama and Paradise Papers. The Rise of a Global Fourth Estate ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Berglez, Amanda Gearing 20 pgs.
Comparing Digital Media Industries in South Korea and Australia: The Case of Netflix Take-Up ABSTRACT PDF
Tim Dwyer, Yongwoon Shim, Heejin Lee, Jonathon Hutchinson 20 pgs.
Young People's Attributions of Privacy Rights and Obligations in Digital Sexting Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Emily Setty 20 pgs.
A Political Leader’s Image in Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding: The Impact of Competence, Charisma, Integrity and Gender ABSTRACT PDF
Diana Ingenhoff, Susanne Klein 26 pgs.
Framing the Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Arabic and English News Sources ABSTRACT PDF
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Caitlin Miles 19 pgs.
The History of Media Policy Based on Mediatization: A Theoretical Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Löblich 20 pgs.
A Normative Study of Broadcast Regulators in the Arab World ABSTRACT PDF
Bouziane Zaid 20 pgs.
Does a Media Organization’s Defense of its Own Image Matter? ABSTRACT PDF
Chuka Onwumechili 22 pgs.
“Harmonious Middle Kingdom and Dangerous Beautiful Country?” Exploring Cultivation Effects of Domestic and U.S.-Made TV Programs on Chinese College Students?” Exploring Cultivation Effects of Domestic and U.S.-Made TV Programs on Chinese College Students ABSTRACT PDF
Yong Tang, Xue Dou, Mary Beth Oliver 22 pgs.
Mongolia’s 2015 Referendum via Text Messaging: Engaging Rural and Nomadic Citizens in Public Screen Deliberation ABSTRACT PDF
Allison Hahn 22 pgs.
Does Having a Political Discussion Help or Hurt Intergroup Perceptions? Drawing Guidance From Social Identity Theory and the Contact Hypothesis ABSTRACT PDF
Robert M. Bond, Hillary C. Shulman, Michael Gilbert 21 pgs.
How to Conceptualize a Culture of Support Through “Language Plus” Presented at the Right Time to the Right Audience ABSTRACT PDF
Şermin Tekinalp 19 pgs.
Mapping Communication Infrastructure Theory Onto Twitter: Network Integration and Neighborhood Storytelling ABSTRACT PDF
Zheng An, Luana Mendiola-Smith 21 pgs.
Virtual Reality and the Syrian Refugee Camps: Humanitarian Communication and the Politics of Empathy ABSTRACT PDF
Bimbisar Irom 23 pgs.
One Belt, Competing Metaphors: The Struggle over Strategic Narrative in English-language News Media ABSTRACT PDF
Jing Xin, Donald Matheson 21 pgs.
Heterogeneity in Alternative Media Spheres: Oppositional Media and the Framing of Sectarianism in the Syrian Conflict ABSTRACT PDF
Yazan Badran, Kevin Smets 19 pgs.
Face Value: Linking Nonverbal Cues to Character Traits in Impression Formation of Politicians ABSTRACT PDF
Danielle Kilgo, Trent R. Boutler, Renita Coleman 24 pgs.
Immediacy Communication and Success in Crowdfunding Campaigns: A Multimodal Communication Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Tsfira Grebelsky-Lichtman, Gil Avnimelech 27 pgs.
What Politicians Look For in the News and How That Affects Their Behavior: A Uses and Gratifications Approach to Political Agenda Setting ABSTRACT PDF
Juho Vesa, Helena Blomberg, Christian Kroll, Peter Van Aelst 20 pgs.
The Triumph of Social Privacy: Understanding the Privacy Logics of Sharing Behaviors Across Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Zoetanya Sujon 21 pgs.
Examining Effects of Informational Use of Social Media Platforms and Social Capital on Civic Engagement Regarding Genetically Modified Foods in China ABSTRACT PDF
Nainan Wen, Ran Wei 22 pgs.
Digital Amplification of Fringe Voices: Alternative Media and Street Politics in Hong Kong ABSTRACT PDF
Yidong Wang 22 pgs.
How Social Well-Being Is Affected by Digital Inequalities ABSTRACT PDF
Moritz Büchi, Noemi Festic, Michael Latzer 21 pgs.
Public Diplomacy on Social Media: Analyzing Networks and Content ABSTRACT PDF
Efe Sevin, Diana Ingenhoff 23 pgs.
Gender Policing in Mainstream Hindi Cinema: A Decade of Central Female Characters in Top-Grossing Bollywood Movies ABSTRACT PDF
Subuhi Khan, Laramie Taylor 22 pgs.
Bane or a Device? Use of Stereotypic Content as a Method to Increase the Power of Mediated Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Miki Tanikawa 20 pgs.
Exploring Risk Perception and Intention to Engage in Social and Economic Activities During the South Korean MERS Outbreak ABSTRACT PDF
Doo-Hun Choi, Dong-Hee Shin, Keeho Park, Woohyun Yoo 21 pgs.
