Table of Contents


“Rush, I Love You”: Interactional Fandom on U.S. Political Talk Radio ABSTRACT PDF
Gonen Dori-Hacohen 22 pgs.
Mediating Tourist Landscape: A Case Study of Media-Induced Tourism in China ABSTRACT PDF
Guanxiong Huang 19 pgs.
Communication, Volunteering, and Aging: A Research Agenda ABSTRACT PDF
Jessica Gasiorek, Howard Giles 19 pgs.
Cultural Values Conveyed through Celebrity Endorsers: A Content Analysis of Chinese Television Commercials ABSTRACT PDF
Zhen Sun 22 pgs.
Critical Communication Pedagogy and Assessment: Reconciling Two Seemingly Incongruous Ideas ABSTRACT PDF
David H. Kahl, Jr. 21 pgs.
Bonding and Bridging Migrant Workers to Korean Society: A Study of Migrant Workers’ Television as a Counterpublic Sphere ABSTRACT PDF
Hun-Yul Lee 21 pgs.
Can We Get Around Rural Isolation? Adolescents and Mobile Telephones in Rural Areas: A Case Study in Galicia. ABSTRACT PDF
Carlos Ferras, Yolanda Garcia, Mariña Pose 23 pgs.
Online Participation in a Community Context: Civic Engagement and Connections to Local Communication Resources ABSTRACT PDF
Katherine Ognyanova, Nien-Tsu Nancy Chen, Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach, Zheng An, Minhee Son, Michael Parks, Daniela Gerson 24 pgs.
Framing Occupy Wall Street: A Content Analysis of The New York Times and USA Today ABSTRACT PDF
Kaibin Xu 21 pgs.
Productive vs. Pathological: The Contested Space of Video Games in Post-Reform China (1980s–2012) ABSTRACT PDF
Lin Zhang 21 pgs.
Pop Polyvocality: Internet Memes, Public Participation, and the Occupy Wall Street Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Ryan M. Milner 34 pgs.
Do People “Like” Politicians on Facebook? Not really. Large-Scale Direct Candidate-to-Voter Online Communication as an Outlier Phenomenon ABSTRACT PDF
Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Cristian Vaccari 24 pgs.
Participatory Film Production as Media Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Antoni Roig Telo 21 pgs.
Determinants of Mobile Telecommunication Adoption in Kurdistan ABSTRACT PDF
Nabaz T. Khayyat, Almas Heshmati 27 pgs.
Pioneering eSport: The Experience Economy and the Marketing of Early 1980s Arcade Gaming Contests ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Borowy, Dal Yong Jin 21 pgs.
Frame Contestation in the News: National Identity, Cultural Resonance, and U.S. Drone Policy ABSTRACT PDF
Charles M. Rowling, Penelope Sheets, Timothy M. Jones 23 pgs.
Recalling the Ghosts of 9/11: Convergent Memorializing at the Opening of the National 9/11 Memorial ABSTRACT PDF
Aaron Hess, Art Herbig 24 pgs.
The Media Work of Syrian Diaspora Activists: Brokering Between the Protest and Mainstream Media ABSTRACT PDF
Kari Andén-Papadopoulos, Mervi Pantti 22 pgs.
Legal Avenues for Ending Impunity for the Death of Journalists in Conflict Zones: Current and Proposed International Agreements ABSTRACT PDF
Kayt Davies, Emily Crawford 21 pgs.
Transnational Families in Armenia and Information Communication Technology Use ABSTRACT PDF
Katy E. Pearce, Janine S. Slaker, Nida Ahmad 29 pgs.
Inventing Twitter: An Iterative Approach to New Media Development ABSTRACT PDF
Ignacio Siles 23 pgs.
Combating Violence Against Women Through C4D: The "Use Your Voice" Campaign and Its Implications on Audience-Citizens in Papua New Guinea ABSTRACT PDF
Vipul Khosla, Akina Mikami, Lauren B. Frank, Isabel Popal, Klara Debeljak, Amelia Shaw 18 pgs.
