Issue Title
Vol 15 (2021) The Liberalization Process of Satire in Postauthoritarian Democracies: Potentials and Limits in Mexico’s Network Television Abstract   PDF
Martín Echeverría, Frida V. Rodelo
Vol 10 (2016) The Life and Death of Frames: Dynamics of Media Frame Duration Abstract   PDF
Rebekah Tromble, Michael Meffert
Vol 16 (2022) The Limits of Diversity: How Publishing Industries Make Race Abstract   PDF
Anamik Saha, Sandra van Lente
Vol 12 (2018) The Limits of the Limits of the Law: How Useable Are DMCA Anticircumvention Exceptions? Abstract   PDF
Patricia Aufderheide, Aram Sinnreich, Joseph Graf
Vol 17 (2023) The Linguistic and Message Features Driving Information Diffusion on Twitter: The Case of #RevolutionNow in Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Oluwabusayo Okunloye, Kerk F. Kee, R. Glenn Cummins, Weiwu Zhang
Vol 2 (2008) The "Lippmann-Dewey Debate" and the Invention of Walter Lippmann as an Anti-Democrat 1985-1996 Abstract   PDF
Michael Schudson
Vol 17 (2023) The Lives of Others: Unauthorized Depictions of Public Figures in U.S. Film and TV Drama Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Stubbs
Vol 8 (2014) The Magical Neoliberalism of Network Films Abstract   PDF
Amanda Ciafone
Vol 18 (2024) The Making of Elihu Katz, 1926–1956: Generations and Ethnoreligious Identities in the Transnational Development of Communication Studies Abstract   PDF
Peter Simonson
Vol 11 (2017) The Match-Up Hypothesis Revisited: A Social Psychological Perspective Abstract   PDF
Eser Levi, Kaan Varnali, Nurhan Babur Tosun
Vol 15 (2021) The Media as Part of a Detached Elite? Exploring Antimedia Populism Among Citizens and Its Relation to Political Populism Abstract   PDF
Nayla Fawzi, Benjamin Krämer
Vol 12 (2018) The Media Event Build-Up Phase: A Site of Contestation and Counternarratives Abstract   PDF
Cerianne Robertson
Vol 7 (2013) The Media Work of Syrian Diaspora Activists: Brokering Between the Protest and Mainstream Media Abstract   PDF
Kari Andén-Papadopoulos, Mervi Pantti
Vol 17 (2023) The Mediating Role of Depression in the Relationship Between News Consumption and Interparty Hostility During Covid-19 Abstract   PDF
Meital Balmas, Renana Atia, Eran Halperin
Vol 5 (2011) The Mediatization of Music as the Emergence and Transformation of Institutions: A Synthesis Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Krämer
Vol 9 (2015) The Mediatization of Second-Order Elections and Party Launches: UK Television News Reporting of the 2014 European Union Campaign Abstract   PDF
Stephen Cushion, Richard Thomas, Oliver Ellis
Vol 15 (2021) The Medium and the Backlash: The Disparagement of the #MeToo Movement in Online Public Discourse in South Korea Abstract   PDF
Soo Young Bae, Taegyun Kim, Yu-i Ha, Meeyoung Cha
Vol 15 (2021) The Medium Is the Message: WeChat, YouTube, and Facebook Usage and Acculturation Outcomes Abstract   PDF
Ran Ju, Leah Hamilton, Matthew McLarnon
Vol 6 (2012) The Membership Life Cycle in Online Support Groups Abstract   PDF
Galit Nimrod
Vol 7 (2013) The Mirror Effect: Spanish and Belgian Press Coverage of Political Conflicts in Flanders and Catalonia Abstract   PDF
Enric Castelló, Alexander Dhoest, Sara Bastiaensens
Vol 13 (2019) The Mobile Archive of the Self: On the Interplay Between Aesthetic and Metric Modes of Communication Abstract   PDF
Mette Mortensen, Stine Lomborg
Vol 9 (2015) The Mobilization Process of Syria’s Activists: The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and the Political Culture Abstract   PDF
Billur Aslan
Vol 16 (2022) The Moderating Role of Political Ideology: Need for Cognition, Media Locus of Control, Misinformation Efficacy, and Misperceptions About COVID-19 Abstract   PDF
Porismita Borah
Vol 11 (2017) The Morality and Political Antagonisms of Neoliberal Discourse: Campbell Brown and the Corporatization of Educational Justice Abstract   PDF
Leon A. Salter, Sean Phelan
Vol 14 (2020) The Multiplex Networks of Strategic Alliances and Follower– Followee Relations Among U.S. Technology Companies Abstract   PDF
Jingyi Sun
Vol 6 (2012) The Murdoch Media Empire and the Spectacle of Scandal Details   PDF
Douglas Kellner
Vol 11 (2017) The Musicless Music Video as a Spreadable Meme Video: Format, User Interaction, and Meaning on YouTube Abstract   PDF
Cande Sánchez-Olmos, Eduardo Viñuela
Vol 10 (2016) The Myth of Media Literacy Abstract   PDF
Zoë Druick
Vol 13 (2019) The Narrative Engageability Scale: A Multidimensional Trait Measure for the Propensity to Become Engaged in a Story Abstract   PDF
Helena Bilandzic, Freya Sukalla, Cornelia Schnell, Matthias R. Hastall, Rick W. Busselle
Vol 12 (2018) The Nation-State in the Digital Age: A Contextual Analysis in 33 Countries Abstract   PDF
Jia Lu, Xinchuan Liu
Vol 12 (2018) The Negative and Positive Influences of Threat and Nonthreat Media Messages About Immigrants Abstract   PDF
Chanjung Kim, Jake Harwood, Jun Xiang
Vol 17 (2023) The New American Dream: Neoliberal Transformation as Character Development in Schitt’s Creek Abstract   PDF
William Joseph Sipe
Vol 9 (2015) The Obama Factor: Change and Stability in Cultural and Political Anti-Americanism Abstract   PDF
Eike Mark Rinke, Lars Willnat, Thorsten Quandt
Vol 8 (2014) The Online Emergence of Pushback on Social Media in the United States: A Historical Discourse Analysis Abstract   PDF
Kirsten Foot
Vol 11 (2017) The Ontology of the Intellectual Commons Abstract   PDF
Antonios Broumas
Vol 4 (2010) The Open Internet: A Customer-Centric Framework Abstract   PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber, David J. Farber
Vol 5 (2011) The Origins of the Telephone in Italy, 1877–1915: Politics, Economics, Technology and Society Abstract   PDF
Gabriele Balbi
Vol 16 (2022) The Other Side of the Pandemic: Effects of Racialized News Coverage on Attitudes Toward Asians and Immigrants Abstract   PDF
Martina Santia, Ayla Oden, Seon-Woo Kim, Raymond J. Pingree, Jessica Wyers, Kirill Bryanov
Vol 12 (2018) The Panama and Paradise Papers. The Rise of a Global Fourth Estate Abstract   PDF
Peter Berglez, Amanda Gearing
Vol 12 (2018) The Paradox of Source Credibility in Canadian and U.S. Domestic Counterterrorism Communications Abstract   PDF
Patrick Belanger, Susan Szmania
