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Vol 13 (2019)

Table of Contents


Papi Jiang and Microcelebrity in China: A Multilevel Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
Angela Ke Li 19 pgs.
Building a Network to “Tell China Stories Well”: Chinese Diplomatic Communication Strategies on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Zhao Alexandre Huang, Rui Wang 24 pgs.
Connective Action and Affective Language: Computational Text Analysis of Facebook Comments on Social Movements in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Shin Haeng Lee, Tae Yun Lim 24 pgs.
"Funnel Time” in the Heartland: Shifting Temporalities and Changing Materialities at The Omaha World-Herald ABSTRACT PDF
Nikki Usher 21 pgs.
Popular Media in the Metropolitan Third Places: Exploring the Uses and Gratifications of the Mobile Homo Œconomicus ABSTRACT PDF
Christian Lamour 18 pgs.
The Distant Sufferer: Measuring Spectatorship of Photojournalism ABSTRACT PDF
Teresa E. Weikmann, Thomas E. Powell 22 pgs.
“Men Are Scum”: Self-Regulation, Hate Speech, and Gender-Based Censorship on Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Chloe Nurik 21 pgs.
Portrayals of Unethical and Unvirtuous Workplace Behaviors on TV: Implications for Vocational Anticipatory Socialization ABSTRACT PDF
DaJung Woo, Kimberly Walsh McDermott 19 pgs.
Toward a Performative Understanding of Politeness ABSTRACT PDF
C. Kyle Rudick, Danielle Dick McGeough 20 pgs.
Proximity and Networked News Public: Structural Topic Modeling of Global Twitter Conversations about the 2017 Quebec Mosque Shooting ABSTRACT PDF
K. Hazel Kwon, Monica Chadha, Feng Wang 24 pgs.
Norms as Regulating Factors for Self-Disclosure in a Collapsed Context: Norm Orientation Among Referent Others on Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Arne Freya Zillich, Kathrin Friederike Müller 20 pgs.
(Re)constructing Professional Journalistic Practice in Mexico: Verificado’s Marketing of Legitimacy, Collaboration, and Pop Culture in Fact-Checking the 2018 Elections ABSTRACT PDF
Nadia I. Martínez-Carrillo, Daniel J. Tamul 24 pgs.
Unpublishing the News: An Analysis of U.S. and South Korean Journalists’ Discourse About an Emerging Practice ABSTRACT PDF
Hye Soo Nah, Stephanie Craft 21 pgs.
Live Ambience and Homestead Away From Home: Social Media Use and Dependency by Visiting Chinese Students in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Zixue Tai, Jue Lu, Fengbin Hu 19 pgs.
Social Identity and Group Emotion: Media Effects and Support for Military Intervention ABSTRACT PDF
Seth Bradshaw, Kate Kenski 21 pgs.
Identification and Comparison of the Persuasive Elements Present in “Best Answers” to STD-Related Questions on Social Q&A Sites: Yahoo! Answers (United States) Versus Knowledge-iN (South Korea) ABSTRACT PDF
Beom Jun Bae, Yong Jeong Yi 19 pgs.
Counter-Framing Effects of User Comments ABSTRACT PDF
Jiawei Liu, Douglas M. McLeod 20 pgs.
Emoticon, Emoji, and Sticker Use in Computer-Mediated Communication: A Review of Theories and Research Findings ABSTRACT PDF
Ying Tang, Khe Foon Hew 27 pgs.
Making Meaning of Media Development Today ABSTRACT PDF
Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh 20 pgs.
To Like is to Support? The Effects and Mechanisms of Selective Exposure to Online Populist Communication on Voting Preferences ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Hameleers 20 pgs.
The Syrian Regime’s Strategic Political Communication: Practices and Ideology ABSTRACT PDF
Dina Matar 19 pgs.
Stand Up, Show Respect: Athlete Activism, Nationalistic Attitudes, and Emotional Response ABSTRACT PDF
Lauren Smith 22 pgs.
Circulating Mobile Apps in Greater China: Examining the Cross–Regional Degree in App Markets ABSTRACT PDF
Chris Chao Su, Xiao Zhang 21 pgs.
