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When Journalists Say What a Candidate Doesn’t: Race, Nation and the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Penelope Sheets, Charles M. Rowling 23 pgs.
Media Consumption and Immigration: Factors Related to the Perception of Stigmatization among Immigrants ABSTRACT PDF
Nicolle Etchegaray, Teresa Correa 20 pgs.
The Use of Mobile Phones Among Trishaw Operators in Myanmar ABSTRACT PDF
Rich Ling, Elisa Oreglia, Rajiv Aricat, Chitra Panchapakesan, May O. Lwin 18 pgs.
Reclaiming Public Space: Sound and Mobile Media Use by Teenagers ABSTRACT PDF
Linda O Keeffe, Aphra Kerr 21 pgs.
Exposing the Invisible Web: An Analysis of Third-Party HTTP Requests on 1 Million Websites ABSTRACT PDF
Timothy Libert 18 pgs.
Motivation Factors in Crowdsourced Journalism: Social Impact, Social Change, and Peer Learning ABSTRACT PDF
Tanja Aitamurto 21 pgs.
The Role of Individual and Structural Factors in Explaining Television Channel Choice and Duration ABSTRACT PDF
Su Jung Kim, Vijay Viswanathan 21 pgs.
When Actors Don’t Walk the Talk: Parasocial Relationships Moderate the Effect of Actor-Character Incongruence ABSTRACT PDF
Riva Tukachinksy 17 pgs.
Who’s Following Twitter? Coverage of the Microblogging Phenomenon by U.S. Cable News Networks ABSTRACT PDF
Deborah S. Chung, Mina Tsay-Vogel, Yung Soo Kim 25 pgs.
Influence of Issue Decision Salience on Vote Choice: Linking Agenda Setting, Priming, and Issue Ownership ABSTRACT PDF
Spiro Kiousis, Jesper Strömbäck, Michael McDevitt 22 pgs.
Visualizing Participatory Development Communication in Social Change Processes: Challenging the Notion that Visual Research Methods are Inherently Participatory ABSTRACT PDF
Laura Simpson Reeves 20 pgs.
Priming, Rap News and Public Diplomacy: Reporting on an NGO-Led Media Initiative in Uganda ABSTRACT PDF
Lee Shaker, Paul Falzone 22 pgs.
Mediating the Nation-State: Agency and The Media in Nation-Branding Campaigns ABSTRACT PDF
Göran Bolin, Per Ståhlberg 19 pgs.
Representation of Pakistan: A Framing Analysis of the Coverage in the U.S. and Chinese News Media Surrounding Operation Zarb-e-Azb ABSTRACT PDF
Salman Yousaf 23 pgs.
Finding a Voice Through Humanitarian Technologies? Communication Technologies and Participation in Disaster Recovery ABSTRACT PDF
Mirca Madianou, Liezel Longboan, Jonathan Corpus Ong 19 pgs.
Examining Normative Influence in Persuasive Health Messages: The Moderating Role of Identification With Other Parents ABSTRACT PDF
Nehama Lewis 20 pgs.
Exploring Dialectical Tensions for Institutional Maintenance: A Case of Google and Its Censored Chinese Search Engine ABSTRACT PDF
Jane Stuart Baker, Lu Tang 20 pgs.
The Obama Factor: Change and Stability in Cultural and Political Anti-Americanism ABSTRACT PDF
Eike Mark Rinke, Lars Willnat, Thorsten Quandt 26 pgs.
Studying Political Microblogging: Parliamentary Candidates on Twitter During The February 2012 Election in Kuwait ABSTRACT PDF
Noah W. Miller, Rosa S. Ko 21 pgs.
Making Media Public: On Revolutionary Street Screenings in Egypt ABSTRACT PDF
Nina Grønlykke Mollerup, Sherief Gaber 19 pgs.
Value Poaching: Framing the Same Values for Competing Political Ends ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas E. Nelson, Sophie Lecheler, Andreas R.T. Schuck, Claes H. de Vreese 22 pgs.
Geek Policing: Fake Geek Girls and Contested Attention ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Reagle 19 pgs.
Specific Situations or Specific People? How Do Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors Interact in Cultivation Research? ABSTRACT PDF
Christine E. Meltzer, Anna Schnauber 24 pgs.
Toward an Implicit Cognition Account of Attribute Agenda Setting ABSTRACT PDF
Florian Arendt, Cornelia Brantner 22 pgs.
Tweeted Joke Lifespans and Appropriated Punch Lines: Practices Around Topical Humor on Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Tim Highfield 22 pgs.
Televised Presidential Debates and Learning in the 2012 Korean Presidential Election: Does Political Knowledge Condition Information Acquisition? ABSTRACT PDF
Han Soo Lee, Jae Mook Lee 20 pgs.
Higher Education in a Networked World: European Responses to U.S. MOOCs ABSTRACT PDF
José van Dijck, Thomas Poell 19 pgs.