Mamfakinch: From Protest Slogan to Mediated Activism ABSTRACT PDF
Annemarie Iddins 20 pgs.
Lega Nord and Anti-Immigrationism: The Importance of Hegemony Critique for Social Media Analysis and Protest ABSTRACT PDF
Cinzia Padovani 27 pgs.
The Flip: Mobile Communication of North Korean Migrant Women During Their Journey to South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Juhee Kang, Richard Ling, Arul Chib 20 pgs.
Tweeting the Attack: Predicting Gubernatorial Candidate Attack Messaging and Its Spread ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Feifei Zhang, Jeff Hemsley, Sikana Tanupabrungsun 22 pgs.
“It’s Like Learning a Whole Other Language": The Role of Algorithmic Skills in the Curation of Creative Goods ABSTRACT PDF
Erin Klawitter, Eszter Hargittai 21 pgs.
Analyzing Spatialization in Newspapers’ Production: A Case Study of Guadalajara’s Daily Press ABSTRACT PDF
Juan S. Larrosa-Fuentes 17 pgs.
"Banal" Europeanized National Public Spheres? Framing the Eurozone Crisis in the European Elite Press ABSTRACT PDF
Katharine Sarikakis, Asimina Koukou, Lisa Winter 19 pgs.
The Strange Life and Death of the Fairness Doctrine: Tracing the Decline of Positive Freedoms in American Policy Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Victor Pickard 20 pgs.
Bringing the Mountain to the Prophet: Marshall McLuhan’s Mythology in the Anthropocene ABSTRACT PDF
Niall P. Stephens 18 pgs.
Becoming Iconic ABSTRACT PDF
Barry King 19 pgs.
Social Issues and TV Scripted Fiction: An Exploration of Fans’ Feedback in Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Deborah Castro, Joseph D. Straubhaar 22 pgs.
Rethinking the Venezuelan Media Presidency: Populism/Authoritarianism and “Spectacular Modernity” ABSTRACT PDF
Noah Zweig 19 pgs.
The Bounded Embodiment of Fandom in China: Recovering Shifting Media Experiences and Fan Participation Through an Oral History of Animation-Comics-Games Lovers ABSTRACT PDF
Yiyi Yin, Zhuoxiao Xie 18 pgs.
Implicit and Explicit Control: Modeling the Effect of Internet Censorship on Political Protest in China ABSTRACT PDF
Jiayin Lu, Yupei Zhao 23 pgs.
Networks of Play and Resentment: Emotionally Mobilized Protests in Macau in the Internet Age ABSTRACT PDF
Zhongxuan Lin 20 pgs.
Theoretical Frames and Institutional Constraints: A Synopsis About Chilean Communication Research in the 21st Century ABSTRACT PDF
Claudia Lagos Lira 22 pgs.
Attention in Business Press to the Diffusion of Attention Technologies, 1990–2017 ABSTRACT PDF
Ronald E. Rice, Zane T. Hoffmann 26 pgs.
The Media Event Build-Up Phase: A Site of Contestation and Counternarratives ABSTRACT PDF
Cerianne Robertson 20 pgs.
Far-Right Parties in the European Union and Media Populism: A Comparative Analysis of 10 Countries During European Parliament Elections ABSTRACT PDF
Larisa Doroshenko 21 pgs.
The Post-Truth Double-Helix: Reflexivity and Mistrust in Local Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Timothy Gibson 19 pgs.
Communication Theory After the Administered Society: The “Total Market” in the Writings of the Departamento Ecuménico de Investigaciones ABSTRACT PDF
Vicente Berdayes 21 pgs.
“He’s Got His Own Sea”: Political Facebook Unfriending in the Personal Public Sphere ABSTRACT PDF
Nicholas A. John, Noam Gal 18 pgs.
A New Women’s Work: Digital Interactions, Gender, and Social Network Sites ABSTRACT PDF
Angela M. Cirucci 23 pgs.
Changing Center and Stagnant Periphery in Communication and Media Studies: National Diversity of Major International Journals in the Field of Communication from 2013 to 2017 ABSTRACT PDF
Marton Demeter 29 pgs.
Winds of Change? BRICS as a Perspective in International Media Research ABSTRACT PDF
Afonso de Albuquerque, Diógenes Lycarião 20 pgs.
The Idea of Europeanness: Perceptions of Erasmus Students in Turkey and The Netherlands ABSTRACT PDF
Zeynep Aksoy 22 pgs.
Poor Information: How Economics Affects the Information Lives of Low-Income Individuals ABSTRACT PDF
James T. Hamilton, Fiona Morgan 19 pgs.
Can the Internet Aid Democratic Consolidation? Online News and Legitimacy in Central and Eastern Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew Placek 22 pgs.
Smartphones as Metamedia: A Framework for Identifying the Niches Structuring Smartphone Use ABSTRACT PDF
Lee Humphreys, Veronika Karnowski, Thilo von Pape 17 pgs.