“#IAmGay# What About You?”: Storytelling, Discursive Politics, and the Affective Dimension of Social Media Activism against Censorship in China ABSTRACT PDF
Sara Liao 21 pgs.
How Partisan Online Environments Shape Communication with Political Outgroups ABSTRACT PDF
Yotam Shmargad, Samara Klar 27 pgs.
Making Peace or Holding a Grudge? The Role of Publics' Forgiveness in Crisis Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Fang Wu, Di Cui 27 pgs.
“Hey, I’m Having These Experiences”: Tumblr Use and Young People’s Queer (Dis)connections ABSTRACT PDF
Paul Byron, Brady Robards, Benjamin Hanckel, Son Vivienne, Brendan Churchill 20 pgs.
A Matter for the Boss? How Personalized Communication Affects Recipients’ Perceptions of an Organization During a Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Nora Denner, Benno Viererbl, Thomas Koch 19 pgs.
A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Sociodemographic Factors on Social Media Adoption ABSTRACT PDF
Guangchao Charles Feng, Yuting Zhang, Zhiliang Lin 30 pgs.
To Verify or to Disengage: Coping with “Fake News” and Ambiguity ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Wenzel 19 pgs.
Cancer-Prevention Messages on Chinese Social Media: A Content Analysis Grounded in the Extended Parallel Process Model and Attribution Theory Model and Attribution Theory ABSTRACT PDF
Jingyuan Shi, Xiaohui Wang, Tai-Quan Peng, Liang Chen 18 pgs.
Social Media Influence: Performative Authenticity and the Relational Work of Audience Commodification in the Philippines ABSTRACT PDF
Jeremy Shtern, Stephanie Hill, Daphne Chan 20 pgs.
Engagement, Formality, and Visibility: Managing Paradoxes of Using Mobile Instant Messaging for Work ABSTRACT PDF
Lei Vincent Huang, Ke Zhang 20 pgs.
Intermedia Agenda-Setting in a Policy Reform Debate ABSTRACT PDF
Linda van den Heijkant, Martine van Selm, Iina Hellsten, Rens Vliegenthart 23 pgs.
Embedding a Wiki Platform Within a Traditional Survey: A Novel Approach to Assess Perceived Argument Strength in Communication Research ABSTRACT PDF
Jeff Niederdeppe, Daniel A. Gundersen, Andy S. L. Tan, Emma E. McGinty, Colleen L. Barry 27 pgs.
Jitter: Clocking as Audible Media ABSTRACT PDF
Owen Marshall 17 pgs.
Studying the Live Cross-Platform Circulation of Images With Computer Vision API: An Experiment Based on a Sports Media Event ABSTRACT PDF
Carlos d'Andrea, André Mintz 21 pgs.
Toward Traditional or Atypical Parenting: Mediated Communication in Chinese Transnational Families ABSTRACT PDF
Hong Chen 20 pgs.
Determining Political Text Complexity: Conceptualizations, Measurements, and Application ABSTRACT PDF
Petro Tolochko, Hajo G Boomgaarden 21 pgs.
Risk Perception and Privacy Regulation Preferences From a Cross-Cultural Perspective. A Qualitative Study Among German and U.S. Smartphone Users ABSTRACT PDF
Leyla Dogruel, Sven Joeckel 20 pgs.
Effects of Communication-Oriented Overload in Mobile Instant Messaging on Role Stressors, Burnout, and Turnover Intention in the Workplace ABSTRACT PDF
Jaehee Cho, H. Erin Lee, Haeyeon Kim 21 pgs.
One Does Not Simply Create a Meme: Conditions for the Diffusion of Internet Memes ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Johann, Lars Bülow 23 pgs.
The Battle for #Baltimore: Networked Counterpublics and the Contested Framing of Urban Unrest ABSTRACT PDF
Brooke Foucault Welles, Sarah J. Jackson 21 pgs.
Who Decides What Is Personal Data? Testing the Access Principle with Telecommunication Companies and Internet Providers in Hong Kong ABSTRACT PDF
Lokman Tsui, Stuart Hargreaves 15 pgs.
