Table of Contents


Imitation in the Quest to Survive: Lessons from News Media on the Early Web ABSTRACT PDF
Matthew S. Weber, Katherine Ognyanova, Allie Kosterich 25 pgs.
Exploring Neuromarketing and Its Reliance on Remote Sensing: Social and Ethical Concerns ABSTRACT PDF
Selena Nemorin, Oscar H. Gandy, Jr. 21 pgs.
Rethinking Hallin and Mancini Beyond the West: An Analysis of Media Systems in Central and Eastern Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Laia Castro Herrero, Edda Humprecht, Sven Engesser, Michael L. Brüggemann, Florin Büchel 27 pgs.
Burning Down the (White) House: Partisan Attempts to Undermine American Exceptionalism ABSTRACT PDF
Bryan McLaughlin, Amber Krause 22 pgs.
Mythologies of Creative Work in the Social Media Age: Fun, Free, and “Just Being Me” ABSTRACT PDF
Brooke Erin Duffy, Elizabeth Wissinger 20 pgs.
A Practice-Based Approach to Online Participation: Young People’s Participatory Habitus as a Source of Diverse Online Engagement ABSTRACT PDF
Giovanna Mascheroni 22 pgs.
A Sound Bridge: Listening for the Political in a Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Aswin Punathambekar, Sriram Mohan 20 pgs.
The Inconsistent Work of Web Filters: Mapping Information Access in Alabama Public Schools and Libraries ABSTRACT PDF
Chris Peterson, Shannon M. Oltmann, Emily J.M. Knox 27 pgs.
Predicting Fashion Involvement by Media Use, Social Comparison, and Lifestyle: An Interaction Model ABSTRACT PDF
Yanshu Sun, Steve Guo 24 pgs.
Understanding the Images of Alan Kurdi With “Small Data”: A Qualitative, Comparative Analysis of Tweets About Refugees in Turkey and Flanders (Belgium) ABSTRACT PDF
Cigdem Bozdag, Kevin Smets 24 pgs.
The Contingency of Meaning to the Party of God: Carnivalesque Humor in Revolutionary Times ABSTRACT PDF
Nour Halabi 14 pgs.
Environmental Orientations and News Coverage: Examining the Impact of Individual Differences and Narrative News ABSTRACT PDF
Fuyuan Shen, Lee Ahern, Jiangxue Han 14 pgs.
Redirecting the Focus of the Agenda: Testing the Zero-Sum Dynamics of Media Attention in News and User-Generated Media ABSTRACT PDF
S Mo Jang, Yong Jin Park 20 pgs.
Effects of Mass Media Exposure and Social Network Site Involvement on Risk Perception of and Precautionary Behavior Toward the Haze Issue in China ABSTRACT PDF
Xiaohua Wu, Xigen Li 23 pgs.
How Does Social Media Trigger Collective Efficacy Through Deliberation? A Field Experiment ABSTRACT PDF
Daniel Halpern 20 pgs.
Civic Creativity: Role-Playing Games in Deliberative Process ABSTRACT PDF
Eric Gordon, Jason Haas, Becky Michelson 19 pgs.
Integration or Isolation? Mapping Out the Position of Radical Right Media in the Public Sphere ABSTRACT PDF
Ov Cristian Norocel, Gabriella Szabó, Márton Bene 25 pgs.
Emotional Realism, Affective Labor and Politics in the Arab Fandom of Game of Thrones ABSTRACT PDF
Katty Alhayek 24 pgs.
Revisiting the Origins of Communication Research: Walter Lippmann’s WWII Adventure in Propaganda and Psychological Warfare ABSTRACT PDF
Dominique Trudel 19 pgs.
To Speak or Not to Speak: Predicting College Students’ Outspokenness in the Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong ABSTRACT PDF
Wan-Ying Lin, Bolin Cao, Xinzhi Zhang 17 pgs.
Thucydides’ Trap and Online Readers’ Reviews of Two Books on Zheng He’s Voyages ABSTRACT PDF
Dexin Tian, Chin-Chung Chao 19 pgs.
Rhizomatic Writings on the Wall: Graffiti and Street Art in Cochabamba, Bolivia, as Nomadic Visual Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Lucia Mulherin Palmer 30 pgs.
The Musicless Music Video as a Spreadable Meme Video: Format, User Interaction, and Meaning on YouTube ABSTRACT PDF
Cande Sánchez-Olmos, Eduardo Viñuela 21 pgs.
Arabism and Anti-Persian Sentiments on Participatory Web Platforms: A Social Media Critical Discourse Study ABSTRACT PDF
Majid KhosraviNik, Nadia Sarkhoh 20 pgs.
Radio Mentions: An Analysis of Radio Personalities and Ethical Behaviour (Spain) ABSTRACT PDF
Salvador Perelló-Oliver, Clara Muela-Molina 21 pgs.
Message-Framing Effects on Indian Females’ Mammography-Screening Intentions: Examining Moderating and Mediating Relationships ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher McKinley, Yam Limbu, C. Jayachandran 25 pgs.
What Is News? What Is the Newspaper? The Physical, Functional, and Stylistic Transformation of Print Newspapers, 1988–2013 ABSTRACT PDF
Miki Tanikawa 22 pgs.
Reporting War in 140 Characters: How Journalists Used Twitter During the 2014 Gaza–Israel Conflict ABSTRACT PDF
Ori Tenenboim 22 pgs.
Environmental Groups Treading the Discursive Tightrope of Social License: Australian and Canadian Cases Compared ABSTRACT PDF
Lyn McGaurr, Libby Lester 21 pgs.
A “Crisscrossing” Historical Analysis of Four Theories of the Press ABSTRACT PDF
Terhi Rantanen 22 pgs.
Social Media as a Platform for Incessant Political Communication: A Case Study of Modi’s “Clean India” Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Usha M. Rodrigues, Michael Niemann 23 pgs.
The Importance of Cultural Proximity in the Success of Turkish Dramas in Qatar ABSTRACT PDF
Miriam Berg 16 pgs.
Race and Police Brutality: The Importance of Media Framing ABSTRACT PDF
Kim Fridkin, Amanda Wintersieck, Jillian Courey, Joshua Thompson 21 pgs.
Do Arabs Really Read Less? “Cultural Tools” and “More Knowledgeable Others” as Determinants of Book Reliance in Six Arab Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Justin D. Martin, Ralph J. Martins, Shageaa Naqvi 20 pgs.
Resounding News: The Acoustic Conventions of Israeli Newscasts ABSTRACT PDF
Hadar Levy, Amit Pinchevski 19 pgs.
Why Are Half of Latin Americans Not Online? A Four-Country Study of Reasons for Internet Non-Adoption ABSTRACT PDF
Hernan Galperin 23 pgs.
The Defining Approaches and Practical Paradox of Sensitive Data: An Investigation of Data Protection Laws in 92 Countries and Regions and 200 Data Breaches in the World ABSTRACT PDF
Min Wang, Zuosu Jiang 20 pgs.