Selfies and Cultural Events: Mixed Methods for the Study of Selfies in Context ABSTRACT PDF
Gemma San Cornelio, Antoni Roig 20 pgs.
New Methods of Measuring Opinion Leadership: A Systematic, Interdisciplinary Literature Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Katrin Jungnickel 23 pgs.
Building a Digital Silk Road? Situating the Internet in China's Belt and Road Initiative ABSTRACT PDF
Hong Shen 19 pgs.
Where is the Deliberative Turn Going? A Survey Study of the Impacts of Public Consultation and Deliberation in China ABSTRACT PDF
Wenjie Yan 22 pgs.
Media Exposure, Perceived Efficacy, and Protective Behaviors in a Public Health Emergency ABSTRACT PDF
Xigen Li 20 pgs.
Not a Twitter Revolution: Anti-neoliberal and Antiracist Resistance in the Ferguson Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Cristina Mislan, Amalia Dache-Gerbino 19 pgs.
How Propaganda Moderates the Influence of Opinion Leaders on Social Media in China ABSTRACT PDF
He Huang, Fangfei Wang, Li Shao 23 pgs.
Going Negative on Facebook: Negative User Expressions and Political Parties’ Reactions in the 2013 Austrian National Election Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Uta Russmann 21 pgs.
A Movement of Varying Faces: How “Occupy Central” Was Framed In the News in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, the UK, and the U.S. ABSTRACT PDF
Y. Roselyn Du, Lingzi Zhu, Fan Yang 22 pgs.
Appealing to the 52%: Exploring Clinton and Trump’s Appeals to Women Voters During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election ABSTRACT PDF
Lindsey Meeks 19 pgs.
Aggressiveness in Chinese Foreign Ministers' Responses to Journalists During Press Conferences, 1996–2016 ABSTRACT PDF
Feng Wu, Jiahui Zhang 24 pgs.
Hashtag Activism as a Form of Political Action: A Qualitative Analysis of the #BringBackOurGirls Campaign in Nigerian, UK, and U.S. Press ABSTRACT PDF
Sylvester Senyo Ofori-Parku, Derek Moscato 23 pgs.
Scientific Evidence and Cue Theories in Deception Research: Reconciling Findings From Meta-Analyses and Primary Experiments ABSTRACT PDF
Timothy R. Levine 19 pgs.
Media Influence on Intention for Risk-Aversive Behaviors: The Direct and Indirect Influence of Blogs through Presumed Influence on Others ABSTRACT PDF
Borae Jin, Sungeun Chung, Sangho Byeon 18 pgs.
Curious or Afraid of Using Study Drugs? The Effects of Self-Referent Thoughts and Identification on Anticipated Affect ABSTRACT PDF
Hye Kyung Kim, Tae Kyoung Lee 22 pgs.
Ethnic Media and Counterhegemony: Agonistic Pluralism, Policy, and Professionalism ABSTRACT PDF
John Budarick 15 pgs.
The Politics of Media Policy Making in a Contested Transition: The Case of Zimbabwe’s Government of National Unity, 2009–2013 ABSTRACT PDF
Wallace Chuma 19 pgs.
Narrative “End States” and the Dynamics of Participation in Civic Crowdfunding ABSTRACT PDF
Amanda J. Porter, Marcel Veenswijk 20 pgs.
Political Apptivism: Constructing Israeli-Palestinian Political Experience Through App Use ABSTRACT PDF
Oren Golan, Noam Tirosh 21 pgs.
Crowdsourcing as a Platform for Digital Labor Unions ABSTRACT PDF
Payal Arora, Linnea Holter Thompson 19 pgs.
The 2017 Women’s March on Washington: An Analysis of Protest-Sign Messages ABSTRACT PDF
Kirsten Weber, Tisha Dejmanee, Flemming Rhode 25 pgs.
Three Network Dynamics in Iran: A McLuhanian Account ABSTRACT PDF
Mehdi Mohsenian-Rad, Babak Rahimi 19 pgs.
Googling the World: Global and Regional Information Flows in Google Trends ABSTRACT PDF
Elad Segev 19 pgs.
How Influential Are Chinese Media in Africa? An Audience Analysis in Kenya and South Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Herman Wasserman, Dani Madrid-Morales 20 pgs.
“Digital Citizenship” Revisited: The Impact of ICTs on Citizens’ Political Communication Beyond the Western State ABSTRACT PDF
Martin Emmer, Marlene Kunst 21 pgs.
A Typology of Populism: Toward a Revised Theoretical Framework on the Sender Side and Receiver Side of Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Hameleers 20 pgs.
South African Activists’ Use of Nanomedia and Digital Media in Democratization Conflicts ABSTRACT PDF
Tanja Bosch, Herman Wasserman, Wallace Chuma 18 pgs.
