Table of Contents


Click It, Binge It, Get Hooked: Netflix and the Growing U.S. Audience for Foreign Content ABSTRACT PDF
Brad Limov 20 pgs.
Examining Anti-CAA Protests at Shaheen Bagh: Muslim Women and Politics of the Hindu India ABSTRACT PDF
Kiran Vinod Bhatia, Radhika Gajjala 18 pgs.
Contextualizing the Effect of Digital Protest Appeals on Political Self-Expression: Evidence From a Cross-Case Comparison ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew David Jenkins 20 pgs.
Status and Expertise in the Structuring of Reciprocal Exchanges on Twitter: Replies, Retweets, and Mentions During National Diabetes Awareness Month ABSTRACT PDF
Seungyoon Lee, Jae Eun Chung, Namkee Park, Jessica R. Welch 24 pgs.
Breaking the Silence: Applying and Extending the Theory of Situational Support to Understand Mental Health Services Use Among Chinese Immigrants in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Jo-Yun Li 22 pgs.
Toward an Interwoven Community of Practice: How Do NGOs Work With Chinese Journalists on Reporting Climate Change? ABSTRACT PDF
Yeheng Pan, Michaël Opgenhaffen, Baldwin Van Gorp 21 pgs.
Agencies and Experiences of the “Good Participant”: The Long-Term Trajectories of Patients Turned Media Participants ABSTRACT PDF
Espen Ytreberg, Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud 17 pgs.
Competition and Media Performance: A Cross-National Analysis of Corporate Goals of Media Companies in 12 Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Christian-Mathias Wellbrock, Maria Arango Kure, Christopher Buschow 28 pgs.
Employee Mistreatment Crises and Company Perceptions ABSTRACT PDF
Seoyeon Kim, Lucinda L. Austin 21 pgs.
Media Regime Disruption and the Conditions of Public Reflexivity ABSTRACT PDF
Ben O'Loughlin 20 pgs.
Shaping Regional Synergies: Digital Media, Investigative Reporting, and Collaboration for Improving Democracy and Accountability in Latin America ABSTRACT PDF
Dolors Palau-Sampio 23 pgs.
The Experience of Internet Freedom Among African Users ABSTRACT PDF
Valentina Bau, Enrico Calandro 15 pgs.
Tweeting in Solidarity: Examining Frame Diffusion and Alignment Processes Among Immigrant-Serving NGOs Before and After Donald Trump’s Travel Ban ABSTRACT PDF
Wenlin Liu, Summer Harlow 23 pgs.
Associations Between Media Representations of Physical, Personality, and Social Attributes by Gender: A Content Analysis of Children’s Animated Film Characters ABSTRACT PDF
María Pilar León González, Álvaro Infantes Paniagua, Tracey Thornborrow, Onofre Contreras Jordán 23 pgs.
Forgotten Frames: Proposing the Concept of “Digressive Framing” Using Left-Out Frames in Chinese Media Coverage of Left-Behind Children ABSTRACT PDF
Renita Coleman, Tong Chen 21 pgs.
The Politics of Good Enough: Rural Broadband and Policy Failure in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher Ali 23 pgs.
“Them Cuffs Keep Them Quiet”: Facebook Users’ Reactions to Live Arrests During Racial Justice Protests ABSTRACT PDF
Martina Santia, P. Brooks Fuller, Nathan P. Kalmoe, Paromita Saha 21 pgs.
Online Moral Disclosure and the Construction of Privacy Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Tamar Ashuri, Ruth Halperin 20 pgs.
Internet Memes as “Tactical” Social Action: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Mohamed Ben Moussa, Sanaa Benmessaoud, Aziz Douai 21 pgs.
Unpacking K-pop in America: The Subversive Potential of Male K-pop Idols’ Soft Masculinity ABSTRACT PDF
Jeehyun Jenny Lee, Rachel Kar Yee Lee, Ji Hoon Park 20 pgs.
Understanding Older Adults’ Preferences for and Motivations to Use Traditional and New ICT in Light of Socioemotional Selectivity and Selection, Optimization, and Compensation Theories ABSTRACT PDF
Pradnya Joshi, Anastasia Kononova, Shelia Cotten 20 pgs.
A Critical Analysis of Attempts to Regulate Native Advertising and Influencer Marketing ABSTRACT PDF
Kyle Asquith, Emily M. Fraser 21 pgs.
Antecedents of Information Seeking and Sharing on Social Networking Sites: An Empirical Study of Facebook Users ABSTRACT PDF
Junaidi Junaidi, Wenhai Chih, Jaime Ortiz 24 pgs.
Sonic Archives of Breathlessness ABSTRACT PDF
Poppy de Souza 19 pgs.
Political Rumor Communication on Instant Messaging Platforms: Relationships With Political Participation and Knowledge ABSTRACT PDF
Nojin Kwak, Daniel S. Lane, Qinfeng Zhu, Slgi S. Lee, Brian E. Weeks 20 pgs.
Professionalism as a Response to Right-Wing Populism? An Analysis of a Metajournalistic Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin Krämer, Klara Langmann 23 pgs.
European Twitter Networks: Toward a Transnational European Public Sphere? ABSTRACT PDF
Javier Ruiz-Soler 27 pgs.
Digital Gender Disidentifications: Beyond the Subversion Versus Hegemony Dichotomy and Toward Everyday Gender Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Lukasz Szulc 19 pgs.
Russiagate, WikiLeaks, and the Political Economy of Posttruth News ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen M. E. Marmura 19 pgs.
A Time-Series Analysis of Public Diplomacy Expenditure and News Sentiment: A Case Study of the U.S.–Japan Relationship ABSTRACT PDF
Byung Wook Kim, Suman Lee, Hwalbin Kim 23 pgs.
Faces of Biased Selectivity: A Latent Profile Analysis to Classify News Audiences and Their Selection Biases in the U.S. and UK ABSTRACT PDF
Toni G.L.A. van der Meer, Michael Hameleers, Anne C. Kroon 19 pgs.
When Survey Respondents Cheat: Internet Exposure and Ideological Consistency in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Bethany P. Bryson 24 pgs.
Conspiracy, Religion, and the Public Sphere: The Discourses of Far-Right Counterpublics in the U.S. and South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Menno H. Reijven, Sarah Cho, Matthew Ross, Gonen Dori-Hacohen 20 pgs.
Understanding the Negative Consequences of Watching Social Live Streaming Among Chinese Viewers ABSTRACT PDF
Anan Wan, Linwan Wu 20 pgs.
News-Sharing Repertoires on Social Media in the Context of Networked Authoritarianism: The Case of Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Suncem Kocer, Çiğdem Bozdağ 19 pgs.
“We Decided We Don’t Want Children. We Will Let Them Know Tonight”: Parental Humor on Social Media in a Time of Coronavirus Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Dafna Lemish, Nelly Elias 27 pgs.
Beyond Fact-Checking: Lexical Patterns as Lie Detectors in Donald Trump’s Tweets ABSTRACT PDF
Dorian Hunter Davis, Aram Sinnreich 24 pgs.
Political Scandals in the Modern Media Environment: Applying a New Analytical Framework to Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater and E-Mail Scandals ABSTRACT PDF
Diana Zulli 19 pgs.
Articulating Transgender Subjectivity: How Discursive Formations Perpetuate Regimes of Power ABSTRACT PDF
Erica Ciszek, Nathian Shae Rodriguez 19 pgs.
Citizen Journalism, Political Discussion, and Civic Participation: Testing a Moderating Role of Media Credibility and Collective Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
Seungahn Nah, Masahiro Yamamoto 22 pgs.
The Case for Asymmetry in Online Research: Caring About Issues in Australian and Canadian Web 1.0 Bee Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Mathieu O'Neil, Mahin Raissi, Bethaney Turner 24 pgs.
