Table of Contents


The 2012 Olympics and Its Legacies: State, Citizen, and Corporate Mobilizations of the Olympic Spirit ABSTRACT PDF
James Pamment 19 pgs.
Ignorance is Bliss! Internet Usage and Perceptions of Corruption in a Panel of Developing Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Alberto Posso, Meg Elkins 17 pgs.
The Construction of Symbolic Power: Comparing Offline and Online Media Representations of Occupy the Street in Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Leonarda García-Jiménez, Rocío Zamora-Medina, Rebeca Martínez-Fernández 21 pgs.
The "Politicization" of Turkish Television Dramas ABSTRACT PDF
Kumru Berfin Emre Cetin 22 pgs.
Which Politicians Pass the News Gates and Why? Explaining Inconsistencies in Research on News Coverage of Individual Politicians ABSTRACT PDF
Debby Vos 24 pgs.
Translating American Exceptionalism: Comparing Presidential Discourse About the United States at Home and Abroad ABSTRACT PDF
Jason Gilmore 22 pgs.
Sexting in Context: Privacy Norms and Expectations ABSTRACT PDF
Amy Adele Hasinoff, Tamara Shepherd 24 pgs.
On the Dichotomy of Corporate vs. Alternative Journalism: Occupy Wall Street as Constructed by Echo of Moscow ABSTRACT PDF
Olga Baysha 24 pgs.
Intertextuality and News Photography Production: International Making of a Pictorial Echo ABSTRACT PDF
Jonathan Ilan 20 pgs.
The Insecurity of Innovation: A Critical Analysis of Cybersecurity in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Catherine Hart, Dal Yong Jin, Andrew Feenberg 19 pgs.
The Language Divide—The Persistence of English Proficiency as a Gateway to the Internet: The Cases of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia ABSTRACT PDF
Katy E. Pearce, Ronald E. Rice 26 pgs.
Will Social Media Use Reduce Relative Deprivation?: Systematic Analysis of Social Capital’s Mediating Effects of Connecting Social Media Use with Relative Deprivation ABSTRACT PDF
Jaehee Cho 23 pgs.
Global Production, Circulation, and Consumption of Gangnam Style ABSTRACT PDF
SooKeung Jung, Hongmei Li 20 pgs.
Investigating the Prevalence and Predictors of Media Multitasking across Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Hilde A. M. Voorveld, Claire M. Segijn, Paul E. Ketelaar, Edith G. Smit 23 pgs.
The Richer, The Better? Effects of Modality on Intercultural Virtual Collaboration ABSTRACT PDF
Qian Xu, Deanna Behring 22 pgs.
Comedy of Contingency: Making Physical Humor in Video Game Spaces ABSTRACT PDF
Jaroslav Švelch 23 pgs.
Creating Identity and Building Bridges Between Cultures: The Case of 9gag ABSTRACT PDF
Albin Wagener 15 pgs.
I’m Not a Doctor, But I Play One on TV: The Effects of Context and Character Perceptions on Endorser Effectiveness ABSTRACT PDF
K. Maja Krakowiak, Kelly Poniatowski 19 pgs.
Democracy in the Digital Communication Environment: A Typology Proposal of Political Monitoring Processes ABSTRACT PDF
Ramón A. Feenstra, Andreu Casero-Ripollés 21 pgs.
Boundary-Drawing Power and the Renewal of Professional News Organizations: The Case of The Guardian and the Edward Snowden NSA Leak ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Chadwick, Simon Collister 22 pgs.
The Role of Communication Storytelling Networks in Bullying: A Comparison Between U.S. and Korean Adolescents ABSTRACT PDF
Seok Kang, Yongkuk Chung, Wonjun Chung 24 pgs.
Likely and Unlikely Stories: Conspiracy Theories in an Age of Propaganda ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen M. E. Marmura 19 pgs.
Musical Counter-Environments: Media Ecology as Art Criticism ABSTRACT PDF
Phil Rose 26 pgs.
Triggering the Protest Paradigm: Examining Factors Affecting News Coverage of Protests ABSTRACT PDF
Francis L. F. Lee 22 pgs.
The Case for a Dutch Propaganda Model ABSTRACT PDF
Tabe Bergman 20 pgs.
The Magical Neoliberalism of Network Films ABSTRACT PDF
Amanda Ciafone 25 pgs.
Ideological Polarization Over a China-as-Superpower Mind-set: An Exploratory Charting of Belief Systems Among Chinese Internet Users, 2008–2011 ABSTRACT PDF
Angela Xiao Wu 30 pgs.