Technologies of Piracy? Exploring the Interplay between Commercialism and Idealism in the Development of MP3 and DivX ABSTRACT PDF
Hendrik Storstein Spilker, Svein Hoier 20 pgs.
A Research Agenda for Online Advertising: Surveying Campaign Practices, 2000-2012 ABSTRACT PDF
Lisa Barnard, Daniel Kreiss 21 pgs.
The BBC and Al Jazeera English: The Similarities and Differences in the Discourse of the Pre-Election Coverage of the 2009 Iranian Election ABSTRACT PDF
Mohd Faizal Kasmani 22 pgs.
Do Third-Person Perceptions Amplify Exemplification Effects? ABSTRACT PDF
Sebastian Scherr, Philipp Müller, Victoria Fast 19 pgs.
Multitasking Across Borders: A Cross-National Study of Media Multitasking Behaviors, Its Antecedents, and Outcomes ABSTRACT PDF
Anastasia Kononova 23 pgs.
Communicating Justice: A Comparison of Courts and Police Use of Contemporary Media ABSTRACT PDF
Jane Johnston, Alyce McGovern 21 pgs.
Website Development and Digital Skill: The State of Traditional Media in European Minority Languages ABSTRACT PDF
Iñaki Zabaleta, Arantza Gutierrez, Carme Ferre-Pavia, Itxaso Fernandez, Santi Urrutia, Nikolas Xamardo 26 pgs.
The Mirror Effect: Spanish and Belgian Press Coverage of Political Conflicts in Flanders and Catalonia ABSTRACT PDF
Enric Castelló, Alexander Dhoest, Sara Bastiaensens 19 pgs.
Returning in a Different Fashion: Culture, Communication and Changing Representations of ‘Lolita’ in Japan and the West ABSTRACT PDF
Perry R. Hinton 21 pgs.
Expressive Versus Consumptive Blog Use: Implications for Interpersonal Discussion and Political Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Homero Gil de Zuniga, Ingrid Bachmann, Shih-Hsien Hsu, Jennifer Brundidge 22 pgs.
Blogging the Unspeakable: Racial Politics, Bakhtin, and the Carnivalesque ABSTRACT PDF
Polly Bugros McLean, David Wallace 20 pgs.
Need for Orientation and Attribute Agenda-Setting During a U.S. Election Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Lindita Camaj, David H. Weaver 22 pgs.
Media Evolution: Emergence, Dominance, Survival and Extinction in the Media Ecology ABSTRACT PDF
Carlos A. Scolari 24 pgs.
Metaphor, Media, and the Market ABSTRACT PDF
Ann E. Williams 14 pgs.
Theorizing Global Media as Global Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Ulrika Olausson 17 pgs.
App Neutrality: Apple’s App Store and Freedom of Expression Online ABSTRACT PDF
Luis E. Hestres 15 pgs.
Media Events Are Still Alive: The Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics as a Media Ritual ABSTRACT PDF
Xi Cui 16 pgs.
Rocking the Vote in Mexico’s 2012 Presidential Election: Mexico’s Popular Music Scene’s Use of Social Media in a Post–Arab Spring Context ABSTRACT PDF
Magdelana Red 15 pgs.
Online Civic Cultures? Debating Climate Change Activism on YouTube ABSTRACT PDF
Julie Uldam, Tina Askanius 20 pgs.
Social Media and Information Conflict ABSTRACT PDF
Brett van Niekerk, Manoj Maharaj 23 pgs.
Semantic Tyranny: How Edward L. Bernays Stole Walter Lippmann’s Mojo and Got Away With It and Why It Still Matters ABSTRACT PDF
Sue Curry Jansen 18 pgs.
The Two Internet Freedoms: Framing Victimhood for Political Gain ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin W. Cramer 20 pgs.
Issue Comparisons and Ordinal Priming ABSTRACT PDF
Bruce Bimber, Jennifer Brundidge, Meredith Conroy, Erica Lively 21 pgs.
Building a “New Latino” in the Post-Network Era: mun2 and the Reconfiguration of the U.S. Latino Audience ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher A. Chavez 20 pgs.