“Like a Boss” or Just Bossy? How Audiences Across Age and Gender Evaluate Counterstereotypical Women on Television ABSTRACT PDF
Sierra Bray, Olivia González, Natalie Jonckheere 22 pgs.
Cobranded Diplomacy: A Case Study of the British Council’s Branding of “Darwin Now” in Egypt ABSTRACT PDF
Amal Bakry 20 pgs.
Counteracting Misleading Protobacco YouTube Videos: The Effects of Text-Based and Narrative Correction Interventions and the Role of Identification ABSTRACT PDF
Yotam Ophir, Dan Romer, Patrick E. Jamieson, Kathleen Hall Jamieson 16 pgs.
China, Africa, and the West: A Geopolitical Assessment of Huawei’s Crisis Communication on Social Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Stefano Calzati 21 pgs.
Social Media and Protest Attitudes During Movement Abeyance: A Study of Hong Kong University Students ABSTRACT PDF
Francis L.F. Lee, Michael Chan, Hsuan-Ting Chen 20 pgs.
Trade Unions and Lobbying: Fighting Private Interests While Defending the Public Interest? ABSTRACT PDF
Chiara Valentini, Øyvind Ihlen, Ian Somerville, Ketil Raknes, Scott Davidson 19 pgs.
An Examination of Information Behaviors Surrounding Controversial Sociopolitical Issues: Roles of Moral Emotions and Gender ABSTRACT PDF
Cheng Hong, Weiting Tao, Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai, Bo Ra Yook 23 pgs.
The Technologization of News Acts in Networked News Participation: LGBT Self-Media in China ABSTRACT PDF
Yidong Wang, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Avery E. Holton 19 pgs.
Sacred Sites for Global Publics: New Media Strategies for the Re-Enchantment of the Holy Land ABSTRACT PDF
Oren Golan, Michele Martini 24 pgs.
Thou Art in a Deal: The Evolution of Religious Language in the Public Communications of Donald Trump ABSTRACT PDF
Ceri Hughes 22 pgs.
Understanding the Role of Social Media in Political Participation: Integrating Political Knowledge and Bridging Social Capital From the Social Cognitive Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Hyuksoo Kim, Yeojin Kim, Doohwang Lee 22 pgs.
Rationalizing the Gap: How Journalists in a Nondemocratic Regime Make Sense of Their Professional Work ABSTRACT PDF
Tatsiana Karaliova 22 pgs.
Deepening Democracy Through a Social Movement: Networks, Information Rights, and Online and Offline Activism ABSTRACT PDF
Jeannine E. Relly, Rajdeep Pakanati 21 pgs.
Agenda-Setting in Russian Media ABSTRACT PDF
Anastasia Kazun 21 pgs.
Do You Know Your Enemy: The Role of Known Actors as Framing Devices in News Media ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin King Smith, Andrea Figueroa-Caballero, Musa al-Gharbi, Michael Stohl 22 pgs.
“We Need You to Listen to Us”: Youth Activist Perspectives on Intergenerational Dynamics and Adult Solidarity in Youth Movements ABSTRACT PDF
AL Liou, Ioana Literat 21 pgs.
Tuning In: Identity Formation in Community Radio for Social Change ABSTRACT PDF
Bridget Backhaus 16 pgs.
Think the Vote: Information Processing, Selective Exposure to Social Media, and Support for Trump and Clinton ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas J. Johnson, Magdalena Saldana, Barbara K. Kaye 25 pgs.
How Media Storms and Topic Diversity Influence Agenda Fragmentation ABSTRACT PDF
Mike Gruszczynski 22 pgs.
Formulating Deformation: The Flows of Formless Information ABSTRACT PDF
J. Scott Brennen 21 pgs.
Huawei Versus the United States? The Geopolitics of Exterritorial Internet Infrastructure ABSTRACT PDF
Min Tang 22 pgs.
Alienating and Reorganizing Cultural Goods: Using Lefebvre’s Controlled Consumption Model to Theorize Media Industry Change ABSTRACT PDF
James N. Gilmore 20 pgs.
Use of Messaging Apps and Social Network Sites Among Older Adults: A Mixed-Method Study ABSTRACT PDF
Rebecca Ping Yu 21 pgs.
Whose Fingerprint Does the News Show? Developing Machine Learning Classifiers for Automatically Identifying Russian State-Funded News in Serbia ABSTRACT PDF
Ognjan Denkovski, Damian Trilling 25 pgs.
Compassionate Horror or Compassion Fatigue? Responses to Human-Cost-of-War Photographs ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer Midberry 22 pgs.
AI4D: Artificial Intelligence for Development ABSTRACT PDF
Supreet Mann, Martin Hilbert 21 pgs.
News Storytelling Through Images: Examining the Effects of Narratives and Visuals in News Coverage of Issues ABSTRACT PDF
Michail Vafeiadis, Jiangxue (Ashley) Han, Fuyuan Shen 21 pgs.
Cultural Mediation in International Exchange Programs: Personalization, Translation, and Coproduction in Exchange Participant Blogs ABSTRACT PDF
Kyung Sun Lee, Diana Ingenhoff 21 pgs.
Testing Three Measures of Verbal–Visual Frame Interplay in German News Coverage of Refugees and Asylum Seekers ABSTRACT PDF
Viorela Dan, Maria E. Grabe, Brent J. Hale 23 pgs.
Searching for the Global Audience: A Comparative, Multiple-Method Analysis of a Global Trending Topic on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Katerina Girginova 22 pgs.
There’s More to the Story: Both Individual and Collective Policy Narratives Can Increase Support for Community-Level Action ABSTRACT PDF
Chris Skurka, Jeff Niederdeppe, Liana Winett 20 pgs.
Student Participation and Public Facebook Communication: Exploring the Demand and Supply of Political Information in the Romanian #rezist Demonstrations ABSTRACT PDF
Dan Mercea, Toma Burean, Viorel Proteasa 24 pgs.
Digital Feminism and Affective Splintering: South Korean Twitter Discourse on 500 Yemeni Refugees ABSTRACT PDF
Do Own (Donna) Kim, Nathaniel Ming Curran, Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim 19 pgs.
The Multiplex Networks of Strategic Alliances and Follower– Followee Relations Among U.S. Technology Companies ABSTRACT PDF
Jingyi Sun 21 pgs.
Organizational Threat Appraisal by Publics: The Effects of Perceived Temporal Distance on Health Crisis Outcomes ABSTRACT PDF
Sungsu Kim, Yan Jin 21 pgs.
Enabling Cultural Policies? Culture, Capabilities, and Citizenship ABSTRACT PDF
Torgeir Uberg Nærland, Jan Fredrik Hovden, Hallvard Moe 20 pgs.
Culture and Health Communication: A Comparative Content Analysis of Tweets from the United States and Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Minhee Choi, Brooke Weberling McKeever 20 pgs.
Only So Many Hours in a Day: Early Childhood Screen Time in Boston and Mexico City ABSTRACT PDF
Lisa B. Hurwitz, David S. Bickham, Summer H. Moukalled, Michael Rich 21 pgs.
Authoritarian Populism and the Discourse of “the People” in the Turkish Islamist Media: The Case of Yeni Şafak ABSTRACT PDF
Yesim Kaptan 19 pgs.
How Satirists Alternate Between Discursive Modes: An Introduction of the Humoristic Metaphors in Satirical News (HMSN) Typology ABSTRACT PDF
Ellen Droog, Christian Burgers, Gerard J. Steen 22 pgs.
#MeToo; #HimToo: Popular Feminism and Hashtag Activism in the Kavanaugh Hearings ABSTRACT PDF
Tisha Dejmanee, Zulfia Zaher, Samantha Rouech, Michael J. Papa 18 pgs.
The Effects of Personality Traits and Situational Factors on the Deliberativeness and Civility of User Comments on News Websites ABSTRACT PDF
Johannes Beckert, Marc Ziegele 22 pgs.