Media Use Among Social Networking Site Users in Latvia ABSTRACT PDF
Ianis Bucholtz 21 pgs.
Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water: Using Facebook to Mobilize Solidarity Among East Jerusalem Palestinians During the 2014 War in Gaza ABSTRACT PDF
Maya de Vries, Asmahan Simry, Ifat Maoz 28 pgs.
Institutions and Media Use in Democratizing Countries: The Czech-Slovak Case as a Quasi-Experiment ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew Loveless 21 pgs.
Belonging-Security Across Borders: News Media, Migration and the Spaces of Production ABSTRACT PDF
John Budarick 18 pgs.
Attack Versus Advocacy: Advertising Tone That Mobilizes ABSTRACT PDF
Jaeho Cho 20 pgs.
Reciprocity and the News: The Role of Personal and Social Media Reciprocity in News Creation and Consumption ABSTRACT PDF
Avery E. Holton, Mark Coddington, Seth C. Lewis, Homero Gil de Zúñiga 22 pgs.
The Mobilization Process of Syria’s Activists: The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Use of Information and Communication Technologies and the Political Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Billur Aslan 19 pgs.
From Mani Stones to Twitter: Bhutan Creates a Unique Media Matrix for a 21st-Century Democracy ABSTRACT PDF
Bunty Avieson 20 pgs.
Facebook Use and Acculturation: The Case of Overseas Chinese Professionals in Western Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Yuping Mao, Yuxia Qian 20 pgs.
Discussion Network Heterogeneity Matters: Examining a Moderated Mediation Model of Social Media Use and Civic Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Yonghwan Kim, Hsuan-Ting Chen 22 pgs.
Historicizing Cine Jóven and Cuba’s Audiovisual Landscape: New Paradigms in Digital Media Production and Circulation ABSTRACT PDF
Diana Coryat 18 pgs.
Building Voices: Teens Connect to Their Communities Through Youth Journalism Websites ABSTRACT PDF
Jeffrey C. Neely 20 pgs.
Beyond the Western Masses: Demography and Pakistani Media Credibility Perceptions ABSTRACT PDF
KyuJin Shim, Guy J. Golan, Anita G. Day, Sung-Un Yang 24 pgs.
Globalization of Mediated Spaces: The Case of Transnational Environmentalism in China ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen D. Reese 19 pgs.
Ratings as Politics. Television Audience Measurement and the State: An International Comparison ABSTRACT PDF
Jérôme Bourdon, Cécile Meadel 20 pgs.
Mobile Phone Appropriation and Migrant Acculturation: A Case Study of an Indian Community in Singapore ABSTRACT PDF
Rajiv George Aricat, Veronika Karnowski, Arul Chib 22 pgs.
From Local to Global: Philippine Broadcast Networks and the Filipino Diaspora ABSTRACT PDF
Cherish Aileen A. Brillon 19 pgs.
The Cultural Production of a Pharmaceutical Market: The Making of ADHD ABSTRACT PDF
Melina Sherman 20 pgs.
Nature and Effectiveness of Online Social Support for Intercultural Adaptation of Mainland Chinese International Students ABSTRACT PDF
Liang Chen, Xiaodong Yang 21 pgs.
Culturally Specific Privacy Practices on Social Network Sites: Privacy Boundary Permeability Management in Photo Sharing by American and Chinese College-Age Users ABSTRACT PDF
Yang Liu, Jun Fan 20 pgs.
Who is a Laowai? Chinese Interpretations of Laowai as a Referring Expression for Non-Chinese ABSTRACT PDF
Yanfeng Mao 22 pgs.
Institutions, Telecommunications Reform, and Universal Service Policy in Mexico (1990–2014) ABSTRACT PDF
Cristina Casanueva-Reguart 27 pgs.
Politics in Fictional Entertainment: An Empirical Classification of Movies and TV Series ABSTRACT PDF
Christiane Eilders, Cordula Nitsch 25 pgs.
The Shaping of the Network Neutrality Debate: Information Subsidizers on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Kyung Sun Lee, Yoonmo Sang, Weiai Wayne Xu 19 pgs.
The Mediatization of Second-Order Elections and Party Launches: UK Television News Reporting of the 2014 European Union Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Stephen Cushion, Richard Thomas, Oliver Ellis 21 pgs.
The Value of Proximity: Examining The Willingness to Pay for Online Local News ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel Goyanes 18 pgs.
Balancing Audience and Privacy Tensions on Social Network Sites: Strategies of Highly Engaged Users ABSTRACT PDF
Jessica Vitak, Stacy Blasiola, Sameer Patil, Eden Litt 20 pgs.
Communication, Mediation, and the Expectations of Data: Data Valences Across Health and Wellness Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Brittany Fiore-Gartland, Gina Neff 19 pgs.