Effects of Message Repetition and Negativity on Credibility Judgments and Political Attitudes ABSTRACT PDF
Nicole Ernst, Rinaldo Kühne, Werner Wirth 21 pgs.
Who’s Bad? Attitudes Toward Resettlers From the Post-Soviet South Versus Other Nations in the Russian Blogosphere ABSTRACT PDF
Svetlana S. Bodrunova, Olessia Koltsova, Sergey Koltcov, Sergey Nikolenko 23 pgs.
“We Are All Fighters”: The Transmedia Marketing of Difference in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) ABSTRACT PDF
Jennifer McClearen 18 pgs.
The Cultural Cold War Goes “Vulgar”: Radio Serial Melodrama in Post–Korean War South Korea, 1956–1960 ABSTRACT PDF
Bohyeong Kim 21 pgs.
Personal and Public Levels of Political Incivility ABSTRACT PDF
Ashley Muddiman 21 pgs.
A Noneventful Social Movement: The Occupy Wall Street Movement’s Struggle Over Privately Owned Public Space ABSTRACT PDF
Hao Cao 20 pgs.
Access to Rabat: De Jure Policies and De Facto Realities in Moroccan Newspaper Coverage of the February 20 Movement and Constitutional Reforms, 2011–2012 ABSTRACT PDF
Bradley C. Freeman 21 pgs.
“I Don’t Care About Politics, I Just Like That Guy!” Affective Disposition and Political Attributes in Information Processing of Political Talk Shows ABSTRACT PDF
Carina Weinmann, Franziska S. Roth, Frank M. Schneider, Tanja Krämer, Frederic R. Hopp, Melanie J. Bindl, Arlene Luck 23 pgs.
How Political Conflict Shapes Online Spaces: A Comparison of Climate Change Hyperlink Networks in the United States and Germany ABSTRACT PDF
Thomas Häussler, Silke Adam, Hannah Schmid-Petri, Ueli Reber 22 pgs.
Credibility Gaps and Public Opinion in a Competitive Media Environment: The Case of Arab Satellite TV News in Lebanon ABSTRACT PDF
Erik C. Nisbet, Magdalena Saldana, Thomas Johnson, Guy Golan, Anita Day 24 pgs.
What Communication Scholars Write About: An Analysis of 80 Years of Research in High-Impact Journals ABSTRACT PDF
Elisabeth Günther, Emese Domahidi 21 pgs.
The Morality and Political Antagonisms of Neoliberal Discourse: Campbell Brown and the Corporatization of Educational Justice ABSTRACT PDF
Leon A. Salter, Sean Phelan 21 pgs.
How Does Political Satire Influence Political Participation? Examining the Role of Counter- and Pro-Attitudinal Exposure, Anger, and Personal Issue Importance ABSTRACT PDF
Hsuan-Ting Chen, Chen Gan, Ping Sun 19 pgs.
Residual and Resurgent Protestantism in the American Media (and Political) Imaginary ABSTRACT PDF
Stewart M. Hoover 18 pgs.
Examining the Relationship Between Presumed Influence of U.S. News About China and the Support for the Chinese Government’s Global Public Relations Campaigns ABSTRACT PDF
Ran Wei, Ven-hwei Lo, Guy Golan 18 pgs.
Framing Political News in the Chilean Press: The Persistence of the Conflict Frame ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Elena Gronemeyer, William Porath 24 pgs.
Does Receiving or Providing Social Support on Facebook Influence Life Satisfaction? Stress as Mediator and Self-Esteem as Moderator ABSTRACT PDF
Yixin Chen, Richard S. Bello 14 pgs.
U.S. Embassy Support for Hollywood’s Global Dominance: Cultural Imperialism Redux ABSTRACT PDF
Paul Moody 14 pgs.
Framing Climate Change: A Content Analysis of Chinese Mainstream Newspapers from 2005 to 2015 ABSTRACT PDF
Jingjing Han, Shaojing Sun, Yanqin Lu 23 pgs.
The Impact of Conventional and Novel Metaphors in News on Issue Viewpoint ABSTRACT PDF
Amber Boeynaems, Christian Burgers, Elly A. Konijn, Gerard J. Steen 19 pgs.
Explaining the Islamic State’s Online Media Strategy: A Transmedia Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Sara Monaci 19 pgs.
Online Ultra-Orthodox Religious Communities as a Third Space: A Netnographic Study ABSTRACT PDF
Sarit Okun, Galit Nimrod 17 pgs.
Egypt’s Jon Stewart: Humorous Political Satire and Serious Culture Jamming ABSTRACT PDF
Amal Ibrahim, Nahed Eltantawy 19 pgs.
Open Privacy Badges for Digital Policy Literacy ABSTRACT PDF
Karen Louise Smith, Leslie Regan Shade, Tamara Shepherd 22 pgs.
Constructing National Identity Online: The Case Study of #IranJeans on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Aya Yadlin-Segal 24 pgs.
Narrative Persuasion in Historical Films: Examining the Importance of Prior Knowledge, Existing Attitudes, and Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Di Cui, Zihan Wang, Arthur Raney 19 pgs.
The Effect of Counterexemplars and Victim Expectations on Crime Perceptions and Hostile Attitudes Toward Racial Minorities ABSTRACT PDF
T. Franklin Waddell 21 pgs.
Emerging Currents in Communication/LGBTQ Studies: A Review of LGBTQ-Related Articles Published in Communication Journals from 2010 to 2015 ABSTRACT PDF
Lik Sam Chan 22 pgs.
Exploiting Femininity in a Patriarchal Postfeminist Way: A Visual Content Analysis of Macau’s Tourism Ads ABSTRACT PDF
Zhen Sun 23 pgs.
Citizenship as a Communicative Construct ABSTRACT PDF
Oren Livio 19 pgs.
Redefining Relations Between Creators and Audiences in the Digital Age: The Social Production and Consumption of Chinese Internet Literature ABSTRACT PDF
Yuyan Feng, Ioana Literat 21 pgs.
Linguistic Proximity and Global Flows of Television: A Study With Gatekeepers ABSTRACT PDF
Jelle Mast, Kelly de Ruiter, An Kuppens 22 pgs.
The Conditional Nature of Presidential Agenda Influence on TV News: The Case of Education ABSTRACT PDF
Amber E. Boydstun, Rens Vliegenthart, Marshall L. Baker 22 pgs.
Beyond Film Impact Assessment: Being Caribou Community Screenings as Activist Training Grounds ABSTRACT PDF
Shirley Roburn 20 pgs.
Comment Counts or News Factors or Both? Influences on News Website Users’ News Selectioners’ News Selection ABSTRACT PDF
Ines Engelmann, Manuel Wendelin 19 pgs.
Editorial Surveillance and the Management of Visibility in Peer Production ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Pentzold 20 pgs.
Information Technology and Sustainability in the Information Society ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Fuchs 31 pgs.