Vol 4 (2010) The Paradoxes of Media Globalization: On the Banal “World” of New Zealand Journalism Abstract   PDF
Sean Phelan, Thomas Owen
Vol 11 (2017) The Participatory Roots of Selective Exposure: Baby Boomers, Political Protest, and Talk Radio Abstract   PDF
David A. Weaver
Vol 9 (2015) The Passing of a Pioneer: Professor Tamar Liebes, 1943–2015 Details   PDF
Annenberg Press
Vol 2 (2008) The Performative Language Games of Dramapolitik: How Abraham Lincoln became an intellectual patriot and George W. Bush became a cowboy diplomat Abstract   PDF
Kurt Lancaster
Vol 16 (2022) The Personal Is Political for Me(n)too: Online Discourse Surrounding Male Victims of Sexual Assault Abstract   PDF
Hila Lowenstein-Barkai
Vol 8 (2014) The Personal is Political on Social Media: Online Civic Expression Patterns and Pathways Among Civically Engaged Youth Abstract   PDF
Emily C. Weinstein
Vol 15 (2021) The Platformization of Propaganda: How Xuexi Qiangguo Expands Persuasion and Assesses Citizens in China Abstract   PDF
Fan Liang, Yuchen Chen, Fangwei Zhao
Vol 13 (2019) The Political and Civic Potential of Popular Women’s Magazines: The Israeli Case Abstract   PDF
Einat Lachover
Vol 8 (2014) The "Politicization" of Turkish Television Dramas Abstract   PDF
Kumru Berfin Emre Cetin
Vol 17 (2023) The Politics of Being a K-Pop Fan: Korean Fandom and the “Cancel the Japan Tour” Protest Abstract   PDF
Jennifer M. Kang
Vol 15 (2021) The Politics of Contextualization in Communication Research: Examining the Discursive Strategies of Non-U.S. Research in Communication Journals Abstract   PDF
Michael Chan, Jingjing Yi, Panfeng Hu, Dmitry Kuznetsov
Vol 17 (2023) The Politics of Disconnection: A Systematic Review of Politically Motivated Unfriending Abstract   PDF
Qinfeng Zhu
Vol 14 (2020) The Politics of Good Enough: Rural Broadband and Policy Failure in the United States Abstract   PDF
Christopher Ali
Vol 12 (2018) The Politics of Media Policy Making in a Contested Transition: The Case of Zimbabwe’s Government of National Unity, 2009–2013 Abstract   PDF
Wallace Chuma
Vol 17 (2023) The Politics of Pity Under Authoritarianism: How Government-Controlled Media Regulates Audiences' Mediated Experiences of Distant Suffering Abstract   PDF
Zhe Xu, Mengrong Zhang
Vol 10 (2016) The Politics of Privacy on State Socialist Television Abstract   PDF
Sabina Mihelj, Simon Huxtable
Vol 11 (2017) The Populist Communication Style: Toward a Critical Framework Abstract   PDF
Elena Block, Ralph Negrine
Vol 12 (2018) The Post-Truth Double-Helix: Reflexivity and Mistrust in Local Politics Abstract   PDF
Timothy Gibson
Vol 14 (2020) The Power of Data From the Global South: Environmental Civic Tech and Data Activism in China Abstract   PDF
Yu Sun, Wenjie Yan
Vol 17 (2023) The Power of Fake News: Big Data Analysis of Discourse About COVID-19–Related Fake News in South Korea Abstract   PDF
Sou Hyun Jang, Kyoung Eun Jung, Yong Jeong Yi
Vol 15 (2021) The Power of Fear in Prevention Campaigns: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Loss and Coping Appeals on Pickpocketing Prevention Behavior Abstract   PDF
Thomas N. Friemel, Dennis Reichow
Vol 12 (2018) The Power of Narratives: A New Understanding of Antibiotic Resistance Abstract   PDF
Slavica Kodish
Vol 9 (2015) The Power of Youth: How the Bottom-up Technology Transmission from Children to Parents is Related to Digital (In)equality Abstract   PDF
Teresa Correa
Vol 5 (2011) The Principle of Charity and Intercultural Communication Abstract   PDF
Eli Dresner
Vol 7 (2013) The Problem with Human Rights Discourse and “Freedom” Indicators: The Case of Burma/Myanmar Media Abstract   PDF
Lisa Brooten
Vol 14 (2020) The Proliferation of the “News Finds Me” Perception Across Societies Abstract   PDF
Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Nadine Strauss, Brigitte Huber
Vol 9 (2015) The Prominence of Weak Economies: Factors and Trends in Global News Coverage of Economic Crisis, 2009–2012 Abstract   PDF
Menahem Blondheim, Elad Segev, María-Ángeles Cabrera
Vol 5 (2011) The Propaganda Model in the Early 21st Century (Part I) Abstract   PDF
Joan Pedro
Vol 5 (2011) The Propaganda Model in the Early 21st Century (Part II) Abstract   PDF
Joan Pedro
Vol 12 (2018) The Public Intellectual as Agent-Egoist: Sherry Turkle’s Ethnography Abstract   PDF
Marcus Breen
Vol 12 (2018) The Pull of Humanitarian Interventionism: Examining the Effects of Media Frames and Political Values on People’s Choice of Resolution Abstract   PDF
Jovan Milojevich, Peter Beattie
Vol 16 (2022) The Rear Window Effect: How Users Respond to Political Discussions and Persuasive Discourses in Social Media Abstract   PDF
Beatriz Jordá, Manuel Goyanes
Vol 11 (2017) The Reasons Behind Tracing Audience Behavior: A Matter of Paternalism and Transparency Abstract   PDF
Ester Appelgren
Vol 14 (2020) The Relationship Between Fox News Use and Americans’ Policy Preferences Regarding Refugees and Immigrants Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Hoewe, Cynthia Peacock, Bumsoo Kim, Matthew Barnidge
Vol 13 (2019) The Relationship Between Offline Social Capital and Online Learning Interactions Abstract   PDF
Carmel Kent, Amit Rechavi, Sheizaf Rafaeli
Vol 11 (2017) The Relativity of Sociodemographic Determinism on the Digital Divide in High School Students in Ecuador Abstract   PDF
Ramón Tirado-Morueta, Damian Mendoza-Zambrano, Isidro Marín-Gutiérrez, Mariuxi Mendoza-Zambrano
Vol 13 (2019) The Representation of Graphene in the Online Press of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain Abstract   PDF
Blanca Guasch, Sergi Cortiñas, Marta González, Santiago Justel-Vázquez, Javier Peña
Vol 15 (2021) The Resonant Chants of Networked Discourse: Affective Publics and the Muslim Self in Turkey Abstract   PDF
Haktan Ural
Vol 8 (2014) The Richer, The Better? Effects of Modality on Intercultural Virtual Collaboration Abstract   PDF
Qian Xu, Deanna Behring
Vol 2 (2008) The Rise of China’s Media Supermarket: An Appraisal of Cultural Imperialism's Relevance to the Chinese TV Industry Abstract   PDF
Yu Shi
Vol 3 (2009) The Rise of Private Equity Media Ownership in the United States: A Public Interest Perspective Abstract   PDF
Matthew Crain
