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Technology and the Changing Idea of News: 2001 U.S. Newspaper Content at the Maturity of Internet 1.0 ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin G. Barnhurst 18 pgs.
Toward a Theory of Citizen Interface with Political Discussion and News in the Contemporary Public Sphere ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer Brundidge 23 pgs.
New Challenges to Political Privacy: Lessons from the First U.S. Presidential Race in the Web 2.0 Era ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Kreiss, Philip N. Howard 19 pgs.
Navigating the Graduate Seminar Discussion: A Qualitative Analysis of International Students’ Experiences ABSTRACT PDF
Fanni Liu Coward, Paul Chamness Miller 19 pgs.
Rereading Opinion Polls on Climate Change in the UK Press ABSTRACT PDF
Corina Höppner 29 pgs.
Monsanto Discovers New Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Wilhelm Peekhaus 22 pgs.
Interracial (Homo)Sexualities:Post-Traumatic Palestinian and Israeli Cinema during the al-Aqsa Intifada (Diary of a Male Whore and The Bubble) ABSTRACT PDF
Raya Morag 23 pgs.
An Exploration of English as the Medium and the Message in the "Global Village": A Case Study ABSTRACT PDF
Noparat Tananuraksakul 18 pgs.
A Failed Success: A Community Television Case study of the Contradictory Nature of Participation and Deliberation ABSTRACT PDF
Amir Har-Gil, Roei Davidson 21 pgs.
Flemish and Non-Flemish Perceptions of Flemish National Identity as Manifested in Online News Sources ABSTRACT PDF
Deborah DeCloedt Pincon 20 pgs.
Transparency and Broadband Internet Service Providers ABSTRACT PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber 20 pgs.
Media with a Mission: Why Fairness and Balance Are Not Priorities in Lebanon’s Journalistic Codes ABSTRACT PDF
Yasmine T. Dabbous 19 pgs.
Reconfiguring Media Sport for the Online World: An Inquiry Into "Sports News and Digital Media" ABSTRACT PDF
Brett Hutchins, David Rowe 23 pgs.
No Alternatives? The Relationship Between Perceived Media Dependency, Use of Alternative Information Sources, and General Trust in Mass Media ABSTRACT PDF
Nikolaus Georg Edmund Jackob 18 pgs.
Trust Online: Young Adults' Evaluation of Web Content ABSTRACT PDF
Eszter Hargittai, Lindsay Fullerton, Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Kristin Yates Thomas 27 pgs.
Investigating Chilling Effects: News Media and Public Speech in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew T. Kenyon 28 pgs.
Citizens’ Communication and the 2009 G8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy ABSTRACT PDF
Cinzia Padovani 24 pgs.
Media Representation of the European Union: Comparing Newspaper Coverage in France, Spain and the United Kingdom ABSTRACT PDF
Antonio V. Menéndez Alarcón 18 pgs.
A Foot in Both Worlds: Transnationalism and Media Use Among Venezuelan Immigrants in South Florida ABSTRACT PDF
Moses Shumow 21 pgs.
Active and Passive Accomplices: The Communal Character of Workplace Bullying ABSTRACT PDF
Gary Namie, Pamela E. Lutgen-Sandvik 31 pgs.
The Open Internet: A Customer-Centric Framework ABSTRACT PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber, David J. Farber 41 pgs.
Media Framing in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Korea–U.S. Comparative Study ABSTRACT PDF
Yoon-Joo Lee, Sora Kim 19 pgs.
Media Representations of Race Cue the State of Media Opening in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Tania Cantrell Rosas-Moreno 22 pgs.
Bodies Impolitic? Reading Cadavers ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Bates 22 pgs.
Organizational Construction or Individual’s Deed? The Literati Tradition in the Journalistic Professionalization in China ABSTRACT PDF
Fen J. Lin 23 pgs.
A Time-Series, Multinational Analysis of Democratic Forecasts and Internet Diffusion ABSTRACT PDF
Jacob Groshek 33 pgs.
Dialectic Tensions Experienced by Resettled Sudanese Refugees in Mediating Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah J. Steimel 22 pgs.
Innovation in the Wireless Ecosystem: A Customer-Centric Framework ABSTRACT PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber, David J. Farber 40 pgs.
Mission Impossible? Soft Power, Communication Capacity, and the Globalization of Chinese Media ABSTRACT PDF
Wanning Sun 19 pgs.
The Paradoxes of Media Globalization: On the Banal “World” of New Zealand Journalism ABSTRACT PDF
Sean Phelan, Thomas Owen 27 pgs.