Is Bad News Biased? How Poll Reporting Affects Perceptions of Media Bias and Presumed Voter Behavior ABSTRACT PDF
Mallory R. Perryman, Jordan Foley, Michael W. Wagner 21 pgs.
Facebook Not Statebook: Defining SNS Diplomacy with Four Modes of Online Diplomatic Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Q. Elyse Huang 18 pgs.
Doubt Versus Trust: Framing Effects of the News About the 2018 Trump‒Kim Jong Un Summit in Singapore on American College Students ABSTRACT PDF
Chang Sup Park, Barbara K. Kaye 19 pgs.
Developing a Mediation Model for Narrative Evidence Processing Based on Social-Cognitive Variables and Agency-Based Cultural Exemplars ABSTRACT PDF
Soo Jung Hong 24 pgs.
Cross-Media Usage Repertoires and Their Political Impacts: The Case of China ABSTRACT PDF
Qiong Gong, Marc Verboord, Susanne Janssen 20 pgs.
From Disenchantment to Reenchantment: Rural Microcelebrities, Short Video, and the Spectacle-ization of the Rural Lifescape on Chinese Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Han Li 19 pgs.
Governing Hate Content Online: How the Rechtsstaat Shaped the Policy Discourse on the NetzDG in Germany ABSTRACT PDF
Danya He 23 pgs.
Historiography of Korean Esports: Perspectives on Spectatorship ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 19 pgs.
A Model of Social Eavesdropping in Communication Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Leila Bighash, Kristen S. Alexander, Christina S. Hagen, Andrea B. Hollingshead 23 pgs.
Examining Factors Associated With Facebook Use Among Sheltered Homeless in Hawai'i ABSTRACT PDF
Wayne Buente, Rachel Neo, Luz M. Quiroga, Joseph Greene 23 pgs.
Capturing Citizens’ Opinions Through a Combination of Survey and Online Social Data ABSTRACT PDF
Manuela Farinosi, Leopoldina Fortunati, John O'Sullivan, Laura Pagani 26 pgs.
Source Interests, News Frames, and Risk Delineation: A Content Analysis of U.S. Newspapers’ Coverage of Genetically Modified Food (1994–2015) ABSTRACT PDF
Xigen Li, Zerui Liang, Xiaohua Wu 22 pgs.
Participation and Transmediality: Audience Influence on Web Series ABSTRACT PDF
Tomás Atarama-Rojas, Enrique Guerrero-Pérez, Valeria Gerbolini 19 pgs.
Discourse of Practice: The Negotiation of Sexual Norms Via Online Religious Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Ruth Tsuria 19 pgs.
How Combining Terrorism, Muslim, and Refugee Topics Drives Emotional Tone in Online News: A Six-Country Cross-Cultural Sentiment Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Chung-Hong Chan, Hartmut Wessler, Eike Mark Rinke, Kasper Welbers, Wouter van Atteveldt, Scott Althaus 26 pgs.
Intermedia Reliance and Sustainability of Emergent Media: A Large-Scale Analysis of American News Outlets’ External Linking Behaviors ABSTRACT PDF
Chankyung Pak, Kelley Cotter, Julia DeCook 23 pgs.
“He and the Paper Had Merged Into One”: An Analysis of the Coverage of the Death of Israeli Journalists ABSTRACT PDF
Moran Avital-BenAtar 21 pgs.
Social Media News Consumption and Opinion Polarization on China’s Trade Practices: Evidence from a U.S. National Survey ABSTRACT PDF
Yanqin Lu, Rik Ray, Louisa Ha, Peiqin Chen 18 pgs.
Refugees and National Identity in Letters to the Editor ABSTRACT PDF
Kate Dunsmore, Andrea Hickerson 20 pgs.
Are Netflix and Spotify Subscribers More Likely to Pay for Online News? Comparative Analysis of Data From Six Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Richard Fletcher, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen 19 pgs.
Mind Your Social Media Manners: Pseudonymity, Imaginary Audience, and Incivility on Facebook vs. YouTube ABSTRACT PDF
Gi Woong Yun, Sasha Allgayer, Sung-Yeon Park 21 pgs.
Anonymous's Glory ABSTRACT PDF
Ashley E. Gorham 19 pgs.
Rewiring the Prison: Early Radio as a Carceral Technology ABSTRACT PDF
Ian James Alexander 20 pgs.
Not Arabi or Ajnabi: Arab Youth and Reorienting Humor ABSTRACT PDF
Sulafa Zidani 18 pgs.
News Consumption and Trust in Online and Social Media: An In-depth Qualitative Study of Young Adults in Austria ABSTRACT PDF
Uta Russmann, Andreas Hess 18 pgs.
Thinking With Care About Personal Data Profiling: A More-Than-Human Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Deborah Lupton 19 pgs.
Growing Influence of University PR on Science News Coverage? A Longitudinal Automated Content Analysis of University Media Releases and Newspaper Coverage in Switzerland, 2003‒2017 ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Vogler, Mike S. Schäfer 22 pgs.
When the President Tweets: Exploring the Normative Tensions of Contemporary Presidential Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Joshua M. Scacco, Lauren Copeland, Amy B. Becker, Julia Berger 24 pgs.
Visual Self-Presentation Strategies of Political Candidates on Social Media Platforms: A Comparative Study ABSTRACT PDF
Dennis Steffan 23 pgs.
The Adoption of Technology and Innovation Among Native Online News Media in Colombia ABSTRACT PDF
Víctor García-Perdomo, María Isabel Magaña 20 pgs.
Professional Autonomy and Structural Influences: Exploring How Homicides, Perceived Insecurity, Aggressions Against Journalists, and Inequalities Affect Perceived Journalistic Autonomy in Colombia ABSTRACT PDF
Miguel Garces-Prettel, Jesús Arroyave-Cabrera, Adolfo Baltar-Moreno 22 pgs.
Good News, Bad News: A Sentiment Analysis of the 2016 Election Russian Facebook Ads ABSTRACT PDF
German Alvarez, Jaewon Choi, Sharon Strover 27 pgs.
Humility-Based Persuasion: Individual Differences in Elicited Emotions and Politician Evaluation ABSTRACT PDF
Francesca D'Errico 20 pgs.
Mediated Sociability: Audience Participation and Convened Citizen Engagement in Interactive Broadcast Shows in Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Sharath Srinivasan, Claudia Abreu Lopes 22 pgs.
Creative Communication Approaches to Youth Climate Engagement: Using Speculative Fiction and Participatory Play to Facilitate Young People’s Multidimensional Engagement With Climate Change ABSTRACT PDF
Julie Doyle 24 pgs.
What Happens to Public Diplomacy During Information War? Critical Reflections on the Conceptual Framing of International Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Joanna Szostek 21 pgs.
Political Power Sharing and Crosscutting Media Exposure: How Institutional Features Affect Exposure to Different Views ABSTRACT PDF
Laia Castro, Lilach Nir 21 pgs.
A Click Is Worth a Thousand Words: Probing the Predictors of Using Click Speech for Online Opinion Expression ABSTRACT PDF
Tai-Yee Wu, Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch, David Atkin 20 pgs.
Intersectional English(es) and the Gig Economy: Teaching English Online ABSTRACT PDF
Nathaniel Ming Curran 20 pgs.
Chinese Automated Journalism: A Comparison Between Expectations and Perceived Quality ABSTRACT PDF
Chenyan Jia 22 pgs.
Assessing Digital Threats to Democracy, and Workable Solutions: A Review of the Recent Literature ABSTRACT PDF
Kathleen M. Kuehn, Leon A. Salter 22 pgs.
The Emerging Institutionalization of Global Internet of Things Governance: A Network Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Jaewon R. Choi, Wenhong Chen 25 pgs.
Digital Traces of “Twitter Revolutions”: Resistance, Polarization, and Surveillance via Contested Images and Texts of Occupy Gezi ABSTRACT PDF
Ozge Ozduzen, Aidan McGarry 21 pgs.