Power Pressures and Pocketbook Concerns: Perceptions of Organizational Influences on News Content in the Television Industry ABSTRACT PDF
Rita Colistra 21 pgs.
The Agency Makes the (Online) News World go Round: The Impact of News Agency Content on Print and Online News ABSTRACT PDF
Jelle Boumans, Damian Trilling, Rens Vliegenthart, Hajo Boomgaarden 22 pgs.
Live From New York, It’s Trump on Twitter! The Effect of Engaging With Saturday Night Live on Perceptions of Authenticity and the Salience of Trait Ratings ABSTRACT PDF
Amy B. Becker 22 pgs.
Echo Chambers in Parliamentary Twitter Networks: The Catalan Case ABSTRACT PDF
Marc Esteve Del Valle, Rosa Borge Bravo 21 pgs.
Who Speaks for the Past? Social Media, Social Memory, and the Production of Historical Knowledge in Contemporary China ABSTRACT PDF
Jun Liu 21 pgs.
Studying Real-Time Audience Responses to Political Messages: A New Research Agenda ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Coleman, Giles Moss, Alvaro Martinez-Perez 19 pgs.
Entertainment, News, and Income Inequality: How Colombian Media Shape Perceptions of Income Inequality and Why It Matters ABSTRACT PDF
David Coppini, German Alvarez, Hernando Rojas 24 pgs.
The Ecological Dynamics of Organizational Change: Density Dependence in the Rate of Weibo Adoption by Populations of News Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Yu Xu 26 pgs.
Examining the Connectedness of Connective Action: The Participant-Initiated Facebook Pages in Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Yin Zhang, Francis L. F. Lee 21 pgs.
Political Participation in Hong Kong: The Roles of News Media and Online Alternative Media ABSTRACT PDF
Chuanli Xia, Fei Shen 22 pgs.
American Realities on Public Television: Analysis of Independent Television Service’s Independent Documentaries, 2007–2016 ABSTRACT PDF
Caty Borum Chattoo, Patricia Aufderheide, Michele Alexander, Chandler Green 28 pgs.
The Role of Social Media in Protest Participation: The Case of Candlelight Vigils in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Sangwon Lee 18 pgs.
Public and Personal Responses to Environmental Pollution in China: Differential Susceptibility, Direct Experience and Media Use ABSTRACT PDF
Shaojing Sun, Andy Merolla, Mihye Seo 22 pgs.
Invitation to Witness: The Role of Subjects in Documentary Representations of the End of Life ABSTRACT PDF
Emily West 20 pgs.
The Paradox of Source Credibility in Canadian and U.S. Domestic Counterterrorism Communications ABSTRACT PDF
Patrick Belanger, Susan Szmania 22 pgs.
The Transnationalism of Cultural Journalism in Sweden: Outlooks and Introspection in the Global Era ABSTRACT PDF
Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm 21 pgs.
“Seize Your Moment, My Lovely Trolls”: News, Satire, and Public Opinion About Net Neutrality ABSTRACT PDF
Paul R. Brewer, Dannagal G. Young, Jennifer L. Lambe, Lindsay H. Hoffman, Justin Collier 23 pgs.
All at Once or Bit by Bit? How the Serialization of News Affects Recipients’ Attitudes Toward Politicians Involved in Scandals ABSTRACT PDF
Christian von Sikorski, Johannes Knoll 19 pgs.
Contemporary Gurus in Indian Classrooms: Changing Professorial Authority and Cultural Tensions in Managing Digital Connectivity ABSTRACT PDF
Uttaran Dutta, Pauline Hope Cheong, Robert Shuter 20 pgs.
Public Service Austerity Broadcasts: Framing the Euro Debt Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Cullinane 19 pgs.
Persuasion Through Emotion? An Experimental Test of the Emotion-Eliciting Nature of Populist Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Dominique S. Wirz 25 pgs.
Reproducing the Imprint of Power: Framing the “Creative Class” in Putin’s Russia ABSTRACT PDF
Volha Kananovich, Frank D. Durham 27 pgs.
Internet and Social Media in European Minority Languages: Analysis of the Digitalization Process ABSTRACT PDF
Carme Ferré-Pavia, Iñaki Zabaleta, Arantza Gutierrez, Itxaso Fernandez-Astobiza, Nicolás Xamardo 22 pgs.
Journalistic Role Performance in the Spanish National Press ABSTRACT PDF
María Luisa Humanes, Sergio Roses 22 pgs.
Nobody Notices It? Qualitative Inequalities of Leading Publications in Communication and Media Research ABSTRACT PDF
Marton Demeter 31 pgs.
Defensive Reactions to Threatening Health Messages: Alternative Structures and Next Questions ABSTRACT PDF
James Price Dillard, Eric Meczkowski, Chun Yang 23 pgs.