The Digital Divide, Social Inclusion, and Health Among Persons With Mental Illness in Poland ABSTRACT PDF
Yu-Leung Ng, Kara Chan, Łukasz Balwicki, Peter Huxley, Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu 21 pgs.
Sociodemographic Analysis of TV Genre Preference: The Lebanese Case ABSTRACT PDF
Nadine A. Yehya, Imad Bou-Hamad 21 pgs.
From the Studio to the Street: Cultivating Democratic Norms in Uganda ABSTRACT PDF
Lee Shaker, Paul Falzone, Paul Sparks, Ruth Kugumikiriza 19 pgs.
Using the Internet to Mobilize Marginalized Groups: People With Disabilities and Digital Campaign Strategies in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election ABSTRACT PDF
Filippo Trevisan 20 pgs.
In the Shadow of State Power: Citizenship Rights, Civil Society, and Media Representation in China, 2000–2012 ABSTRACT PDF
Stephanie Na Liu, Tsan-Kuo Chang 22 pgs.
Counting Queerness in Games: Trends in LGBTQ Digital Game Representation, 1985‒2005 ABSTRACT PDF
Adrienne Shaw, Evan W. Lauteria, Hocheol Yang, Christopher J. Persaud, Alayna M. Cole 26 pgs.
What Do We Mean When We Talk About Transparency? Toward Meaningful Transparency in Commercial Content Moderation ABSTRACT PDF
Nicolas P. Suzor, Sarah Myers West, Andrew Quodling, Jillian York 18 pgs.
In the Warcraft Universe We Trust: An Analysis of Transmedia Advertising Strategies in the World of Warcraft Video Game Series (“Battle Chest 3.0,” “Cataclysm,” and “Mists of Pandaria”) ABSTRACT PDF
Miguel Ángel Nicolás Ojeda, César San Nicolás Romera, Josefa Ros Velasco 19 pgs.
Delineating and Assessing Cultural Relations: The Case of Asialink ABSTRACT PDF
Scott Wright, Will Higginbotham 20 pgs.
The Sphere of Consensus in a Polarized Media System: The Case of Turkey During the Catastrophic Coup Attempt ABSTRACT PDF
Emre Iseri, Eser Şekercioglu, Ugur Cevdet Panayirci 25 pgs.
Online and Offline Communication and Political Knowledge and Participation in Presidential Campaigns: Effects of Geographical Context ABSTRACT PDF
Yung-I Liu 24 pgs.
Translating Socioemotional Selectivity Theory Into Persuasive Communication: Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Emotionally-Meaningful Versus Knowledge-Related Appeals ABSTRACT PDF
Margot J. van der Goot, Nadine Bol, Julia C.M. van Weert 22 pgs.
Communication for Development and Social Change and the Challenge of Climate Change ABSTRACT PDF
Patrick D. Murphy, Tracy Mwaka Tinga 19 pgs.
Examining the Relationship Between Media Use and Political Engagement: A Comparative Study Among the United States, Kenya, and Nigeria ABSTRACT PDF
Oluseyi Adegbola, Sherice Gearhart 21 pgs.
Communicative Acts of Citizenship: Contesting Europe’s Border in and Through the Media ABSTRACT PDF
Ludek Stavinoha 19 pgs.
The Relationship Between Offline Social Capital and Online Learning Interactions ABSTRACT PDF
Carmel Kent, Amit Rechavi, Sheizaf Rafaeli 26 pgs.
The Children Are Watching: A History of Age-Rating Television in Brazil ABSTRACT PDF
Liam Grealy, Catherine Driscoll, Andrea Limberto 19 pgs.
This Is Who I Am: The Selfie as a Personal and Social Identity Marker ABSTRACT PDF
Valerie Barker, Nathian S. Rodriguez 24 pgs.
Determinant and Consequence of Online News Authorship Verification: Blind News Consumption Creates Press Credibility ABSTRACT PDF
Sujin Choi, Jihoon Lim 23 pgs.
The Complexities of the Role of Children in the Process of Technology Transmission Among Disadvantaged Families: A Mixed-Methods Approach ABSTRACT PDF
Teresa Correa, Isabel Pavez, Javier Contreras 21 pgs.