Developing the ‘Control Imaginary’: TIME Magazine’s Symbolic Construction of Digital Technologies ABSTRACT PDF
Delia Dumitrica, Georgia Gaden Jones 24 pgs.
Journalistic Coverage of Organized Crime in Mexico: Reporting on the Facts, Security Protocols, and Recurrent Subthemes ABSTRACT PDF
Elba Díaz-Cerveró, Daniel Barredo 19 pgs.
The Black Box and Japanese Discourses of the Digital ABSTRACT PDF
David Humphrey 17 pgs.
Manager–Employee Communication in the #MeToo Era: The Role of Gender Similarity and Context Ambiguity in Ethical Leadership ABSTRACT PDF
Lindsey Meeks, William T. Howe 19 pgs.
Political Party Identification and Intergroup Attitudes: Exploring the Effects of Mediated and Direct Contact With the Opposing Party During a Presidential Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Mei-Chen Lin, Paul M. Haridakis, Yan Bing Zhang 18 pgs.
“I Like That It’s My Choice a Couple Different Times”: Gender, Affordances, and User Experience on Bumble Dating ABSTRACT PDF
Urszula Pruchniewska 18 pgs.
Subaltern Agency in the Cultural Industries: Palestinian Creative Labor in the Israeli Series Fauda ABSTRACT PDF
Amal Jamal, Noa Lavie 19 pgs.
The Elusiveness of Communicative Influence: How Key Socializers Influence Adolescents’ Proenvironmental Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Yuliya Lakew 20 pgs.
Party Populism and Media Access: The News Value of Populist Communication and How It Is Handled by the Mass Media ABSTRACT PDF
Franzisca Schmidt 23 pgs.
Incorporating Communication Factors in the Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Chinese University Students’ Intention to Consume Genetically Modified Foods ABSTRACT PDF
Li Li, John Robert Bautista 22 pgs.
Effects of Media Companies’ Organizational Nature and Journalists Autonomy and Position on Internal and External Influences: Evidence From Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel Goyanes, Márton Demeter 22 pgs.
Differentiated Information Flows: Social Media Curation Practices in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections ABSTRACT PDF
Sam Jackson, Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Jeff Hemsley 22 pgs.
Organizations’ Dialogic Social Media Use and Stakeholder Engagement: Stakeholder Targeting and Message Framing ABSTRACT PDF
Chih-Hui Lai, Jiawei Sophia Fu 26 pgs.
Taking the Reparatory Turn at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice ABSTRACT PDF
Marouf Hasian, Jr., Nicholas S. Paliewicz 19 pgs.
“I Don’t Use the Internet”: Exploring Perceptions and Practices Among Mobile-Only and Hybrid Internet Users ABSTRACT PDF
Isabel Pavez, Teresa Correa 19 pgs.
What Influences the Willingness of Chinese WeChat Users to Forward Food-Safety Rumors? ABSTRACT PDF
Shuo Seah, Gabriel Weimann 22 pgs.
Parenting Style, Personality Traits, and Interpersonal Relationships: A Model of Prediction of Internet Addiction ABSTRACT PDF
Yanshu Sun, Jeffrey S. Wilkinson 23 pgs.
The Power of Data From the Global South: Environmental Civic Tech and Data Activism in China ABSTRACT PDF
Yu Sun, Wenjie Yan 19 pgs.
Communicating Academic Knowledge Beyond the Written Academic Text: An Auto-Ethnographic Analysis of the Mirror Palace of Democracy Installation Experiment ABSTRACT PDF
Nico Carpentier 24 pgs.
Populism Fuels Love and Anger: The Impact of Message Features on Users’ Reactions on Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Pablo Jost, Marcus Maurer, Joerg Hassler 22 pgs.
The Geotagging Counterpublic: The Case of Facebook Remote Check-Ins to Standing Rock ABSTRACT PDF
Jeeyun Baik 21 pgs.
The Relationship Between Fox News Use and Americans’ Policy Preferences Regarding Refugees and Immigrants ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer Hoewe, Cynthia Peacock, Bumsoo Kim, Matthew Barnidge 21 pgs.
Lifestyles, Technology Clustering, and the Adoption of Over-the-top Television and Internet Protocol Television in Taiwan ABSTRACT PDF
Shu-Chu Sarrina Li 19 pgs.
Malaise Effect or Virtuous Effect? The Dynamics of Internet Use and Political Trust in China ABSTRACT PDF
Xiaoxiao Cheng 22 pgs.
The Enhancement of Verbal Immediacy in Online University Classes: A Student-Generated Taxonomy ABSTRACT PDF
Richard S. Bello, Frances E. Brandau, Dena Horne 17 pgs.
Hiplife Music in Ghana: Postcolonial Performances of the Good Life ABSTRACT PDF
Nii Kotei Nikoi 19 pgs.
The Communication Rights of Palestinian Israelis Understood Through the Capabilities Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Baruch Shomron, Amit M. Schejter 19 pgs.
How Does News Media Exposure Amplify Publics’ Perceived Health Risks About Air Pollution in China? A Conditional Media Effect Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Qing Huang 20 pgs.
Podcasting as Public Media: The Future of U.S. News, Public Affairs, and Educational Podcasts ABSTRACT PDF
Patricia Aufderheide, David Lieberman, Atika Alkhallouf, Jiji Majiri Ugboma 22 pgs.
Communicative Care in Online Forums: How Burdened Informal Caregivers Seek Mediated Social Support ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel Menke, Anna J.M. Wagner, Susanne Kinnebrock 21 pgs.
What Does it Take to Sustain a News Habit? The Role of Civic Duty Norms and a Connection to a "News Community" Among News Avoiders in the UK and Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Ruth Palmer, Benjamin Toff 20 pgs.
The Proliferation of the “News Finds Me” Perception Across Societies ABSTRACT PDF
Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Nadine Strauss, Brigitte Huber 29 pgs.
From “Public Journalism” to “Engaged Journalism”: Imagined Audiences and Denigrating Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Patrick Ferrucci, Jacob L. Nelson, Miles P. Davis 19 pgs.
Why Buttons Matter: Repurposing Facebook’s Reactions for Analysis of the Social Visual ABSTRACT PDF
Marloes Geboers, Nathan Stolero, Anna Scuttari, Livia Van Vliet, Arran Ridley 22 pgs.
The Internet and Participation Inequality: A Multilevel Examination of 108 Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Saifuddin Ahmed, Jaeho Cho, Kokil Jaidka, Johannes C. Eichstaedt, Lyle H. Ungar 22 pgs.
“The Whole World Watching”? How News Media Create the Myth of an Audience of Billions and Foster Imagined Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Silke Fürst 18 pgs.
ICT Aid Flows From China to African Countries: A Communication Network Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Rong Wang, François Bar, Yu Hong 26 pgs.
From Ayran to Dragon Fruit Smoothie: Populism, Polarization and Social Engineering in Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Defne Karaosmanoglu 22 pgs.
Transportation and Smart City Imaginaries: A Critical Analysis of Proposals for the USDOT Smart City Challenge ABSTRACT PDF
Oscar H. Gandy, Jr., Selena Nemorin 21 pgs.
Incorporating Research Design in Public Diplomacy: The Role of Listening to Foreign Publics ABSTRACT PDF
Juve J. Cortés, Thomas Jamieson 18 pgs.
The Unruly, Loud, and Intersectional Muslim Woman: Interrupting the Aesthetic Styles of Islamic Fashion Images on Instagram ABSTRACT PDF
Kristin M. Peterson 20 pgs.
Political Parallelism in Transitional Media Systems: The Case of Libya ABSTRACT PDF
Anja Wollenberg, Carola Richter 21 pgs.
“Why Does a Teacher Feel the Need to Post My Kid?”: Parents and Teachers Constructing Morally Acceptable Boundaries of Children’s Social Media Presence ABSTRACT PDF
Davide Cino, Chiara Dalledonne Vandini 20 pgs.