Vol 16 (2022) The Role of a Bystander in Targets’ Perceptions of Teasing Among Friends: Are You Really Teasing Me? Abstract   PDF
Ildo Kim, Nicholas A. Palomares
Vol 13 (2019) The Role of Beliefs and Behavior on Facebook: A Semiotic Approach to Algorithms, Fake News, and Transmedia Journalism Abstract   PDF
Priscila Monteiro Borges, Renira Rampazzo Gambarato
Vol 8 (2014) The Role of Communication Storytelling Networks in Bullying: A Comparison Between U.S. and Korean Adolescents Abstract   PDF
Seok Kang, Yongkuk Chung, Wonjun Chung
Vol 14 (2020) The Role of Different TV Storytelling Approaches in Engaging U.S. Hispanic Parents and Caregivers Around Early Childhood Development Abstract   PDF
Caty Borum Chattoo, Lauren Feldman, Amy Henderson Riley
Vol 9 (2015) The Role of Individual and Structural Factors in Explaining Television Channel Choice and Duration Abstract   PDF
Su Jung Kim, Vijay Viswanathan
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Media in Political Polarization| Inoculation Can Reduce the Perceived Reliability of Polarizing Social Media Content Abstract   PDF
Isobel Harrop, Jon Roozenbeek, Jens Koed Madsen, Sander van der Linden
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Media in Political Polarization| Mediatized Campaign Attacks Fuel Affective Polarization if Perceived as Negative: Experimental Evidence With American Voters Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Nai, Jürgen Maier
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Media in Political Polarization| The SPIR Framework of Social Media and Polarization: Exploring the Role of Selection, Platform Design, Incentives, and Real-World Context Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Harris, Steve Rathje, Claire E. Robertson, Jay J. Van Bavel
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Media in Political Polarization| The Way We Use Social Media Matters: A Panel Study on Passive Versus Active Political Social Media Use and Affective Polarization Abstract   PDF
Jörg Matthes, Andreas Nanz, Ruta Kaskeleviciute, Franz Reiter, Isabelle Freiling, Ariadne Neureiter, Marlis Stubenvoll, Sebastian E. Sherrah, Sarah Juricek, Atika Aisyarahmi Munzir, Iara Noronha
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Media in Political Polarization| When We Have to Get Along: Depolarizing Impacts of Cross-Cutting Social Media Abstract   PDF
Daniel J. Sude, Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Media Literacy in Mitigating COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Conspiracy Theories Abstract   PDF
Jad Melki, Dana Hamzeh, Jana Itani, Maya Hariri, Perla Daou, Abdulrahman Al-Shami, Hamida El Bour, Sahar Khalifa Salim, Saleh Masharqa, Soheir Othman, Yasar Durra
Vol 8 (2014) The Role of News Media Use and Demographic Characteristics in the Possibility of Information Overload Prediction Abstract   PDF
Qihao Ji, Louisa Ha, Ulla Sypher
Vol 18 (2024) The Role of Second Screening in Online Political Participation in Jakarta and Islamabad Abstract   PDF
Drina Intyaswati, Qasim Mahmood, Hermina Simanihuruk
Vol 15 (2021) The Role of Social Media Behaviors and Structural Intergroup Relations on Immigrant Stereotypes Abstract   PDF
Vivian Hsueh Hua Chen, Saifuddin Ahmed, Arul Chib
Vol 12 (2018) The Role of Social Media in Protest Participation: The Case of Candlelight Vigils in South Korea Abstract   PDF
Sangwon Lee
Vol 13 (2019) The Role of Structural Factors in Antibiotic Use Among European Union Citizens: A Multilevel Analysis Abstract   PDF
Yvonnes Chen, Hong Tien Vu
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of Team and Social Identity in Parasocial Relationships and Parasocial Breakups: Lionel Messi’s Departure From FC Barcelona Abstract   PDF
Sai Datta Mikkilineni, Andrew C. Billings, Kenon A. Brown, Xavier Ramon
Vol 17 (2023) The Role of “State Endorsers” in Extending Chinese Propaganda: Evaluating the Reach of Pro-Regime YouTubers Abstract   PDF
Marie Brockling, Haohan Lily Hu, King-wa Fu
Vol 17 (2023) The Same Old Story: Cultivation of the Warrior Stereotype of American Indians Abstract   PDF
Laurel R. Davis-Delano, Renee V. Galliher, Joseph P. Gone
Vol 13 (2019) The Scholarship of Public Diplomacy: Analysis of a Growing Field Abstract   PDF
Efe Sevin, Emily T. Metzgar, Craig Hayden
Vol 15 (2021) The Scientists Have Betrayed Us! The Effects of Anti-Science Communication on Negative Perceptions Toward the Scientific Community Abstract   PDF
Michael Hameleers, Toni G. L. A. Van der Meer
Vol 13 (2019) The Sequential and Conditional Nature of 21st-Century Digital Skills Abstract   PDF
Ester van Laar, Alexander J.A.M. van Deursen, Jan A.G.M. van Dijk, Jos de Haan
Vol 9 (2015) The Shaping of the Network Neutrality Debate: Information Subsidizers on Twitter Abstract   PDF
Kyung Sun Lee, Yoonmo Sang, Weiai Wayne Xu
Vol 10 (2016) The Significant Other: A Longitudinal Analysis of Significant Samples in Journalism Research, 2000–2014 Abstract   PDF
Ben S. Wasike
Vol 10 (2016) The Signs of a Strongman: A Semiotic and Discourse Analysis of Abdelfattah Al-Sisi’s Egyptian Presidential Campaign Abstract   PDF
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Mohamad Hamas Elmasry
Vol 16 (2022) The Silent China: Toward an Anti-Essentialism Approach for South–South Encounters Abstract   PDF
Weidi Zheng
Vol 5 (2011) The Silent Partner: News Agencies and 21st Century news Abstract   PDF
Jane Johnston, Susan Forde
Vol 16 (2022) The Slow Media Activism of the Spanish Pensioners’ Movement: Imaginaries, Ecologies, and Practices Abstract   PDF
Alejandro Barranquero, Ángel Barbas
Vol 15 (2021) The Social Construction of Spanish Public Television: The Role and Function of TVE in a Multiplatform Environment Abstract   PDF
Manuel Goyanes, Carmen Costa-Sánchez, Marton Démeter
Vol 15 (2021) The Spaces of Sensationalism: A Comparative Case Study of the New York Journal and BuzzFeed Abstract   PDF
David Elliot Berman
Vol 8 (2014) The Spectrum Opportunity: Sharing as the Solution to the Wireless Crunch Details   PDF
Kevin Werbach, Aalok Mehta
Vol 13 (2019) The Sphere of Consensus in a Polarized Media System: The Case of Turkey During the Catastrophic Coup Attempt Abstract   PDF
Emre Iseri, Eser Şekercioglu, Ugur Cevdet Panayirci
Vol 14 (2020) The State of Press Freedom in Uganda Abstract   PDF