Asserting an Ancient, Emergent Superpower: 2009 Beijing Military Parade, Public Memory, and National Identity ABSTRACT PDF
Jie Gong 23 pgs.
Game Modding, Prosumerism and Neoliberal Labor Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Renyi Hong 19 pgs.
Building Shared Understanding and Capacity for Action: Insights on Climate Risk Communication from India, Ghana, Malawi, and Mongolia ABSTRACT PDF
Jon Padgham, Tahia Devisscher, Togtokh Chuluun, Lucy Mtilatila, Ethel Kaimila, Indira Mansingh, Francis Agyemang-Yeboah, Francis K. Obeng 14 pgs.
Patterns of News Consumption in Austria: How Fragmented Are They? ABSTRACT PDF
Damian Trilling, Klaus Schoenbach 25 pgs.
Boundary Work in an Era of Transformation: Television, Taste and Distinction in Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Solen Sanli 23 pgs.
Foreign News as Marketable Power Display: Reporting Foreign Disasters by the Chinese Local Media ABSTRACT PDF
Haiyan Wang, Francis L. F. Lee, Bess Y. Wang 19 pgs.
Online Social Relations and Country Reputation ABSTRACT PDF
Hyunjin Seo 18 pgs.
Does Exposure to Online Media Matter? The Knowledge Gap and the Mediating Role of News Use ABSTRACT PDF
Hai Tran 22 pgs.
Media Conduction: Festivals, Networks, and Boundaried Spaces ABSTRACT PDF
Robert Moses Peaslee 20 pgs.
Vegans For Vick: Dogfighting, Social Controversy and the Limits of Mainstream Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Garrett M. Broad 21 pgs.
Programming and Editing as Alternative Logics of Music Radio Production ABSTRACT PDF
Danny Kaplan 21 pgs.
“Please Don’t Be Turk, BE GREEK, BE ARMENIAN”: Agency and Deixis Across Virtualized Turkish Imagined Community ABSTRACT PDF
Ali Ersen Erol 18 pgs.
Relevant But Long Since Absent: Re-establishing a Political Economy of the Dutch Media ABSTRACT PDF
Tabe Bergman 19 pgs.
Why Do (We Think) They Hate Us: Anti-Americanism, Patriotic Messages, and Attributions of Blame ABSTRACT PDF
Jason Gilmore, Lindsey Meeks, David Domke 21 pgs.
The Problem with Human Rights Discourse and “Freedom” Indicators: The Case of Burma/Myanmar Media ABSTRACT PDF
Lisa Brooten 20 pgs.
The Functionality of Social Tagging as a Communication System ABSTRACT PDF
Poong Oh, Peter Monge 28 pgs.
"There’s Got to be a Review Democracy": Communicative Capitalism, Neoliberal Citizenship and the Politics of Participation on the Consumer Evaluation Website ABSTRACT PDF
Kathleen Mary Kuehn 19 pgs.
Packaging Inspiration: Al Qaeda’s Digital Magazine in the Self-Radicalization Process ABSTRACT PDF
Susan Currie Sivek 23 pgs.
Data Mining Difference in the Age of Big Data: Communication and the Social Shaping of Genome Technologies from 1998 to 2007 ABSTRACT PDF
Peter A. Chow-White, Sandy Green, Jr. 28 pgs.
Media Systems Dependency and Human Rights Online Video: The “Saffron Revolution” and WITNESS’s Hub ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa Brough, Zhan Li 24 pgs.
Young People, Social Media, Social Network Sites and Sexual Health Communication in Australia: "This is Funny, You Should Watch It" ABSTRACT PDF
Clifton Westly Evers, Kath Albury, Paul Byron, Kate Crawford 18 pgs.
Visually Framing the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq in TIME, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report ABSTRACT PDF
Carol B. Schwalbe 24 pgs.
Restoring Historical Understandings of the ‘Public Interest’ Standard Of American Broadcasting: An Exploration of the Fairness Doctrine ABSTRACT PDF
Christina Lefevre-Gonzalez 21 pgs.