My Reality Is More Truthful Than Yours: Radical Right-Wing Politicians’ and Citizens’ Construction of “Fake” and “Truthfulness” on Social Media—Evidence From the United States and The Netherlands ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Hameleers 18 pgs.
What Data Can Do: A Typology of Mechanisms ABSTRACT PDF
Angèle Christin 20 pgs.
An International Analysis of Governmental Media Campaigns to Deter Asylum Seekers ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah C. Bishop 23 pgs.
Mapping Connective Actions in the Global Alt-Right and Antifa Counterpublics ABSTRACT PDF
Weiai Wayne Xu 22 pgs.
Extending Disposition Theory of Sports Spectatorship to ESports ABSTRACT PDF
Logan D. Trent, Daniel M. Shafer 21 pgs.
Mutual Group Polarization in the Blogosphere: Tracking the Hoax Discourse on Climate Change ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Brüggemann, Dag Elgesem, Nils Bienzeisler, Helena Dedecek Gertz, Stefanie Walter 24 pgs.
Toward Reducing Institutional Digital Divides in the Media Industry: Examining Social Media Use in Ethnic Media Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Xin Zhou, Matthew Matsaganis 21 pgs.
Social Media Campaigns Against Violent Extremism: A New Approach to Evaluating Video Storytelling ABSTRACT PDF
Sara Monaci 24 pgs.
Protest Participation Experiences and Media Uses in Urban Protests: A Conceptualization and Empirical Examination ABSTRACT PDF
Yeji Kwon, Yong-Chan Kim, Euikyung Shin, Ahra Cho, Jee Hyun Kim 21 pgs.
The Effects of Political Conflict News Frame on Political Polarization: A Social Identity Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Youngju Kim, Shuhua Zhou 22 pgs.
Algorithmic Knowledge Gaps: A New Horizon of (Digital) Inequality ABSTRACT PDF
Kelley Cotter, Bianca C. Reisdorf 21 pgs.
Socialization, Face Negotiation, Identity, and the United States Military ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Shpeer, William T. Howe 19 pgs.
Online Social Connectedness and Anxiety Among Older Adults ABSTRACT PDF
Amanda Hunsaker, Eszter Hargittai, Anne Marie Piper 29 pgs.
#depression: Singaporean Muslim Women Navigating Mental Health on Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Nurhaizatul Jamil 28 pgs.
The State of Press Freedom in Uganda ABSTRACT PDF
Meghan Sobel, Karen McIntyre 20 pgs.
When Paper Goes Viral: Handmade Signs as Vernacular Materiality in Digital Space ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Peck, Katie Day Good 23 pgs.
Committed Listener Groups and Media Participation in Francophone West Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Etienne Damome 18 pgs.
Warning: Notifications About Crime on Campus May Have Unwanted Effects ABSTRACT PDF
Amy A. Hasinoff, Patrick M. Krueger 21 pgs.
Teenagers, Terrorism, and Technopanic: How British Newspapers Framed Female ISIS Recruits as Victims of Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Sara Shaban 21 pgs.
Online Civic Intervention: A New Form of Political Participation Under Conditions of a Disruptive Online Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Pablo Porten-Cheé, Marlene Kunst, Martin Emmer 21 pgs.
Disaffection, Anger, and Sarcasm: Exploring the Postrevolutionary Digital Public Sphere in Egypt ABSTRACT PDF
Eugenia Siapera, May Alaa Abdel Mohty 23 pgs.
Pushing a Political Agenda: Harassment of French and African Journalists in Côte d’Ivoire’s 2010-2011 National Election Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Jeslyn Lemke 19 pgs.
Video Screen Interfaces as New Sites of Media Circulation Power ABSTRACT PDF
David Hesmondhalgh, Amanda D. Lotz 24 pgs.
Parasocial Contact’s Effects on Relations Between Minority Groups in a Multiracial Context ABSTRACT PDF
Chanjung Kim, Jake Harwood 22 pgs.
Three Peasants Fight for Freedom: Radio and the United States’ Cultural Cold War in Latin America ABSTRACT PDF
Yeidy M. Rivero 18 pgs.
“Obstinate Partisanship”: Political Discussion Attributes Effects on the Development of Unconditional Party Loyalty ABSTRACT PDF
Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu, Homero Gil de Zúñiga 22 pgs.
Understanding Americans’ Perceptions of Nuclear Weapons Risk and Subsequent Behavior ABSTRACT PDF
Ashley Lytle, Kristyn Karl 25 pgs.
An Examination of Uncivil and Reasoned Comments and Perceived Civility in Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Masahiro Yamamoto, Francis Dalisay, Matthew J. Kushin 20 pgs.
Farming in the Face of Uncertainty: How Colombian Coffee Farmers Conceptualize and Communicate Their Experiences With Climate Change ABSTRACT PDF
Natalie J. Lambert, Jessica Eise 21 pgs.
Women’s Responses to Online Harassment ABSTRACT PDF
Kalyani Chadha, Linda Steiner, Jessica Vitak, Zahra Ashktorab 19 pgs.
The Children of the Revolution, the Nation’s Future: Understanding the Multigenerational Audience of the Rock in Rio Music Festival ABSTRACT PDF
Juliana Müller 18 pgs.
Spoofing Presidential Hopefuls: The Roles of Affective Disposition and Positive Emotions in Prompting the Social Transmission of Debate Parody ABSTRACT PDF
Jason T. Peifer, Kristen D. Landreville 21 pgs.
The Impact of Social Networks and Privacy on Electronic Word-of-Mouth in Facebook: Exploring Gender Differences ABSTRACT PDF
Namsu Park, Yoojung Kim 24 pgs.
LGBTs In, Muslims Out: Homonationalist Discourses and Counterdiscourses in the Flemish Press ABSTRACT PDF
Alexander Dhoest 21 pgs.
Digital Platform Policy and Regulation: Toward a Radical Democratic Turn ABSTRACT PDF
Bart Cammaerts, Robin Mansell 20 pgs.
When Platform Capitalism Meets Petty Capitalism in China: Alibaba and an Integrated Approach to Platformization ABSTRACT PDF
Lin Zhang 21 pgs.
The Construction of Country Images and Stereotypes: From Public Views to Google Searches ABSTRACT PDF
Diana Ingenhoff, Elad Segev, Jérôme Chariatte 22 pgs.
The European Refugee Crisis Discourse in the Spanish Press: Mapping Humanization and Dehumanization Frames Through Metaphors ABSTRACT PDF
Marta Montagut, Carlota M. Moragas-Fernández 23 pgs.
Tone and Threats on Television Over Time: A Longitudinal Analysis of News About Roma in Flanders (2003‒2017) ABSTRACT PDF
Laura Jacobs 23 pgs.
The Role of Different TV Storytelling Approaches in Engaging U.S. Hispanic Parents and Caregivers Around Early Childhood Development ABSTRACT PDF
Caty Borum Chattoo, Lauren Feldman, Amy Henderson Riley 22 pgs.
Collectivindualism and Shadow Players: Palestinian Youth, Social Media, and Hamas’s Communications Strategies ABSTRACT PDF
Harel Chorev Halewa 23 pgs.
More Articles

Special Sections

Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age: Taking Stock, Looking Ahead — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Jun Liu, Xinchuan Liu, Klaus Bruhn Jensen 7 pgs.
Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Comparing Media Systems and the Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Paolo Mancini 14 pgs.
Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Comparative Research, System Change, and the Complexity of Media Systems ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel C. Hallin 12 pgs.
Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Comparative Communication Research: Why We Really Need Some More Fuzzy Thinking ABSTRACT PDF
John Downey 12 pgs.
Comparative Studies of Internet Use: A Review of SSCI-Indexed Journal Articles, 1969–2019 ABSTRACT PDF
Hui Zhao, Jun Liu 23 pgs.
Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Does the Internet Erode Trust in Media? A Comparative Study of 46 Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Xinchuan Liu, Jia Lu 16 pgs.
Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Two Levels of Digitalization and Internet Use Across Europe, China, and the U.S. ABSTRACT PDF
Chris Chao Su, Jun Liu, Baohua Zhou 22 pgs.
Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| The Everything-ness and the More-ness of the Internet: How Digital Is Different From Other Media ABSTRACT PDF
Lee Rainie 20 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey: Struggles Over Media Representations and Discourses in the Past and Present – Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Esra Ozcan 8 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| The Image of Turkish Women as the Antithesis of the Ottoman Past: Representations of Women in the Newspapers of the Early Republican Era ABSTRACT PDF
Esra Ercan Bilgiç 19 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Cinema Has Split the Girl’s Soul Into Pieces: Scrutinizing Representations of Women in Films From Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Esin Paça Cengiz 17 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Gender in Turkey’s Islamic-Oriented Self-Help Literature: Constructing Self-Regulating Female Subjectivity ABSTRACT PDF
Feyda Sayan-Cengiz 19 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| “The Public Immoralist”: Discourses of Queer Subjectification in Contemporary Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Eser Selen 19 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| The Politicization of Rape as a Consequence of Western Modernity and Religious Conservatism: Competing Media Narratives on Gender ABSTRACT PDF
Ece Algan 19 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Use of Social Media in the Struggle Surrounding Violence Against Turkish Women ABSTRACT PDF
Christine L. Ogan, Özen Baş 19 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Voices Against Misogyny in Turkey: The Case of a Successful Online Collective Action Against a Sexist Commercial ABSTRACT PDF
Özden Melis Uluğ, Özen Odağ, Nevin Solak 22 pgs.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in Turkey| Framing the Alimony Debates in Turkey: Struggle Between Feminist and Antifeminist Discourses to Represent “Women’s Rights” ABSTRACT PDF
Esra Özcan 19 pgs.
Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| Producing Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings ‒ Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Kari Anden-Papadopoulos 16 pgs.
Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| Refiguring the Aerial in Human Rights Activism: The Case of the Palestinian-Bedouin Village of al-Araqib ABSTRACT PDF
Hagit Keysar, Debby Farber 20 pgs.
Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| Challenges in Codifying Events Within Large and Diverse Data Sets of Human Rights Documentation: Memory, Intent, and Bias ABSTRACT PDF
Jeff Deutch 17 pgs.
Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| The “Image-as-Forensic-Evidence” Economy in the Post-2011 Syrian Conflict: The Power and Constraints of Contemporary Practices of Video Activism ABSTRACT PDF
Kari Anden-Papadopoulos 34 pgs.
Image Activism After the Arab Uprisings| The Augmented Archive: History in Real Time. An Archaeology of Images of the Egyptian Revolution ABSTRACT PDF
Kaya Behkalam, Knut Ebeling 11 pgs.
Internet Shutdowns in Africa| The Changing Landscape of Internet Shutdowns in Africa — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Eleanor Marchant, Nicole Stremlau 8 pgs.
Internet Shutdowns in Africa | Internet Shutdowns and the Limits of Law ABSTRACT PDF
Giovanni De Gregorio, Nicole Stremlau 20 pgs.
Internet Shutdowns in Africa| State-Ordered Internet Shutdowns and Digital Authoritarianism in Zimbabwe ABSTRACT PDF
Admire Mare 20 pgs.
Internet Shutdowns in Africa| Dissent Does Not Die in Darkness: Network Shutdowns and Collective Action in African Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Jan Rydzak, Moses Karanja, Nicholas Opiyo 24 pgs.
Internet Shutdown in Africa| The Slow Shutdown: Information and Internet Regulation in Tanzania From 2010 to 2018 and Impacts on Online Content Creators ABSTRACT PDF
Lisa Parks, Rachel Thompson 21 pgs.
Internet Shutdowns in Africa| “Don’t Tax My Megabytes”: Digital Infrastructure and the Regulation of Citizenship in Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Clovis Bergere 18 pgs.
The Changing Landscape of Internet Shutdown in Africa| A Spectrum of Shutdowns: Reframing Internet Shutdowns From Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Eleanor Marchant, Nicole Stremlau 18 pgs.
Participation and Media: Comparative Analysis of Anti-Austerity in the Eurozone Crisis ‒ Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Miguel Vicente-Marino, Tao Papaioannou, Peter Dahlgren 10 pgs.
Participation and Media| Contentious Responses to the Crises in Spain: Emphasis Frames and Public Support for Protest on Twitter and the Press ABSTRACT PDF
Camilo Cristancho, Eva Anduiza, Mariluz Congosto, Silvia Majo-Vazquez 23 pgs.
Participation and Media| Dominant and Emerging News Frames in Protest Coverage: The 2013 Cypriot Anti-Austerity Protests in National Media ABSTRACT PDF
Tao Papaioannou 20 pgs.
Participation and Media| Citizens Beyond Troika: Media and Anti-Austerity Protests in Portugal ABSTRACT PDF
Inês Amaral 21 pgs.
Participation and Media| Hybrid Media and Movements: The Irish Water Movement, Press Coverage, and Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Henry Silke, Eugenia Siapera, Maria Rieder 25 pgs.
Participation and Media| Media and Twitter Agendas for Social Mobilizations: The Case of the Protests in Defense of the Public Healthcare System in Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Pere Masip, Carlos Ruiz-Caballero, Jaume Suau, David Puertas 22 pgs.
Participation and Media| News Media Framing of the Anti-Austerity and Pro-“Europe” Movements During the Greek Referendum Protest Cycles ABSTRACT PDF
Andreas Kollias, Fani Kountouri 22 pgs.
Practicing Media – Mediating Practice: Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Kenzie Burchell, Olivier Driessens, Alice Mattoni 14 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice | Conceptualizing the Doings and Sayings of Media Practices: Expressive Performance, Communicative Understanding, and Epistemic Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Pentzold, Manuel Menke 21 pgs.
Practicing Media – Mediating Practice | Managing Context Collapses: The Internet as a Conditioning Technology in the Organization of Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Jesper Pagh 18 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice | A Media-in-Practices Approach to Investigate the Nexus Between Digital Media and Activists’ Daily Political Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Alice Mattoni 18 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice | News as Relational Social Practice: A Theoretical Framework ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen F. Ostertag 22 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice | Anchoring Practices for Public Connection: Media Practice and Its Challenges for Journalism Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Christoph Raetzsch, Margreth Lünenborg 19 pgs.
Practicing Media – Mediating Practice | Evaluative Practices in a Broadcasting Newsroom Archive: Culture, Context, and Understanding in Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Asen O. Ivanov 18 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice | Reporting, Uncertainty, and the Orchestrated Fog of War: A Practice-Based Lens for Understanding Global Media Events ABSTRACT PDF
Kenzie Burchell 23 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice | New Paradigm or Sensitizing Concept: Finding the Proper Place of Practice Theory in Media Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Bakardjieva 18 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice| Beyond Bourdieu: The Interactionist Foundations of Media Practice Theory ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Lunt 18 pgs.
Practicing Media—Mediating Practice | Jumping on the Practice Bandwagon: Perspectives for a Practice-Oriented Study of Communication and Media ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Pentzold 21 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Marwan M. Kraidy, Marina R. Krikorian 5 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State: Politics by Other Means? ABSTRACT PDF
Yara M. Damaj 16 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Toward a Protostate Media System:The Role of ISIS’s Content ABSTRACT PDF
Kareem El Damanhoury 25 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State War Documentaries ABSTRACT PDF
Nathaniel Greenberg 22 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Iconic Socioclasm: Idol-Breaking and the Dawn of a New Social Order ABSTRACT PDF
Christoph Günther 19 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Theologians, Poets, and Lone Wolves: Mapping Medium-Specific Epistemologies of Radicalization ABSTRACT PDF
Brian T. Hughes 19 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| The Geopolitics of Television Drama and the “Global War on Terror”: Gharabeeb Soud Against Islamic State ABSTRACT PDF
Heather Jaber, Marwan M. Kraidy 20 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Collaborative Media Practices and Interconnected Digital Strategies of Islamic State (IS) and Pro-IS Supporter Networks on Telegram ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Krona 23 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State and Game of Thrones: The Global Among Tradition, Identity, and the Politics of Spectacle ABSTRACT PDF
Bashir Saade 22 pgs.
Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State and Women: A Biopolitical Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Mohammed Salih, Marwan Kraidy 18 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Talking With the Hermit Regime: North Korea, Media, and Communication — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Seungahn Nah, Soomin Seo 5 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Mapping Communication Research Concerning North Korea: A Systematic Review (2000–2019) ABSTRACT PDF
Soomin Seo, Seungahn Nah 23 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Media Liberalization: Control and Consumption of Foreign Media in North Korea, China, and East Germany ABSTRACT PDF
Martha Kuhnhenn, Micky Lee, Weiqi Zhang 17 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| North Korean Media Penetration and Influence in Chinese and Russian Media: Strategic Narratives During the 2017‒2018 Nuclear Confrontation ABSTRACT PDF
Robert Hinck, Skye C. Cooley 22 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Close Encounters of the Nonnuclear Kind: The North Korean Public Relations Campaign in U.S. Media of the 1970s ABSTRACT PDF
Ria Chae 23 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Remaking a Transborder Nation in North Korea: Media Representation in the Korean Peace Process ABSTRACT PDF
Sunkyung Choi 22 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| An Unlikely Seducer: Kim Jong-un’s Charm Offensive From the PyeongChang Winter Olympics Until the Trump–Kim Summit ABSTRACT PDF
Julia Sonnevend, Youngrim Kim 23 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Is Mr. Kim a “Nuclear Madman” or a “Reasonable Leader”? Media Framing of Kim Jong-un’s Images in South Korean and U.S. Newspapers ABSTRACT PDF
Na Yeon Lee, Kanghui Baek, Sun Ho Jeong 25 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| What’s Going on in the Korean Peninsula? A Study on Perception and Influence of South and North Korea-Related Fake News ABSTRACT PDF
Yoo Jung Oh, Ji Youn Ryu, Hee Sun Park 17 pgs.
Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Mobile Media and Its Impacts on Social Change and Human Rights in North Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Sunny Yoon 18 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric Special Section: Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Raymie E. McKerrow, Art Herbig 11 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| Between Critical and Rhetoric: McKerrow’s Contribution to Contemporary Critical Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Brandon M. Daniels, Kendall R. Phillips 14 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| Critical Rhetoric, Relationality, and Temporality: A Case for Forgiveness ABSTRACT PDF
Tony E. Adams 13 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| Critical Rhetoric and Collaboration: Missing Principle #9 and ABSTRACT PDF
Art Herbig, Andrew F. Herrmann, Alix R. Watson, Adam W. Tyma, joan miller 14 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| (Participatory) Critical Rhetoric: Critiqued and Reconsidered ABSTRACT PDF
Aaron Hess, Samantha Senda-Cook, Danielle Endres, Michael K. Middleton 15 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| Toward Social Justice Activism Critical Rhetoric Scholarship ABSTRACT PDF
Lawrence R. Frey, Joshua S. Hanan 20 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| The Critique of Domination and The Critique of Freedom: A Gramscian Perspective — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Dana L. Cloud 19 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| Critical Rhetoric in the Age of the (First) Reality TV President: A Critique of Freedom and Domination ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer C. Dunn 18 pgs.
Critical Rhetoric| Privileged Vulnerability: Embodied Pedagogy as Critical Rhetorical Praxis ABSTRACT PDF
Danielle M. Stern, Katherine J. Denker 14 pgs.
More Special Sections


On Writing in Communication and Media Studies PDF
Pablo J. Boczkowski, Michael X. Delli Carpini 7 pgs.
On Writing in Communication and Media Studies| Introduction to the Forum PDF
Pablo J. Boczkowski, Michael X. Delli Carpini 2 pgs.
On Writing in Communication and Media Studies| On Writing and Academic Conventions PDF
Silvio Waisbord 3 pgs.
On Writing in Communication and Media Studies| Challenges to Writing as a Humanities-Based Media Studies Scholar PDF
Susan J. Douglas 2 pgs.
On Writing in Communication and Media Studies| Two Brief Points on Publication Impact PDF
Deen Freelon 3 pgs.
On Writing in Communication and Media Studies| On Writing, Surviving, and Thriving in Communication and Media Studies PDF
Brooke Foucault Welles 2 pgs.
On Writing in Communication and Media Studies| A “Modest Proposal” on Writing That Is Not Modest Enough PDF
Noshir Contractor 4 pgs.
On Writing in Communication and Media Studies| Writing as a Satisfying Endeavor — Commentary PDF
Ingrid Bachmann 3 pgs.
More Forum


Reconstructing Public Utility Networks: A Program for Action ABSTRACT PDF
Dan Schiller 12 pgs.
All the News That’s Fit to Push: The New York Times Company and Transmedia Daily News ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin Moloney 20 pgs.
Myth “Today”: Reading Religion Into Research on Mediated Cultural Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Stewart M. Hoover 25 pgs.
Rethinking (and Retheorizing) Transgender Media Representation: A Roundtable Discussion ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas J Billard, Traci B. Abbott, Oliver L. Haimson, Kelsey N. Whipple, Stephenson Brooks Whitestone, Erique Zhang 14 pgs.
Ideological Health Spirals: An Integrated Political and Health Communication Approach to COVID Interventions ABSTRACT PDF
Dannagal G. Young, Amy Bleakley 17 pgs.
“Rediscovering” Ideology Critique (Again): Toward a Critical Realist Analysis of Political Media Effects ABSTRACT PDF
Matt Guardino 20 pgs.
More Features

Book Reviews

Sun-ha Hong, Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society PDF
Reviewed by Anthony Glyn Burton 3 pgs.
Basyouni Hamada and Saodah Wok (Eds.), Off and Online Journalism and Corruption: International Comparative Analysis PDF
Reviewed by Tiago Lima Quintanilha 4 pgs.
Jasmine Mitchell, Imagining the Mulatta: Blackness in U.S. and Brazilian Media PDF
Reviewed by Renita Coleman 3 pgs.
Caty Borum Chattoo and Lauren Feldman, A Comedian and an Activist Walk into a Bar: The Serious Role of Comedy in Social Justice PDF
Reviewed by Prateekshit Pandey 3 pgs.
Mari-Liis Madisson and Andreas Ventsel, Strategic Conspiracy Narratives: A Semiotic Approach PDF
Reviewed by Ben O'Loughlin 3 pgs.
R. Sooryamoorthy, Networks of Communication in South Africa: New Media, New Technologies PDF
Reviewed by Lingham Lionel Thaver 4 pgs.
Leara Rhodes, Peace Through Media PDF
Reviewed by Irene Awino 4 pgs.
Colin Milburn, Respawn: Gamers, Hackers, and Technogenic Life PDF
Reviewed by William Thomas Howe 3 pgs.
Betteke Van Ruler, Iekje Smit, Øyvind Ihlen, Stefania Romenti, How Strategic Communication Shapes Value and Innovation in Society PDF
Reviewed by Robert Kozinets 3 pgs.
Sonia Livingstone and Alicia Blum-Ross, Parenting for a Digital Future: How Hopes and Fears about Technology Shape Children’s Lives PDF
Reviewed by Meryl Alper 3 pgs.
Michal Daliot-Bul and Nissim Otmazgin, The Anime Boom in the United States Lessons for Global Creative Industries PDF
Reviewed by Manuel Hernandez-Perez 3 pgs.
Louise Ha (Ed.), The Audience and Business of YouTube and Online Videos PDF
Reviewed by Janice Hua Xu 3 pgs.