Free Market Media, Democracy, and Partisanship: A Case Study of Kolkata’s Newspapers’ Coverage of Anti-Industrialization Protests ABSTRACT PDF
Suruchi Mazumdar 22 pgs.
Liberal Individualist, Communitarian, or Deliberative? Analyzing Political Discussion on Facebook Based on Three Notions of Democracy ABSTRACT PDF
Lidia Valera-Ordaz 21 pgs.
Earwitnessing Detention: Carceral Secrecy, Affecting Voices, and Political Listening in The Messenger Podcast ABSTRACT PDF
Maria Rae, Emma Russell, Amy Nethery 20 pgs.
The Impacts of Territorial Communication Norms and Composition on Online Trolling ABSTRACT PDF
Pnina Fichman, Elizabeth Peters 20 pgs.
Visual Presentation of Refugees During the “Refugee Crisis” of 2015–2016 on the Online Portal of the Croatian Public Broadcaster ABSTRACT PDF
Ljiljana Saric 25 pgs.
The Representation of Graphene in the Online Press of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain ABSTRACT PDF
Blanca Guasch, Sergi Cortiñas, Marta González, Santiago Justel-Vázquez, Javier Peña 25 pgs.
Dealing with Increasing Complexity: Media Orientations of Communication Managers in Public Sector Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Sandra Jacobs, Anke Wonneberger 20 pgs.
Relations of Media Production in Occupy Wall Street ABSTRACT PDF
John L. Hammond 21 pgs.
Incidental Exposure to Political Disagreement on Facebook and Corrective Participation: Unraveling the Effects of Emotional Responses and Issue Relevance ABSTRACT PDF
Yanqin Lu 23 pgs.
How Do Intermediaries Shape News-Related Media Repertoires and Practices? Findings From a Qualitative Study ABSTRACT PDF
Jan-Hinrik Schmidt, Lisa Merten, Uwe Hasebrink, Isabelle Petrich, Amelie Rolfs 21 pgs.
Identifying Normativity in Communication Research: A Typology and a Framework for Assessing Scientific and Extrascientific Norms ABSTRACT PDF
Liane Rothenberger, Claudia Auer, Cornelius B. Pratt 20 pgs.
The Narrative Engageability Scale: A Multidimensional Trait Measure for the Propensity to Become Engaged in a Story ABSTRACT PDF
Helena Bilandzic, Freya Sukalla, Cornelia Schnell, Matthias R. Hastall, Rick W. Busselle 32 pgs.
“In Spite of” and “Alongside”: Disillusion and Success in Advocacy Communication for the Roma ABSTRACT PDF
Adina Schneeweis 17 pgs.
Web Infrastructures and Online Attention Ecology ABSTRACT PDF
Harsh Taneja, Angela Xiao Wu 21 pgs.
Future Talk: Accounting for the Technological and Other Future Discourses in Daily Life ABSTRACT PDF
Meryl Alper 21 pgs.
“Airpocalyse” and the China Smog Crisis: Examining Online and Offline Civic Engagement Motives, Attention and Actions ABSTRACT PDF
Yashu Chen, Pauline Cheong 22 pgs.
Consonance and Diversity of Voices and Viewpoints: A New Paradigm to Study Actors’ Cumulative Influence on Viewpoints in Immigration News ABSTRACT PDF
Andrea Masini 19 pgs.
Selective Exposure and Perceived Identification With Characters in Transnational Arabic Television ABSTRACT PDF
Tamara Kharroub, Andrew J. Weaver 21 pgs.
The Role of Beliefs and Behavior on Facebook: A Semiotic Approach to Algorithms, Fake News, and Transmedia Journalism ABSTRACT PDF
Priscila Monteiro Borges, Renira Rampazzo Gambarato 16 pgs.
So Far, Yet So Close: International Career Paths of Communication Scholars From the Global South ABSTRACT PDF
Marton Demeter 25 pgs.
Solidarity, Social Media, and the "Refugee Crisis": Engagement Beyond Affect ABSTRACT PDF
Zakaria Sajir, Miriyam Aouragh 28 pgs.