Political and Economic Regulation of North American Public Spheres: Institutional Reception of Al Jazeera in Canada and the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Ian Kivelin Davis 22 pgs.
A Kiss Is (Not) Just a Kiss: Heterodeterminism, Homosexuality and TV Globo Telenovelas ABSTRACT PDF
Samantha Nogueira Joyce 19 pgs.
After Broadband Infrastructure Saturation: The Impact of Public Investment on Rural Social Capital ABSTRACT PDF
KyuJin Shim 22 pgs.
From Critique to Mobilization: The Yes Men and the Utopian Politics of Satirical Fake News ABSTRACT PDF
Ian Reilly 22 pgs.
Engaging Technologies: A Comparative Study of U.S. and Venezuelan Strategies of Influence and Public Diplomacy ABSTRACT PDF
Craig Hayden 25 pgs.
More Articles

Special Sections

Doing It: Methodological Challenges of Communication Research on Sexuality | Editorial Introduction PDF
Lynn Comella, Katherine Sender 15 pgs.
Doing It| The Search for Winks and Nods: The Complications of Archival Research on Historical Sexual Cultures PDF
Nora A. Draper 13 pgs.
Doing It| Queering the Mother Tongue PDF
Sara Mourad 14 pgs.
Doing It| Disorienting Methods: Some Challenges for Transnational Communication Research in Sexuality PDF
Katherine Sender 12 pgs.
Doing It| Interpretive Theorizing in the Seductive World of Sexuality and Interpersonal Communication: Getting Guerilla with Studies of Sexting and Purity Rings PDF
Jimmie Manning 14 pgs.
Doing It| Engaging Pillow Talk: The Challenges of Studying Communication After Sexual Activity PDF
Amanda Denes 12 pgs.
Doing It| Playing the Fool? The Challenges of Conducting Ethnographic Research on Stripping PDF
Beth Hartman 13 pgs.
Doing It| Communication, Sexuality, Defamiliarization PDF
Lisa Henderson 14 pgs.
Doing It| Putting the “Sexual” in “Public Intellectual” PDF
Lynn Comella 11 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Editorial Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Gokcen Karanfil, Yesim Kaptan 5 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| TransNational Media Flows: Some Key Questions and Debates ABSTRACT PDF
Miyase Christensen 19 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Signs in Flow: Transnationalism, Media and Racism ABSTRACT PDF
Mahmut Mutman 14 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Soft Power or Illiiusion of Hegemony: The Case of the Turkish Soap Opera "Colonialism" ABSTRACT PDF
Zafer Yörük, Pantelis Vatikiotis 25 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Neo-Ottoman Cool 2: Turkish Nation Branding and Arabic-Language Transnational Broadcasting ABSTRACT PDF
Omar Al-Ghazzi, Marwan M. Kraidy 20 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| RTU(®)K, Broadcasting, and the Middle East: Regulating the Transnational ABSTRACT PDF
Yeşim Kaptan, Gokcen Karanfil 19 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| “The Reality is Not as It Seems From Turkey”: Imaginations About the Eurovision Song Contest From Its Production Fields ABSTRACT PDF
Altug Akin 19 pgs.
Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Where Arab Media Magnates Stand vis-a-vis Globalized Media Flows: Insights from Egypt and Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PDF
Naomi Sakr 18 pgs.
Critical Communication History | Looking Back, Moving Forward: Critical Communication History | Editorial Introduction PDF
D. Travers Scott, Devon Powers 8 pgs.
Critical Communication History| Checking Up on The Invasion from Mars: Hadley Cantril, Paul Lazarsfeld, and the Making of a Misremembered Classic ABSTRACT PDF
Jefferson D. Pooley, Michael J. Socolow 29 pgs.
Critical Communication History| The Premature Death of Electronic Mail: The United States Postal Service’s E-COM Program, 1978-1985 ABSTRACT PDF
Ryan Ellis 19 pgs.
Critical Communication History| Risk Assessment of Nuclear Power by Japanese Newspapers Following the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster ABSTRACT PDF
Yasuhito Abe 22 pgs.