Thank You, Mr. President: Journalist Gender in Presidential News Conferences ABSTRACT PDF
Lindsey Meeks 20 pgs.
Illusions of Knowledge: Media Exposure and Citizens’ Perceived Political Competence ABSTRACT PDF
Mathias Weber, Christina Koehler 17 pgs.
Election Pledge Rhetoric: Selling Policy with Words ABSTRACT PDF
Elina Lindgren, Elin Naurin 22 pgs.
The Reasons Behind Tracing Audience Behavior: A Matter of Paternalism and Transparency ABSTRACT PDF
Ester Appelgren 20 pgs.
National Security Culture: Gender, Race and Class in the Production of Imperial Citizenship ABSTRACT PDF
Deepa Kumar 24 pgs.
Influences on Job Expectations among Chilean Journalism Students ABSTRACT PDF
Claudia Mellado, Andrés Scherman 18 pgs.
The Effects of Generational Identification Accessibility and Normative Fit on Hostile Media Perception ABSTRACT PDF
Jisu Kim, Sung-Yeon Park 21 pgs.
Internet Use, Freedom Supply, and Demand for Internet Freedom: A Cross-National Study of 20 Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Fei Shen 22 pgs.
#Fringe, Audiences and Fan Labor: Twitter Activism to Save a TV Show From Cancellation ABSTRACT PDF
Mar Guerrero-Pico 22 pgs.
The Hostile Suffering Effect: Mediated Encounters With the Suffering of Opponents, Recognition, and Moral Concern in Protracted Asymmetrical Conflict ABSTRACT PDF
Rotem Nagar, Ifat Maoz 22 pgs.
Mainstream Versus Ethnic Media: How They Shape Ethnic Pride and Self-Esteem Among Ethnic Minority Audiences ABSTRACT PDF
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Marissa Joanna Doshi, Muniba Saleem 21 pgs.
Informed Switchers? How the Impact of Election News Exposure on Vote Change Depends on Political Information Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
Sabine Geers, Linda Bos, Claes H. De Vreese 22 pgs.
Putting Out Fire with Gasoline in Tahrir Square: Revisiting the Gamson Hypothesis ABSTRACT PDF
Bahaa Gameel, Shuning Lu, Hyeri Jung, Thomas J. Johnson 23 pgs.
Valuing Victims: A Comparative Framing Analysis of The Washington Post’s Coverage of Violent Attacks Against Muslims and Non-Muslims ABSTRACT PDF
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Mohamad Hamas Elmasry 20 pgs.
Information, Interest, and Ideology: Explaining the Divergent Effects of Government-Media Relationships in Argentina ABSTRACT PDF
Eugenia Mitchelstein, Pablo J. Boczkowski 20 pgs.
Reading the 13th Five-Year Plan: Reflections on China’s ICT Policy ABSTRACT PDF
Yu Hong 24 pgs.
Creative Appropriations in Hybrid Spaces: Mobile Interfaces in Art and Games in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Adriana de Souza e Silva, Fernanda Duarte, Cristiane S. Damasceno 24 pgs.
Attributional Chromatics: How Does the Color of Written Communication Affect Interpersonal Perceptions? ABSTRACT PDF
Adam S. Richards, Edward L. Fink 22 pgs.
Public Spheres of Skepticism: Climate Skeptics’ Online Comments in the German Networked Public Sphere ABSTRACT PDF
Jonas Kaiser 22 pgs.
Testing the Power of Game Lessons: The Effects of Art Style and Narrative Complexity on Reducing Cognitive Bias ABSTRACT PDF
Rosa Mikeal Martey, Adrienne Shaw, Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Kate Kenski, Benjamin Clegg, James Folkestad, Tobi Saulnier, Tomek Strzalkowski 22 pgs.
Complex Structures: Meaning Formation amid China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme ABSTRACT PDF
Mohan J. Dutta, Kang Sun 26 pgs.
Exploring Message Targeting at Home and Abroad: The Role of Political and Media Considerations in the Rhetorical Dynamics of Conflict Resolution ABSTRACT PDF
Elie Friedman, Zohar Kampf, Meital Balmas 17 pgs.
Colombian Journalists on Twitter: Opinions, Gatekeeping, and Transparency in Political Coverage ABSTRACT PDF
Victor Garcia-Perdomo 21 pgs.
The Value of Representation: Toward a Critique of Networked Television Performance ABSTRACT HTML
Aymar Jean Christian 23 pgs.
The Relativity of Sociodemographic Determinism on the Digital Divide in High School Students in Ecuador ABSTRACT PDF
Ramón Tirado-Morueta, Damian Mendoza-Zambrano, Isidro Marín-Gutiérrez, Mariuxi Mendoza-Zambrano 24 pgs.
The Ontology of the Intellectual Commons ABSTRACT PDF
Antonios Broumas 21 pgs.
Pivot to Internet Plus: Molding China's Digital Economy for Economic Restructuring? ABSTRACT PDF
Yu Hong 21 pgs.
Analyzing the Existence and Relation of Optimistic Bias and First-Person Perception for an Impersonal Environmental Change ABSTRACT PDF
Rebecca M. Rogers, Cornelia Wallner, Bernhard Goodwin, Werner Heitland, Wolfgang W. Weisser, Hans-Bernd Brosius 20 pgs.
New Urban Players: Stratagematic Use of Media by Banksy and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Paola Monachesi, Marina Turco 18 pgs.
Good News in Bad News: How Negativity Enhances Economic Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
Helle Mølgaard Svensson, Erik Albæk, Arjen van Dalen, Claes de Vreese 17 pgs.
The Afterlife of Critique: The Communicability of Criticism and the Publicity of Polemic Concerning Public Debate in the Turkish Press ABSTRACT PDF
A. Özgür Gürsoy, Gokcen Karanfil 15 pgs.
Celebrity Influence and Young People’s Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore: The Role of Parasocial Relationships and Identification ABSTRACT PDF
Nainan Wen 19 pgs.
The Curious Absence of Economic Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission: An Agency in Search of a Mission ABSTRACT PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber, Hal J. Singer, Augustus H. Urschel 20 pgs.
The State of the Field of Social Norms Research ABSTRACT PDF
Hillary C. Shulman, Nancy Rhodes, Emily Davidson, Rachel Ralston, Lorraine Borghetti, Lindsey Morr 22 pgs.
Extreme Speech Online: An Anthropological Critique of Hate Speech Debates ABSTRACT PDF
Matti Pohjonen, Sahana Udupa 19 pgs.
Look Who’s Talking To Our Kids: Representations of Race and Gender In TV Commercials On Nickelodeon ABSTRACT PDF
Adam Peruta, Jack Powers 16 pgs.
Values and Configuration of Users in the Design of Software Source Code ABSTRACT PDF
Stéphane Couture 21 pgs.