Meghan Sobel, Karen McIntyre
Vol 11 (2017) The State of the Field of Social Norms Research Abstract   PDF
Hillary C. Shulman, Nancy Rhodes, Emily Davidson, Rachel Ralston, Lorraine Borghetti, Lindsey Morr
Vol 12 (2018) The Strange Life and Death of the Fairness Doctrine: Tracing the Decline of Positive Freedoms in American Policy Discourse Abstract   PDF
Victor Pickard
Vol 9 (2015) The Streisand Effect and Censorship Backfire Abstract   PDF
Sue Curry Jansen, Brian Martin
Vol 8 (2014) The Structural Organization of NGO Publicity Work: Explaining Divergent Publicity Strategies at Humanitarian and Human Rights Organizations Abstract   PDF
Matthew Powers
Vol 2 (2008) The Structure and Dynamics of Global Multi-Media Business Networks Abstract   PDF
Amelia H. Arsenault, Manuel Castells
Vol 8 (2014) The Structure of ITV News Bulletins Abstract   PDF
Nick Redfern
Vol 13 (2019) The Syrian Regime’s Strategic Political Communication: Practices and Ideology Abstract   PDF
Dina Matar
Vol 14 (2020) The Technologization of News Acts in Networked News Participation: LGBT Self-Media in China Abstract   PDF
Yidong Wang, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Avery E. Holton
Vol 10 (2016) The Television Spoiler Nuisance Rationale Abstract   PDF
Lisa Glebatis Perks, Noelle McElrath-Hart
Vol 9 (2015) The Third Level of Agenda Setting in Contemporary China: Tracking Descriptions of Moral and National Education (MNE) in Media Coverage and People’s Minds Abstract   PDF
Yang Cheng, Ching-Man Chan
Vol 8 (2014) The Toronto Africentric Alternative School: Media, Blackness, and Discourses of Multiculturalism and Critical Multiculturalism Abstract   PDF
Nicole Neverson
Vol 5 (2011) The Transformative Egyptian Media Landscape: Changes, Challenges and Comparative Perspectives Abstract   PDF
Sahar Khamis
Vol 12 (2018) The Transnationalism of Cultural Journalism in Sweden: Outlooks and Introspection in the Global Era Abstract   PDF
Anna Roosvall, Andreas Widholm
Vol 12 (2018) The Triumph of Social Privacy: Understanding the Privacy Logics of Sharing Behaviors Across Social Media Abstract   PDF
Zoetanya Sujon
Vol 17 (2023) The Trust Factor: Investigating the Triple Role of News Media Trust on Perceived Migrant Threat Abstract   PDF
David De Coninck, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Hannah Kronschnabl, Leen d'Haenens
Vol 10 (2016) The Tube on YouTube: TV Series, Media Strategies, and User Tactics in a Transmedia Environment Abstract   PDF
Raúl Rodríguez-Ferrándiz, Victoria Tur-Viñes, Kiko Mora Contreras
Vol 7 (2013) The Two Internet Freedoms: Framing Victimhood for Political Gain Abstract   PDF
Benjamin W. Cramer
Vol 10 (2016) The Ubiquitous Presidency: Toward a New Paradigm for Studying Presidential Communication Abstract   PDF
Joshua M. Scacco, Kevin Coe
Vol 1 (2007) The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions: Building a New World Information and Communication Order? Abstract   PDF
Rachael Craufurd Smith
Vol 11 (2017) The United States in Decline? Assessing the Impact of International Challenges to American Exceptionalism Abstract   PDF
Jason Gilmore, Charles M. Rowling
Vol 15 (2021) The Unmaking of Collective Action: Changing Organizing Logics in Civil Society Organizations Through Social Media Activism Culture Abstract   PDF
Suay Melisa Özkula
Vol 14 (2020) The Unruly, Loud, and Intersectional Muslim Woman: Interrupting the Aesthetic Styles of Islamic Fashion Images on Instagram Abstract   PDF
Kristin M. Peterson
Vol 9 (2015) The Use of Mobile Phones Among Trishaw Operators in Myanmar Abstract   PDF
Rich Ling, Elisa Oreglia, Rajiv Aricat, Chitra Panchapakesan, May O. Lwin
Vol 8 (2014) The Use of Social Media Technologies to Create, Preserve, and Disseminate Indigenous Knowledge and Skills to Communities in East Africa Abstract   PDF
Sylvia A. Owiny, Khanjan Mehta, Audrey N. Maretzki
Vol 5 (2011) The Uses of Religion Details   PDF
Ryan Gillespie
Vol 9 (2015) The Value of Proximity: Examining The Willingness to Pay for Online Local News Abstract   PDF
Manuel Goyanes
Vol 11 (2017) The Value of Representation: Toward a Critique of Networked Television Performance Abstract   HTML
Aymar Jean Christian
Vol 6 (2012) The Whole Online World is Watching: Profiling Social Networking Sites and Activists in China, Latin America and the United States Abstract   PDF
Dustin Harp, Ingrid Bachmann, Lei Guo
Vol 12 (2018) The Whole World Is Watching: Comparing European and United States News Coverage of the U.S. 2008 and 2016 Elections Abstract   PDF
Peter Van Aelst, Rens Vliegenthart, Amber E. Boydstun
Vol 1 (2007) The Wireless Leash: Mobile Messaging Service as a Means of Control Abstract   PDF
Jack Linchuan Qiu
Vol 13 (2019) The Wisdom of the Crowd Versus the Wisdom in the Crowd: Testing the Effects of Aggregate User Representation, Valence, and Argument Strength on Attitude Formation in Online Reviews Abstract   PDF
Yue Dai, Brandon Van Der Heide, Adam J. Mason, Soo Yun Shin
Vol 6 (2012) The Work of Art in the Age of Mediated Participation: Crowdsourced Art and Collective Creativity Abstract   PDF
Ioana Literat
Vol 9 (2015) The Writing Is on the Wall, or Is It? Exploring Indian Activists’ Beliefs About Online Social Media’s Potential for Social Change Abstract   PDF
Monica Chadha, Summer Harlow
Vol 15 (2021) The “Gentleman-like” Anne Lister on Gentleman Jack: Queerness, Class, and Prestige in “Quality” Period Dramas Abstract   PDF
Eve Ng
Vol 16 (2022) Thematic Analysis and Use of Journalistic Sources in the COVID-19 Crisis: The New York Times, El Universal, and El País Abstract   PDF
Itziar Bernaola-Serrano, Guadalupe Aguado-Guadalupe
Vol 12 (2018) Theoretical Frames and Institutional Constraints: A Synopsis About Chilean Communication Research in the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Claudia Lagos Lira
Vol 7 (2013) Theorizing Global Media as Global Discourse Abstract   PDF
Ulrika Olausson
Vol 5 (2011) Theorizing "Lay Theories of Media": A Case Study of the Dissent! Network at the 2005 Gleneagles G8 Summit Abstract   PDF
Patrick McCurdy
Vol 10 (2016) Theorizing Listening as a Tool for Social Change: Andrea Dworkin’s Discourses on Listening Abstract   PDF
Valerie Palmer-Mehta
