A Mediation Model to Explain the Effects of Information Seeking from Media and Interpersonal Sources on Young Adults' Intention to Use Marijuana

Lourdes S. Martinez, Nehama Lewis


Guided by the integrative model of behavioral prediction and research on information seeking, we tested a mediation model of information seeking about marijuana across two samples of young adults from the United States (N = 498) and Israel (N = 426). Results of online surveys showed direct associations between information seeking and (nonmedical) marijuana use intention in both samples. In addition, across both samples, results showed indirect associations between information seeking and behavioral intention through changes in attitude and perceived normative pressure. Cross-comparative differences were also examined. Findings suggest that information seeking may shape determinants of behavioral intention to use marijuana nonmedically. Information seeking may serve as an indicator of risk behavior and as a target for drug prevention efforts.


information seeking, media, interpersonal sources, attitudes, social norms

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