Theorizing the Korean Wave| Theorizing the Korean Wave: Introduction to New Perspectives—Introduction

Dal Yong Jin


Admitting to the significance of the institutionalization of Hallyu studies, this Special Section aims to create a space for discussions surrounding the possibilities for the advancement of non-Western theories or new perspectives amid the continuing Korean Wave phenomenon. As the outcomes of the April 2021 Vancouver conference, the articles included in this section investigate the recent surge of the Korean Wave, and they seek to shed light on current debates centered around the Korean Wave and place them in a renewed perspective that furthers future transnational cultural research. As the foundational basis for these articles, this introductory article discusses the major characteristics of the Korean Wave. It also documents the existing theoretical frameworks that scholars in various fields adopt, use, and criticize, which are mainly developed by Western countries. Finally, it proposes the necessity of the development of new theoretical approaches.


the Korean Wave, transnational culture, Hallyu, transnational proximity, K-pop, digital platforms

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