Communicating Health Problems Online: An Investigation of Frame Selection and the Cognitive Effects of Health Disclosures ABSTRACT PDF
Weirui Wang 21 pgs.
Enacted Social Support on Social Media and Subjective Well-being ABSTRACT PDF
Heewon Kim 21 pgs.
Still Glued to the Box? Television Viewing Explained in a Multi-Platform Age Integrating Individual and Situational Predictors ABSTRACT PDF
Harsh Taneja, Vijay Viswanathan 26 pgs.
Locating the "Scruff Guy": Theorizing Body and Space in Gay Geosocial Media ABSTRACT PDF
Yoel Roth 21 pgs.
Professional Roles in News Content: Analyzing Journalistic Performance in the Chilean National Press ABSTRACT PDF
Claudia Mellado, Claudia Lagos 23 pgs.
IAMCR on the East-West Battlefield: A Study on the GDR’s Attempts to Use the Association for Diplomatic Purposes ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Meyen 19 pgs.
Facebook, Twitter, and Youth Engagement: A Quasi-experimental Study of Social Media Use and Protest Behavior Using Propensity Score Matching ABSTRACT PDF
Sebastián Valenzuela, Arturo Arriagada, Andrés Scherman 25 pgs.
Toward a More Substantive Media Ecology: Postman’s Metaphor Versus Posthuman Futures ABSTRACT PDF
Niall P. Stephens 19 pgs.
From Digital Divides to the First Mile: Indigenous Peoples and the Network Society in Canada ABSTRACT PDF
Rob McMahon 25 pgs.
Media Resistance: Opportunities for Practice Theory and New Media Research ABSTRACT PDF
Louise Woodstock 19 pgs.
Journalism, Justice, and the Transnational Community ABSTRACT PDF
Slavko Gajevic 19 pgs.
Media-Hype Fatigue: Audience Evaluations of a Human-Interest Framed Media-Hype ABSTRACT PDF
Audun Beyer, Tine Ustad Figenschou 20 pgs.
Foreign or Chinese? Reconfiguring the Symbolic Space of Chinese Media ABSTRACT PDF
Wanning Sun 18 pgs.
El Salvador and Costa Rica’s State–Diaspora Relations Management ABSTRACT PDF
Vanessa Bravo 22 pgs.
The Toronto Africentric Alternative School: Media, Blackness, and Discourses of Multiculturalism and Critical Multiculturalism ABSTRACT PDF
Nicole Neverson 21 pgs.
Citizenship and Political Participation in Colombia: How Orientations toward Citizenship Associate with Political and Civic Behaviors ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew Barnidge, Timothy Macafee, German Alvarez, Hernando Rojas 20 pgs.
Disasters as Media Events: The Rescue of the Chilean Miners in National and Global Television ABSTRACT PDF
César Jiménez-Martínez 24 pgs.
A Laugh Riot: Photoshopping as Vernacular Discursive Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew M. Peck 25 pgs.
Egyptian Journalistic Professionalism in the Context of Revolution: Comparing Survey Results from Before and After the January 25, 2011 Uprising ABSTRACT PDF
Mohamad Hamas Elmasry, Dina Mohamed Basiony, Sara Farag Elkamel 23 pgs.
The Cultural Economy of Postconsensus Television ABSTRACT PDF
Esteve Sanz 19 pgs.
Political Blogosphere Meets Off-Line Public Sphere: Framing the Public Discourse on the Greek Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Persefoni Zeri 17 pgs.
The Structure of ITV News Bulletins ABSTRACT PDF
Nick Redfern 22 pgs.
Communication Infrastructure Theory and Reproductive Health Disparities: Enhancing Storytelling Network Integration by Developing Interstitial Actors ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew D. Matsaganis, Annis G. Golden, Muriel E. Scott 21 pgs.
Distant Suffering in Audience Memory: The Moral Hierarchy of Remembering ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Kyriakidou 21 pgs.
Constructing HIV/AIDS on the Internet: A Comparative Rhetorical Analysis of Online Narratives in the United States and in China ABSTRACT PDF
Jingwen Zhang, Huiling Ding 22 pgs.
Crisis Communication in Dark Times: The 2011 Mouse River Flood in Minot, North Dakota ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher L. Atkinson 21 pgs.
Communicating the Right to Know:Social Media in the Do-It-Yourself Air Quality Testing Campaign in Chinese Cities ABSTRACT PDF
Janice Hua Xu 20 pgs.
The Online Emergence of Pushback on Social Media in the United States: A Historical Discourse Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Kirsten Foot 30 pgs.