Critical Communication History| What Makes “Free” Radio? U.S. Media Policy Discussions in Post-War Germany 1945–1947 ABSTRACT PDF
Mandy Tröger 20 pgs.
Critical Communication History| Why is "Ether" in Ethernet? ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Schaefer 17 pgs.
Critical Communication History| Religious Rhetoric(s) of the African Diaspora: Using Oral History to Study HIV/AIDS, Community, and Rhetorical Interventions ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher A. House 19 pgs.
Green Movement| Editorial Introduction: Digital Ethnography, Resistance Art and Communication Media in Iran ABSTRACT PDF
Pedram Khrosronejad 18 pgs.
Green Movement| Thirty Years Later: Iranian Visual Culture from the 1979 Revolution to the 2009 Presidential Protests ABSTRACT PDF
Elizabeth L. Rauh 28 pgs.
Green Movement| The Green Screen: Neda and the Lost Voices ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Duranti 27 pgs.
Green Movement| Aestheticized Politics, Visual Cutlure, and Emergent Forms of Digital Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Mazyar Lotfalian 20 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries: Working Across the Methodological and Epistemological Divide in the Study of Political Entertainment PDF
Dannagal G. Young, Jonathan Gray 4 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries: Can We Bridge the Quantitative Versus Qualitative Divide Through the Study of Entertainment and Politics? ABSTRACT PDF
Michael X. Delli Carpini 21 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Toward a New Vocabulary for Political Communication Research: A Response to Michael X. Delli Carpini ABSTRACT PDF
Jeffrey P. Jones 21 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| An Engagement with Jeffrey Jones’ “Toward a New Vocabulary for Political Communication Research” ABSTRACT PDF
Michael X. Delli Carpini 2 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Political Media as Discursive Modes: A Comparative Analysis of Interviews with Ron Paul from Meet the Press, Tonight, The Daily Show, and Hannity ABSTRACT PDF
Geoffrey Baym 19 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Political Interviews: Examining Perceived Media Bias and Effects Across TV Entertainment Formats ABSTRACT PDF
Lindsay Hoffman 18 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| “Science: What’s It Up To?” The Daily Show and the Social Construction of Science ABSTRACT PDF
Paul R. Brewer 19 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Cloudy with a Chance of Heat Balls: The Portrayal of Global Warming on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report ABSTRACT PDF
Lauren Feldman 22 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Shifting the Conversation: Colbert’s Super PAC and the Measurement of Satirical Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
Amber Day 16 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| When Parody and Reality Collide: Examining the Effects of Colbert’s Super PAC Satire on Issue Knowledge and Policy Engagement across Media Formats ABSTRACT PDF
Heather LaMarre 20 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Political Satire and Occupy Wall Street: How Comics Co-opted Strategies of the Protest Paradigm to Legitimize a Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Dannagal G. Young 23 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| The Rhetoric of Political Comedy: A Tragedy? ABSTRACT PDF
Roderick P. Hart 33 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Developing a Normative Approach to Political Satire: A Critical Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Megan R. Hill 14 pgs.
Breaking Boundaries| Developing a Normative Approach to Political Satire: An Empirical Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
R. Lance Holbert 19 pgs.
More Special Sections


Latin America| Communication Research: Views from Latin America| Editorial Introduction PDF
Maria Elena Gronemeyer, Rayen Condeza 4 pgs.
Latin America| The Use of Digital Media for Social Mobilization in Marginalized Communities: The Case of a Mayan Socioenvironmental Movement in Guatemala PDF
Karina J. Garcia-Ruano, Alejandro Pacheco, Dessiree Suazo 14 pgs.
Latin America| Indians on the Network: Notes about Brazilian Indigenous Cyberactivism PDF
Eliete da Silva Pereira 14 pgs.
Latin America| Steampunk in Brazil: Visuality and Sociability in an Urban Retro-futuristic Culture PDF
Everly Pegoraro 12 pgs.