One Country, Two Cups—The International Image of Brazil in 1950 and in 2014: A Study of the Reputation and the Identity of Brazil as Projected by the International Media During the Two FIFA World Cups in the Country ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Buarque 19 pgs.
Obamacare, the News Media, and the Politics of 21st-Century Presidential Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer Hopper 25 pgs.
Living Proof: Autobiographical Political Argument in We are the 99 Percent and We are the 53 Percent ABSTRACT PDF
Doron Taussig 24 pgs.
Communicative Affordances of Mobile Media: Portability, Availability, Locatability, and Multimediality ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Richard Schrock 18 pgs.
Interpersonal Communication, Media Exposure, Opinion Leadership, and Perceived Credibility of News and Advertising During December 2012 Parliamentary Election in Kuwait ABSTRACT PDF
Anastasia Kononova, Mohammad Akbar 23 pgs.
“I’ve Thought About This, Trust Me”: Understanding the Values and Assumptions Underlying Prescription Stimulant Misuse Among College Students ABSTRACT PDF
Rebecca de Souza 19 pgs.
The Power of Youth: How the Bottom-up Technology Transmission from Children to Parents is Related to Digital (In)equality ABSTRACT PDF
Teresa Correa 24 pgs.
The 26/11 Network-Archive: Public Memory, History, and the Global in an Age of Terror ABSTRACT PDF
Rohit Chopra 23 pgs.
Terrorism as Failed Political Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Ashley Pattwell, Tyson Mitman, Douglas Porpora 20 pgs.
The Feel of Life: Resonance, Race, and Representation ABSTRACT PDF
Herman Gray 12 pgs.
The Third Level of Agenda Setting in Contemporary China: Tracking Descriptions of Moral and National Education (MNE) in Media Coverage and People’s Minds ABSTRACT PDF
Yang Cheng, Ching-Man Chan 18 pgs.
Matrix Activism: Media, Neoliberalism, and Social Action in Italy ABSTRACT PDF
Michela Ardizzoni 18 pgs.
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Alternative Infrastructures in Scholarly Publishing ABSTRACT PDF
Carl Lagoze, Paul Edwards, Christian Sandvig, Jean-Christophe Plantin 20 pgs.
Can Partisan News Be Valuable for Discussion? An Analysis of the Effects of Internal Balance on Online Discussion Intention ABSTRACT PDF
Eulalia P. Abril 23 pgs.
Nano-Media and Connected Homeliness ABSTRACT PDF
Mojca Pajnik 21 pgs.
The Evolution of Christian America: Christianity in Presidential Discourse, 1981–2013 ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin Coe, Sarah Chenoweth 21 pgs.
Cinemas of Conflict: A Framework of Cinematic Engagement with Violent Conflict, Illustrated with Kurdish Cinema ABSTRACT PDF
Kevin Smets 22 pgs.
Why Citizens Still Rarely Serve as News Sources: Validating a Tripartite Model of Circumstantial, Logistical, and Evaluative Barriers ABSTRACT PDF
Zvi Reich 22 pgs.
Conflict as News and News as Conflict: A Multidimensional Content Analysis of TV News in Cyprus ABSTRACT PDF
Dimitra L. Milioni, Vaia Doudaki, Panayiotis G. Tsiligiannis, Venetia Papa, Konstantinos Vadratsikas 21 pgs.
Effects of Long-Term Exposure to News Stereotypes on Implicit and Explicit Attitudes ABSTRACT PDF
Florian Arendt, Temple Northup 21 pgs.
Does Student Exchange Bring Symmetrical Benefits to Both Countries? An Exploration Case for China and Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Seong-Hun Yun 22 pgs.
Multiplicities and the Subject: Rethinking a Mix-of-Attributes Approach in the Digital World ABSTRACT PDF
Erika Pearson, Gillian Elliot 16 pgs.
The Writing Is on the Wall, or Is It? Exploring Indian Activists’ Beliefs About Online Social Media’s Potential for Social Change ABSTRACT PDF
Monica Chadha, Summer Harlow 22 pgs.
The Streisand Effect and Censorship Backfire ABSTRACT PDF
Sue Curry Jansen, Brian Martin 16 pgs.
Comparing Online Alternative and Mainstream Media in Turkey: Coverage of the TEKEL Workers Protest Against Privatization ABSTRACT PDF
Burak Doğu 22 pgs.
Of War and Water: Metaphors and Citizenship Agency in the Newspapers Reporting the 9/11 Catalan Protest in 2012 ABSTRACT PDF
Enric Castelló, Arantxa Capdevila 18 pgs.
Effects of Multipart Media Framing on Consumer Attitudes Toward Biotechnology ABSTRACT PDF
Tuğçe Özgen Genç, Berna Tarı Kasnakoğlu 20 pgs.
The Food of the Worlds: Mapping and Comparing Contemporary Gastrodiplomacy Campaigns ABSTRACT PDF
Juyan Zhang 24 pgs.