Primary School Children’s Internet Skills: A Report on Performance Tests of Operational, Formal, Information, and Strategic Internet Skills ABSTRACT PDF
Alexander J. A. M. van Deursen, Anke Görzig, Marianne van Delzen, Hanneke T. M. Perik, Anne Grace Stegeman 23 pgs.
The Internet and Agenda Setting in China: The Influence of Online Public Opinion on Media Coverage and Government Policy ABSTRACT PDF
Yunjuan Luo 24 pgs.
The Advertorial as a Tool of Mediated Public Diplomacy ABSTRACT PDF
Guy J. Golan, Evhenia “Zhenia” Viatchaninova 21 pgs.
News Frames of the Population Issue in the Philippines ABSTRACT PDF
Clarissa C. David, Erika Fille T. Legara, Jenna Mae L. Atun, Christopher P. Monterola 21 pgs.
Exploring the Contingent Effects of Political Efficacy and Partisan Strength on the Relationship Between Online News Use and Democratic Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Chan 21 pgs.
The Internet and Inequality in Democratic Engagements: Panel Evidence from South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Suk Jae Hur, Hyeok Yong Kwon 21 pgs.
Journalism Students’ Professional Views in Eight Countries: The Role of Motivations, Education, and Gender ABSTRACT PDF
Folker Hanusch, Claudia Mellado 18 pgs.
Social Identity Theory as a Framework for Understanding the Effects of Exposure to Positive Media Images of Self and Other on Intergroup Outcomes ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher J. McKinley, Dana Mastro, Katie M. Warber 20 pgs.
Cosmopolitanism and Global Risk: News Framing of the Asian Financial Crisis and the European Debt Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Zhifei Mao 20 pgs.
Framing Connections: Improving the Relationship between Rhetorical and Social Scientific Frame Studies, Including a Study of G.W. Bush’s Framing of Immigration ABSTRACT PDF
Michael C. Souders, Kara N. Dillard 21 pgs.
Promotional Practices in News Programs: The Case of Spanish Public Television ABSTRACT PDF
Marina Santín, Rainer Rubira 19 pgs.
Do International Students’ Direct Experiences With the Host Country Lead to Strong Attitude-Behavior Relations? Advancing Public Diplomacy Research and Beyond ABSTRACT PDF
Seong-Hun Yun 23 pgs.
Playful Civic Learning: Enabling Lateral Trust and Reflection in Game-based Public Participation ABSTRACT PDF
Eric Gordon, Jessica Baldwin-Philippi 28 pgs.
The Role of News Media Use and Demographic Characteristics in the Possibility of Information Overload Prediction ABSTRACT PDF
Qihao Ji, Louisa Ha, Ulla Sypher 16 pgs.
“Can Our Kids Hack It With Computers?”: Constructing Youth Hackers in Family Computing Magazines (1983–1987) ABSTRACT PDF
Meryl Alper 26 pgs.
A Model of Crowd Enabled Organization: Theory and Methods for Understanding the Role of Twitter in the Occupy Protests ABSTRACT PDF
Sheetal D. Agarwal, W. Lance Bennett, Courtney N. Johnson, Shawn Walker 27 pgs.
Stuck in First Gear: The Case of German Political "Blogosphere" ABSTRACT PDF
Stine Eckert, Kalyani Chadha, Michael Koliska 18 pgs.
Political Knowledge Gaps Among News Consumers with Different News Media Repertoires Across Multiple Platforms ABSTRACT PDF
Hyunwoo Lee, JungAe Yang 21 pgs.
Community Radio, Politics and Immigration in Quebec: The Case of Radio Centre-Ville ABSTRACT PDF
Eduardo Gonzalez Castillo 17 pgs.
From a False Messiah to Just Another Latin American Dictator: Analysis of U.S. Mainstream News Media’s Coverage of Hugo Chávez’s Death ABSTRACT PDF
Douglas S. Wilbur, Juyan Zhang 22 pgs.
The Dynamic Interplay of Interaction Goals, Emotion, and Conflict Styles: Testing a Model of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Effects on Conflict Styles ABSTRACT PDF
Qin Zhang, Michael Andreychik, David Sapp, Colleen Arendt 24 pgs.
Campaign Comics: The Use of Comic Books for Strategic Political Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Cornelia Brantner, Katharina Lobinger 27 pgs.
The Use of Social Media Technologies to Create, Preserve, and Disseminate Indigenous Knowledge and Skills to Communities in East Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Sylvia A. Owiny, Khanjan Mehta, Audrey N. Maretzki 14 pgs.
