Queer Cultures in Digital Asia| Queer Cultures in Digital Asia—Introduction

Lik Sam Chan, Jia Tan, Elija Cassidy


What are the challenges and opportunities offered to queer communities and practices by digital media, particularly digital platforms, in the context of Asia? In earlier scholarly discussions about “Digital Asia,” voices from and about queer communities are underexplored. Bringing together communication scholarship on “Digital Asia” and the expanding critical paradigm of “Queer Asia,” this Special Section aims to renew our critical interrogation of the intersection between queerness and Asia at a time when digital media and platforms are inseparable from social lives. Through six empirical studies, covering amateur porn cultures, online intimacy, self-representation, and fandom, this Special Section captures the complexities and tensions surrounding queer cultures in “Digital Asia.”


digital cultures, queer, LGBTQ+, Asia, lesbian, gay, transgender, platform

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