Issue Title
Vol 12 (2018) Lega Nord and Anti-Immigrationism: The Importance of Hegemony Critique for Social Media Analysis and Protest Abstract   PDF
Cinzia Padovani
Vol 7 (2013) Legal Avenues for Ending Impunity for the Death of Journalists in Conflict Zones: Current and Proposed International Agreements Abstract   PDF
Kayt Davies, Emily Crawford
Vol 9 (2015) Legal Response to Propaganda Broadcasts Related to Crisis In and Around Ukraine, 2014–2015 Details   PDF
Andrei G. Richter
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Benedicta Ideho
Vol 5 (2011) Leslie Haddon (Ed.), The Contemporary Internet Details   PDF
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Vol 1 (2007) Let Them Eat Laptops: The Limits of Technicism Details   PDF
Brian Winston
Vol 1 (2007) Leung Lai Kuen: An Apple Fell Down: A Study of the Apple-fication Phenomenon in Hong Kong Newspapers Industry Details   PDF
Anne Cheung
Vol 8 (2014) Lev Manovich, Software Takes Command Details   PDF
Patrick Davison
Vol 5 (2011) Lewis Hyde: Common As Air: Revolution, Art, and Ownership Details   PDF
David McDougall
Vol 14 (2020) LGBTs In, Muslims Out: Homonationalist Discourses and Counterdiscourses in the Flemish Press Abstract   PDF
Alexander Dhoest
Vol 13 (2019) Liberal Individualist, Communitarian, or Deliberative? Analyzing Political Discussion on Facebook Based on Three Notions of Democracy Abstract   PDF
Lidia Valera-Ordaz
Vol 14 (2020) Lifestyles, Technology Clustering, and the Adoption of Over-the-top Television and Internet Protocol Television in Taiwan Abstract   PDF
Shu-Chu Sarrina Li
Vol 9 (2015) Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water: Using Facebook to Mobilize Solidarity Among East Jerusalem Palestinians During the 2014 War in Gaza Abstract   PDF
Maya de Vries, Asmahan Simry, Ifat Maoz
Vol 8 (2014) Likely and Unlikely Stories: Conspiracy Theories in an Age of Propaganda Abstract   PDF
Stephen M. E. Marmura
Vol 7 (2013) Lilie Chouliaraki, The Ironic Spectator: Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism Details   PDF
Stijn Joye
Vol 10 (2016) Lincoln Dahlberg & Sean Phelan, Discourse Theory and Critical Media Politics Details   PDF
Dafni Mangalousi
Vol 7 (2013) Lindal Buchanan, Rhetorics of Motherhood Details   PDF
Rachel D. Davidson
Vol 15 (2021) Lindsay Palmer, The Fixers: Local News Workers and the Underground Labor of International Reporting Details   PDF
Ryan Stoldt
Vol 11 (2017) Linguistic Proximity and Global Flows of Television: A Study With Gatekeepers Abstract   PDF
Jelle Mast, Kelly de Ruiter, An Kuppens
Vol 14 (2020) Lingzi Meng, Gender in Literary Translation: A Corpus-Based Study of the English Translations of Chenzhong De Chibang Details   PDF
Weiping Wu, Gaosheng Zhan
Vol 12 (2018) Linje Manyozo, Communicating Development with Communities Details   PDF
Winifredo Dagli
Vol 8 (2014) Linje Manyozo, Media, Communication and Development: Three Approaches, Details   PDF
Keneth Bamuturaki
Vol 5 (2011) Linking Global Press Freedom to Development and Culture: Implications from a Comparative Analysis Abstract   PDF
Hai Tran, Reaz Mahmood, Ying Du, Andrei Khrapavitski
Vol 10 (2016) Liquid Youth: From Street Kids to Theater Actors. An Account of a Reaffiliation Process Abstract   PDF
Milton N. Campos, Ana Paula Burg, Mayara Moraes, Adriana Guerra Abreu Lemos, Daniel Goncalves Alves, Ligia C. Leite
Vol 8 (2014) Lisa Henderson, Love and Money: Queers, Class, and Cultural Production Details   PDF
Cynthia Chris
Vol 3 (2009) Lisa Nakamura: Digitizing Race: Visual Cultures of the Internet Details   PDF
Marcia Alesan Dawkins
Vol 13 (2019) Lisa Parks and Caren Kaplan (Eds.), Life in the Age of Drone Warfare Details   PDF
Hugo Ljungbäck
Vol 13 (2019) Live Ambience and Homestead Away From Home: Social Media Use and Dependency by Visiting Chinese Students in the United States Abstract   PDF
Zixue Tai, Jue Lu, Fengbin Hu