The Personal is Political on Social Media: Online Civic Expression Patterns and Pathways Among Civically Engaged Youth ABSTRACT PDF
Emily C. Weinstein 24 pgs.
Media Use and Political Trust in an Emerging Democracy: Setting the Institutional Trust Agenda in Kosovo ABSTRACT PDF
Lindita Camaj 23 pgs.
The Structural Organization of NGO Publicity Work: Explaining Divergent Publicity Strategies at Humanitarian and Human Rights Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew Powers 18 pgs.
Vicarious Deliberation: How the Oregon Citizens' Initiative Review Influenced Deliberation in Mass Elections ABSTRACT PDF
John Gastil, Robert Richards, Katherine Knobloch 28 pgs.
Rethinking Banal Nationalism: Banal Americanism, Europeanism and the Missing Link between Media Representations and Identities ABSTRACT PDF
Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova 19 pgs.
Political Participation in an Unlikely Place: How Individuals Engage in Politics through Social Networking Sites in China ABSTRACT PDF
Xinzhi Zhang, Wan-Ying Lin 22 pgs.
Co-creation and Participation as a Means of Innovation in New Media: An Analysis of Creativity in the Photographic Field ABSTRACT PDF
Gemma San Cornelio, Edgar Gómez Cruz 20 pgs.
More Articles

Special Sections

Media, Hot and Cold| Introduction: Temperature is a Media Problem PDF
Dylan Mulvin, Jonathan Sterne 8 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| The Materiality of Media Heat PDF
Nicole Starosielski 5 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| Anal Probes and Overheated Media: The Physiological Roots of Contemporary Media Research PDF
Brenton J. Malin 4 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| Making Sense of Temperature in Early Psychophysics PDF
Alice R. Christensen 5 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| Drones, Infrared Imagery, and Body Heat PDF
Lisa Parks 4 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| Seeing the Temperature in Weather Media PDF
Marita Sturken 3 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| Iceberg Media PDF
Rafico Ruiz 6 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| Burning Man: Heating, Eating and Doing the Calorie PDF
Jessica Mudry 4 pgs.
Media, Hot & Cold| Fourier('s) Analysis: "Sonic" Heat Conduction and Its Cold Calculation PDF
Wolfgang Ernst 5 pgs.
WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks: From Popular Culture to Political Economy ~ Introduction PDF
Christian Christensen 5 pgs.
WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks, Transparency and Privacy: A Discussion with Birgitta Jónsdóttir PDF
Christian Christensen, Birgitta Jónsdóttir 9 pgs.
WikiLeaks| True Confessions: WikiLeaks, Contested Truths, and Narrative Containment PDF
William Uricchio 7 pgs.
WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks, the State, and Middle-Aged Media PDF
Toby Miller 7 pgs.
WikiLeaks| Is WikiLeaks Challenging the Paradigm of Journalism? Boundary Work and Beyond PDF
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen 12 pgs.
WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks and the Afterlife of Collateral Murder PDF
Christian Christensen 10 pgs.
WikiLeaks| "We Are Bradley Manning": Information Policy, the Legal Subject, and the WikiLeaks Complex PDF
Sandra Braman 16 pgs.
WikiLeaks| Wikileaks, Surveillance and Transparency PDF
Mark Andrejevic 12 pgs.
WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks and the Shifting Terrain of Knowledge Authority PDF
Leah A. Lievrouw 15 pgs.
WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks: The Napster of Secrets? PDF
Axel Bruns 6 pgs.
WikiLeaks| Liquid Information Leaks PDF
Nathan Jurgenson, PJ Rey 14 pgs.
WikiLeaks| Himalaya of Data PDF
Pelle Snickars 13 pgs.
WikiLeaks| "Oh, WikiLeaks, I would so love to RT you." WikiLeaks, Twitter, and Information Activism PDF
Lisa Lynch 14 pgs.
WikiLeaks| The Privatization of the Internet, WikiLeaks and Free Expression PDF
Angela Daly 11 pgs.
WikiLeaks| Digital Prometheus: WikiLeaks, the State–Network Dichotomy, and the Antinomies of Academic Reason PDF
Athina Karatzogianni, Andrew Robinson 14 pgs.
WikiLeaks| WikiLeaks and the Critique of the Political Economy PDF
Christian Fuchs 15 pgs.