A Blind Spot in Public Broadcasters’ Discovery of the Public: How the Public Values Public Service ABSTRACT PDF
Natascha Just, Moritz Büchi, Michael Latzer 20 pgs.
Deciding Who's Legitimate: News Media Framing of Immigrants and Refugees ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Lawlor, Erin Tolley 25 pgs.
Anatomy of Front Pages: Comparison between The New York Times and other U.S. Major Metropolitan Newspapers ABSTRACT PDF
Yung Soo Kim, Deborah S. Chung 18 pgs.
Public Engagement, Propaganda, or Both? Attitudes Toward Politicians on Political Satire and Comedy Programs ABSTRACT PDF
Rebecca Higgie 19 pgs.
Putting a Human Face on Cold, Hard Facts: Effects of Personalizing Social Issues on Perceptions of Issue Importance ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Elizabeth Grabe, Mariska Kleemans, Ozen Bas, Jessica Gall Myrick, Minchul Kim 23 pgs.
U.S. Newspaper Editors’ Ratings of Social Media as Influential News Sources ABSTRACT PDF
Masahiro Yamamoto, Seungahn Nah, Deborah Chung 17 pgs.
Courts’ Use of Social Media: A Community of Practice Model ABSTRACT PDF
Jane Johnston 15 pgs.
“Blood Is Thicker Than Water”: Interpersonal Influence, Selection, and the Role of Family in Forging Italians’ Political Agreement ABSTRACT PDF
Moreno Mancosu, Cristiano Vezzoni 22 pgs.
Seeking Comfort in Past Media: Modelling Media Nostalgia as a Way of Coping with Media Change ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel Menke 21 pgs.
Partisan Self-Stereotyping: Testing the Salience Hypothesis in a Prediction of Political Polarization ABSTRACT PDF
Jiyoung Han, Daniel B. Wackman 23 pgs.
“Stir-Frying” Internet Finance: Financialization and the Institutional Role of Financial News in China ABSTRACT PDF
Jing Wang 22 pgs.
Emotion Matters: What Happens Between Young Children and Parents in a Touch Screen World ABSTRACT PDF
Hogeun Seo, Claire Shinhea Lee 20 pgs.
Contributors and Arguments in Australian Policy Debates on Fair Use and Copyright: The Missing Discussion of the Creative Process ABSTRACT PDF
Patricia Aufderheide, Dorian Hunter Davis 24 pgs.
Examining the Practices That Mexican Journalists Employ to Reduce Risk in a Context of Violence ABSTRACT PDF
Sallie Hughes, Mireya Márquez-Ramírez 23 pgs.
Whose War, Whose Fault? Visual Framing of the Ukraine Conflict in Western European Newspapers ABSTRACT PDF
Markus Ojala, Mervi Pantti, Jarkko Kangas 25 pgs.
The Compoundness and Sequentiality of Digital Inequality ABSTRACT PDF
Alexander van Deursen, Ellen Helsper, Rebecca Eynon, Jan van Dijk 22 pgs.
A Time-Series, Multinational Analysis of Democratic Forecasts and Emerging Media Diffusion, 1994–2014 ABSTRACT PDF
Jacob Groshek, Kate Mays 23 pgs.
WeChat as a Semipublic Alternative Sphere: Exploring the Use of WeChat Among Chinese Older Adults ABSTRACT PDF
Lei Guo 21 pgs.
The Participatory Roots of Selective Exposure: Baby Boomers, Political Protest, and Talk Radio ABSTRACT PDF
David A. Weaver 25 pgs.
Making Business News: A Production Analysis of The New York Times ABSTRACT PDF
Nikki Usher 20 pgs.
Reimagining Riben Guizi: Japanese Tactical Media Performance After the 2010 Senkaku/Diaoyu Boat Collision Incident ABSTRACT PDF
Yasuhito Abe 19 pgs.
Frames and Reasoning: Two Pathways From Selective Exposure to Affective Polarization ABSTRACT PDF
Yariv Tsfati, Lilach Nir 22 pgs.
The Match-Up Hypothesis Revisited: A Social Psychological Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Eser Levi, Kaan Varnali, Nurhan Babur Tosun 23 pgs.
Miscommunication: The Other of Communication or the Otherness of Communication? ABSTRACT PDF
Tuğrul İlter 19 pgs.
News Seekers, News Avoiders, and the Mobilizing Effects of Election Campaigns: Comparing Election Campaigns for the National and the European Parliaments ABSTRACT PDF
Jesper Stromback 22 pgs.
From Social Merchandising to Social Spectacle: Portrayals of Domestic Violence in TV Globo’s Prime-Time Telenovelas ABSTRACT PDF
Samantha Nogueira Joyce, Monica Martinez 17 pgs.
Africa Rising: An Analysis of Emergent Africa-Focused Mass Communication Scholarship from 2004–2014 ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wasike 22 pgs.
The Populist Communication Style: Toward a Critical Framework ABSTRACT PDF
Elena Block, Ralph Negrine 20 pgs.
Enhancing Attitudes Toward Stigmatized Groups with Movies: Mediating and Moderating Processes of Narrative Persuasion ABSTRACT PDF
Juan-José Igartua, Francisco J. Frutos 20 pgs.
The United States in Decline? Assessing the Impact of International Challenges to American Exceptionalism ABSTRACT PDF
Jason Gilmore, Charles M. Rowling 21 pgs.
The Impacts of Online Grassroots Criticism on Citizen Satisfaction With Government: An Inconsistent Mediation Model ABSTRACT PDF
Tianjiao Wang, Fei Shen 24 pgs.
From Screen to Self: The Relationship Between Television Exposure and Self-Complexity Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth ABSTRACT PDF
Bradley J. Bond, Brandon Miller 19 pgs.
TV News Exposure of Young People in Changing Viewing Environments: A Longitudinal, Cross-National Comparison Using People-Meter Data ABSTRACT PDF
Anke Wonneberger, Su Jung Kim 22 pgs.
Contextualized Transmedia Mobilization: Media Practices and Mobilizing Structures in the Umbrella Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Zhongxuan Lin 24 pgs.
Increasingly Violent but Still Sexy: A Decade of Central Female Characters in Top-Grossing Hollywood and Bollywood Film Promotional Material ABSTRACT PDF
Jannath Ghaznavi, Katherine L. Grasso, Laramie D. Taylor 25 pgs.
Public Media Autonomy and Accountability: Best and Worst Policy Practices in 12 Leading Democracies ABSTRACT PDF
Rodney Benson, Matthew Powers, Timothy Neff 22 pgs.
More Articles

Special Sections

Health Communication through Media Narratives: Factors, Processes and Effects — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Katalin E. Balint, Helena Bilandzic 7 pgs.
Health Communication| Operational and Conceptual Trends in Narrative Persuasion Research: Comparing Health- and Non-Health-Related Contexts ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Dahlstrom, Jeff Niederdeppe, Lijing Gao, Xiaowen Zhu 21 pgs.