The God Card: Strategic Employment of Religious Language in U.S. Presidential Discourse ABSTRACT PDF
Ceri Hughes 22 pgs.
From Hijrah to Khilafah: Rhetoric, Redemption, and ISIL's Recruitment Strategy ABSTRACT PDF
Hilary A. Sarat-St. Peter 18 pgs.
Examining Knowledge as a Motivation for Attention to Breast Cancer–Related Information Across Different Media ABSTRACT PDF
Xiaodong Yang, Liang Chen 21 pgs.
Effects of Message Completeness and Source Expertise in Online Health Discussion Boards ABSTRACT PDF
Thanomwong Poorisat, Benjamin Hill Detenber, Franklin J. Boster, Benjamin J. Li 24 pgs.
Measuring Mediation of Children’s Media Use ABSTRACT PDF
Galit Nimrod, Nelly Elias, Dafna Lemish 17 pgs.
When CSR Meets Mobile SNA Users in Mainland China: An Examination of Gratifications Sought, CSR Motives, and Relational Outcomes in Natural Disasters ABSTRACT PDF
Yang Cheng, Yi-Ru Regina Chen, Yan Jin, Flora Hung-baesecke 23 pgs.
From Twitter to Charlottesville: Analyzing the Fighting Words Between the Alt-Right and Antifa ABSTRACT PDF
Adam Klein 22 pgs.
Vernacular Politics in New Participatory Media: Discursive Linkage Between Biometrics and the Holocaust in Israel ABSTRACT PDF
Avi Marciano 20 pgs.
Gender, Nonverbal Communication, and Televised Debates: A Case Study Analysis of Clinton and Trump’s Nonverbal Language During the 2016 Town Hall Debate ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wasike 26 pgs.
Who Sets the Agenda? Polarization and Issue Ownership in Turkey’s Political Twittersphere ABSTRACT PDF
Burak Dogu, Hazım Onur Mat 22 pgs.
Framing Political Scandals: Exploring the Multimodal Effects of Isolation Cues in Scandal News Coverage on Candidate Evaluations and Voting Intentions ABSTRACT PDF
Christian von Sikorski, Johannes Knoll 23 pgs.
NGOs’ HIV/AIDS Discourse on Social Media and Websites: Technology Affordances and Strategic Communication Across Media Platforms ABSTRACT PDF
Jiawei Sophia Fu, Renwen Zhang 25 pgs.
The Challenge of Constructing a Unique Online Identity Through an Isomorphic Social Media Presence ABSTRACT PDF
Sirin Atakan Duman, Aysin Pasamehmetoglu, Tuba Bozaykut-Buk 21 pgs.
A “Hotbed” of Digital Empowerment? Media Criticism in Kenya Between Playful Engagement and Co-Option ABSTRACT PDF
Toussaint Nothias, David Cheruiyot 24 pgs.
Online Communication Patterns of Chinese and Mexican Adolescents Living in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Drew P. Cingel, Alexis R Lauricella, Wan Shun Eva Lam, Ellen Wartella, P. Zitlali Morales 20 pgs.
Personalities Discussing Politics: The Effects of Agreement and Expertise on Discussion Frequency and the Moderating Role of Personality Traits ABSTRACT PDF
Hyunjin Song, Hajo Boomgaarden 24 pgs.
The Invisibility of Latin American Scholarship in European Media and Communication Studies: Challenges and Opportunities of De-Westernization and Academic Cosmopolitanism ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah Anne Ganter, Félix Ortega 24 pgs.
Who Is Responsible for Delhi Air Pollution? Indian Newspapers’ Framing of Causes and Solutions ABSTRACT PDF
Nandini Bhalla, Jane O'Boyle, Dan Haun 24 pgs.
Media and Collective Action in Greece: From Indignation to Solidarity ABSTRACT PDF
Marina Prentoulis, Maria Kyriakidou 19 pgs.
The Hijacked Hashtag: The Constitutive Features of Abortion Stigma in the #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter Campaign ABSTRACT PDF
Kami Kosenko, Emily Winderman, Abigail Pugh 21 pgs.