2921| Violent Frames. Analyzing Internet Movie Database Reviewers’ Text Descriptions of Media Violence and Gender Differences from 39 Years of U.S. Action, Thriller, Crime, and Adventure Movies. ABSTRACT PDF
Jordy Gosselt, Joris Van Hoof, Bastiaan Gent, Jean-Paul Fox 21 pgs.
Celebrity Political Endorsement Effects: A Perspective on the Social Distance of Political Parties ABSTRACT PDF
Hsuan-Yi Chou 24 pgs.
Media Market Research on Immigrant Audiences: Lessons Learned From a Critical Analysis of the Spanish Media Survey ABSTRACT PDF
Mercedes Medina, Idoia Portilla 22 pgs.
Education and Language-Based Knowledge Gaps Among New Immigrants In the United States: Effects of English- and Native-Language Newspapers and TV ABSTRACT PDF
Francis Dalisay, Yung-I Liu 23 pgs.
Understanding Popular Arab Bloggers: From Public Spheres to Cultural Citizens ABSTRACT PDF
Kristina Riegert 20 pgs.
Music Aggregators and Intermediation of the Digital Music Market ABSTRACT PDF
Patryk Galuszka 20 pgs.
Protest News Framing Cycle: How The New York Times Covered Occupy Wall Street ABSTRACT PDF
Julian Gottlieb 23 pgs.
Beyond the Public/Commercial Broadcaster Dichotomy: Homogenization and Melodramatization of News Coverage in Chile ABSTRACT PDF
Constanza Mujica, Ingrid Bachmann 21 pgs.
Affording Immediacy in Television News Production: Comparing Adoption Trajectories of Social Media and Satellite Technologies ABSTRACT PDF
Rena Bivens 19 pgs.
Enemies Also Get Their Say: Press Performance During Political Crises ABSTRACT PDF
Meital Balmas, Tamir Sheafer, Gadi Wolfsfeld 21 pgs.
Early Birds and Night Owls: Differences in Media Preferences, Usages, and Environments ABSTRACT PDF
Galit Nimrod 21 pgs.
A Toxic Crisis: Metaphorizing the Financial Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Adina Nerghes, Iina Hellsten, Peter Groenewegen 27 pgs.
A Hush Falls Over the Crowd: Diminished Online Civic Expression Among Young Civic Actors ABSTRACT PDF
Emily C. Weinstein, Margaret Rundle, Carrie James 23 pgs.
External-National TV News Networks’ Way to America: Is the United States Losing the Global “Information War”? ABSTRACT PDF
Shuang Xie, Oliver Boyd-Barrett 18 pgs.
The Prominence of Weak Economies: Factors and Trends in Global News Coverage of Economic Crisis, 2009–2012 ABSTRACT PDF
Menahem Blondheim, Elad Segev, María-Ángeles Cabrera 22 pgs.
Public Opinion, Thinly Sliced and Served Hot ABSTRACT PDF
Gordon R. Mitchell 25 pgs.
Stereotypes of Chinese by American College Students: Media Use and Perceived Realism ABSTRACT PDF
Lingling Zhang 20 pgs.
More Articles

Special Sections

Latin American Struggles| Battlefields, Experiences, Debates: Latin American Struggles and Digital Media Resistance — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Emiliano Treré, Claudia Magallanes-Blanco 9 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| The Network Prince: Leadership between Clastres and Machiavelli ABSTRACT PDF
Rodrigo Nunes 11 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| Alternative Media in Latin American Grassroots Integration: Building Networks and New Agendas ABSTRACT PDF
Daniela Parra 21 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| Challenging Mainstream Media Systems Through Social Media: A Comparative Study of the Facebook Profiles of Two Latin American Student Movements ABSTRACT PDF
Lazaro M. Bacallao-Pino 21 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| Twitterati as Instruments of Change? Reappropriating Social Media for Dialogue and Action via El Salvador’s Citizen Debate Site Política Stereo ABSTRACT PDF
Summer Harlow 20 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| Extractive Politics, Media Power, and New Waves of Resistance Against Oil Drilling in the Ecuadorian Amazon: The Case of Yasunidos ABSTRACT PDF
Diana Coryat 20 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| Student Online Video Activism and the Education Movement in Chile ABSTRACT PDF
Patricia Peña, Raúl Rodríguez, Chiara Sáez 19 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| Social Media and Virality in the 2014 Student Protests in Venezuela: Rethinking Engagement and Dialogue in Times of Imitation ABSTRACT PDF
Jairo Lugo-Ocando, Alexander Hernández, Monica Marchesi 22 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| A Conversation with Bernardo Gutiérrez: Exploring Technopolitics in Latin America ABSTRACT PDF
Emiliano Treré, Bernardo Gutiérrez 18 pgs.
Latin American Struggles| A Conversation with Geoffrey Pleyers: The Battlefields of Latin American Struggles and the Challenges of the Internet for Social Change ABSTRACT PDF
Emiliano Treré, Geoffrey Pleyers 10 pgs.