Latin America| Discourses as Control Devices in the Mining Culture: Tensions in the Integration of Women in Chilean Mining PDF
Paulina Salinas 17 pgs.
Latin America| Construction of the Figure of “Artemio” and the Shining Path (SP) in the Journalistic Discourse of the Peruvian Newspapers El Comercio and La República PDF
Ursula Freundt-Thurne, Gloria Tovar Gil, Marco Mendez Campos, Carla Atencio Vergara 14 pgs.
Latin America| Melodramatic Profiles of Chilean Newscasts: The Case of Emotionalization PDF
María Constanza Mujica, Ingrid Bachmann 20 pgs.
Latin America| How to Measure Professional Journalistic Standards in Television News Coverage of Disasters? 27-F Earthquake in Chile PDF
Soledad Puente, Silvia Pellegrini, Daniela Grassau 16 pgs.
Latin America| Argentine Media and Journalists Enhancing and Polluting of Communication on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Mariano Ure, Martín Parselis 17 pgs.
Latin America| Digital Divide in Colombia: The Role of Motivational and Material Access in the Use and Types of ICTs PDF
Alcides Velasquez 16 pgs.
Latin America| Account Planning in the Mexican Advertising Industry: A Snapshot of a Discipline in Growth PDF
Luis Lopez-Preciado 14 pgs.
Presumptive Public Space and the Tibetan Struggle to Speak in Lhasa PDF
Carolyn Marvin 26 pgs.
Dancing with the Giant: Challenging the Symmetric Paradigm with an Industry-Tested Periodic Table of Influence Strategies PDF
Alan Kelly 15 pgs.
International Journal of Communication| Report: 2012 and the Next Big Thing PDF
Larry Gross, Arlene Luck 10 pgs.
Too Soft on “Soft War”: Commentary on Monroe Price’s “Iran and the Soft War” PDF
Annabelle Sreberny 4 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Evolving Paradigms of Communication Research: Editorial Introduction PDF
Klaus Bruhn Jensen, W. Russell Neuman 9 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Reflections on Paradigm Change in Communication Theory and Research PDF
Denis McQuail 14 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Five Challenges for the Future of Media-Effects Research PDF
Patti M. Valkenburg, Jochen Peter 19 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Permanently Online: A Challenge for Media and Communication Research PDF
Arlene Luck, Matthias Kohring 9 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Paradigms of Civic Communication PDF
Jay G. Blumler, Stephen Coleman 15 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Communication in Common PDF
Graham Murdock 19 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Conquering Visibility, Conferring Visibility: Visibility Seekers and Media Performance PDF
Daniel Dayan 17 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| What Scholars Can Learn from the Crisis of Journalism PDF
Paolo Mancini 10 pgs.
Comm Research—Views from Europe| Comparative Communication Enquiry: Advanciing Cross-National Research in Times of Globalization PDF
Frank Esser 16 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Susan Crawford, Captive Audience: The Telecom Industry and Monopoly Power in the New Gilded Age PDF
Reviewed by Vanessa Lee Jones 3 pgs.
Paul M. Leonardi, Car Crashes without Cars: Lessons about Simulation Technology and Organizational Change from Automotive Design PDF
Reviewed by Kristen L. Guth 5 pgs.
Ronald J. Deibert, Black Code: Inside the Battle for Cyberspace PDF
Reviewed by Sarah Myers 3 pgs.
Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier, Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think PDF
Reviewed by Yadira Espinal 3 pgs.
William H. Dutton (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies PDF
Reviewed by Sudha Venkataswamy 3 pgs.
Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green, Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture PDF
Reviewed by Amy Robertson 4 pgs.
Joseph Michael Reagle, Jr., Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia PDF
Reviewed by Olivia Auxier 3 pgs.
Jason Palmeri, Remixing Composition: A History of Multimodal Writing Pedagogy PDF
Reviewed by Andréa D. Davis 3 pgs.
Lindal Buchanan, Rhetorics of Motherhood PDF
Reviewed by Rachel D. Davidson 3 pgs.