Vol 12 (2018) Live From New York, It’s Trump on Twitter! The Effect of Engaging With Saturday Night Live on Perceptions of Authenticity and the Salience of Trait Ratings Abstract   PDF
Amy B. Becker
Vol 9 (2015) Living Proof: Autobiographical Political Argument in We are the 99 Percent and We are the 53 Percent Abstract   PDF
Doron Taussig
Vol 15 (2021) Living With Everyday Evaluations on Social Media Platforms Abstract   PDF
Blake Hallinan, Jed R. Brubaker
Vol 7 (2013) Liz Gunner, Dina Ligaga & Dumisani Moyo, Radio in Africa: Publics, Cultures, Communities Details   PDF
Emmanuel Ngwainmbi
Vol 6 (2012) Local Newspaper Coverage and Endorsement of a U.S. Military Buildup in the Pacific Abstract   PDF
Francis Dalisay, Masahiro Yamamoto
Vol 8 (2014) Locating the "Scruff Guy": Theorizing Body and Space in Gay Geosocial Media Abstract   PDF
Yoel Roth
Vol 6 (2012) Longitudinal Modeling of Frame Changing and Media Salience: Coverage of Worker Displacement, 1980-2007 Abstract   PDF
Ted Brimeyer, Glenn W. Muschert, Stephen Lippmann
Vol 11 (2017) Look Who’s Talking To Our Kids: Representations of Race and Gender In TV Commercials On Nickelodeon Abstract   PDF
Adam Peruta, Jack Powers
Vol 10 (2016) Lori Emerson, Reading Writing Interfaces: From the Digital to the Bookbound Details   PDF
Amanda C. R. Clark
Vol 13 (2019) Lori Kido Lopez, Asian American Media Activism: Fighting for Cultural Citizenship> Details   PDF
Greg Niedt
Vol 13 (2019) Lori Kido Lopez, Asian American Media Activism: Fighting for Cultural Citizenship Details   PDF
Laura Simpson Reeves
Vol 6 (2012) Lorraine Whitmarsh, Saffron O’Neill & Irene Lorenzoni (Eds.), Engaging the Public With Climate Change Details   PDF
Stephanie Hajer
Vol 15 (2021) Losers, Villains, and Violence: Political Attacks, Incivility, and Support for Political Violence Abstract   PDF
Ashley Muddiman, Benjamin R. Warner, Amy Schumacher-Rutherford
Vol 15 (2021) Louise Amoore, Cloud Ethics: Algorithms and the Attributes of Ourselves and Others Details   PDF
Catherine Jeffery
Vol 14 (2020) Louise Ha (Ed.), The Audience and Business of YouTube and Online Videos Details   PDF
Janice Hua Xu
Vol 8 (2014) Louise Phillips, Anabela Carvalho & Julie Doyle (Eds.), Citizen Voices: Performing Public Participation in Science and Environment Communication Details   PDF
Lindani Mbunyuza-Memani
Vol 14 (2020) Luwei Rose Luqiu, Propaganda, Media, and Nationalism in Mainland China and Hong Kong Details   PDF
Yu Xiang
Vol 3 (2009) Lynn Spigel: TV By Design: Modern Art and the Rise of Network Television Details   PDF
Nadja Millner-Larsen
Vol 13 (2019) M. Zain Sulaiman and Rita Wilson, Translation and Tourism: Strategies for Effective Cross-Cultural Promotion Details   PDF
Linxin Liang, Jinhai Zheng
Vol 15 (2021) Magda Konieczna, Journalism Without Profit: Making News When the Market Fails Details   PDF
David Cheruiyot
Vol 2 (2008) Mainstream Critique, Critical Mainstream and the New Media: Reconciliation of Mainstream and Critical Approaches to Media Effects Studies? Abstract   PDF
Magdalena E. Wojcieszak
Vol 11 (2017) Mainstream Versus Ethnic Media: How They Shape Ethnic Pride and Self-Esteem Among Ethnic Minority Audiences Abstract   PDF
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Marissa Joanna Doshi, Muniba Saleem
Vol 10 (2016) Majid KhosraviNik, Discourse, Identity and Legitimacy: Self and Other in Representations of Iran’s Nuclear Programme Details   PDF
Ehsan Dehghan
Vol 11 (2017) Making Business News: A Production Analysis of The New York Times Abstract   PDF
Nikki Usher
Vol 12 (2018) Making Implicit Methods Explicit: Trade Press Analysis in the Political Economy of Communication Abstract   PDF
Thomas F. Corrigan
Vol 13 (2019) Making Meaning of Media Development Today Abstract   PDF
Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh
Vol 9 (2015) Making Media Public: On Revolutionary Street Screenings in Egypt Abstract   PDF