COMPASS| Communication in Action: Bridging Research and Policy — Introduction PDF
Jason A. Smith, Mark Lloyd, Victor Pickard 3 pgs.
COMPASS| Advocating for Critical Frameworks and Research Methods in Issue-Based Policy Formation: A Case Study PDF
Nicole Hentrich 8 pgs.
COMPASS| Relocating the Press: Toward a More Positive Notion of “Freedom of the Press” PDF
Douglas Allen 10 pgs.
COMPASS| The FCC and the Problem of Diversity PDF
Michelle C. Forelle 8 pgs.
COMPASS| Ranking Digital Rights: Human Rights, the Internet and the Fifth Estate PDF
Nathalie Maréchal 10 pgs.
COMPASS| Surveillance of Communications: A Legitimization Crisis and the Need for Transparency PDF
James Losey 10 pgs.
COMPASS| Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy: The Role of Values in the U.S. Net Neutrality Debate PDF
Aalok Mehta 9 pgs.
COMPASS| How Safe are Safe Harbors? The Difficulties of Self-Regulatory Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Programs PDF
Brandon Golob 8 pgs.
COMPASS| HealthCare dot Flub: An Examination of the Politics and Administrative Processes Contributing to the Strained Launch of the Federal Health Insurance Exchange PDF
Katherine Elder 8 pgs.
COMPASS| The Need for Communication Research in Regulatory Science: Electronic Cigarettes as a Case Study PDF
Angeline Sangalang 9 pgs.
COMPASS| States’ Rights vs. Women’s Rights: The Populist Argumentative Frame in Anti-Abortion Rhetoric PDF
Cat Duffy 8 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Toward a European Public Sphere? The Promise and Perils of Modern Democracy in the Age of Digital and Social Media — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Homero Gil de Zúñiga 9 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Transnational News Media and the Elusive European Public Sphere ABSTRACT PDF
François Heinderyckx 16 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Discussing the Democratic Deficit: Effects of Media and Interpersonal Communication on Satisfaction with Democracy in the European Union ABSTRACT PDF
Pieterjan Desmet, Joost van Spanje, Claes de Vreese 22 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Online News, Social Media and European Union Attitudes: A Multidimensional Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Rachel R. Mourao, Joseph Yoo, Stephanie Geise, Jose Andres Araiza, Danielle K. Kilgo, Victoria Y. Chen, Thomas Johnson 24 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Good Corporate Citizenship: Predictors of Corporate Social Justice as an Element of Sustainable Citizenship Norms in Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Lucy Atkinson 22 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Shaping the Online Public Debate. The Relationship between the News Framing of the Expropriation of YPF and Readers’ Comments ABSTRACT PDF
Carlos Muñiz, Salvador Alvídrez, Nilsa Téllez 19 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Attitudes Toward Illegal Immigration and Exposure to Public Service and Commercial Broadcasting in France, Norway, and the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Audun Beyer, Jörg Matthes 16 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Anti-Austerity in the Euro Crisis: Modeling Protest With Online-Mobile-Social Media Usage, Users, and Content ABSTRACT PDF
Jacob Groshek, Ahmed Al-Rawi 24 pgs.
European Public Sphere| Social Media as a Public Space for Politics: Cross-National Comparison of News Consumption and Participatory Behaviors in the United States and the United Kingdom ABSTRACT PDF
Magdalena Saldaña, Shannon C. McGregor, Homero Gil de Zúñiga 23 pgs.
Digital Divide| Max Weber and Digital Divide Studies — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Massimo Ragnedda, Glenn W. Muschert 6 pgs.
Digital Divide| Examining Internet Use Through a Weberian Lens ABSTRACT PDF
Grant Blank, Darja Groselj 21 pgs.
Digital Divide| Middle Classes Undergoing Transformation in a Digitizing World ABSTRACT PDF
Dimitar Blagoev 17 pgs.
Digital Divide| Authentication, Status, and Power in a Digitally Organized Society ABSTRACT PDF
Bridgette Wessels 18 pgs.
Digital Divide| A Weberian Analysis of Global Digital Divides ABSTRACT PDF
Ralph Schroeder 19 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Introduction ~ The Role of Qualitative Methods in Political Communication Research: Past, Present, and Future ABSTRACT PDF
David Karpf, Daniel Kreiss, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Matthew Powers 19 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Managing the Digital News Cyclone: Power, Participation, and Political Production Strategies ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Serazio 19 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| To Implement or Not to Implement? Participatory Online Communication in Swiss Cities ABSTRACT PDF
Ulrike Klinger, Stephan Rösli, Otfried Jarren 21 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Backstage Media-Political Elite Negotiations: The Failure and Success of Government Pitch ABSTRACT PDF
Tine Ustad Figenschou, Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud 19 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Sharing the News: Journalistic Collaboration as Field Repair ABSTRACT PDF
Lucas Graves, Magda Konieczna 19 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Labor Unions, Social Media, and Political Ideology: Using the Internet to Reach the Powerful or Mobilize the Powerless? ABSTRACT PDF
Jen Schradie 21 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Understanding the Impact of the Transnational Promotional Class on Political Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa Aronczyk 20 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| From Wizards and House-Elves to Real-World Issues: Political Talk in Fan Spaces ABSTRACT PDF
Neta Kligler-Vilenchik 20 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Locating the Politics in Political Consumption: A Conceptual Map of Four Types of Political Consumer Identities ABSTRACT PDF
Lucy Atkinson 20 pgs.