The Negative and Positive Influences of Threat and Nonthreat Media Messages About Immigrants ABSTRACT PDF
Chanjung Kim, Jake Harwood, Jun Xiang 23 pgs.
#fukushima Five Years On: A Multimethod Analysis of Twitter on the Anniversary of the Nuclear Disaster ABSTRACT PDF
Anna Rantasila, Anu Sirola, Arto Kekkonen, Katja Valaskivi, Risto Kunelius 22 pgs.
Propaganda for Kids: Comparing IS-Produced Propaganda to Depictions of Propaganda in The Hunger Games and Harry Potter Film Series ABSTRACT PDF
Katherine A. Elder 19 pgs.
Knitting Activism, Knitting Gender, Knitting Race ABSTRACT PDF
Samantha Close 23 pgs.
The Pull of Humanitarian Interventionism: Examining the Effects of Media Frames and Political Values on People’s Choice of Resolution ABSTRACT PDF
Jovan Milojevich, Peter Beattie 25 pgs.
Communicating on Twitter for Charity: Understanding the Wall of Kindness Initiative in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan ABSTRACT PDF
M. Laeeq Khan, Zulfia Zaher, Bowen Gao 25 pgs.
Positive or Negative? The Influence of Message Framing, Regulatory Focus, and Product Type ABSTRACT PDF
Hsiao-Ching Lee, Shu-Fang Liu, Ya-Chung Cheng 18 pgs.
A Mixed Methods Approach to Examining the Relationship Between News Media Literacy and Political Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa Tully, Emily K. Vraga 22 pgs.
The Power of Narratives: A New Understanding of Antibiotic Resistance ABSTRACT PDF
Slavica Kodish 21 pgs.
The Public Intellectual as Agent-Egoist: Sherry Turkle’s Ethnography ABSTRACT PDF
Marcus Breen 20 pgs.
News Media Use and the Informed Public in the Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Michael A. Xenos, Dietram Scheufele, Dominique Brossard, Doo-Hun Choi, Michael Cacciatore, Sara Yeo, Leona Yi-Fan Su 19 pgs.
An Analysis of the Korean Wave as Transnational Popular Culture: North American Youth Engage Through Social Media as TV Becomes Obsolete ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 19 pgs.
Media Use and Environmental Engagement: Examining Differential Gains from News Media and Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Nan Zhang, Marko M. Skoric 24 pgs.
Political Talk Preferences: Selection of Similar and Different Discussion Partners and Groups ABSTRACT PDF
Alyssa C. Morey, Steven B. Kleinman, Mark Boukes 21 pgs.
Who’s Afraid of a Pan-European Spectrum Policy? The EU and the Battles Over the UHF Broadcast Band ABSTRACT PDF
Marko Ala-Fossi, Montse Bonet 22 pgs.
Feast for the Eyes: Effects of Food Perceptions and Computer Vision Features on Food Photo Popularity ABSTRACT PDF
Yilang Peng, John B. Jemmott III 24 pgs.
Outside-In Constructions of Organizational Legitimacy: Sensitizing the Influence of Evaluative Judgments Through Mass Self-Communication in Online Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Deike Schulz, Jan Jonker, Niels Faber 23 pgs.
Framing Philanthropy in Time of War ABSTRACT PDF
Shani Horowitz-Rozen, Eytan Gilboa 21 pgs.
Returning to Kolchak: Polymediated Narrative, Discourse, and Supernatural Drama ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew F. Herrmann, Art Herbig 19 pgs.
My Hero, Your Aggressor: Differences in Perceptions of News Media Brand Personality ABSTRACT PDF
Danny D. E. Kim 22 pgs.
Gender, Parasocial Interaction, and Nonverbal Communication: Testing the Visual Effect of Sports Magazine Cover Models ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wasike 27 pgs.
Examining the Role of Communication Activities in Perceived Collective Efficacy and Neighborhood Violence ABSTRACT PDF
Masahiro Yamamoto 21 pgs.
United States Digital Service: How “Obama’s Startup” Harnesses Disruption and Productive Failure to Reboot Government ABSTRACT PDF
Stephanie Ricker Schulte 21 pgs.
The Nation-State in the Digital Age: A Contextual Analysis in 33 Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Jia Lu, Xinchuan Liu 21 pgs.
What Influences Adolescents’ Rumor Acceptance and Support for Participation in Sociopolitical Issues? Analyzing the Role of Patterns and Levels of Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Jae-Seon Jeong, Seungyoon Lee 24 pgs.
From Women Empowerment to Nation Branding: A Case Study From the United Arab Emirates ABSTRACT PDF
Ilhem Allagui, Abeer Al-Najjar 18 pgs.
The Contextual Accomplishment of Privacy ABSTRACT PDF
Kelly Quinn, Zizi Papacharissi 23 pgs.
The Digital Public Sphere: An Alternative and Counterhegemonic Space? The Case of Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Víctor Sampedro, Mayra Martínez Avidad 22 pgs.