Lauren M. E. Goodlad, Lilya Kaganovsky & Robert A. Rushing (Eds.), Mad Men, Mad World: Sex, Politics, Style & the 1960s PDF
Reviewed by Enrica Picarelli 4 pgs.
Gregory Ferrell Lowe (Ed.), The Public in Public Service Media: RIPE@2009 PDF
Reviewed by Novella Gremigni 5 pgs.
Charlie Gere, Community Without Community in Digital Culture PDF
Reviewed by April Durham 3 pgs.
Ariel Dorfman, Feeding on Dreams: Confessions of an Unrepentant Exile PDF
Reviewed by Nancy Morris 3 pgs.
Athina Karatzogianni (Ed.), Violence and War in Culture and the Media: Five Disciplinary Lenses PDF
Reviewed by Brittany Farr 3 pgs.
Shani Orgad, Media Representation and the Global Imagination PDF
Reviewed by Erika Polson 4 pgs.
Brooke Kroeger, Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception PDF
Reviewed by David Conrad 4 pgs.
Siva Vaidhyanathan, The Googlization of Everything (And Why We Should Worry) PDF
Reviewed by Javier de Rivera 5 pgs.
Peter Pringle (Ed.), A Place at the Table: The Crisis of 49 Million Hungry Americans and How to Solve It PDF
Reviewed by Liliya Yakova 4 pgs.
Tim Dant, Television and the Moral Imaginary: Society Through the Small Screen PDF
Reviewed by David R. Craig 5 pgs.
Jose M. Alvarez-Monzoncillo, Watching the Internet: the future of TV? PDF
Reviewed by Tim Dwyer 4 pgs.
Timothy Havens, Black Television Travels: African American Media Around the Globe PDF
Reviewed by Alfred L. Martin, Jr. 3 pgs.
Anne-Marie Brady (Ed.), China's Thought Management PDF
Reviewed by Rogier Creemers 5 pgs.
Yiu Fai Chow & Jeroen de Kloet, Sonic Multiplicities: Hong Kong Pop and the Global Circulation of Sound and Image PDF
Reviewed by Qian Wang 3 pgs.
Shaun Moores, Media, Place and Mobility PDF
Reviewed by Andrea Dassopoulos 3 pgs.
Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen, The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business PDF
Reviewed by Martin Hilbert 5 pgs.
Ronald C. Arnett, Communication Ethics in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt’s Rhetoric of Warning and Hope PDF
Reviewed by Ralph A. Gigliotti 2 pgs.
Robert W. McChesney, Digital Disconnect: How Capitalism is Turning the Internet Against Democracy PDF
Reviewed by Garrett M. Broad 4 pgs.
Jennifer Petersen, Murder, the Media and the Politics of Public Feeling PDF
Reviewed by Carrie A. Rentschler 4 pgs.
Wendy Hayden, Evolutionary Rhetoric: Sex, Science, and Free Love in Nineteenth-Century Feminism PDF
Reviewed by Robin E. Jensen 3 pgs.
Dick Van Lente (Ed.), The Nuclear Age in Popular Media: A Transnational History, 1945-1965 PDF
Reviewed by Yasuhito Abe 4 pgs.
Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, & Joshua Green, Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture PDF
Reviewed by Rhiannon Bury 3 pgs.
Halidu Osumare, The Hiplife in Ghana: West Africa Indigenization of Hip-Hop PDF
Reviewed by Angela Anima-Korang 3 pgs.
Chiara de Franco, Media Power and the Transformation of War PDF
Reviewed by Ngozi Agwaziam 3 pgs.
Petros Iosifidis, Global Media and Communication Policy PDF
Reviewed by Maria Michalis 4 pgs.
Myung Oh & James F. Larson, Digital Development in Korea: Building an information society PDF
Reviewed by Jieun Shin 4 pgs.
Bruce Magnusson & Zahi Zalloua (Eds.), Contagion: Health, Fear, Sovereignty PDF
Reviewed by Bryan K. Sacks 5 pgs.
Thomas B. Connery, Journalism and Realism: Rendering American Life PDF
Reviewed by Jennifer E. Moore 3 pgs.