Vol 12 (2018) Theorizing the Future of Rhetoric and Posthumanism: Perspectives on Bodies that Learn Language and Objects that Have Agency Details   PDF
Emma Frances Bloomfield
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| K-Culture Without “K-”? The Paradoxical Nature of Producing Korean Television Toward a Sustainable Korean Wave Abstract   PDF
Taeyoung Kim
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| K-Pop Without Koreans: Racial Imagination and Boundary Making in K-Pop Abstract   PDF
Ji-Hyun Ahn
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| K(Q)ueer-Pop for Another World: Toward a Theorization of Gender and Sexuality in K-Pop Abstract   PDF
Jungmin Kwon
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| Netflix and Platform Imperialism: How Netflix Alters the Ecology of the Korean TV Drama Industry Abstract   PDF
Ji Hoon Park, Kristin April Kim, Yongsuk Lee
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| Shock and Surprise: Theorizing the Korean Wave Through Mediatized Emotions Abstract   PDF
Irina Lyan
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| Translational Audiences in the Age of Transnational K-Pop Abstract   PDF
Kyong Yoon
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| Transnational Proximity of the Korean Wave in the Global Cultural Sphere Abstract   PDF
Dal Yong Jin
Vol 17 (2023) Theorizing the Korean Wave| Virtual Technology in Netflix K-Drama: Augmented Reality, Hologram, and Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Jinhee Park
Vol 13 (2019) Therese Boos Dykeman, Rhetoric at the Non-Substantialistic Turn: The East-West Coin Details   PDF
Junyi Lv
Vol 7 (2013) "There’s Got to be a Review Democracy": Communicative Capitalism, Neoliberal Citizenship and the Politics of Participation on the Consumer Evaluation Website Abstract   PDF
Kathleen Mary Kuehn
Vol 14 (2020) There’s More to the Story: Both Individual and Collective Policy Narratives Can Increase Support for Community-Level Action Abstract   PDF
Chris Skurka, Jeff Niederdeppe, Liana Winett
Vol 14 (2020) Think the Vote: Information Processing, Selective Exposure to Social Media, and Support for Trump and Clinton Abstract   PDF
Thomas J. Johnson, Magdalena Saldana, Barbara K. Kaye
Vol 14 (2020) Thinking With Care About Personal Data Profiling: A More-Than-Human Approach Abstract   PDF
Deborah Lupton
Vol 10 (2016) Third-Person Effect of ISIS's Recruitment Propaganda: Online Political Self-Efficacy and Social Media Activism Abstract   PDF
Guy J. Golan, Joon Soo Lim
Vol 2 (2008) Third-Person Perception and Racism Abstract   PDF
John R. Chapin
Vol 16 (2022) Thirty Years After the German Reunification—Exploring Stereotypes About East Germans on Twitter Abstract   PDF
Maximilian Zehring, Emese Domahidi
Vol 13 (2019) This Is Who I Am: The Selfie as a Personal and Social Identity Marker Abstract   PDF
Valerie Barker, Nathian S. Rodriguez
Vol 7 (2013) Thomas B. Connery, Journalism and Realism: Rendering American Life Details   PDF
Jennifer E. Moore
Vol 5 (2011) Thomas Fahy (Ed.), Considering Aaron Sorkin: Essays on the Politics, Poetics and Sleight of Hand in the Films and Television Series Details   PDF
Myles B. Clarke
Vol 14 (2020) Thomas Hanitzsch, Folker Hanusch, Jyotika Ramaprasad, and Arnold S. de Beer (Eds.), Worlds of Journalism: Journalism Cultures Around the Globe Details   PDF
Meagan E. Doll
Vol 17 (2023) Thomas Klikauer, Media Capitalism: Hegemony in the Age of Mass Deception Details   PDF
Marcus Breen
Vol 18 (2024) Thomas Poell, David Nieborg, and Brooke Erin Duffy, Platforms and Cultural Production Details   PDF
Mustafa Oz
Vol 6 (2012) Thomas Streeter, The Net Effect: Romanticism, Capitalism, and The Internet Details   PDF
Yuenmei Wong
Vol 8 (2014) Thomas Tufte, Norbert Wildermuth, Anne Sofie Hansen-Skovmoes, & Winnie Mitullah (Eds.), Speaking Up and Talking Back?: Media Empowerment and Civic Engagement among East and Southern African Youth Details   PDF
Lindani Mbunyuza-Memani
Vol 14 (2020) Thou Art in a Deal: The Evolution of Religious Language in the Public Communications of Donald Trump Abstract   PDF
Ceri Hughes
Vol 15 (2021) Threat and/in Inoculation Theory Abstract   PDF
Josh Compton
Vol 6 (2012) Threats Versus Promises: How the Framing of Concession Appeals in News Coverage Affects Support for Compromise Abstract   PDF
Ifat Maoz
Vol 12 (2018) Three Network Dynamics in Iran: A McLuhanian Account Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Mohsenian-Rad, Babak Rahimi
Vol 14 (2020) Three Peasants Fight for Freedom: Radio and the United States’ Cultural Cold War in Latin America Abstract   PDF
Yeidy M. Rivero
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Vol 10 (2016) Translations| The Challenges and Opportunities of Legal Translation and Translator Training in the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
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Vol 10 (2016) Transnational Media Coverage of the ISIS Threat: A Global Perspective? Abstract   PDF
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Vol 16 (2022) Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Public Service Broadcasting in the Online Television Environment: The Case for PSB VoD Players and the Role of Policy Focusing on the BBC iPlayer Abstract   PDF
Maria Michalis
Vol 16 (2022) Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| The Success of Spanish Series on Traditional Television and SVoD Platforms: From El Ministerio del Tiempo to La Casa de Papel Abstract   PDF
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Vol 16 (2022) Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Which Is to Be Master? Competition Law or Regulation in Platform Markets Abstract   PDF
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Stelios Stylianou
Vol 3 (2009) Trust and Trustworthiness in the Fourth and Fifth Estates Abstract   PDF
Richard Collins
Vol 18 (2024) Trust Divide in Health Information Sources? Investigating the Role of Techno-Capital and Social Capital: A Comparative Analysis of General and Low-Income Populations Abstract   PDF
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Vol 14 (2020) Tuning In: Identity Formation in Community Radio for Social Change Abstract   PDF