Prosocial vs. Trolling Community on Facebook: A Comparative Study of Individual Group Communicative Behaviors ABSTRACT PDF
Elmie Nekmat, Kellyn Lee 22 pgs.
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Special Sections

Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Mobilities in Asia — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Raka Shome 19 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Tracing the Discourse of Migrant Labor in China: Mobility, Fixity, and Displacement in the Workshop of the World ABSTRACT PDF
Zhuo Ban 18 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Logics of Mobility: Social Movements and Their Networked Other ABSTRACT PDF
Shiv Ganesh 14 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| “I Have Always Thought of My Family First”: An Analysis of Transnational Caregiving Among Filipino Migrant Adult Children in Melbourne, Australia ABSTRACT PDF
Earvin Charles B. Cabalquinto 19 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Essentialist Identities as Resistance to Immobilities: Communicative Mobilities of Vietnamese Foreign Brides in Singapore ABSTRACT PDF
Arul Chib, Hoan Nguyen 22 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Im/materializing Cross-Border Mobility: A Study of Mainland China–Hong Kong Daigou (Cross-Border Shopping Services on Global Consumer Goods) ABSTRACT PDF
Zhuoxiao Xie 14 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Precarities of Migrant Work in Singapore: Precarities of Migrant Work in Singapore: Migration, (Im)mobility, and Neoliberal Governmentality ABSTRACT PDF
Mohan Jyoti Dutta, Satveer Kaur-Gill 19 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Media, Mobility, and Resilience Among Diasporic Young People ABSTRACT PDF
Audrey Yue 21 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Mobile Media Photography and Intergenerational Families ABSTRACT PDF
Jolynna Sinanan, Larissa Hjorth, Kana Ohashi, Fumitoshi Kato 17 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Facebook, Long-Distance Marriages, and the Mediation of Intimacies ABSTRACT PDF
Kristel Anne Acedera, Brenda S. A. Yeoh 20 pgs.
Mobilities, Communication, and Asia| Dreams and Desserts: Indigenous Migration, Service, and Mobility in India ABSTRACT PDF
Dolly Kikon 15 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Marcus Michaelsen, Marlies Glasius 7 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| Illiberal and Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Sphere — Prologue ABSTRACT PDF
Marlies Glasius, Marcus Michaelsen 19 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| Information, Security, and Authoritarian Stability: Internet Policy Diffusion and Coordination in the Former Soviet Region ABSTRACT PDF
Jaclyn A. Kerr 21 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| The Contestation and Shaping of Cyber Norms Through China’s Internet Sovereignty Agenda ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah McKune, Shazeda Ahmed 21 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| Transforming Threats to Power: The International Politics of Authoritarian Internet Control in Iran ABSTRACT PDF
Marcus Michaelsen 21 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| Asymmetrical Power Between Internet Giants and Users in China ABSTRACT PDF
Aofei Lv, Ting Luo 19 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| Blocking the Bottleneck: Internet Shutdowns and Ownership at Election Times in Sub-Saharan Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Tina Freyburg, Lisa Garbe 21 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| Understanding Internet Shutdowns: A Case Study from Pakistan ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wagner 22 pgs.
Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age| “Through a Glass, Darkly”: Everyday Acts of Authoritarianism in the Liberal West ABSTRACT PDF
Arne Hintz, Stefania Milan 21 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge: From Important Revelations to Provocations, Trivialities, and Neglect — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Sigurd Allern, Christian von Sikorski 10 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge| Blunders, Scandals, and Strategic Communication in U.S. Foreign Policy: Benghazi vs. 9/11 ABSTRACT PDF
Robert Entman, Sarah Stonbely 24 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge| Political Scandals Under Responsive Authoritarianism: The Case of the Bo Xilai Trial in China ABSTRACT PDF
Francis L.F. Lee 19 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge| “Assassination Campaigns”: Corruption Scandals and News Media Instrumentalization ABSTRACT PDF
Paolo Mancini 20 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge| The New Normal: Scandals as a Standard Feature of Political Life in Nordic Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Ester Pollack, Sigurd Allern, Anu Kantola, Mark Ørsten 22 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge| The Aftermath of Political Scandals: A Meta-Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Christian von Sikorski 25 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge| Powerful and Powerless: Psychological Reactions of Norwegian Politicians Exposed in Media Scandals ABSTRACT PDF
Kim Edgar Karlsen, Fanny Duckert 19 pgs.
Political Scandals as a Democratic Challenge| Hidden Traps: An Essay on Scandals — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Hans Mathias Kepplinger 14 pgs.
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Omar V. Rosas, Javier Serrano-Puche 9 pgs.
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere| The Emotional Public Sphere and Its Importance: Freedom of Speech as a Case Study — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Barry Richards 12 pgs.
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere| Public Sphere Participation Online: The Ambiguities of Affect — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Dahlgren 19 pgs.