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Special Sections

Extreme Speech| Extreme Speech and Global Digital Cultures — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Sahana Udupa, Matti Pohjonen 19 pgs.
Extreme Speech| Defining Online Hate and Its “Public Lives”: What is the Place for “Extreme Speech”? ABSTRACT PDF
Iginio Gagliardone 20 pgs.
Extreme Speech| A Comparative Approach to Social Media Extreme Speech: Online Hate Speech as Media Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Matti Pohjonen 16 pgs.
Extreme Speech| Ritualized Opposition in Danish Practices of Extremist Language and Thought ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Hervik 18 pgs.
Extreme Speech| Writing on the Walls: Discourses on Bolivian Immigrants in Chilean Meme Humor ABSTRACT PDF
Nell Haynes 21 pgs.
Extreme Speech| Nationalism in the Digital Age: Fun as a Metapractice of Extreme Speech ABSTRACT PDF
Sahana Udupa 22 pgs.
Extreme Speech| A Presidential Archive of Lies: Racism, Twitter, and a History of the Present ABSTRACT PDF
Carole McGranahan 19 pgs.
Extreme Speech| The Digital Traces of #whitegenocide and Alt-Right Affective Economies of Transgression ABSTRACT PDF
Alexandra Deem 20 pgs.
Extreme Speech| Extreme Speech in Myanmar: The Role of State Media in the Rohingya Forced Migration Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Ronan Lee 22 pgs.
Extreme Speech| An Archetypal Digital Witness: The Child Figure and the Media Conflict Over Syria ABSTRACT PDF
Omar Al-Ghazzi 19 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communication: Machine, Medium, Mobility – Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Thilo von Pape, Gerard Goggin, Laura Forlano 8 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communication| Automobility, Autonomy, and Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Nathanael Bassett, Steve Jones 19 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communication| Maps and the Autonomous Vehicle as a Communication Platform ABSTRACT PDF
Rowan Wilken, Julian Thomas 25 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communication| How the Rise of Autonomous and Robotized Cars is Perceived and Felt in Europe ABSTRACT PDF
Leopoldina Fortunati, Giuseppe Lugano, Anna Maria Manganelli 20 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communication| Disability, Connected Cars, and Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Gerard Goggin 26 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communication| When Automobiles are Avacars: A Self-Other-Utility Approach to Cars and Avatars ABSTRACT PDF
Rabindra Ratan 19 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communication| Mobile Canvassing: Individual Addressability and the Move Toward Automated Transportation ABSTRACT PDF
Rich Ling 18 pgs.
Cars and Contemporary Communications| Stabilizing/Destabilizing the Driverless City: Speculative Futures and Autonomous Vehicles ABSTRACT PDF
Laura Forlano 28 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Transmedia Storytelling in the Age of Digital Media: East Asian Perspectives — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 9 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Snack Culture’s Dream of Big-Screen Culture: Korean Webtoons’ Transmedia Storytelling ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 22 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Dynamic Texts as Hotbed for Transmedia Storytelling: A Case Study on the Story Universe of The Journey to the West ABSTRACT PDF
Barbara Wall 27 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | The Storyteller Who Crosses Boundaries in Korean Reality Television: Transmedia Storytelling in New Journey to the West ABSTRACT PDF
Ju Oak Kim 18 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Dynamics Between Agents in the New Webtoon Ecosystem in Korea: Responses to Waves of Transmedia and Transnationalism ABSTRACT PDF
Jane Yeahin Pyo, Min-Gi Jang, Tae-Jin Yoon 18 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Do Webtoon-Based TV Dramas Represent Transmedia Storytelling? Industrial Factors Leading to Webtoon-Based TV Dramas ABSTRACT PDF
Ji Hoon Park, Jeehyun Lee, Yongsuk Lee 20 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Yōkai Monsters at Large: Mizuki Shigeru’s Manga, Transmedia Practices, and (Lack of) Cultural Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Shige (CJ) Suzuki 17 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | Korean Webtoonist Yoon Tae Ho: History, Webtoon Industry, and Transmedia Storytelling (Feature) ABSTRACT PDF
Dal Yong Jin 15 pgs.