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Vol 7 (2013) Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| Where Arab Media Magnates Stand vis-a-vis Globalized Media Flows: Insights from Egypt and Saudi Arabia Abstract   PDF
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Vol 7 (2013) Turkey, the Middle East & the Media| “The Reality is Not as It Seems From Turkey”: Imaginations About the Eurovision Song Contest From Its Production Fields Abstract   PDF
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Vol 16 (2022) TV Inside the Psychiatric Hospital: Patient Experiences Abstract   PDF
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Vol 9 (2015) Tweeted Joke Lifespans and Appropriated Punch Lines: Practices Around Topical Humor on Social Media Abstract   PDF
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Vol 12 (2018) Tweeting the Attack: Predicting Gubernatorial Candidate Attack Messaging and Its Spread Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Feifei Zhang, Jeff Hemsley, Sikana Tanupabrungsun
Vol 13 (2019) Tweeting to (Selectively) Engage: How Government Agencies Target Stakeholders on Twitter during Hurricane Harvey Abstract   PDF
Wenlin Liu, Weiai Xu
Vol 16 (2022) Twitter and Endorsed (Fake) News: The Influence of Endorsement by Strong Ties, Celebrities, and a User Majority on Credibility of Fake News During the COVID-19 Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Inyoung Shin, Luxuan Wang, Yi-Ta Lu
Vol 17 (2023) Two Tales of One War: Understanding the Media Coverage of the Yemeni Civil War in Saudi Arabia and Qatar Abstract   PDF
Talha İsmail Duman, Furkan Halit Yolcu
Vol 17 (2023) Two Trusts and a Court: Adapting Legal Mechanisms for Building Trust in Technology Governance Abstract   PDF
Opeyemi Akanbi, Stephanie Hill
Vol 18 (2024) Two-Sided Narration and In-Group Narrator: Examining the Effects of Different Strategies of Mediated Public Diplomacy Abstract   PDF
Tianru Guan, Yue Yin, Yilu Yang
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Pallaavi Guha
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Vol 16 (2022) Unboxing Computational Social Media Research From a Datahermeneutical Perspective: How Do Scholars Address the Tension Between Automation and Interpretation? Abstract   PDF
Jakob Jünger, Stephanie Geise, Maria Hänelt
Vol 18 (2024) Uncertainty Communication in a High-Trust Society: Source Type, Political Preference, and Trust Abstract   PDF
Øyvind Ihlen, Audun Fladmoe, Kari Steen-Johnsen
Vol 12 (2018) (Un)civil Society in Digital China| Demobilizing the Emotions of Online Activism in China: A Civilizing Process Abstract   PDF
Guobin Yang
Vol 12 (2018) (Un)civil Society in Digital China| Slogans and Slurs, Misogyny and Nationalism: A Case Study of Anti-Japanese Sentiment by Chinese Netizens in Contentious Social Media Comments Abstract   PDF
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Vol 12 (2018) (Un)civil Society in Digital China| Wenming Bu Wenming: The Socialization of Incivility in Postdigital China Abstract   PDF
Gabriele De Seta
Vol 12 (2018) (Un)civil Society in Digital China| Withering Gongzhi: Cyber Criticism of Chinese Public Intellectuals Abstract   PDF
Rongbin Han
Vol 10 (2016) Uncomfortable Proximity: Perception of Christianity as a Cultural Villain in South Korea Abstract   PDF
Seung Min Hong
Vol 17 (2023) Uncovering Protest Paradigm Effect Processes: Representations and Perceptions of Media Protest Coverage Among Greek Youth Abstract   PDF
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Vol 14 (2020) Understanding Americans’ Perceptions of Nuclear Weapons Risk and Subsequent Behavior Abstract   PDF
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Vol 15 (2021) Understanding Digital Generations: Social Media Habitus, Memetic Engagements, and Digital Social Inequalities in China Abstract   PDF
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Vol 10 (2016) Understanding Engagement and Willingness to Speak Up in Social Television: A Full-Season, Cross-Genre Analysis of TV Audience Participation on Twitter Abstract   PDF
Fabio Giglietto, Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Laura Gemini, Mario Orefice
Vol 17 (2023) Understanding Fake News Corrective Action: A Mixed-Method Approach Abstract   PDF
Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Manuel Goyanes, Chris Skurka
Vol 14 (2020) Understanding Older Adults’ Preferences for and Motivations to Use Traditional and New ICT in Light of Socioemotional Selectivity and Selection, Optimization, and Compensation Theories Abstract   PDF
Pradnya Joshi, Anastasia Kononova, Shelia Cotten
Vol 9 (2015) Understanding Popular Arab Bloggers: From Public Spheres to Cultural Citizens Abstract   PDF
Kristina Riegert
Vol 17 (2023) Understanding Stakeholder Feedback in Digital Contexts Abstract   PDF
Renee Mitson, Matthew S. Weber
Vol 10 (2016) Understanding the Death of "Citizen Journalist" Rami al-Sayed: Towards a New Interpretive Framework for Digital Journalism Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Gilewicz
Vol 11 (2017) Understanding the Images of Alan Kurdi With “Small Data”: A Qualitative, Comparative Analysis of Tweets About Refugees in Turkey and Flanders (Belgium) Abstract   PDF
Cigdem Bozdag, Kevin Smets
Vol 14 (2020) Understanding the Negative Consequences of Watching Social Live Streaming Among Chinese Viewers Abstract   PDF
Anan Wan, Linwan Wu
Vol 14 (2020) Understanding the Role of Social Media in Political Participation: Integrating Political Knowledge and Bridging Social Capital From the Social Cognitive Approach Abstract   PDF
Hyuksoo Kim, Yeojin Kim, Doohwang Lee
Vol 18 (2024) Unfair Competition: How States Use Disinformation to Exercise Public Diplomacy Abstract   PDF
Juan Luis Manfredi
Vol 12 (2018) United States Digital Service: How “Obama’s Startup” Harnesses Disruption and Productive Failure to Reboot Government Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Ricker Schulte
Vol 9 (2015) Unpacking Asian Queer Masculinity in Theatre and Cinema: Postcolonial Imagination and Pleasure of Bottomhood Details   PDF
Lik Sam Chan
Vol 14 (2020) Unpacking K-pop in America: The Subversive Potential of Male K-pop Idols’ Soft Masculinity Abstract   PDF
Jeehyun Jenny Lee, Rachel Kar Yee Lee, Ji Hoon Park