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere| Toward a Typology of Mediated Anger: Routine Coverage of Protest and Political Emotion ABSTRACT PDF
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen 17 pgs.
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere| The Emotional Economy of the European Financial Crisis in the UK Press ABSTRACT PDF
Tereza Capelos, Theofanis Exadaktylos, Stavroula Chrona, Maria Poulopoulou 26 pgs.
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere| Strategic Avoidance and Strategic Use: A Look into Spanish Online Journalists’ Attitudes Toward Emotions in Reporting ABSTRACT PDF
Omar V. Rosas 19 pgs.
News Media and the Emotional Public Sphere| Audiences as Medium: Motivations and Emotions in News Sharing ABSTRACT PDF
Alberto Dafonte-Gómez 20 pgs.
(Un)civil Society in Digital China| Uncivil Society in Digital China: Incivility, Fragmentation, and Political Stability — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Min Jiang, Ashley Esarey 17 pgs.
(Un)civil Society in Digital China| Demobilizing the Emotions of Online Activism in China: A Civilizing Process ABSTRACT PDF
Guobin Yang 21 pgs.
(Un)civil Society in Digital China| Withering Gongzhi: Cyber Criticism of Chinese Public Intellectuals ABSTRACT PDF
Rongbin Han 22 pgs.
(Un)civil Society in Digital China| Slogans and Slurs, Misogyny and Nationalism: A Case Study of Anti-Japanese Sentiment by Chinese Netizens in Contentious Social Media Comments ABSTRACT PDF
Jason Q. Ng, Eileen Le Han 22 pgs.
(Un)civil Society in Digital China| Wenming Bu Wenming: The Socialization of Incivility in Postdigital China ABSTRACT PDF
Gabriele De Seta 21 pgs.
Nuit Debout| The Nuit Debout Movement: Communication, Politics, and the Counter-Production of “Everynight Life” — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Jayson Harsin 21 pgs.
Nuit Debout| Strange Speech: Structures of Listening in Nuit Debout, Occupy, and 15M ABSTRACT PDF
Jessica Feldman 24 pgs.
Nuit Debout| Nuit Debout: Representations, Affect, and Prototyping Change — Feature ABSTRACT PDF
Adrienne Russell 8 pgs.
Nuit Debout| Toward a Creative Activism with a Sense of Humor: An Interview with François Ruffin ABSTRACT PDF
Serge Chaumier 15 pgs.
Nuit Debout| Activist Reflexivity and Mediated Violence: Putting the Policing of Nuit Debout in Context ABSTRACT PDF
Anna Feigenbaum, Patrick McCurdy 21 pgs.
Nuit Debout| Up All Night, Down for the Count? A Compositionist Approach to Nuit Debout ABSTRACT PDF
Jack Bratich 20 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Understanding Privacy at the Margins—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Alice E. Marwick, danah boyd 9 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Refractive Surveillance: Monitoring Customers to Manage Workers ABSTRACT PDF
Karen Levy, Solon Barocas 23 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Not the Normal Trans Story: Negotiating Trans Narratives While Crowdfunding at the Margins ABSTRACT PDF
Niki Fritz, Amy Gonzales 20 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Being at Home with Privacy: Privacy and Mundane Intimacy Through Same-Sex Locative Media Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Larissa Hjorth, Sarah Pink, Heather A. Horst 19 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| The Poverty of Privacy: Understanding Privacy Trade-Offs From Identity Infrastructure Users in India ABSTRACT PDF
Janaki Srinivasan, Savita Bailur, Emrys Schoemaker, Sarita Seshagiri 20 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Technology in Rural Appalachia: Cultural Strategies of Resistance and Navigation ABSTRACT PDF
Sherry Hamby, Elizabeth Taylor, Alli Smith, Kimberly Mitchell, Lisa Jones 21 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Concerns, Skills, and Activities: Multilayered Privacy Issues in Disadvantaged Urban Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Xiaoqian Li, Wenhong Chen, Joseph D. Straubhaar 22 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Privacy Versus Relatedness: Managing Device Use in Australia’s Remote Aboriginal Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Ellie Rennie, Tyson Yunkaporta, Indigo Holcombe-James 19 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Socially Mediated Visibility: Friendship and Dissent in Authoritarian Azerbaijan ABSTRACT PDF
Katy E. Pearce, Jessica Vitak, Kristen Barta 22 pgs.