Health Communication| Transportation Into Narrative Worlds and the Motivation to Change Health-Related Behavior ABSTRACT PDF
Timon Gebbers, John B. F. De Wit, Markus Appel 21 pgs.
Health Communication| Moved to Act: Examining the Role of Mixed Affect and Cognitive Elaboration in “Accidental” Narrative Persuasion ABSTRACT PDF
Enny Das, Tijmen Nobbe, Mary Beth Oliver 17 pgs.
Health Communication| “Don’t Make My Mistake”: On the Processing of Narrative Fear Appeals ABSTRACT PDF
Joëlle A. Ooms, Carel J.M. Jansen, Saar Hommes, John C.J. Hoeks 22 pgs.
Health Communication| Who Cares What Others Think? The Role of Latinas’ Acculturation in the Processing of HPV Vaccination Narrative Messages ABSTRACT PDF
Nathan Walter, Sheila T. Murphy, Lauren B. Frank, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati 19 pgs.
Health Communication| “She Died of a Mother’s Broken Heart”: Media and Audiences’ Framing of Health Narratives of Heart-Related Celebrity Deaths ABSTRACT PDF
Hilde Van den Bulck 23 pgs.
Health Communication| Engaging Doctors and Depressed Patients: Effects of Referential Viewpoint and Role Similarity in Health Narratives ABSTRACT PDF
Kobie van Krieken, José Sanders 19 pgs.
Health Communication| Risk Versus Planning Health Narratives Targeting Dutch Truck Drivers: Obtaining Impact Via Different Routes? ABSTRACT PDF
Anniek Boeijinga, Hans Hoeken, José Sanders 20 pgs.
Health Communication| Dispelling Fears and Myths of Organ Donation: How Narratives Including Information Reduce Ambivalence and Reactance ABSTRACT PDF
Freya Sukalla, Anna J. M. Wagner, Isabel Rackow 21 pgs.
Health Communication| The Narrative Within the Narrative: The Effectiveness of Narrative HIV Prevention Ads Depends on Their Placement Within a Context Narrative ABSTRACT PDF
Anja Kalch, Helena Bilandzic 20 pgs.
COMPASS| Media Policy Research and Practice: Insights and Interventions ‒ Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Pawel Popiel, Victor Pickard, Mark Lloyd 5 pgs.
COMPASS| Who’s Behind That Political Ad? The FCC’s Online Political Files and Failures in Sponsorship Identification Regulation ABSTRACT PDF
Rachel E. Moran 16 pgs.
COMPASS| Critical Communication Policy Research and the Attention Economy: From Digital Labor Theory to Digital Class Struggle ABSTRACT PDF
Brice Nixon 13 pgs.
COMPASS| Measuring the Journalism Crisis: Developing New Approaches That Help the Public Connect to the Issue ABSTRACT PDF
Alex T. Williams 13 pgs.
COMPASS| Television Versus the Internet for Information Seeking: Lessons From Global Survey Research ABSTRACT PDF
Sonia Jawaid Shaikh 13 pgs.
COMPASS| Race, Class, and Privacy: A Critical Historical Review ABSTRACT PDF
Matt Reichel 12 pgs.
COMPASS| New Media, Work Boundaries, and Privacy ABSTRACT PDF
Opeyemi Akanbi 14 pgs.
COMPASS| Training Doctors To Communicate: Lessons From Integrating Behavioral and Social Science into Medical Education ABSTRACT PDF
Jillian Kwong 14 pgs.
Global to Village| Global to Village: Grounding Communication Research in Rural China ‒ Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Yuezhi Zhao 27 pgs.
Global to Village| The Political Economy and Cultural Politics of Rural Nostalgia in Xi-Era China: The Case of Heyang Village ABSTRACT PDF
Linda Qian 20 pgs.
Global to Village| When Technological Closeness Begets Social Distancing: From Mobile Phones to Wired Radio and a Yearning for the Mass Line in Rural China ABSTRACT PDF
Byron Rigel Hauck 19 pgs.
Global to Village| A Dreamland or the Land of Broken Dreams: Juxtaposed Conceptions of the Good Life in Heyang ABSTRACT PDF
Xiaoxing Zhang 19 pgs.
Global to Village| Toward Multiple Conceptions of Human-Nature Relationship: The “Human-Nature Unity” Frame Found in a Chinese Village ABSTRACT PDF
Sibo Chen 18 pgs.
Global to Village| Reading Movement in the Everyday: The Rise of Guangchangwu in a Chinese Village ABSTRACT PDF
Maggie Chao 24 pgs.
Global to Village| Research as Communicative Praxis: Crossing the Urban–Rural Divide in Understanding Hong Kong’s Occupy Central Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Vanessa Kong 18 pgs.
Global to Village| Rewiring UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre and Rural Peripheries: Imagined Community and Concrete Inequality From France’s Corsica to China’s Heyang ABSTRACT PDF
Joseph Nicolai 18 pgs.
Economic Inequality| Economic Inequalities and Mediated Communication ― Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Paschal Preston, Andrea Grisold 9 pgs.
Economic Inequality| How Come We Know? The Media Coverage of Economic Inequality ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Grisold, Hendrik Theine 20 pgs.
Economic Inequality| The Mediation of Hope: Communication Technologies and Inequality in Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Robin Mansell 20 pgs.
Economic Inequality| Citizen Detriment: Communications, Inequality and Social Order ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Golding 19 pgs.
Economic Inequality| Contrasting Conceptions, Discourses and Studies of Economic Inequalities ABSTRACT PDF
Paschal Preston, Henry Silke 26 pgs.
Economic Inequality| Favoring the Elites: Think Tanks and Discourse Coalitions ABSTRACT PDF
Nuria Almiron 20 pgs.
Economic Inequality| Economic Inequality in German Quality Press: Framing Concerns About Inequality and Redistribution ABSTRACT PDF
Julian Bank 26 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Mediatized Populisms: Inter-Asian Lineages — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Paula Chakravartty, Srirupa Roy 20 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Digital Populism: Trolls and Political Polarization of Twitter in Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Ergin Bulut, Erdem Yörük 25 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Exuberant Politics on the Internet: Two Forms of Popular Politics in South Korea’s 2008 “Beef Protests” ABSTRACT PDF
Jiyeon Kang 20 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| New Media, New Partisanship: Divided Virtual Politics In and Beyond Thailand ABSTRACT PDF
Duncan McCargo 20 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Fragile Hegemony: Social Media and Competitive Electoral Populism in India ABSTRACT PDF
Subir Sinha 23 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Broadcasting the Dharna: Mediating "Contained" Populism in Contemporary Pakistan ABSTRACT PDF
Ayesha Mulla 16 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Innuendo as Outreach: @narendramodi and the Use of Political Irony on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Joyojeet Pal, Priyank Chandra, Padma Chirumamilla, Vaishnav Kameswaran, Andre Gonawela, Udit Thawani, Pritika Dasgupta 22 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Conspiratorial Webs: Media Ecology and Parallel Realities in Turkey ABSTRACT PDF
Rolien Hoyng, Murat Es 20 pgs.