Qualitative Political Communication| Trace Interviews: An Actor-Centered Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Elizabeth Dubois, Heather Ford 25 pgs.
Selfies Introduction ~ What Does the Selfie Say? Investigating a Global Phenomenon PDF
Theresa M. Senft, Nancy K. Baym 19 pgs.
Selfies| The Gestural Image: The Selfie, Photography Theory, and Kinesthetic Sociability PDF
Paul Frosh 22 pgs.
Selfies| The Selfie Assemblage PDF
Aaron Hess 18 pgs.
Selfies| Feminism Reads Big Data: "Social Physics," Atomism, and Selfiecity PDF
Elizabeth Losh 13 pgs.
Selfies|The Selfie and the Other: Consuming Viral Tragedy and Social Media (After)lives PDF
Jenna Brager 12 pgs.
Selfies| Selfies: Witnessing and Participatory Journalism with a Point of View PDF
Michael Koliska, Jessica Roberts 14 pgs.
Selfies| #NaMo: The Political Work of the Selfie in the 2014 Indian General Elections PDF
Anirban Baishya 15 pgs.
Selfies| The Selfie of the Year of the Selfie: Reflections on a Media Scandal PDF
Kate M. Miltner, Nancy K. Baym 15 pgs.
Selfies| Self(ie)-Discipline: Social Regulation as Enacted Through the Discussion of Photographic Practice PDF
Anne Burns 18 pgs.
Selfies| Selfies, Sexts and Sneaky Hats: Young People's Understandings of Gendered Practices of Self-Representation PDF
Kath Albury 12 pgs.
Selfies| Odes to Heteronormativity: Presentations of Femininity in Russian-Speaking Pregnant Women’s Instagram Accounts PDF
Katrin Tiidenberg 13 pgs.
Selfies| Virtual Lactivism: Breastfeeding Selfies and the Performance of Motherhood PDF
Sonja Boon, Beth Pentney 14 pgs.
Selfies| The Lonely Selfie King: Selfies and the Conspicuous Prosumption of Gender and Race PDF
Apryl A. Williams, Beatriz Aldana Marquez 13 pgs.
Selfies| Selfies as Charitable Meme: Charity and National Identity in the #nomakeupselfie and #thumbsupforstephen Campaigns PDF
Ruth A. Deller, Shane Tilton 18 pgs.
Selfies| Bae Caught Me Tweetin’: On the Representational Stance of the Selfie PDF
Matthew Bellinger 12 pgs.
Selfies| Selfies at Funerals: Mourning and Presencing on Social Media Platforms PDF
James Meese, Martin Gibbs, Marcus Carter, Michael Arnold, Bjorn Nansen, Tamara Kohn 14 pgs.
Selfies| Empowering the Marginalized: Rethinking Selfies in the Slums of Brazil PDF
David Nemer, Guo Freeman 16 pgs.
Selfies| In the Eye of the Beholder: Subjective Views on the Authenticity of Selfies PDF
Katharina Lobinger, Cornelia Brantner 13 pgs.
Selfies| Selfies and Photo Messaging as Visual Conversation: Reports from the United States, United Kingdom and China PDF
James E. Katz, Elizabeth Thomas Crocker 12 pgs.
Public Service Media| Introduction ~ Public Service Media and Exposure Diversity ABSTRACT PDF
Natali Helberger, Mira Burri 5 pgs.
Public Service Media| Merely Facilitating or Actively Stimulating Diverse Media Choices? Public Service Media at the Crossroad ABSTRACT PDF
Natali Helberger 17 pgs.
Public Service Media| Contemplating a “Public Service Navigator”: In Search of New- (and Better-) Functioning Public Service Media ABSTRACT PDF
Mira Burri 19 pgs.
Public Service Media in the Digital Age| Diversity by Choice: Applying a Social Cognitive Perspective to the Role of Public Service Media in the Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Pieter Hoffman, Christoph Lutz, Miriam Meckel, Giulia Ranzini 22 pgs.
Public Service Media| Active Pluralism: Dialogue and Engagement as Basic Media Policy Principles ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas Gibbons 18 pgs.
Public Service Media| Five Theses on Public Media and Digitization: From a 56-Country Study ABSTRACT PDF
Damian Tambini 25 pgs.