Nina Grønlykke Mollerup, Sherief Gaber
Vol 13 (2019) Making Peace or Holding a Grudge? The Role of Publics' Forgiveness in Crisis Communication Abstract   PDF
Fang Wu, Di Cui
Vol 11 (2017) Making Sense of Communication Power and the New Information Warfare Details   PDF
Nathalie Maréchal
Vol 15 (2021) Making Sense of Metrics in the Music Industries Abstract   PDF
Nancy Baym, Rachel Bergmann, Raj Bhargava, Fernando Diaz, Tarleton Gillespie, David Hesmondhalgh, Elena Maris, Christopher J. Persaud
Vol 14 (2020) Malaise Effect or Virtuous Effect? The Dynamics of Internet Use and Political Trust in China Abstract   PDF
Xiaoxiao Cheng
Vol 12 (2018) Mamfakinch: From Protest Slogan to Mediated Activism Abstract   PDF
Annemarie Iddins
Vol 14 (2020) Manager–Employee Communication in the #MeToo Era: The Role of Gender Similarity and Context Ambiguity in Ethical Leadership Abstract   PDF
Lindsey Meeks, William T. Howe
Vol 6 (2012) Managing Unexpected Publics Online: The Challenge of Targeting Specific Groups with the Wide-Reaching Tool of the Internet Abstract   PDF
Daren C. Brabham
Vol 13 (2019) Manuel Castells, Rupture: The Crisis of Liberal Democracy Details   PDF
Magdalena Day
Vol 1 (2007) Manuel Castells, Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol, Jack Linchuan Qiu, and Araba Sey: Mobile Communication and Society: A Global Perspective Details   PDF
Scott W. Campbell
Vol 14 (2020) Manuela Wagner, Dorie Conlon Perugini, and Michael Byram (Eds.), Teaching Intercultural Competence Across the Age Range Details   PDF
Renzhong Peng, Rongrong Fu
Vol 12 (2018) Mapping Communication Infrastructure Theory Onto Twitter: Network Integration and Neighborhood Storytelling Abstract   PDF
Zheng An, Luana Mendiola-Smith
Vol 14 (2020) Mapping Connective Actions in the Global Alt-Right and Antifa Counterpublics Abstract   PDF
Weiai Wayne Xu
Vol 6 (2012) Mapping the Limits of Multiculturalism in the Context of Globalization Abstract   PDF
Raka Shome
Vol 6 (2012) Mapping the Nation and Security in Global Space: A Comparative Study of Danish, Egyptian, and U.S. Action-Adventure Fans Abstract   PDF
Karin Gwinn Wilkins
Vol 8 (2014) Marc Steinberg, Anime's Media Mix Details   PDF
Rob Drew
Vol 14 (2020) Margaret U. D’Silva and Ahmet Atay (Eds.), Intercultural Communication, Identity, and Social Movements in the Digital Age Details   PDF
Liu Na
Vol 13 (2019) Margie Borschke, This is Not a Remix: Piracy, Authenticity and Popular Music Details   PDF
Simogne Hudson
Vol 15 (2021) María Elena Placencia and Zohreh R. Eslami (Eds.), Complimenting Behavior and (Self-)Praise Across Social Media: New Contexts and New Insights Details   PDF
Mian Jia, Yi An
Vol 12 (2018) Maria Repnikova, Media Politics in China: Improvising Power under Authoritarianism Details   PDF
Michael Gow
Vol 14 (2020) Maria Repnikova, Media Politics in China: Improvising Power Under Authoritarianism Details   PDF
Ruth Moon
Vol 12 (2018) Maria Soledad Segura and Silvio Waisbord, Media Movements: Civil Society and Media Policy Reform in Latin America Details   PDF
Jessica Roberts
Vol 14 (2020) Mari-Liis Madisson and Andreas Ventsel, Strategic Conspiracy Narratives: A Semiotic Approach Details   PDF
Ben O'Loughlin
Vol 15 (2021) Marilyn DeLaure and Moritz Fink (Eds.), Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance Details   PDF
Derek Moscato
Vol 2 (2008) Marjorie Harness Goodwin: The Hidden Life of Girls: Games of Stance, Status, and Exclusion Details   PDF
Tamar Katriel
Vol 1 (2007) Mark Andrejevic: iSpy: Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era (Culture America) Details   PDF
Oscar Gandy
Vol 5 (2011) Mark D. Alleyne: Anti-Racism and Multiculturalism Details   PDF
Cameron Ross McCordic
Vol 4 (2010) Mark Hulsether: Religion, Culture and Politics in the Twentieth-Century United States Details   PDF
Raphael Rosen