Transmedia Critical: Empirical Investigations into Multiplatform and Collaborative Storytelling ~ Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Indrek Ibrus, Carlos A. Scolari 24 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| The Performative Functions of Dramatic Communities: Conceptualizing Audience Engagements in Transmedia Fiction ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah Atkinson 20 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| Audience Reception of Cross- and Transmedia TV Drama in the Age of Convergence ABSTRACT PDF
Nele Simons 18 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| Transmedia Appropriation and Socialization Processes Among German Adolescents ABSTRACT PDF
Maren Würfel 21 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| Limitations of Transmedia Storytelling for Children: A Cognitive Developmental Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Pietschmann, Sabine Völkel, Peter Ohler 22 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| What is the Cultural Function and Value of European Transmedia Independents? ABSTRACT PDF
Indrek Ibrus, Maarja Ojamaa 18 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| Cross-Media Production in Spain's Public Broadcast RTVE: Innovation, Promotion and Audience Loyalty Strategies ABSTRACT PDF
Rosa Franquet, Maria Isabel Villa Montoya 24 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| “We’re All a Bunch of Nutters!”: The Production Dynamics of Alternate Reality Games ABSTRACT PDF
Elizabeth Evans 19 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| Toward a Typology of Transmedia Characters ABSTRACT PDF
Paolo Bertetti 20 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| Advertising the Yellow Brick Road: Historicizing the Industrial Emergence of Transmedia Storytelling ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew Freeman 19 pgs.
Transmedia Critical| Don Quixote of La Mancha: Transmedia Storytelling in the Grey Zone ABSTRACT PDF
Carlos A. Scolari 10 pgs.
Big Data| Critiquing Big Data: Politics, Ethics, Epistemology | Special Section Introduction PDF
Kate Crawford, Mary L. Gray, Kate Miltner 10 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| The Big Data Divide ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Andrejevic 17 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| Metaphors of Big Data ABSTRACT PDF
Cornelius Puschmann, Jean Burgess 20 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| Advertising, Big Data and the Clearance of the Public Realm: Marketers' New Approaches to the Content Subsidy ABSTRACT PDF
Nick Couldry, Joseph Turow 17 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| A Dozen Ways to Get Lost in Translation: Inherent Challenges in Large Scale Data Sets ABSTRACT PDF
Lawrence Busch 18 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| Working Within a Black Box: Transparency in the Collection and Production of Big Twitter Data ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin Driscoll, Shawn Walker 20 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| Living on Fumes: Digital Footprints, Data Fumes, and the Limitations of Spatial Big Data ABSTRACT PDF
Jim Thatcher 19 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| This One Does Not Go Up To 11: The Quantified Self Movement as an Alternative Big Data Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Dawn Nafus, Jamie Sherman 11 pgs.
Big Data, Big Questions| The Theory/Data Thing ABSTRACT PDF
Geoffrey C. Bowker 5 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Waiting for Spring: Arab Resistance and Change — Editorial Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Ilhem Allagui 25 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Blogging Against Violations of Human Rights in Egypt: An Analysis of Five Political Blogs ABSTRACT PDF
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Sahar Khamis 21 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| #Hashtags for Change: Can Twitter Generate Social Progress in Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT PDF
Irfan Chaudhry 19 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| The Arab Spring & Online Protests in Iraq ABSTRACT PDF
Ahmed K. Al-Rawi 27 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Egypt's Unfinished Revolution: The Role of the Media Revisited ABSTRACT PDF
Anne Alexander, Miriyam Aouragh 26 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Mediating Discourse of Democratic Uprising in Egypt: Militarized Language and the “Battles” of Abbasiyya and Maspero ABSTRACT PDF
Mervat Youssef, Heba Arafa, Anup Kumar 19 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| Blesses and Curses: Virtual Dissidence as a Contentious Performance in the Arab Spring’s Repertoire of Contention ABSTRACT PDF
Nermin Allam 18 pgs.
Arab Revolutions: Breaking Fear| The Cultural Logic of Visibility in the Arab Uprisings ABSTRACT PDF
Hatim El-Hibri 18 pgs.
Communication, Crisis, & Global Power Shifts: An Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Yuezhi Zhao 26 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| A Tale of Two Obits: Reading the Cold War Through the Obituaries of W.E.B. Dubois and Chairman Mao Tse-tung ABSTRACT PDF
Vera Leigh Fennell 18 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| The Puzzle of Media Power: Notes Toward a Materialist Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Des Freedman 16 pgs.