Public Service Media| Youth Online and News: A Phenomenological View on “Diversity” ABSTRACT PDF
Sandra Cortesi, Urs Gasser 24 pgs.
Opinion Leadership| Editorial Introduction | Opinion Leadership Revisited: A Classical Concept in a Changing Media Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Mike S. Schäfer 4 pgs.
Opinion Leadership| Mediatized Opinion Leaders: New Patterns of Opinion Leadership in New Media Environments? ABSTRACT PDF
Mike S. Schäfer, Monika Taddicken 22 pgs.
Opinion Leadership| Parasocial Opinion Leadership Media Personalities‘ Influence within Parasocial Relations: Theoretical Conceptualization and Preliminary Results ABSTRACT PDF
Paula Stehr, Patrick Rössler, Friederike Schönhardt, Laura Leissner 20 pgs.
Opinion Leadership| Influence Versus Selection: A Network Perspective on Opinion Leadership ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas N. Friemel 21 pgs.
Opinion Leadership| Commentary ~ Where Are Opinion Leaders Leading Us? PDF
Elihu Katz 6 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| Introduction: Piracy and Social Change—Revisiting Piracy Cultures ABSTRACT PDF
Patrick Burkart, Jonas Andersson Schwarz 6 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| Crack Intros: Piracy, Creativity and Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Markku Reunanen, Patryk Wasiak, Daniel Botz 20 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| Piracy Versus Privacy: An Analysis of Values Encoded in the PirateBrowser ABSTRACT PDF
Balázs Bodó 21 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| Russian Media Piracy in the Context of Censoring Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Ilya Kiriya, Elena Sherstoboeva 13 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| From Orkut to Facebook: How Brazilian Pirate Audiences Utilize Social Media to Create Sharing Subcultures ABSTRACT PDF
Vanessa Mendes Moreira de Sa 18 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| From File Sharing to Free Culture: The Evolving Agenda of European Pirate Parties ABSTRACT PDF
Johanna Jääsaari, Jockum Hildén 20 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| You Are Not Welcome Among Us: Pirates and the State ABSTRACT PDF
Jessica L. Beyer, Fenwick McKelvey 19 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| The Pirate Party and the Politics of Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Martin Fredriksson 16 pgs.
Piracy & Social Change| Dialogic Comedy in Pirate Rhetoric ABSTRACT PDF
Michael High 16 pgs.
Media Audiences| Introduction ~ Audiences Across Media: A Comparative Agenda for Future Research on Media Audiences ABSTRACT PDF
Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Rasmus Helles 8 pgs.
Media Audiences| The Media Landscapes of European Audiences ABSTRACT PDF
Rasmus Helles, Jacob Ørmen, Casper Radil, Klaus Bruhn Jensen 21 pgs.
Media Audiences| The Internet as a Cultural Forum: A European Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Galit Nimrod, Hanna Adoni, Hillel Nossek 21 pgs.
Media Audiences| Digital Mediascapes, Institutional Frameworks, and Audience Practices Across Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Zrinjka Perusko, Dina Vozab, Antonija Čuvalo 23 pgs.
Media Audiences| Is Print Really Dying? The State of Print Media Use in Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Hillel Nossek, Hanna Adoni, Galit Nimrod 21 pgs.
Media Audiences| Between Old Broadcast Media and New Networked Media: Materiality and Media Consumption Practices ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel José Damásio, Sara Henriques, Marisa Torres da Silva, Liliana Pacheco, Maria José Brites 26 pgs.
Media Audiences| Spaces Across Europe: Where People Use Media ABSTRACT PDF
Nicoletta Vittadini, Marina Micheli, Francesca Pasquali, Piermarco Aroldi 23 pgs.
Media Audiences|Changing Patterns of Media Use across Cultures: A Challenge for Longitudinal Research ABSTRACT PDF
Uwe Hasebrink, Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Hilde van den Bulck, Sascha Hölig, Pieter Maeseele 23 pgs.
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Legal Response to Propaganda Broadcasts Related to Crisis In and Around Ukraine, 2014–2015 PDF
Andrei G. Richter 21 pgs.
Steve Jobs, Romantic Individualism, and the Desire for Good Capitalism PDF
Thomas Streeter 19 pgs.
The Index and the Moon: Mortgaging Scientific Evaluation PDF
Florencio Cabello Fernández-Delgado, María Teresa Rascón Gómez 8 pgs.
The Passing of a Pioneer: Professor Tamar Liebes, 1943–2015 PDF
Annenberg Press 2 pgs.
Sinking the Flagship: Why Communication Studies Is Better Off Without One PDF
Jefferson Pooley 9 pgs.
Report: 2013–2014 “More better …” PDF
Larry Gross, Arlene Luck 15 pgs.