Vol 11 (2017) Mark Lloyd and Lewis A. Friedland (Eds.), The Communication Crisis in America and How to Fix It Details   PDF
Jay G. Blumler
Vol 11 (2017) Mark Lloyd and Lewis Friedland (Eds.), The Communication Crisis in America and How to Fix It Details   PDF
Christopher Ali
Vol 14 (2020) Mark S. Hamm and Ramón Spaaij, Hamm and Spaaij's The Age of Lone Wolf Terrorism Details   PDF
Brian Hughes
Vol 10 (2016) Markus Krajewski, World Projects: Global Information Before World War I (Electronic Mediations) Details   PDF
Maria Rikitianskaia
Vol 4 (2010) Martin C. Libicki: Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar Details   PDF
Negar Kahen
Vol 1 (2007) Martin Meeker: Contacts Desired: Gay and Lesbian Communications and Community, 1940s-1970s Details   PDF
Barry Adam
Vol 8 (2014) Marwan M. Kraidy, Communication and Power in the Global Era: Orders and Borders Details   PDF
Mark Hannah
Vol 1 (2007) Marwan M. Kraidy: Hybridity, or the Cultural Logic of Globalization Details   PDF
Douglas Kellner
Vol 4 (2010) Marwan M. Kraidy: Reality Television and Arab Politics (Contention in Public Life) Details   PDF
Michael L. Barthel
Vol 2 (2008) Mary Ann Watson: Defining Visions: Television and the American Experience in the 20th Century Details   PDF
Vincent Brook
Vol 4 (2010) Mary Beltrán & Camilla Fojas (Eds.): Mixed Race Hollywood Details   PDF
Marcia Alesan Dawkins
Vol 11 (2017) Mary R. Desjardins, Recycled Stars: Female Film Stardom in the Age of Television and Video Details   PDF
Catherine Bednarz
Vol 15 (2021) Mass Media and the Attraction of the Arts in Small-Size Global Cities: The (Re)Distribution of Cultural Capital Abstract   PDF
Christian Lamour, Nathalie Lorentz
Vol 3 (2009) Mass Society, Mass Culture, and Mass Communication:The Meanings of Mass Abstract   PDF
Kurt Lang, Gladys Engel Lang
Vol 14 (2020) Mat Callahan and Jim Rogers (Eds.), A Critical Guide to Intellectual Property Details   PDF
Peter Beattie
Vol 13 (2019) Material Mediations Complicate Communication Privacy Management: The Case of Wilma in Finnish High Schools Abstract   PDF
Asko Lehmuskallio, Airi Lampinen
Vol 13 (2019) Materializing Ethical Matters of Concern: Practicing Ethics in a Refugee Camp Abstract   PDF
Frederik Matte, Nicolas Bencherki
Vol 9 (2015) Matrix Activism: Media, Neoliberalism, and Social Action in Italy Abstract   PDF
Michela Ardizzoni
Vol 12 (2018) Matt Carlson, Journalistic Authority: Legitimating News in the Digital Era Details   PDF
Ruth Moon
Vol 13 (2019) Matt Carlson, Journalistic Authority: Legitimating News in the Digital Era Details   PDF
Allie Kosterich
Vol 8 (2014) Matt Stahl, Unfree Masters: Recording Artists and the Politics of Work Details   PDF
Rob Drew
Vol 9 (2015) Matthew W. Ragas & Ron Culp, Business Essentials for Strategic Communicators Details   PDF
Nina O'Brien
Vol 14 (2020) Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp, Mastering Business for Strategic Communication: Insights and Advice from the C-suite of Leading Brands Details   PDF
Nandini Bhalla
Vol 13 (2019) Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp (Eds.), Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators: Insights and Advice from the C-Suite of Leading Brands Details   PDF
Vanessa Bravo
Vol 15 (2021) Maxwell McCombs and Sebastián Valenzuela, Setting the Agenda: Mass Media and Public Opinion (3rd ed.) Details   PDF
Yang Cheng
Vol 10 (2016) Measuring Freedom of Information: Issues and Opportunities from an Expert Survey Abstract   PDF
Diego Giannone, Ruth De Frutos
Vol 13 (2019) Measuring Gender in News Representations of Refugees and Asylum Seekers Abstract   PDF
Lindsey E. Blumell, Glenda Cooper
Vol 13 (2019) Measuring Mediation of Children’s Media Use Abstract   PDF
Galit Nimrod, Nelly Elias, Dafna Lemish
Vol 13 (2019) Media and Collective Action in Greece: From Indignation to Solidarity Abstract   PDF
Marina Prentoulis, Maria Kyriakidou