Communication & Global Power| Market Panics and the Limits of National Power and Authority: An Argumentative Analysis of the 2011 Italian Debt Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Laura Alberti, Thomas Hollihan 20 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| Rosa Luxemburg's Internet? For a Political Economy of State Mobilization and the Movement of Accumulation in Cyberspace ABSTRACT PDF
Dan Schiller 21 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| “Power To the People!”: Mobiles, Migrants, and Social Movements in Asia ABSTRACT PDF
Jack Linchuan Qiu 16 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| Deconstructing the BRICS ABSTRACT PDF
Colin Sparks 27 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| The Life and Times of “Chimerica”: Global Press Discourses on U.S.-China Economic Integration, Financial Crisis, and Power Shifts ABSTRACT PDF
Yuezhi Zhao 26 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| Inside-Out and Outside-In: The Making of a Transnational Discursive Alliance ABSTRACT PDF
Wu Changchang 21 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| The Ambivalent State and the Media in India: Between Corporate Compulsions and the Public Interest ABSTRACT PDF
Pradip Thomas 17 pgs.
Communication & Global Shifts| Performing Terror, Mediating Religion: Indian Cinema and the Politics of National Belonging ABSTRACT PDF
Sunera Thobani 23 pgs.
Communication & Global Power Shifts| Developmental Bodies and the Occupation of Time: Theorizing Gender Solidarity in Times of Global Power Shift ABSTRACT PDF
Katherine Reilly 18 pgs.
More Special Sections


Participations: Dialogues on the Participatory Promise of Contemporary Culture and Politics — Introduction PDF
Henry Jenkins, Nick Couldry 6 pgs.
Participations| Part 1: CREATIVITY PDF
Sarah Banet-Weiser, Nancy K. Baym, Francesca Coppa, David Gauntlett, Jonathan Gray, Henry Jenkins, Adrienne Shaw 20 pgs.
Participations| Part 2: LABOR PDF
Mark Andrejevic, John Banks, John Edward Campbell, Nick Couldry, Adam Fish, Alison Hearn, Laurie Ouellette 18 pgs.
Participations| Part 3: POLITICS PDF
Danielle Allen, Nico Carpentier, Moya Bailey, Natalie Fenton, Henry Jenkins, Alexis Lothian, Jack Linchuan Qiu, Mirko Tobias Schaefer, Ramesh Srinivasan 23 pgs.
S. Elizabeth Bird, Nick Couldry, Andreas Hepp, Sonia Livingstone, Elizabeth Losh, Jason Mittell, Gina Neff, Don Slater, S. Craig Watkins 27 pgs.
Participations| Part 5: PLATFORMS PDF
Jessica Clark, Nick Couldry, Abigail T. De Kosnik, Tarleton Gillespie, Henry Jenkins, Christopher Kelty, Zizi Papacharissi, Alison Powell, José van Dijck 28 pgs.
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Periodic News PDF
Herbert J. Gans 4 pgs.
The American News Media in an Increasingly Unequal Society PDF
Herbert J. Gans 12 pgs.
Wanted: Public Interest Mavericks at the FCC PDF
Becky Lentz, Bill Kirkpatrick 16 pgs.
Kanonizing Katz| Celebrating Katz ~ Introduction PDF
Michael X. Delli Carpini 3 pgs.
Kanonizing Katz| Commuting and Co-Authoring: How To Be in More Than One Place at the Same Time PDF
Elihu Katz 10 pgs.
Kanonizing Katz| The Happiness of Katz PDF
Paddy Scannell 5 pgs.
Kanonizing Katz| Elihu Katz’s Commitments, Disciplinary and Legacy: Or, ‘Triangular Thinking’ PDF
Sonia Livingstone 8 pgs.
How the Copyright Law Was (Not) Made: Reinventing Copyright in Contemporary China PDF
Dong Han 20 pgs.
A Review of Communication Scholarship on the Financial Markets and the Financial Media PDF
Micky Lee 22 pgs.
The Spectrum Opportunity: Sharing as the Solution to the Wireless Crunch PDF
Kevin Werbach, Aalok Mehta 22 pgs.
Commentary on “The Spectrum Opportunity: Sharing as the Solution to the Wireless Crunch” PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber 12 pgs.
Response to Faulhaber's Commentary PDF
Kevin Werbach, Aalok Mehta 5 pgs.
Response to Werbach/Mehta's Response PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber 3 pgs.
More Features

Book Reviews

Rena Bivens, Digital Currents: How Technology and the Public Are Shaping TV News PDF
Reviewed by Michael W. Kearney 4 pgs.
Peter Dahlgren, The Political Web: Media, Participation and Alternative Democracy PDF
Reviewed by Michelle C Forelle 3 pgs.