Vol 13 (2019) Unpacking the Influence of Informational, Organizational, and Structural Factors on the Longitudinal Change of the NPO Follower-Followee Network on Twitter Abstract   PDF
Jiawei Sophia Fu
Vol 17 (2023) Unpacking the Stances and Affects in Weibo Comments on the Policy of Same-Sex Guardianship Agreements in China Abstract   PDF
Xuekun Liu
Vol 13 (2019) Unpublishing the News: An Analysis of U.S. and South Korean Journalists’ Discourse About an Emerging Practice Abstract   PDF
Hye Soo Nah, Stephanie Craft
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| Con Che? The Specter of Communism in the 1968 Chicano Blowouts Abstract   PDF
Magally Miranda, Efren Michael López
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| Afterlives of Tlatelolco: Memory, Contested Space, and Collective Imagination Abstract   PDF
Paulina Lanz
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| Lost in Citation: Afterlives of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike Abstract   PDF
Clare O'Connor
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| Once Lost, Painfully Present: Maya Angelou’s Blacks, Blues, Black! (1968) Abstract   PDF
Adrien Sebro
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| Reborn as Fida’i: The Palestinian Revolution and the (Re)Making of an Icon Abstract   PDF
Loubna Qutami
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| The American Indian Movement and the Politics of Nostalgia: Indigenous Representation From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock Abstract   PDF
Clementine Bordeaux
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| The Limits of Smooth Legacies: 1968, Feminist History, and the Tradition of Athlete Activism: An Interview With Amira Rose Davis Abstract   PDF
Courtney M. Cox
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| The Sociotechnical Imaginaries of 1968 Abstract   PDF
Andrea Alarcon, Soledad Altrudi, Frances Corry, MC Forelle
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory—Foreword Abstract   PDF
Robin D. G. Kelley
Vol 16 (2022) Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory| “Thái Bình Means Peace”: (Re)positioning South Vietnamese Exchange Students’ Activism in the Asian American Movement Abstract   PDF
Ly Thúy Nguyễn
Vol 15 (2021) Unsettling Victory: Storylines of Success and Anxiety in the Coverage of the Decline of ISIS in Three U.S. Newspapers Abstract   PDF
Stefanie Z. Demetriades, Christina Hagen, Daria Baxter Griffith, Patricia Riley
Vol 17 (2023) Unveiling Gatekeeping Practices in Mobile Environments: A Comparative Analysis of Operating Systems and App Gardens Abstract   PDF
Juan Ortiz Freuler
Vol 16 (2022) (Un)Veiling Our Biases: Activating Religious, Emotional, and Contextual Cues in News Media Representations of Syrian Refugees Abstract   PDF
Laura P. B. Partain, Andrew J. Weaver
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication Research| Decentering Media Studies, Verbing the Audience: Methodological Considerations Concerning People’s Uses of Media in Urban Space Abstract   PDF
Simone Tosoni, Seija Ridell
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication Research| Visually Researching and Communicating the City: A Systematic Assessment of Methods and Resources Abstract   PDF
Luc Pauwels
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication| Being Through There Matters: Materiality, Bodies, and Movement in Urban Communication Research Abstract   PDF
Greg Dickinson, Giorgia Aiello
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication| Learning the City Through Stories: Audio Documentary as Urban Communication Pedagogy Abstract   PDF
Daniel Makagon, Mary Rachel Gould
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication| Multi- and Mixed-Methods Approaches to Urban Communication Research: A Synthesis and the Road Ahead Abstract   PDF
Matthew D. Matsaganis
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication| Researching Local News in a Big City: A Multimethod Approach Abstract   PDF
Stephen Coleman, Nancy Thumim, Giles Moss
Vol 10 (2016) Urban Communication| The Communicative City Redux Abstract   PDF
Susan Drucker, Gary Gumpert
Vol 13 (2019) Urban Media Studies| Photographic Flâneur, Street Photography, and Imagi(ni)ng the City Abstract   PDF
Ilija Tomanić Trivundža
Vol 13 (2019) Urban Media Studies| Practicing Urban Media Studies: An Interview With Will Straw Abstract   PDF
Simone Tosoni, Seija Ridell
Vol 13 (2019) Urban Media Studies| The Augmented City in Protest: The Urban Media Studies Perspective Abstract   PDF
Tetyana Lokot
Vol 13 (2019) Urban Media Studies| The (Theatrical) Mediation of Urban Daily Life and the Genealogy of the Media City: Show Windows as Urban Screens at the Rise of Consumer Capitalism in America (1880‒1930) Abstract   PDF
Cesare Silla
Vol 13 (2019) Urban Media Studies| Uncanny Resemblances? Captive Audience Positions and Media-Conscious Performances in Berlin During the 1936 Summer Olympics and the 2006 FIFA World Cup Abstract   PDF
Sami Kolamo, Jani Vuolteenaho
Vol 13 (2019) Urban Media Studies| Understanding Encounters for Urban Media Studies: Civic Intercourse, Screen Technologies, and Cultural Difference Abstract   PDF
Zlatan Krajina
Vol 15 (2021) Ursula Plesner and Emil Husted, Digital Organizing: Revising Themes in Organization Studies Details   PDF
Alejandro Alvarado Rojas
Vol 3 (2009) U.S. and EU Privacy Policy: Comparison of Regulatory Approaches Abstract   PDF
Lauren B. Movius, Nathalie Krup
Vol 1 (2007) U.S. and NATO Apologies for Chinese Embassy Bombing: A Categorical Analysis Abstract   PDF
Dexin Tian
Vol 11 (2017) U.S. Embassy Support for Hollywood’s Global Dominance: Cultural Imperialism Redux Abstract   PDF
Paul Moody
Vol 11 (2017) U.S. Newspaper Editors’ Ratings of Social Media as Influential News Sources Abstract   PDF
Masahiro Yamamoto, Seungahn Nah, Deborah Chung
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Don Abelson on "Internet Protocol: Television Regulatory and International Trade Issues" and Jaroslaw Ponder on "New Paradigms in the Info-Communication Sectors" Details   PDF
Donald Abelson, Jaroslaw Ponder
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Francois Bar and Wally Baer on "The Evolution of Network Infrastructure: Aligning Private and Collective Incentives" Details   PDF