Communication Scholars and Fair Use: The Case for Discipline-Wide Education and Institutional Reform PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Patricia Aufderheide 11 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Justin Lewis, Beyond Consumer Capitalism: Media and the Limits to Imagination PDF
Reviewed by Peter Lunt, Dafni Mangalousi 8 pgs.
Jonathan Corpus Ong, The Poverty of Television, The Mediation of Suffering in Class-Divided Philippines PDF
Reviewed by Tal Morse 2 pgs.
Nicole Starosielski, The Undersea Network (Sign, Storage, Transmission) PDF
Reviewed by Nathalie Maréchal 4 pgs.
Matthew W. Ragas & Ron Culp, Business Essentials for Strategic Communicators PDF
Reviewed by Nina O'Brien 3 pgs.
Judith Shapiro, China’s Environmental Challenges PDF
Reviewed by Qing Huang 3 pgs.
Patricia G. Lange, Kids on YouTube: Technical Identities and Digital Literacies PDF
Reviewed by Neta Kligler-Vilenchik 4 pgs.
Diane Negra & Yvonne Tasker (Eds.), Gendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity PDF
Reviewed by Micky Lee 4 pgs.
Graham Murdock and Jostein Gripsrud (Eds.), Money Talks: Money, Markets, Crisis PDF
Reviewed by Micky Lee 3 pgs.
Amanda D. Lotz, Cable Guys: Television and Masculinities in the 21st Century PDF
Reviewed by Stefania Marghitu 4 pgs.
Patricia Keeton & Peter Scheckner, American War Cinema and Media Since Vietnam: Politics, Ideology, and Class PDF
Reviewed by Cortland Rankin 5 pgs.
Kristin Demetrious, Public Relations, Activism, and Social Change: Speaking Up PDF
Reviewed by Sue Curry Jansen 3 pgs.
Nikki Usher, Making News at The New York Times PDF
Reviewed by David Domingo 3 pgs.
Tim Jordan, Information Politics: Liberation and Exploitation in the Digital Society PDF
Reviewed by Nathalie Maréchal 4 pgs.
Todd Wolfson, Digital Rebellion: The Birth of the Cyber Left PDF
Reviewed by Christian Fuchs 7 pgs.
Amanda D. Lotz, Cable Guys: Television and Masculinities in the 21st Century PDF
Reviewed by Katherine Sender 3 pgs.
Myria Georgiou, Media and the City: Cosmopolitanism and Difference PDF
Reviewed by Ngai Keung Chan 4 pgs.
Julie Passanante Elman, Chronic Youth: Disability, Sexuality, and U.S. Media Cultures of Rehabilitation PDF
Reviewed by Melina Sherman 5 pgs.
Jason Middleton, Documentary’s Awkward Turn: Cringe Comedy and Media Spectatorship PDF
Reviewed by Cortland Rankin 3 pgs.
Monique W. Morris, Black Stats: African Americans by the Numbers in the Twenty-First Century PDF
Reviewed by Nick J. Sciullo 3 pgs.
Cristina Archetti, Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media: A Communication Approach PDF
Reviewed by Philip Effiom Ephraim 3 pgs.
Gabriella Coleman, Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous PDF
Reviewed by Nathalie Maréchal 5 pgs.
Regina Lee Blaszczyk, The Color Revolution PDF
Reviewed by Angela Anima-Korang 3 pgs.
Meg McLagan and Yates McKee (Eds.), Sensible Politics: The Visual Culture of Nongovernmental Activism PDF
Reviewed by Pablo Castagno 4 pgs.
Winnie Won Yin Wong, Van Gogh on Demand: China and the Readymade PDF
Reviewed by Lin Zhang 4 pgs.
Unpacking Asian Queer Masculinity in Theatre and Cinema: Postcolonial Imagination and Pleasure of Bottomhood PDF
Reviewed by Lik Sam Chan 5 pgs.
Larry Gross & Jay Ruby (Eds.), The Complete Sol Worth PDF
Reviewed by Paul Messaris 6 pgs.
Rodney Benson, Shaping Immigration News: A French-American Comparison PDF
Reviewed by Mark Hannah 3 pgs.
Laura Ellingson, Communicating in the Clinic: Negotiating Frontstage and Backstage Teamwork PDF
Reviewed by Timothy E. Martin, Jr. 3 pgs.
Nick Couldry, Media, Culture, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice PDF
Reviewed by Klaus Bruhn Jensen 3 pgs.
Brenton J. Malin, Feeling Mediated: A History of Media Technology and Emotion in America PDF
Reviewed by Diana E. Ritter 4 pgs.
Catherine R. Squires, The Post-Racial Mystique: Media and Race in the Twenty-First Century PDF
Reviewed by Mary Beltrán 3 pgs.
Nick Couldry, Media, Society, World: Social Theory and Digital Media Practice PDF
Reviewed by Vyshali Manivannan 3 pgs.
Sarah Sharma, In the Meantime: Temporality and Cultural Politics PDF
Reviewed by Josh Smicker 3 pgs.
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