Vol 6 (2012) Media and Communication Activism Details   PDF
Micky Lee
Vol 6 (2012) Media and Transitional Justice: Toward a Systematic Approach Abstract   PDF
Monroe Price, Nicole Stremlau
Vol 6 (2012) Media at the Margins: Policy and Practice in American, Canadian, and British Community Television Abstract   PDF
Christopher Ali
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences| Between Old Broadcast Media and New Networked Media: Materiality and Media Consumption Practices Abstract   PDF
Manuel José Damásio, Sara Henriques, Marisa Torres da Silva, Liliana Pacheco, Maria José Brites
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences| Digital Mediascapes, Institutional Frameworks, and Audience Practices Across Europe Abstract   PDF
Zrinjka Perusko, Dina Vozab, Antonija Čuvalo
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences| Is Print Really Dying? The State of Print Media Use in Europe Abstract   PDF
Hillel Nossek, Hanna Adoni, Galit Nimrod
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences| Spaces Across Europe: Where People Use Media Abstract   PDF
Nicoletta Vittadini, Marina Micheli, Francesca Pasquali, Piermarco Aroldi
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences| The Internet as a Cultural Forum: A European Perspective Abstract   PDF
Galit Nimrod, Hanna Adoni, Hillel Nossek
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences| The Media Landscapes of European Audiences Abstract   PDF
Rasmus Helles, Jacob Ørmen, Casper Radil, Klaus Bruhn Jensen
Vol 9 (2015) Media Audiences|Changing Patterns of Media Use across Cultures: A Challenge for Longitudinal Research Abstract   PDF
Uwe Hasebrink, Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Hilde van den Bulck, Sascha Hölig, Pieter Maeseele
Vol 12 (2018) Media Censures: The Hutchins Commission on the Press, the New York Intellectuals on Mass Culture Abstract   PDF
Stephen Bates
Vol 7 (2013) Media Conduction: Festivals, Networks, and Boundaried Spaces Abstract   PDF
Robert Moses Peaslee
Vol 9 (2015) Media Consumption and Immigration: Factors Related to the Perception of Stigmatization among Immigrants Abstract   PDF
Nicolle Etchegaray, Teresa Correa
Vol 13 (2019) Media Effects and Marginalized Ideas: Relationships Among Media Consumption and Support for Black Lives Matter Abstract   PDF
Danielle Kilgo, Rachel R. Mourão
Vol 7 (2013) Media Events Are Still Alive: The Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics as a Media Ritual Abstract   PDF
Xi Cui
Vol 7 (2013) Media Evolution: Emergence, Dominance, Survival and Extinction in the Media Ecology Abstract   PDF
Carlos A. Scolari
Vol 15 (2021) Media Exposure and Third-Person Perception: The Mediating Role of Social Realism and Proxy Efficacy Abstract   PDF
Xudong Liu, Ven-hwei Lo, Ran Wei, Xigen Li, Shengnan Pang, Ruiyao Zhang
Vol 12 (2018) Media Exposure, Perceived Efficacy, and Protective Behaviors in a Public Health Emergency Abstract   PDF
Xigen Li
Vol 4 (2010) Media Framing in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Korea–U.S. Comparative Study Abstract   PDF
Yoon-Joo Lee, Sora Kim
Vol 10 (2016) Media Freedom Indexes in Democracies: A Critical Perspective Through the Cases of Poland and Chile Abstract   PDF
Ewa Sapiezynska, Claudia Lagos
Vol 10 (2016) Media Genealogy| Abstract Materialism: Peter Galison Discusses Foucault, Kittler, and the History of Science and Technology Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Packer, Peter Galison
Vol 10 (2016) Media Genealogy| An Archive for the Future: Paul N. Edwards on Technology, Historiography, Self and World Abstract   PDF
Alexander Monea, Paul N. Edwards
Vol 10 (2016) Media Genealogy| As If, or, Using Media Archaeology to Reimagine Past, Present, and Future: An Interview with Lori Emerson Abstract   PDF
Jay Kirby, Lori Emerson