The Geography of LGBTQ Internet Studies PDF
Reviewed by Lukasz Szulc 5 pgs.
Zeynep Gambetti & Marcial Godoy-Anativia (Eds.), Rhetorics of Insecurity: Belonging and Violence in the Neoliberal Era PDF
Reviewed by Allison Schlobohm 4 pgs.
Richard Rogers, Digital Methods PDF
Reviewed by Sangeet Kumar 3 pgs.
danah boyd, It's Complicated: The social lives of networked teens PDF
Reviewed by Ellen Johanna Helsper 4 pgs.
Andreas Hepp, Cultures of Mediatization PDF
Reviewed by Jefferson Pooley 5 pgs.
Dror Abend-David (Ed.), Media and Translation: An Interdisciplinary Approach PDF
Reviewed by Emmanuel K. Ngwainmbi 4 pgs.
Aram Sinnreich, Mashed Up: Music, Technology, and the Rise of Configurable Culture PDF
Reviewed by Qian Wang 3 pgs.
Terry Flew, Global Creative Industries PDF
Reviewed by Lik Sam Chan 4 pgs.
John Hoberman, Age of Globalization PDF
Reviewed by Philip Effiom Ephraim 3 pgs.
Karen E. Ferree, Framing the Race in South Africa: The Political Origins of Racial-Census Elections PDF
Reviewed by Lindani Mbunyuza-Memani 3 pgs.
Louise Phillips, Anabela Carvalho & Julie Doyle (Eds.), Citizen Voices: Performing Public Participation in Science and Environment Communication PDF
Reviewed by Lindani Mbunyuza-Memani 3 pgs.
Vincent Mosco, To the Cloud: Big Data in a Turbulent World PDF
Reviewed by John L. Sullivan 5 pgs.
Marc Steinberg, Anime's Media Mix PDF
Reviewed by Rob Drew 3 pgs.
Colin Koopman, Genealogy as Critique: Foucault and the Problems of Modernity PDF
Reviewed by Robert W. Gehl 3 pgs.
Daren C. Brabham, Crowdsourcing PDF
Reviewed by Angela Anima-Korang 2 pgs.
Thomas Tufte, Norbert Wildermuth, Anne Sofie Hansen-Skovmoes, & Winnie Mitullah (Eds.), Speaking Up and Talking Back?: Media Empowerment and Civic Engagement among East and Southern African Youth PDF
Reviewed by Lindani Mbunyuza-Memani 3 pgs.
Nigel Bowles, James T. Hamilton & David A. L. Levy (Eds.), Transparency in Politics and the Media: Accountability and Open Government PDF
Reviewed by Mark Hannah 5 pgs.
Sarah Nilsen and Sarah E. Turner (Eds.), The Colorblind Screen: Television in Post-Racial America PDF
Reviewed by Dayna Chatman 4 pgs.
Lev Manovich, Software Takes Command PDF
Reviewed by Patrick Davison 4 pgs.
Devorah Heitner, Black Power TV PDF
Reviewed by Alfred L. Martin, Jr. 4 pgs.
Krishnamurthy Sriramesh and Dejan Vercic (Eds.), The Global Public Relations Handbook: Theory, Research, and Practice PDF
Reviewed by Aimei Yang 3 pgs.
Guidebooks to Media Issues, Present and Future PDF
Reviewed by Michelle C. Forelle 6 pgs.
John Sinclair & Joseph D. Straubhaar, Latin American Television Industries PDF
Reviewed by Sebastiao Guilherme Albano, Maria Érica de Oliveira Lima 3 pgs.
Melissa Aronczyk, Branding the Nation: The Global Business of National Identity PDF
Reviewed by James Pamment 4 pgs.
Janet Sternberg, Misbehavior in Cyber Places: The Regulation of Online Conduct in Virtual Communities on the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Yao Sun 3 pgs.
Timothy L. Sellnow and Matthew W. Seeger, Theorizing Crisis Communication PDF
Reviewed by Christina Sheaff Hagen 5 pgs.
Social Movements’ Media: Evaluating Fresh Perspectives PDF
Reviewed by John D. H. Downing 8 pgs.
John S. Dryzek with Simon Niemeyer, Foundations and Frontiers of Deliberative Governance PDF
Reviewed by Michael W. Kearney 4 pgs.
Ofer Sharone, Flawed System/Flawed Self: Job Searching and Unemployment Experiences PDF
Reviewed by Renyi Hong 4 pgs.