Mediatized Populisms| Disagreement Without Dissensus: The Contradictions of Hizbullah’s Mediatized Populism ABSTRACT PDF
Hatim El-Hibri 17 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| Convergence and Disjuncture in Global Digital Culture — An Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Marwan M. Kraidy 7 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| The Cultures of Anonymity and Violence in the Mexican Blogosphere ABSTRACT PDF
Hector Amaya 17 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| Uploading the News after Coming Down from the Mountain: The Uploading the News After Coming Down From the Mountain: The FARC’s Experiment with Online Television in Cuba, 2012–2016 ABSTRACT PDF
Alexander L. Fattal 25 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| Video Games and the Asymmetry of Global Cultural Flows: The Game Industry and Game Culture in Iran and the Czech Republic ABSTRACT PDF
Vít Šisler, Jaroslav Švelch, Josef Šlerka 23 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| Digital Platform as a Double-Edged Sword: How to Interpret Cultural Flows in the Platform Era ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 19 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| Poor Images, Ad Hoc Archives, Artists’ Rights: The Scrappy Beauties of Handmade Digital Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Laura U. Marks 18 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| The Lurker and the Politics of Knowledge in Data Culture ABSTRACT PDF
Olga Goriunova 17 pgs.
Global Digital Culture| Digital Labor Studies Go Global: Toward a Digital Decolonial Turn ABSTRACT PDF
Antonio A. Casilli 21 pgs.
Korean Wave| The Korean Wave: Retrospect and Prospect ― Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin, Tae-jin Yoon 9 pgs.
Korean Wave| K-Pop in Latin America: Transcultural Fandom and Digital Mediation ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin Han 20 pgs.
Korean Wave| K-Pop Fans React: Hybridity and the White Celebrity-Fan on YouTube ABSTRACT PDF
David C. Oh 18 pgs.
Korean Wave| When Indonesians Routinely Consume Korean Pop Culture: Revisiting Jakartan Fans of Korean Drama Dae Jang Geum ABSTRACT PDF
Jae-Seon Jeong, Seul-Hi Lee, Sang-Gil Lee 20 pgs.
Korean Wave| Domestic Hallyu: K-Pop Metatexts and the Media’s Self-Reflexive Gesture ABSTRACT PDF
Michelle Cho 24 pgs.
Korean Wave| Korean Wave Studies as Method: Reconsidering the Television Format Phenomenon between South Korea and China through Inter-Asian Frameworks ABSTRACT PDF
Younghan Cho, Hongrui Zhu 18 pgs.
Korean Wave| Cultural Translation of K-Pop Among Asian Canadian Fans ABSTRACT PDF
Kyong Yoon 17 pgs.
Korean Wave| Between Hybridity and Hegemony in K-Pop’s Global Popularity: A Case of "Girls’ Generation’s" American Debut ABSTRACT PDF
Gooyong Kim 20 pgs.
Mediadem| Findings from the Mediadem Project: Supporting Free and Independent Media in Europe — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Rachael Craufurd Smith 11 pgs.
Mediadem| The Freedom and Independence of Public Service Media in Europe: International Standards and Their Domestic Implementation ABSTRACT PDF
Evangelia Psychogiopoulou, Dia Anagnostou, Rachael Craufurd Smith, Yolande Stolte 20 pgs.
Mediadem| Journalistic Autonomy as a Professional Value and Element of Journalism Culture: The European Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Epp Lauk, Halliki Harro-Loi 19 pgs.
Mediadem| Of Journalists and Money: The Employment of Journalists in Romania and Its Influence on Media Freedom and Quality ABSTRACT PDF
Ioana Avădani 23 pgs.
Mediadem| Private Regulation and Freedom of Expression ABSTRACT PDF
Fabrizio Cafaggi, Federica Casarosa, Tony Prosser 19 pgs.
Mediating Asia| Mediating Asia: Information, Democracy, and the State In and Before the Digital Age — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Tim Oakes 11 pgs.
Mediating Asia| Mediating Indonesia: The Slow Emergence of a Young Nation -- Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Endy M. Bayuni 11 pgs.
Mediating Asia| Reporting from China: 400 Reports, on 1.4 Billion People, in One Authoritarian State — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Melissa K. Chan 17 pgs.
Mediating Asia| Guidance and Transgression: The Contest for Narratives of Environment and Pollution in China — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Isabel Hilton 19 pgs.
Mediating Asia| Pressing the Issue: Sino-American Discourse on the Proper Role of the Media, Past and Present ABSTRACT PDF
Timothy B. Weston 15 pgs.
Mediating Asia| Enlightenment and the Revolutionary Press in Colonial Indonesia ABSTRACT PDF
Rianne Subijanto 21 pgs.
Mediating Asia| Between State and Capital: Asia’s Media Revolution in the Age of Neo-Liberal Globalization ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Curtin 19 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen 9 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Normalization of Surveillance and the Invisibility of Digital Citizenship: Media Debates After the Snowden Revelations ABSTRACT PDF
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Lucy Bennett, Gregory Taylor 23 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Advent of Surveillance Realism: Public Opinion and Activist Responses to the Snowden Leaks ABSTRACT PDF
Lina Dencik, Jonathan Cable 19 pgs.
Digital Citizenship amd Surveillance| Enabling Digital Citizenship? The Reshaping of Surveillance Policy After Snowden ABSTRACT PDF
Arne Hintz, Ian Brown 20 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Snowden Disclosures, Technical Standards, and the Making of Surveillance Infrastructures ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Rogers, Arlene Luck 22 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Surveillance Culture: Engagement, Exposure, and Ethics in Digital Modernity ABSTRACT PDF
David Lyon 19 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Citizen Snowden ABSTRACT PDF
Engin Isin, Evelyn Ruppert 15 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Snowden Revelations and the Networked Fourth Estate ABSTRACT PDF
Adrienne Russell, Silvio Waisbord 21 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| To Pre-Empt A Thief ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Andrejevic 18 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| What Changed After Snowden? A U.S. Perspective — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wizner 5 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Compromising Over Technology, Security, and Privacy — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Gus Hosein 5 pgs.
More Special Sections


Venture Labor| Entrepreneuring the Good Life? ― Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Laura Robinson 5 pgs.
Venture Labor| Labor on the Cutting Edge ABSTRACT PDF
Jeremy Schulz 4 pgs.
Venture Labor| Entrepreneurial Subjects: Venturing from Alley to Valley ABSTRACT PDF
Alice E. Marwick 4 pgs.
Venture Labor| Freelancing as the Good Life? ABSTRACT PDF
Nicole S. Cohen 3 pgs.
Venture Labor| Venture Labor, the News Crisis, and Journalism Education ABSTRACT PDF
C.W. Anderson 4 pgs.
Venture Labor| Making Media Work: Turning to Labor Management in Communication Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Michelle Rodino-Colocino 5 pgs.