Vol 10 (2016) Media Genealogy| Cinema/Cybernetics/Visuality: A Conversation with Orit Halpern Abstract   PDF
Eddie Lohmeyer, Orit Halpern
Vol 10 (2016) Media Genealogy| Is the Earth an Optical Medium? An Interview with Chris Russill Abstract   PDF
Kate Maddalena, Chris Russill
Vol 10 (2016) Media Genealogy| The Future of Critique: Mark Andrejevic on Power/Knowledge and the Big Data-Driven Decline of Symbolic Efficiency Abstract   PDF
J. J. Sylvia IV, Mark Andrejevic
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| Anal Probes and Overheated Media: The Physiological Roots of Contemporary Media Research Details   PDF
Brenton J. Malin
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| Burning Man: Heating, Eating and Doing the Calorie Details   PDF
Jessica Mudry
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| Drones, Infrared Imagery, and Body Heat Details   PDF
Lisa Parks
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| Fourier('s) Analysis: "Sonic" Heat Conduction and Its Cold Calculation Details   PDF
Wolfgang Ernst
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| Iceberg Media Details   PDF
Rafico Ruiz
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| Making Sense of Temperature in Early Psychophysics Details   PDF
Alice R. Christensen
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| Seeing the Temperature in Weather Media Details   PDF
Marita Sturken
Vol 8 (2014) Media, Hot & Cold| The Materiality of Media Heat Details   PDF
Nicole Starosielski
Vol 12 (2018) Media Influence on Intention for Risk-Aversive Behaviors: The Direct and Indirect Influence of Blogs through Presumed Influence on Others Abstract   PDF
Borae Jin, Sungeun Chung, Sangho Byeon
Vol 9 (2015) Media Market Research on Immigrant Audiences: Lessons Learned From a Critical Analysis of the Spanish Media Survey Abstract   PDF
Mercedes Medina, Idoia Portilla
Vol 15 (2021) Media Platforms and Political Learning: The Democratic Challenge of News Consumption on Computers and Mobile Devices Abstract   PDF
Kim Andersen, Jesper Strömbäck
Vol 14 (2020) Media Regime Disruption and the Conditions of Public Reflexivity Abstract   PDF
Ben O'Loughlin
Vol 4 (2010) Media Representation of the European Union: Comparing Newspaper Coverage in France, Spain and the United Kingdom Abstract   PDF
Antonio V. Menéndez Alarcón
Vol 15 (2021) Media Representations of Academia: Mapping and Typologizing News Coverage of All Swiss Higher Education Institutions Abstract   PDF
Silke Fürst, Daniel Vogler, Mike S. Schäfer, Isabel Sörensen
Vol 4 (2010) Media Representations of Race Cue the State of Media Opening in Brazil Abstract   PDF
Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno
Vol 8 (2014) Media Resistance: Opportunities for Practice Theory and New Media Research Abstract   PDF
Louise Woodstock
Vol 7 (2013) Media Systems Dependency and Human Rights Online Video: The “Saffron Revolution” and WITNESS’s Hub Abstract   PDF
Melissa Brough, Zhan Li
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| Affective Historiography: Archival Aesthetics and the Temporalities of Televisual Nation-Building Abstract   PDF
Anu Koivunen
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| Archiving Protest Digitally: The Temporal Regime of Immediation Abstract   PDF
Anne Kaun
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| Geographies of Liveness: Time, Space, and Satellite Networks as Infrastructures of Live Television in the Our World Broadcast Abstract   PDF
Christine Evans, Lars Lundgren
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| In The Time of the Microcelebrity: Celebrification and the YouTuber Zoella Abstract   PDF
Anne Jerslev
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| Networked Simultaneities in the Time of the Great Exhibitions: Media and the 1914 Oslo Centenary Jubilee Exhibition Abstract   PDF
Espen Ytreberg