Francois Bar, Wally Baer
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Henry Jenkins on "From YouTube to YouNiversity: Learning and Playing in an Age of Participatory Culture" Details   PDF
Henry Jenkins
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Jay T. Harris on "Paradigms Lost: Crises of Journalism and the Future of News" Details   PDF
Jay T. Harris
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Jennifer Urban and Cory Doctorow on "Bits Will Never Get Harder To Copy: The Limits of Copyright Online" Details   PDF
Jennifer Urban, Cory Doctorow
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Justin Hall on "Passively Multiplayer Online Games" and danah boyd on "Creating Culture through Collective Identity Performance: MySpace, Youth, and DIY Publics" Details   PDF
Justin Hall, danah boyd
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Manuel Castells on "Communication, Power, and Technology" Details   PDF
Manuel Castells
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Mimi Ito on "Amateur Cultural Production in the New Networked Age" and Howard Rheingold on "Participatory Media Literacy and Civic Engagement" Details   PDF
Mizuko Ito, Howard Rheingold
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Pierre de Vries on "Hard Intangibles" Details   PDF
Pierre de Vries
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Richard Collins on "Network Governance and the Internet in the UK" and Terhi Rantanen on “When News Was New" Details   PDF
Richard Collins, Terhi Rantanen
Vol 1 (2007) USC Annenberg Center Speaker Series - Simon Wilkie and Susan Crawford on "Cyberlaw" Details   PDF
Simon J. Wilkie, Susan Crawford
Vol 14 (2020) Use of Messaging Apps and Social Network Sites Among Older Adults: A Mixed-Method Study Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Ping Yu
Vol 17 (2023) User Perceptions and Trust of Explainable Machine Learning Fake News Detectors Abstract   PDF
Jieun Shin, Sylvia Chan-Olmsted
Vol 6 (2012) User-Generated Warfare: A Case of Converging Wartime Information Networks and Coproductive Regulation on YouTube Abstract   PDF
Brittany Fiore-Silfvast
Vol 16 (2022) Users’ Political Motivations in Comment Sections on News Sites Abstract   PDF
Patrick Zerrer, Ines Engelmann
Vol 18 (2024) Using Radical Co-Design to Create and Develop a Technology-Based Solution to Improve Post-Release Outcomes for Formerly Incarcerated Women: LindaBot Abstract   PDF
Michele Jarldorn, Susannah Emery
Vol 13 (2019) Using the Internet to Mobilize Marginalized Groups: People With Disabilities and Digital Campaign Strategies in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Abstract   PDF
Filippo Trevisan
Vol 18 (2024) Vaccine Misinformation for Profit: Conspiratorial Wellness Influencers and the Monetization of Alternative Health Abstract   PDF
Rachel E. Moran, Anna L. Swan, Taylor Agajanian
Vol 5 (2011) Valerie Alia: The New Media Nation: Indigenous Peoples and Global Communication Details   PDF
Rebecca Porlier
Vol 16 (2022) Valérie Bélair-Gagnon and Nikki Usher (Eds.), Journalism Research That Matters Details   PDF
Adina Schneeweis
Vol 10 (2016) Value Framing Effects on the Decision-Making Process: Ethical and Material Frames and Opinions About North Korean Nuclear Development Abstract   PDF
Jaeho Cho, Saifuddin Ahmed, Jung Won Park, Heejo Keum
Vol 9 (2015) Value Poaching: Framing the Same Values for Competing Political Ends Abstract   PDF
Thomas E. Nelson, Sophie Lecheler, Andreas R.T. Schuck, Claes H. de Vreese
Vol 10 (2016) Value Priority and Humor as a Defense to Cultural Schism: Analysis of Istanbul Gezi Park Protest Abstract   PDF
Sermin Tekinalp
Vol 11 (2017) Values and Configuration of Users in the Design of Software Source Code Abstract   PDF
Stéphane Couture
Vol 16 (2022) Values and Media Literacy: Exploring the Relationship Between the Values People Prioritize in Their Life and Their Attitudes Toward Media Literacy Abstract   PDF
Simon Chambers, Tanya Notley, Michael Dezuanni, Sora Park
Vol 11 (2017) Valuing Victims: A Comparative Framing Analysis of The Washington Post’s Coverage of Violent Attacks Against Muslims and Non-Muslims Abstract   PDF
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Mohamad Hamas Elmasry
Vol 7 (2013) Vegans For Vick: Dogfighting, Social Controversy and the Limits of Mainstream Discourse Abstract   PDF
Garrett M. Broad
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Conclusion: Agendas for Studying Communicative Capitalism Abstract   PDF
Gina Neff
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Discourses of Control and Free Agency: Generating Self-Blame among Unemployed Workers Abstract   PDF
Ofer Sharone
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Entrepreneurial Subjects: Venturing from Alley to Valley Abstract   PDF
Alice E. Marwick
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Fifteen Implications of Networked Scholar Research for Networked Work Abstract   PDF
Barry Wellman, Dimitrina Dimitrova, Tsahi Hayat, Guang Ying Mo, Beverly Wellman
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Foreword to Critical Commentary on Venture Labor Abstract   PDF
Laura Robinson, Jeremy Schulz
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Freelancing as the Good Life? Abstract   PDF
Nicole S. Cohen
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| How Venture Labor Sheds Light on the Digital Platform Economy Abstract   PDF
Antonio Casilli
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Labor on the Cutting Edge Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Schulz
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Making Media Work: Turning to Labor Management in Communication Studies Abstract   PDF
Michelle Rodino-Colocino
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| The Culture of Continuous Labor Abstract   PDF
Sarah Banet-Weiser
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| The Internet’s Factory Floor: Political Economy for an Era of Communicative Abundance Abstract   PDF
Enda Brophy
Vol 11 (2017) Venture Labor| Venture Labor and Media Work: The Canary Has Flown Abstract   PDF
Paul M. Hirsch
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