Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| Intermediated Communication via Social Media Platforms During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Introduction

Dingkun Wang, Brian Yecies


Despite the ensemble scholarly exchange on health communication, social media, and translation, research has not fully explored all the domains of social media communication, whether individual or participatory, conceived during the pandemic. Considering the nature of digital communication and the production of wide-ranging digital content, as well as its circulation and translation, the essays selected here illuminate how various acts of intermediation spread novel forms of digital interaction and integration among different audiences and online infrastructures. The authors’ findings contribute to a growing discourse about how intermediated communications via social media have approached both misinformation and scientific knowledge about the coronavirus, thereby paving new pathways for future research into how individual and collective actions may continue to transform digital environments and everyday lived realities more broadly after COVID-19.


(dis)connection, intermediation, integration, participation, transformation, social media

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