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| Stormy Weather: The Pre- and Post-History of Television Abstract   PDF
Staffan Ericson
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| The Flow of Nostalgia: Experiencing Television from the Past Abstract   PDF
Ekaterina Kalinina
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| The Mediatization of Third-Time Tools: Culturalizing and Historicizing Temporality Abstract   PDF
Johan Fornäs
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| The Rhythm of Ages: Analyzing Mediatization Through the Lens of Generations Across Cultures Abstract   PDF
Göran Bolin
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| Times of Literature, Times of the Machine: Poetic Media Archaeologies Abstract   PDF
Jesper Olsson
Vol 10 (2016) Media Times| When is the Now? Monitoring Disaster in the Expansion of Time Abstract   PDF
Anders Ekström
Vol 15 (2021) Media Trust Under Threat: Antecedents and Consequences of Misinformation Perceptions on Social Media Abstract   PDF
Marlis Stubenvoll, Raffael Heiss, Jörg Matthes
Vol 9 (2015) Media Use Among Social Networking Site Users in Latvia Abstract   PDF
Ianis Bucholtz
Vol 12 (2018) Media Use and Environmental Engagement: Examining Differential Gains from News Media and Social Media Abstract   PDF
Nan Zhang, Marko M. Skoric
Vol 8 (2014) Media Use and Political Trust in an Emerging Democracy: Setting the Institutional Trust Agenda in Kosovo Abstract   PDF
Lindita Camaj
Vol 13 (2019) Media Use, Cross-National Samples, and the Theory of Planned Behavior: Implications for Climate Change Advocacy Intentions Abstract   PDF
Troy Elias, Mark Blaine, Deborah Morrison, Brandon Harris
Vol 4 (2010) Media with a Mission: Why Fairness and Balance Are Not Priorities in Lebanon’s Journalistic Codes Abstract   PDF
Yasmine T. Dabbous
Vol 11 (2017) Mediadem| Journalistic Autonomy as a Professional Value and Element of Journalism Culture: The European Perspective Abstract   PDF
Epp Lauk, Halliki Harro-Loi
Vol 11 (2017) Mediadem| Of Journalists and Money: The Employment of Journalists in Romania and Its Influence on Media Freedom and Quality Abstract   PDF
Ioana Avădani
Vol 11 (2017) Mediadem| Private Regulation and Freedom of Expression Abstract   PDF
Fabrizio Cafaggi, Federica Casarosa, Tony Prosser
Vol 11 (2017) Mediadem| The Freedom and Independence of Public Service Media in Europe: International Standards and Their Domestic Implementation Abstract   PDF
Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Dia Anagnostou, Rachael Craufurd Smith, Yolande Stolte
Vol 8 (2014) Media-Hype Fatigue: Audience Evaluations of a Human-Interest Framed Media-Hype Abstract   PDF
Audun Beyer, Tine Ustad Figenschou
Vol 10 (2016) Media-Remembering the Falklands War: Subjectivity and Identification Abstract   PDF
Sarah Maltby
Vol 10 (2016) Mediated Contact, Intergroup Attitudes, and Ingroup Members’ Basic Values: South Koreans and Migrant Workers Abstract   PDF
Hyeyeon Ju, Sung-Yeon Park, Jae C. Shim, Yunhee Ku
Vol 14 (2020) Mediated Sociability: Audience Participation and Convened Citizen Engagement in Interactive Broadcast Shows in Africa Abstract   PDF
Sharath Srinivasan, Claudia Abreu Lopes
Vol 11 (2017) Mediating Asia| Mediating Indonesia: The Slow Emergence of a Young Nation -- Commentary Abstract   PDF
Endy M. Bayuni
Vol 11 (2017) Mediating Asia| Between State and Capital: Asia’s Media Revolution in the Age of Neo-Liberal Globalization Abstract   PDF
Michael Curtin
Vol 11 (2017) Mediating Asia| Enlightenment and the Revolutionary Press in Colonial Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Rianne Subijanto
Vol 11 (2017) Mediating Asia| Guidance and Transgression: The Contest for Narratives of Environment and Pollution in China — Commentary Abstract   PDF
Isabel Hilton
Vol 11 (2017) Mediating Asia| Pressing the Issue: Sino-American Discourse on the Proper Role of the Media, Past and Present Abstract   PDF