Privacy at the Margins| Settler Governance and Privacy: Canada’s Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement and the Mediation of State-Based Violence ABSTRACT PDF
Lara Fullenwieder, Adam Molnar 18 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Digital Traces in Context — An Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Andreas Hepp, Andreas Breiter, Thomas N. Friemel 11 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Otherwise Engaged: Social Media from Vanity Metrics to Critical Analytics ABSTRACT PDF
Richard Rogers 23 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| 100 Billion Data Rows per Second: Media Analytics in the Early 21st Century ABSTRACT PDF
Lev Manovich 16 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Google Maps as Cartographic Infrastructure: From Participatory Mapmaking to Database Maintenance ABSTRACT PDF
Jean-Christophe Plantin 18 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Political Agency, Digital Traces, and Bottom-Up Data Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Stefania Milan 21 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Tweets Are Not Created Equal. A Platform Perspective on Social Media Metrics ABSTRACT PDF
Carolin Gerlitz, Bernhard Rieder 20 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Reuniting a Divided Public? Tracing the TTIP Debate on Twitter and in Traditional Media ABSTRACT PDF
Gerret von Nordheim, Karin Boczek, Lars Koppers, Elena Erdmann 22 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| From “Knowledge Brokers” to Opinion Makers: How Physical Presence Affected Scientists’ Twitter Use During the COP21 Climate Change Conference ABSTRACT PDF
Stefanie Walter, Fenja De Silva-Schmidt, Michael Brüggemann 22 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Social Media Giveth, Social Media Taketh Away: Facebook, Friendships, and APIs ABSTRACT PDF
Bernie Hogan 20 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Unraveling the App Store: Toward an Interpretative Perspective on Tracing ABSTRACT PDF
Tilo Grenz, Heiko Kirschner 17 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Self-Tracking Data as Digital Traces of Identity: A Theoretical Analysis of Contextual Factors of Self-Observation Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Bernadette Kneidinger-Müller 18 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Personal Data Contexts, Data Sense and Self-Tracking Cycling ABSTRACT PDF
Deborah Lupton, Sarah Pink, Christine Heyes LaBond, Shanti Sumartojo 19 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Digital Traces and Personal Analytics: iTime, Self-Tracking, and the Temporalities of Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Martin Hand, Michelle Gorea 17 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Appropriating Digital Traces of Self-Quantification: Contextualizing Pragmatic and Enthusiast Self-Trackers ABSTRACT PDF
Ulrike Gerhard, Andreas Hepp 18 pgs.
Digital Traces in Context| Tracing Capitalism’s Turn to Data: Or, Contextualizing Daily Life’s New Data “Context” — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Nick Couldry 5 pgs.
More Special Sections


The Limits of the Limits of the Law: How Useable Are DMCA Anticircumvention Exceptions? ABSTRACT PDF
Patricia Aufderheide, Aram Sinnreich, Joseph Graf 20 pgs.
Making Implicit Methods Explicit: Trade Press Analysis in the Political Economy of Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas F. Corrigan 22 pgs.
Distributed Creativity on the Internet: A Theoretical Foundation for Online Creative Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Ioana Literat, Vlad Petre Glaveanu 16 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Alan MacLeod, Bad News from Venezuela: Twenty Years of Fake News and Misreporting PDF
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Theorizing the Future of Rhetoric and Posthumanism: Perspectives on Bodies that Learn Language and Objects that Have Agency PDF
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Grant Bollmer, Inhuman Networks: Social Media and the Archaeology of Connection PDF
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Andre Cavalcante, Struggling for Ordinary: Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life PDF
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Robert E. Babe, Wilbur Schramm and Noam Chomsky Meet Harold Innis: Media, Power and Democracy PDF
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The Ambivalences of the Citizen Marketer Concept: A Response to Tabassum Ruhi Khan PDF
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Reviewed by Andrei G. Richter 3 pgs.
Keyword Up! PDF
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Paul Feigenbaum, Collaborative Imagination: Earning Activism through Literacy Education PDF
Reviewed by Kellie Brownlee 4 pgs.
Nicholas Holm, Humour as Politics: The Political Aesthetics of Contemporary Comedy PDF
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Kara Alaimo, Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication PDF
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Reviewed by Rachel Elizabeth Moran 3 pgs.
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Reviewed by Michael L. Kent 5 pgs.
Jessica M. Fishman, Death Makes the News: How the Media Censor and Display the Dead PDF
Reviewed by David D. Perlmutter 6 pgs.
Myra S. Washington, Invasian: Racial Mixing in the Celebrity Industrial Complex PDF
Reviewed by Shelley Tuazon Guyton 4 pgs.
Joel Penney, Citizen Marketer: Promoting Political Opinion in the Social Media Age PDF
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Sean Cubitt, Finite Media: Environmental Implications of Digital Technologies PDF
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Communications Technology and Media in China under Xi PDF
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Domesticating the Global: Manga Beyond Japan PDF
Reviewed by James Lee 3 pgs.
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The Earnest Internet vs. the Ambivalent Internet PDF
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Reviewed by Ester Appelgren 3 pgs.
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Reviewed by Deborah Neffa Creech 3 pgs.
Linje Manyozo, Communicating Development with Communities PDF
Reviewed by Winifredo Dagli 4 pgs.
Des Freedman, The Contradictions of Media Power PDF
Reviewed by Steve Macek 5 pgs.
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