Venture Labor| The Internet’s Factory Floor: Political Economy for an Era of Communicative Abundance ABSTRACT PDF
Enda Brophy 4 pgs.
Venture Labor| Conclusion: Agendas for Studying Communicative Capitalism ABSTRACT PDF
Gina Neff 4 pgs.
Venture Labor| Foreword to Critical Commentary on Venture Labor ABSTRACT PDF
Laura Robinson, Jeremy Schulz 3 pgs.
Venture Labor| Venture Labor and Media Work: The Canary Has Flown ABSTRACT PDF
Paul M. Hirsch 3 pgs.
Venture Labor| The Culture of Continuous Labor ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah Banet-Weiser 3 pgs.
Venture Labor| Discourses of Control and Free Agency: Generating Self-Blame among Unemployed Workers ABSTRACT PDF
Ofer Sharone 3 pgs.
Venture Labor| Fifteen Implications of Networked Scholar Research for Networked Work ABSTRACT PDF
Barry Wellman, Dimitrina Dimitrova, Tsahi Hayat, Guang Ying Mo, Beverly Wellman 5 pgs.
Venture Labor| How Venture Labor Sheds Light on the Digital Platform Economy ABSTRACT PDF
Antonio Casilli 4 pgs.
A Forum for Digital Storytelling| Voices for a New Vernacular: A Forum on Digital Storytelling — Introduction PDF
Anandam Kavoori, Mark C. Lashey, Brian Creech 4 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Henry Jenkins PDF
Henry Jenkins, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 8 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Zizi Papacharissi PDF
Zizi Papacharissi, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 5 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Knut Lundby PDF
Knut Lundby, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 4 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Janet Murray PDF
Janet Murray, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 3 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Hector Postigo PDF
Hector Postigo, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 9 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Veena Raman PDF
Veena Raman, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 7 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Vladimir Barash PDF
Vladimir Barash, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 9 pgs.
A Forum on Digital Storytelling| Interview with Marie-Laure Ryan PDF
Marie-Laure Ryan, Mark C. Lashley, Brian Creech 6 pgs.
More Forum


What’s the Difference With “Difference”? Equity, Communication, and the Politics of Difference ABSTRACT PDF
Ralina L. Joseph 21 pgs.
A Reply to Faulhaber, Singer, and Urschel’s Curious Tale of Economics and Common Carriage (Net Neutrality) at the FCC ABSTRACT PDF
Dwayne Winseck, Jefferson Douglas Pooley 32 pgs.
Rebuttal of Reply to Our Paper “The Curious Absence of Economic Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission: An Agency in Search of a Mission" PDF
Gerald R. Faulhaber, Hal J. Singer, Augustus H. Urschel 2 pgs.
Wrong, Unsupported and Irrelevant: A Reply to Winseck and Pooley’s “A Curious Tale of Economics and Common Carriage (Net Neutrality) at the FCC” PDF
Mike Montgomery 3 pgs.
The Curious Case of the Lack of Balance in the Winseck/Pooley Rebuttal PDF
Tom Galvin 2 pgs.
Journalism Professors in the German Democratic Republic: A Collective Biography ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Meyen, Thomas Wiedemann 17 pgs.
A Word to Set the Stage for a Memento from the Recent Past ABSTRACT PDF
Howard S. Becker 10 pgs.
A Coming Singularity in Media Regulation: The American Case ABSTRACT PDF
W. Russell Neuman 17 pgs.
“Coder,” “Activist,” “Hacker”: Aaron Swartz in the Italian, UK, U.S. and Technology Press ABSTRACT PDF
Philip Di Salvo 20 pgs.
Report 2007–2016: Our First 10 Years — “We have always depended on the kindness of reviewers…” ABSTRACT PDF
Larry Gross, Arlene Luck 31 pgs.
Encoding/Decoding as Translation ABSTRACT PDF
Kyle Conway 18 pgs.
What Communication Can Contribute to Data Studies: Three Lenses on Communication and Data ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Schrock 9 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Brooke Erin Duffy, (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love Gender, Social Media, and Aspirational Work PDF
Reviewed by Zoetanya Sujon 4 pgs.
Ahmet Bayraktar and Can Uslay, Global Place Branding Campaigns across Cities, Regions, and Nations PDF
Reviewed by Stefanie E. Davis 4 pgs.
Milton Mueller, Will the Internet Fragment? Sovereignty, Globalization, and Cyberspace PDF
Reviewed by Stanislav Budnitsky 5 pgs.
William Youmans, An Unlikely Audience: Al Jazeera's Struggle in America PDF
Reviewed by Liang Pan 3 pgs.
Christina Dunbar-Hester, Low Power to the People: Pirates, Protest, and Politics in FM Radio Activism PDF
Reviewed by Michael Palm 3 pgs.
What is Happening in Digital Education? The Class and The War on Learning PDF
Reviewed by Grace Yuehan Wang 6 pgs.
Robert W. McChesney, Blowing the Roof Off the Twenty-First Century: Media, Politics, and the Struggle for Post-Capitalist Democracy PDF
Reviewed by Aleah Kiley 4 pgs.
Susan Jeffords and Fahed Al-Sumait (Eds.), Covering Bin Laden: Global Media and the World's Most Wanted Man PDF
Reviewed by Oliver Boyd-Barrett 4 pgs.
Xigen Li, Emerging Media: Uses and Dynamics PDF
Reviewed by Ki Joon Kim 3 pgs.
Miguel A. Jiménez-Crespo, Crowdsourcing and Online Collaborative Translations: Expanding the Limits of Translation Studies PDF
Reviewed by Linxin Liang, Mingwu Xu 4 pgs.
Pnina Fichman & Madelyn R. Sanfilippo, Online Trolling and Its Perpetrators: Under the Cyberbridge PDF
Reviewed by Margaret Steinhauer 4 pgs.
Tim Wu, The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside our Heads PDF
Reviewed by Jonathan D. Aronson 3 pgs.
Nicholas A. John, The Age of Sharing PDF
Reviewed by Robert W. Gehl 3 pgs.
Benjamin Peters, How Not to Network a Nation:The Uneasy History of the Soviet Internet PDF
Reviewed by Catalin Mamali 5 pgs.
Jason Stanley, How Propaganda Works PDF
Reviewed by Oliver Boyd-Barrett 7 pgs.
Paul Lynch and Nathaniel Rivers (Eds.), Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition PDF
Reviewed by Maia Nichols 4 pgs.
Sara L. McKinnon, Robert Asen, Karma R. Chavez, and Robert Glenn Howard (Eds.), Text + Field: Innovations in Rhetorical Method ABSTRACT PDF
Reviewed by Thomas A. Discenna 3 pgs.
Mark Lloyd and Lewis Friedland (Eds.), The Communication Crisis in America and How to Fix It PDF
Reviewed by Christopher Ali 6 pgs.