Timothy B. Weston
Vol 11 (2017) Mediating Asia| Reporting from China: 400 Reports, on 1.4 Billion People, in One Authoritarian State — Commentary Abstract   PDF
Melissa K. Chan
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Collaborative Media Practices and Interconnected Digital Strategies of Islamic State (IS) and Pro-IS Supporter Networks on Telegram Abstract   PDF
Michael Krona
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Iconic Socioclasm: Idol-Breaking and the Dawn of a New Social Order Abstract   PDF
Christoph Günther
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State and Game of Thrones: The Global Among Tradition, Identity, and the Politics of Spectacle Abstract   PDF
Bashir Saade
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State and Women: A Biopolitical Analysis Abstract   PDF
Mohammed Salih, Marwan Kraidy
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State War Documentaries Abstract   PDF
Nathaniel Greenberg
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Islamic State: Politics by Other Means? Abstract   PDF
Yara M. Damaj
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| The Geopolitics of Television Drama and the “Global War on Terror”: Gharabeeb Soud Against Islamic State Abstract   PDF
Heather Jaber, Marwan M. Kraidy
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Theologians, Poets, and Lone Wolves: Mapping Medium-Specific Epistemologies of Radicalization Abstract   PDF
Brian T. Hughes
Vol 14 (2020) Mediating Islamic State| Toward a Protostate Media System:The Role of ISIS’s Content Abstract   PDF
Kareem El Damanhoury
Vol 9 (2015) Mediating the Nation-State: Agency and The Media in Nation-Branding Campaigns Abstract   PDF
Göran Bolin, Per Ståhlberg
Vol 7 (2013) Mediating Tourist Landscape: A Case Study of Media-Induced Tourism in China Abstract   PDF
Guanxiong Huang
Vol 15 (2021) Mediations of Religion and Politics as “Affective Infrastructures”: A Cross-Disciplinary Reflection on Contemporary Politics Abstract   PDF
Stewart M. Hoover
Vol 11 (2017) Mediatized Populisms| Broadcasting the Dharna: Mediating "Contained" Populism in Contemporary Pakistan Abstract   PDF
Ayesha Mulla
Vol 11 (2017) Mediatized Populisms| Conspiratorial Webs: Media Ecology and Parallel Realities in Turkey Abstract   PDF
Rolien Hoyng, Murat Es
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Yue Zheng, Brooke W. McKeever, Linjia Xu
Vol 13 (2019) Norms as Regulating Factors for Self-Disclosure in a Collapsed Context: Norm Orientation Among Referent Others on Facebook Abstract   PDF
Arne Freya Zillich, Kathrin Friederike Müller
Vol 14 (2020) Not Arabi or Ajnabi: Arab Youth and Reorienting Humor Abstract   PDF
Sulafa Zidani
Vol 15 (2021) Not the Bots You Are Looking For: Patterns and Effects of Orchestrated Interventions in the U.S. and German Elections Abstract   PDF
Olga Boichak, Jeff Hemsley, Sam Jackson, Rebekah Tromble, Sikana Tanupabrungsun
Vol 6 (2012) Notes on Hype Abstract   PDF
Devon Powers
Vol 12 (2018) Nuit Debout| Activist Reflexivity and Mediated Violence: Putting the Policing of Nuit Debout in Context Abstract   PDF
Anna Feigenbaum, Patrick McCurdy
Vol 12 (2018) Nuit Debout| Nuit Debout: Representations, Affect, and Prototyping Change — Feature Abstract   PDF
Adrienne Russell
Vol 12 (2018) Nuit Debout| Strange Speech: Structures of Listening in Nuit Debout, Occupy, and 15M Abstract   PDF
Jessica Feldman
Vol 12 (2018) Nuit Debout| Toward a Creative Activism with a Sense of Humor: An Interview with François Ruffin Abstract   PDF
Serge Chaumier
Vol 12 (2018) Nuit Debout| Up All Night, Down for the Count? A Compositionist Approach to Nuit Debout Abstract   PDF
Jack Bratich
Vol 15 (2021) Numbers That Matter in Journalism: How to Use Numbers Effectively and Ethically Details   PDF
Gyo Hyun Koo
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