Rongbin Han, Contesting Cyberspace in China: Online Expression and Authoritarian Resilience PDF
Reviewed by Marcus Breen 4 pgs.
Felix Stalder, The Digital Condition PDF
Reviewed by Kelly Herman 3 pgs.
Patrick W. Berry, Doing Time, Writing Lives: Refiguring Literacy and Higher Education in Prison PDF
Reviewed by Bianca C. Reisdorf 4 pgs.
Ashley Hinck, Politics for the Love of Fandom: Fan-Based Citizenship in a Digital World PDF
Reviewed by Kyle A. Hammonds 4 pgs.
Ralph A. Gigliotti, Crisis Leadership in Higher Education: Theory and Practice PDF
Reviewed by Dennis S. Gouran 4 pgs.
Lee Humphreys, The Qualified Self: Social Media and the Accounting of Everyday Life PDF
Reviewed by Edward B. Kang 4 pgs.
Jean Burgess and Joshua Green, YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture (2nd edition) PDF
Reviewed by Ivo Furman 4 pgs.
Emma Frances Bloomfield, Communication Strategies for Engaging Climate Skeptics: Religion and the Environment PDF
Reviewed by Pamela C. Perrimon 3 pgs.
Melissa Brough, Youth Power in Precarious Times: Reimagining Civic Participation PDF
Reviewed by José Alberto Simões 4 pgs.
Carey Jewitt, Sara Price, Kerstin Mackley, Nikoleta Giannoutsou, and Douglas Atkinson, Interdisciplinary Insights For Digital Touch Communication PDF
Reviewed by Wei Zhang 3 pgs.
Nancy Baym, Playing to the Crowd: Musicians, Audiences, and the Intimate Work of Connection PDF
Reviewed by Alexandria Arrieta 3 pgs.
Advances in Digital Intimacy Research PDF
Reviewed by Lik Sam Chan 4 pgs.
Pablo J. Boczkowski and C. W. Anderson (Eds.), Remaking the News: Essays on the Future of Journalism Scholarship in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Shuning Lu 3 pgs.
Philip N. Howard, Lie Machines, How to Save Democracy from Troll Armies, Deceitful Robots, Junk News Operations, and Political Operatives PDF
Reviewed by Albana Dwonch 3 pgs.
Taberez Ahmed Neyazi, Political Communication and Mobilisation: The Hindi Media in India PDF
Reviewed by Tabassum Ruhi Khan 4 pgs.
Rajiv George Aricat and Rich Ling, Mobile Communication and Low-Skilled Migrants’ Acculturation to Cosmopolitan Singapore PDF
Reviewed by Mai Nou Xiong-Gum 4 pgs.
Christina Dunbar-Hester, Hacking Diversity: The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures PDF
Reviewed by Samantha Shorey 3 pgs.
Sender Dovchin, Language, Social Media and Ideologies: Translingual Englishes, Facebook and Authenticities PDF
Reviewed by Gaoxin Li, Jinfen Xu 4 pgs.
Russell Chun and Susan J. Drucker (Eds.), Fake News: Real Issues in Modern Communication PDF
Reviewed by Dennis S. Gouran 4 pgs.
Maria Repnikova, Media Politics in China: Improvising Power Under Authoritarianism PDF
Reviewed by Ruth Moon 3 pgs.
Melissa Zimdars and Kembrew McLeod, Fake News: Understanding Media and Misinformation in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Rachel E. Moran 3 pgs.
Elena Giannoulis and Lukas R. A. Wilde (Eds.), Emoticons, Kaomoji, and Emoji: The Transformation of Communication in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by ZiBi Huang 3 pgs.
Angles of the Youth Digital Divide PDF
Reviewed by AnneMarie McClain 3 pgs.
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Cyberwar: How Russian Hackers and Trolls Helped Elect a President: What We Don’t, Can’t and Do Know PDF
Reviewed by Danielle R. Mehlman-Brightwell 3 pgs.
Jody Berland, Virtual Menageries: Animals as Mediators in Network Cultures PDF
Reviewed by Soledad Altrudi 3 pgs.
Peter Beattie, Social Evolution, Political Psychology, and the Media in Democracy: The Invisible Hand of the U.S. Marketplace of Ideas PDF
Reviewed by Dennis S. Gouran 4 pgs.
Margaret U. D’Silva and Ahmet Atay (Eds.), Intercultural Communication, Identity, and Social Movements in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Liu Na 3 pgs.
Lauren S. Berliner, Producing Queer Youth: The Paradox of Digital Media Empowerment PDF
Reviewed by Tianyue Deng 3 pgs.
John S. Nelson, Cowboy Politics: Myths and Discourses in Popular Westerns from The Virginian to Unforgiven and Deadwood PDF
Reviewed by Derek Moscato 4 pgs.
Mohammed el-Nawawy and Mohamad Hamas Elmasry, Revolutionary Egypt: In the Eyes of the Muslim Brotherhood. A Framing Analysis of Ikhwanweb PDF
Reviewed by Karin Wilkins 2 pgs.
Dal Yong Jin and Nojin Kwak (Eds.), Communication, Digital Media, and Popular Culture in Korea: Contemporary Research and Future Prospects PDF
Reviewed by Gooyong Kim 4 pgs.
Izumi Mitsui (Ed.), Cultural Translation of Management Philosophy in Asian Companies: Its Emergence, Transmission, and Diffusion in the Global Era PDF
Reviewed by Chengfa Yu 4 pgs.
Mohammad Ayub Khan and Noam Ebner (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Cross-Cultural Business Negotiation PDF
Reviewed by Renzhong Peng, Chongguang Zhu 3 pgs.
Jason Farman, Delayed Response: The Art of Waiting from the Ancient to the Instant World PDF
Reviewed by Cynthia Wang 3 pgs.
Eden Medina, Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende’s Chile PDF
Reviewed by Kristin Wells 3 pgs.
Edmund Chapman, The Afterlife of Texts in Translation: Understanding the Messianic in Literature PDF
Reviewed by Linxin Liang 3 pgs.
Annette Hill, Media Experiences: Engaging with Drama and Reality Television ABSTRACT PDF
Reviewed by Aiden Kosciesza 4 pgs.
Chris Shei (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Discourse Analysis PDF
Reviewed by Yifei Li 3 pgs.
Andrew Lison, Marcell Mars, Tomislav Medak, and Rick Prelinger, Archives (In Search of Media) PDF
Reviewed by Frances Corry 3 pgs.
Claire Scammell, Translation Strategies in Global News: What Sarkozy Said in the Suburb PDF
Reviewed by Renzhong Peng 3 pgs.
Lingzi Meng, Gender in Literary Translation: A Corpus-Based Study of the English Translations of Chenzhong De Chibang PDF
Reviewed by Weiping Wu, Gaosheng Zhan 3 pgs.
Rukmini Pande, Squee from the Margins: Fandom and Race PDF
Reviewed by Jacqueline Johnson 3 pgs.
Thomas Hanitzsch, Folker Hanusch, Jyotika Ramaprasad, and Arnold S. de Beer (Eds.), Worlds of Journalism: Journalism Cultures Around the Globe PDF
Reviewed by Meagan E. Doll 3 pgs.
Michael Patrick Lynch, Know-It-All Society: Truth and Arrogance in Political Culture PDF
Reviewed by Dennis S. Gouran 3 pgs.
Jenny Kennedy, Digital Media, Sharing and Everyday Life PDF
Reviewed by Zhongqing He 3 pgs.
Kit Hughes, Television at Work: Industrial Media and American Labor PDF
Reviewed by Frederick Wasser 2 pgs.
Jungmin Kwon, Straight Korean Female Fans and Their Gay Fantasies PDF
Reviewed by Thomas Baudinette 3 pgs.
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Reviewed by Renzhong Peng, Chongguang Zhu 3 pgs.
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Regina Luttrell and Jamie Ward, A Practical Guide to Ethics in Public Relations PDF
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