Angela Daly, Private Power, Online Information Flows and EU Law: Mind the Gap PDF
Reviewed by Patricia Aufderheide 3 pgs.
Chun Wei Choo, The Inquiring Organization: How Organizations Acquire Knowledge & Seek Information PDF
Reviewed by Larry Zhiming Xu 3 pgs.
Daphne Skillen, Freedom of Speech in Russia: Politics and Media from Gorbachev to Putin PDF
Reviewed by Darya Novatorova 3 pgs.
Dan Caspi and Nelly Elias (Eds.), Ethnic Minorities in the Holy Land PDF
Reviewed by Catherine Cassara 3 pgs.
Mark Lloyd and Lewis A. Friedland (Eds.), The Communication Crisis in America and How to Fix It PDF
Reviewed by Jay G. Blumler 3 pgs.
Gil Z. Hochberg, Visual Occupations: Violence and Visibility in a Conflict Zone PDF
Reviewed by Jeff Heydon 3 pgs.
Andrew T. Lamas, Todd Wolfson, and Peter N. Funke (Eds.), The Great Refusal PDF
Reviewed by Hao Cao 4 pgs.
Jason Mittell, Complex TV: The Poetics of Contemporary Television Storytelling PDF
Reviewed by Art Herbig 3 pgs.
Making Sense of Communication Power and the New Information Warfare PDF
Reviewed by Nathalie Maréchal 6 pgs.
Brian Massumi, Ontopower: War, Powers, and the State of Perception PDF
Reviewed by Catherine Chaput 5 pgs.
Tim Highfield, Social Media and Everyday Politics PDF
Reviewed by Erhardt Graeff 5 pgs.
Jeffrey Pomerantz, Metadata PDF
Reviewed by Indrek Ibrus 4 pgs.
Frank J. Macke, The Experience of Human Communication: Body, Flesh, and Relationship PDF
Reviewed by Diana Ritter 4 pgs.
Ulises Ali Mejias, Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World PDF
Reviewed by Pallaavi Guha 3 pgs.
Jiyeon Kang, Igniting the Internet: Youth and Activism in Postauthoritarian South Korea PDF
Reviewed by Steffi Shook 3 pgs.
Stephen T. Russell and Stacey S. Horn (Eds.), Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Schooling PDF
Reviewed by Traci Gillig 3 pgs.
Christopher Chávez, Reinventing the Latino Television Viewer: Language, Ideology, and Practice PDF
Reviewed by Lindani Mbunyuza-Memani 3 pgs.
Patrick Burkart, Pirate Politics: The New Information Policy Contests PDF
Reviewed by Kenneth Merrill 3 pgs.
Hongmei Li, Advertising and Consumer Culture in China PDF
Reviewed by Min Wang 4 pgs.
Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime, and Tasha Oren (Eds.), Global Asian American Popular Cultures PDF
Reviewed by Cynthia Wang 3 pgs.
Eszter Hargittai and Christian Sandvig (Eds.), Digital Research Confidential: The Secrets of Studying Behavior Online PDF
Reviewed by Lisa Farman 4 pgs.
Deborah A. Macey, Kathleen M. Ryan, and Noah J. Springer (Eds.), How Television Shapes Our Worldview: Media Representations of Social Trends and Change PDF
Reviewed by D.M. Greenwell 3 pgs.
Gregory Ferrell Lowe and Fiona Martin (Eds.), The Value of Public Service Media PDF
Reviewed by Luwei Rose Luqiu 4 pgs.
Tilman Baumgärtel (Ed.), A Reader in International Media Piracy PDF
Reviewed by Dom Caristi 3 pgs.
Joseph D. Straubhaar, Jeremiah Spence, Vanessa Higgins Joyce, Vinicio Sinta, Adolfo Mora, Víctor García, and Luiz G. Duarte, The Evolution of Television: An Analysis of 10 years of TGI Latin America (2004-2014) (Volume 1) PDF
Reviewed by Sebastião Guilherme Albano 3 pgs.
Kate Nash, Craig Hight, and Catherine Summerhayes (Eds.), New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses PDF
Reviewed by Heather McIntosh 4 pgs.
Shi-xu, Kwesi Kwaa Prah, and María Laura Pardo, Discourses of the Developing World: Researching Properties, Problems and Potentials PDF
Reviewed by Geqi Wu 4 pgs.
Rahab Nyaga, Dorothy Njoroge and Charles Nyambuga, An Introduction to Communication PDF
Reviewed by Irene Awino, H. Leslie Steeves 5 pgs.
Olga Baysha, The Mythologies of Capitalism and the End of the Soviet Project PDF
Reviewed by Oliver Boyd-Barrett 3 pgs.
Sara Ahmed, Willful Subjects PDF
Reviewed by Ayanna Serenity Dozier 4 pgs.
Gerald Raunig, Dividuum: Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution PDF
Reviewed by Marco Deseriis 7 pgs.
Stefana Broadbent, Intimacy at Work: How Digital Media Bring Private Life to the Workplace PDF
Reviewed by Ignacio Cruz 3 pgs.
Brian Massumi, Ontopower: War, Powers, and the State of Perception PDF
Reviewed by Samuel Mateus 4 pgs.
Victor Roudometof, Glocalization: A Critical Introduction PDF
Reviewed by Philemon Bantimaroudis 3 pgs.
Gary Hall, Pirate Philosophy: For a Digital Posthumanities PDF
Reviewed by Amanda C. R. Clark 3 pgs.
Vilém Flusser, Gestures PDF
Reviewed by Raúl Rodríguez-Ferrándiz 5 pgs.
Beate Flath & Eva Klein (Eds.), Advertising and Design: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on a Cultural Field PDF
Reviewed by Christopher Chavez 3 pgs.
Stefana Broadbent, Intimacy at Work: How Digital Media Bring Private Life Into the Workplace PDF
Reviewed by Brett W. Robertson 3 pgs.
Cinthia Gannett and John C. Brereton (Eds.), Traditions of Eloquence: The Jesuits and Modern Rhetorical Studies PDF
Reviewed by Thomas A. Discenna 3 pgs.
Michael S. Gorham, After Newspeak: Language Culture and Politics in Russia from Gorbachev to Putin PDF
Reviewed by Anna Popkova 3 pgs.
Jonathan Donner, After Access: Inclusion, Development, and a More Mobile Internet PDF
Reviewed by Grace Yuehan Wang 4 pgs.
Stewart M. Hoover and Curtis D. Coats, Does God Make the Man? Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity PDF
Reviewed by Emma Frances Bloomfield 3 pgs.
Mary R. Desjardins, Recycled Stars: Female Film Stardom in the Age of Television and Video PDF
Reviewed by Catherine Bednarz 2 pgs.
Larissa Hjorth, Sarah Pink, Kristen Sharp and Linda Williams, Screen Ecologies: Art, Media, and the Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region PDF
Reviewed by Zhifei Mao 3 pgs.
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