A Search for an Appropriate Communications Model for Media in New Democracies in Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Sam Chege Mwangi 26 pgs.
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Special Sections

Introduction| Structural Media Pluralism ABSTRACT PDF
Beata Klimkiewicz 8 pgs.
Structural Media Pluralism| Media Concentration and Systemic Failures in Greece ABSTRACT PDF
Nikos Leandros 20 pgs.
Structural Media Pluralism| Between a Rock and a Hard Place? Market Concentration, Local Ownership and Media Autonomy in the Czech Republic ABSTRACT PDF
Vaclav Stetka 21 pgs.
Structural Media Pluralism| Spanish Media Concentration Policy: a Crucial Patchwork to Understand Spanish Media System ABSTRACT PDF
Carles Llorens 21 pgs.
Structural Media Pluralism| Media Pluralism between Market Mechanisms and Control: The German Divide ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Czepek, Ulrike Klinger 24 pgs.
Global Financial Crisis Introduction| Media, Technology and the Global Financial Crisis PDF
Paula Chakravartty, John D.H. Downing 3 pgs.
Global Financial Crisis| Neoliberal Newspeak and Digital Capitalism in Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Paula Chakravartty, Dan Schiller 23 pgs.
Global Financial Crisis| Time, Communication and Financial Collapse ABSTRACT PDF
Wayne Hope 21 pgs.
Global Financial Crisis| Recession and Progression? Notes on Media, Labor, and Youth from East Asia ABSTRACT PDF
Jack Linchuan Qiu, Yeran Kim 20 pgs.
Global Financial Crisis| Crisis. What Crisis? Argentine Media in View of the 2008 International Financial Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Martín Alfredo Becerra, Guillermo Mastrini 19 pgs.
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SSRC| Introduction: Toward An Epistemology of Engaged Research | Making Communication Research Matter PDF
Stefania Milan 3 pgs.
SSRC| Making Research Matter . . . Matter to Whom? PDF
Charlotte Ryan, Vanessa Salas-Wright, Mike Anastario, Gabriel Cámara Cervera 11 pgs.
SSRC| Social Science is Police Science: Researching Grass-Roots Activism PDF
Arne Hintz, Stefania Milan 8 pgs.
SSRC| Scenes from a Community Radio Campaign, 1972–2009: Un/Masking Objectivity PDF
Peter M. Lewis 9 pgs.
SSRC| Learning to do Action Research for Social Change PDF
Jethro Pettit 8 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| An Introductory and Overview Essay PDF
Yuezhi Zhao 11 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| Looking Back, Looking Forward: The Ecumenical Imperative in Chinese Mass Communication Scholarship PDF
Judy Polumbaum 6 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| China's Media in Comparative Perspective PDF
Colin Sparks 15 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| For a Critical Study of Communication and China: Challenges and Opportunities PDF
Yuezhi Zhao 8 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| Scaling Chinese Media: A Geographic Turn to Future Research PDF
Wanning Sun 7 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| Class, Communication, China: A Thought Piece PDF
Jack Linchuan Qiu 6 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| Articulation and Re-articulation: Agendas for Understanding Media and Communication in China PDF
Zhongdang Pan 14 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| Is the Internet a Positive Force in the Development of Civil Society, a Public Sphere and Democratization in China? PDF
Stanley Rosen 8 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| Moving Beyond Democratization: A Thought Piece on China Internet Research Agenda PDF
Bingchun Meng 8 pgs.
China Media Colloquium| The Study of Chinese Communication in the 2010s PDF
Daniel Lynch 27 pgs.
Bodytalk| Introduction PDF
Lisa Henderson 4 pgs.
Bodytalk| The Body Project of Girl Zines PDF
Janice Radway 2 pgs.
Bodytalk| The Reconstituted Body in Law PDF
John Nguyet Erni 5 pgs.
Bodytalk| The Physiognomic Turn PDF
Carrie A. Rentschler 6 pgs.
Bodytalk| Body, the Romantic Self, and the Internet PDF
Thomas Streeter 4 pgs.
Bodytalk| Targeted Bodies PDF
Jennifer Horner 5 pgs.
Bodytalk| Obama’s Body and the Liberal Body Politic PDF
Leola A. Johnson 7 pgs.
Bodytalk| Body Optimism PDF
Lisa Henderson 5 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Mohammed el-Nawawy and Shawn Powers: Mediating Conflict: Al-Jazeera English and the Possibility of a Conciliatory Media PDF
Reviewed by Tawakalitu T. Balogun 3 pgs.
