'No More Peace!': How Disaster, Terror and War Have Upstaged Media Events

Elihu Katz, Tamar Liebes


We sense a retreat from the genres of "media events" (Dayan and Katz, 1992)--the ceremonial Contests, Conquests and Coronations that punctuated televisions's first 50 years--and a corresponding rise in the live broadcasting of disrupive events such as Disaster, Terror and War.
We believe that cynicism, disenchantment and segmentation are undermining attention to ceremonial events, while the mobility and ubiquity of television technology, together with the downgrading of scheduled peogramming, provide ready access to disruption. If ceremonial events may be characterized as "co-productions" of broadcasters and establishments, then disruptive events may be characterized as "co-productions" of broadcasters and anti-establishment agencies, i.e. the perpetrators of disruption.

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