Alan Sepinwall, The Revolution Was Televised PDF
Reviewed by Branden Buehler 5 pgs.
Dhiraj Murthy, Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age PDF
Reviewed by Jon Lisi 3 pgs.
Liz Gunner, Dina Ligaga & Dumisani Moyo, Radio in Africa: Publics, Cultures, Communities PDF
Reviewed by Emmanuel Ngwainmbi 4 pgs.
Richard Maxwell & Toby Miller, Greening the Media PDF
Reviewed by Garrett M. Broad 3 pgs.
Sarah Banet-Weiser, Authentic (TM): The Politics of Ambivalence in a Brand Culture PDF
Reviewed by Jo Littler 3 pgs.
Clive Fencott, Jo Clay, Mike Lockyer, & Paul Massey, Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan M. Bullinger 4 pgs.
Paolo Sigismondi, The Digital Glocalization of Entertainment: New Paradigms in the 21st Century Global Mediascape PDF
Reviewed by Jungmin Kwon 3 pgs.
Harris Breslow & Aris Mousoutzanis, Cybercultures: Mediations of Community, Culture, and Politics PDF
Reviewed by Emmanuel Ngwainmbi 5 pgs.
Joshua J. Frye & Michael S. Bruner (Eds.), The Rhetoric of Food: Discourse, Materiality, and Power PDF
Reviewed by Emma Frances Bloomfield 3 pgs.
Pui-lam Law (Ed.), New Connectivities in China: Virtual, Actual and Local Interactions PDF
Reviewed by Sakari Taipale 4 pgs.
Kari Anden-Papadopoulos & Mervi Pantti, Amateur Images and Global News PDF
Reviewed by Emmanuel Ngwainmbi 4 pgs.
Florencia Enghel & Karin Wilkins (Eds.), Communication, Media and Development: Problems and Perspectives PDF
Reviewed by Christopher Castaneda 3 pgs.
Leopoldina Fortunati, Raul Pertierra & Jane Vincent (Eds.), Migration, Disapora, and Information Technology in Global Societies PDF
Reviewed by Benedicta Ideho 3 pgs.
Cara Wallis, Technomobility in China: Young Migrant Women and Mobile Phones PDF
Reviewed by Yali Chen 3 pgs.
Mikkel Flyverbom, The Power of Networks: Organizing the Global Politics of the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Yang Bai 4 pgs.
James Curran, Natalie Fenton & Des Freedman, Misunderstanding the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Roman Hájek 3 pgs.
Cara Wallis, Technomobility in China: Young Migrant Women and Mobile Phones PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan Benney 4 pgs.
Lilie Chouliaraki, The Ironic Spectator: Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism PDF
Reviewed by Stijn Joye 3 pgs.
Lee Rainie & Barry Wellman, Networked: The New Social Operating System PDF
Reviewed by Andrea Miconi 6 pgs.
Amir Hetsroni (Ed.), Advertising and Reality: A Global Study of Representation and Content PDF
Reviewed by Janelle Applequist 3 pgs.
Philip Seib, Real-Time Diplomacy: Politics and Power in the Social Media Era PDF
Reviewed by Muzammil M. Hussain 3 pgs.
Shoshana Amielle Magnet, When Biometrics Fail: Gender, Race, and the Technology of Identity PDF
Reviewed by Peter A. Chow-White 2 pgs.
Travis N. Ridout & Michael M. Franz, The Persuasive Power of Campaign Advertising PDF
Reviewed by Christian von Sikorski 3 pgs.
Media Transformation and Political Marketing in the Post-Communist World PDF
Reviewed by Mark Hannah 7 pgs.
Nancy Thumim, Self-Representation and Digital Culture PDF
Reviewed by Jenna Jacobson 4 pgs.
How to Make Money from Subliminal Advertising and Motivation Research PDF
Reviewed by Paul Messaris 16 pgs.
Rachael Miyung Joo, Transnational Sport: Gender, Media, and Global Korea PDF
Reviewed by Myoung-Sun Song 3 pgs.
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