Gina Neff, Venture Labor: Work and the Burden of Risk in Innovative Industries PDF
Reviewed by Melina Sherman 4 pgs.
Dean Starkman, The Watchdog That Didn’t Bark PDF
Reviewed by Nikki Usher 5 pgs.
Sherry Ortner, Not Hollywood: Independent Cinema at the Twilight of the American Dream PDF
Reviewed by Ritesh Mehta 8 pgs.
Patrick Crogran, Gameplay Mode: War, Simulation, and Technoculture PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan M. Bullinger 4 pgs.
J. Servaes (Ed.), Sustainable Development and Green Communication: African and Asian Perspectives PDF
Reviewed by Kelly S. Gillis 4 pgs.
C. W. Anderson, Rebuilding The News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Karin Wahl-Jorgensen 4 pgs.
L. J. Shrum (Ed.), The Psychology of Entertainment Media: Blurring the Lines Between Entertainment and Persuasion (2nd Ed.) PDF
Reviewed by Angeline Sangalang 3 pgs.
Craig E. Carroll (Ed.), The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation PDF
Reviewed by Xiaoxiao Gong 4 pgs.
Alice E. Marwick, Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age PDF
Reviewed by Ellen Johanna Helsper 5 pgs.
Marwan M. Kraidy, Communication and Power in the Global Era: Orders and Borders PDF
Reviewed by Mark Hannah 5 pgs.
Structures of Ambivalence: The Converging Horizons of Cultural Studies and Sociology PDF
Reviewed by Nick Couldry 6 pgs.
Richard Hill, The New International Telecommunication Regulations and the Internet: A Commentary and Legislative History PDF
Reviewed by Shawn Powers 4 pgs.
Lisa Henderson, Love and Money: Queers, Class, and Cultural Production PDF
Reviewed by Cynthia Chris 5 pgs.
George Brock, Out of Print: Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Nikki Usher 4 pgs.
Patrick W. Galbraith and Jason G. Karlin (Eds.), Idols and Celebrity in Japanese Media Culture PDF
Reviewed by Jungmin Kwon 3 pgs.
Howard S. Becker & Robert R. Faulkner, Thinking Together: An E-Mail Exchange and All That Jazz PDF
Reviewed by Colin Jerolmack 6 pgs.
Jeff Lewis, Global Media Apocalypse: Pleasure, Violence and the Cultural Imaginings of Doom PDF
Reviewed by Jeff Heydon 4 pgs.
Matt Stahl, Unfree Masters: Recording Artists and the Politics of Work PDF
Reviewed by Rob Drew 3 pgs.
Eli Goldblatt, Writing Home: A Literacy Autobiography PDF
Reviewed by Angelica Fenner 3 pgs.
Dora Apel, War Culture and the Contest of Images PDF
Reviewed by Ngozi Agwaziam Akinro 4 pgs.
Sigurd Allern and Ester Pollack (Eds.), Scandalous! The Mediated Construction of Political Scandals in Four Nordic Countries PDF
Reviewed by Christian von Sikorski 3 pgs.
Gregory Ferrell Lowe & Christian S. Nissen (Eds.), Small Among Giants: Television Broadcasting in Smaller Countries PDF
Reviewed by Abraao Coelho 3 pgs.
Linje Manyozo, Media, Communication and Development: Three Approaches, PDF
Reviewed by Keneth Bamuturaki 4 pgs.
Devon Powers, Writing the Record: The Village Voice and the Birth of Rock Criticism PDF
Reviewed by Nadav Appel 4 pgs.
Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Peter Lunenfeld, Todd Presner, & Jeffrey Schnapp, Digital_Humanities PDF
Reviewed by Kathleen Fitzpatrick 5 pgs.
Tobias Olsson (Ed.), Producing the Internet: Critical Perspective of Social Media PDF
Reviewed by Jun Gao 3 pgs.
Aswin Punathambekar, From Bombay to Bollywood: The Making of a Global Media Industry PDF
Reviewed by Maria Magdalena Leturia Bravo 4 pgs.
Josef Seethaler, Matthias Karmasin, Gabriele Melischek & Romy Wöhlert (Eds.), Selling War: The Role of the Mass Media in Hostile Conflicts from World War I to the "War to Terror" PDF
Reviewed by Congying Chen 4 pgs.
Stephanie Ricker Schulte, Cached Decoding the Internet in Global Popular Culture PDF
Reviewed by Bessie Chu 3 pgs.
Amir Hetsroni (Ed.), Reality Television: Merging the Global and the Local PDF
Reviewed by Heather McIntosh 4 pgs.
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