Karen Beckman: Crash: Cinema and the Politics of Speed and Stasis PDF
Reviewed by Stephanie Koury 2 pgs.
Kate Kenski, Bruce W. Hardy & Kathleen Hall Jamieson: The Obama Victory PDF
Reviewed by Lauren Rigney 3 pgs.
Adam Jaffe and Josh Lerner: Innovation and Its Discontents: How Our Broken Patent System is Endangering Innovation and Progress, and What to Do About It PDF
Reviewed by Ariana Nicole Corrigan 3 pgs.
Martin C. Libicki: Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar PDF
Reviewed by Negar Kahen 3 pgs.
David Plouffe: The Audacity to Win PDF
Reviewed by Anna Grace Rodisel 2 pgs.
David Singh Grewal: Network Power: The Social Dynamics of Globalization PDF
Reviewed by Jamaica Ai-Etsuko Brown 3 pgs.
John Kao: Innovation Nation PDF
Reviewed by Tina L. Zeng 3 pgs.
Michela Ardizzoni and Chiara Ferrari: Beyond Monopoly: Globalization and Contemporary Italian Media PDF
Reviewed by Annie M. Rice 3 pgs.
Sungook Hong: Wireless: From Marconi's Black-Box to the Audion PDF
Reviewed by Julien Mailland 2 pgs.
Antoinette Pole: Blogging the Political (Politics and Participation in a Networked Society) PDF
Reviewed by B. Theo Mazumdar 4 pgs.
Daya Kishan Thussu (Ed.): Internationalizing Media Studies PDF
Reviewed by Yujie Chen 3 pgs.
Mark Hulsether: Religion, Culture and Politics in the Twentieth-Century United States PDF
Reviewed by Raphael Rosen 3 pgs.
Anandam P. Kavoori and Aswin Punathambekar (Eds.): Global Bollywood PDF
Reviewed by Yamini Lohia 3 pgs.
Ken Auletta: Googled: The End of the World as We Know It PDF
Reviewed by Aalok Mehta 4 pgs.
Darren Newbury: Defiant Images: Photography and Apartheid South Africa PDF
Reviewed by Melissa Loudon 3 pgs.
Larry Downes: The Laws of Disruption: Harnessing the New Forces that Govern Life and Business in the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Jaclyn L. Selby 3 pgs.
Sangita Gopal and Sujata Moorti (Eds.): Global Bollywood: Travels of Hindi Song and Dance PDF
Reviewed by Sriya Shrestha 5 pgs.
Frenchy Lunning (Ed.): Mechademia Volume 4: War/Time PDF
Reviewed by William McClain 3 pgs.
Christopher T. Marsden, Net Neutrality: Towards a Co-regulatory Solution PDF
Reviewed by Ichiro Kato 3 pgs.
John Palfrey and Urs Gasser: Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives PDF
Reviewed by Lauren Sozio 5 pgs.
Elections and the Democratic Transformations in the Arab World: Step Forward or a Step Back [Arabic] PDF
Reviewed by Jamal M. Abdel Hai 4 pgs.
Michael Awkward: Burying Don Imus: Anatomy of a Scapegoat PDF
Reviewed by Marcia Alesan Dawkins 3 pgs.
Gang Chen (Ed.): A History of Contemporary Chinese Advertising, 1979–1991 PDF
Reviewed by Weijia Wang, Jia Guo 4 pgs.
Elihu Katz and Paddy Scannell (Eds.): The End of Television? Its Impact on the World (So far) PDF
Reviewed by Milly Buonanno 6 pgs.
Marwan M. Kraidy: Reality Television and Arab Politics (Contention in Public Life) PDF
Reviewed by Michael L. Barthel 2 pgs.
Guobin Yang: The Power of the Internet in China: Citizen Activism Online PDF
Reviewed by Peter Marolt 4 pgs.
Alenka Zupančič: The Odd One In: On Comedy (Short Circuits) PDF
Reviewed by Steven Rafferty 5 pgs.
Lee Grieveson & Haidee Wasson: Inventing Film Studies PDF
Reviewed by Stephen Michael Charbonneau 4 pgs.
Eli M. Noam: Media Ownership and Concentration in America PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan David Aronson 5 pgs.
Jennifer Deger: Shimmering Screens: Making Media in an Aboriginal Community PDF
Reviewed by Sun Mine-Ping 3 pgs.
W. Brian Arthur: The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan David Aronson 3 pgs.
Mary Beltrán & Camilla Fojas (Eds.): Mixed Race Hollywood PDF
Reviewed by Marcia Alesan Dawkins 3 pgs.
Reviewed by Brian Winston 4 pgs.
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