East Asian Perspective in Transmedia Storytelling | The Multimedia Life of a Korean Graphic Novel: A Case Study of Yoon Taeho’s Ikki (Feature) ABSTRACT PDF
Bruce Fulton 8 pgs.
The Gulf Information War | The Gulf Information War and the Role of Media and Communication Technologies: Editorial Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Ilhem Allagui, Banu Akdenizli 14 pgs.
The Gulf Information War| Cyberconflict, Online Political Jamming, and Hacking in the Gulf Cooperation Council ABSTRACT PDF
Ahmed Al-Rawi 22 pgs.
The Gulf Information War| The Gulf Crisis and Narratives of Emotionality in Nepal's English-Language Press ABSTRACT PDF
Subin Paul 17 pgs.
The Gulf Information War| News Coverage of the Gulf Crisis in the Turkish Mediascape: Agendas, Frames, and Manufacturing Consent ABSTRACT PDF
Ivo Furman, Erkan Saka, Savaş Yıldırım, Ece Elbeyi 28 pgs.
The Gulf Information War| Car Decals, Civic Rituals, and Changing Conceptions of Nationalism ABSTRACT PDF
Jocelyn Sage Mitchell, Ilhem Allagui 21 pgs.
The Gulf Information War| Propaganda, Fake News, and Fake Trends: The Weaponization of Twitter Bots in the Gulf Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Marc Owen Jones 27 pgs.
Sonic Publics | Introduction and Audio Transcript ABSTRACT PDF
Aram Sinnreich, Elinor Carmi 24 pgs.
Sonic Publics| Booming at the Margins: Ethnic Radio, Intimacy, and Nonlinear Innovation in Media ABSTRACT PDF
Larisa Kingston Mann 19 pgs.
Sonic Publics| Convening Technologies: Blockchain and the Music Industry ABSTRACT PDF
Nancy Baym, Lana Swartz, Andrea Alarcon 20 pgs.
Sonic Publics| Music, Copyright, and Technology: A Dialectic in Five Moments ABSTRACT PDF
Aram Sinnreich 18 pgs.
Sonic Publics| The Hidden Listeners: Regulating the Line from Telephone Operators to Content Moderators ABSTRACT PDF
Elinor Carmi 19 pgs.
More Special Sections


Global Digital Capitalism: Mark Zuckerberg in Lagos and the Political Economy of Facebook in Africa ABSTRACT PDF
Toks Dele Oyedemi 17 pgs.
Truth, Communication, and Democracy ABSTRACT PDF
Douglas Porpora, Seif Sekalala 18 pgs.
Between the White House and the Kremlin: A Comparative Analysis of Afghan and Tajik Media ABSTRACT PDF
Wazhmah Osman 23 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Technology and Politics in the Horn of Africa PDF
Reviewed by Azeb N. Madebo 7 pgs.
Sarah Banet-Weiser, Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny PDF
Reviewed by Younghan Cho 3 pgs.
Henry Jenkins, Sangita Shresthova, Liana Gamber-Thompson, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik, and Arely M. Zimmerman, By Any Media Necessary: The New Youth Activism PDF
Reviewed by Hoan Nguyen 4 pgs.
Carolyn Mae Kim, Social Media Campaigns: Strategies for Public Relations and Marketing PDF
Reviewed by Ekaterina Bogomoletc 4 pgs.
Özlem Berk Albachten and Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar (Eds.), Perspectives on Retranslation: Ideology, Paratexts, Methods PDF
Reviewed by Feng Pan 4 pgs.
Ted Grossardt and Keiron Bailey, Transportation Planning and Public Participation: Theory, Process and Practice PDF
Reviewed by Oscar Gandy 3 pgs.
Susan Zieger, The Mediated Mind: Affect, Ephemera, and Consumerism in the Nineteenth Century PDF
Reviewed by Miles Edward Hubble 3 pgs.
Jean Bessette, Retroactivism in the Lesbian Archives: Composing Pasts and Futures PDF
Reviewed by Anastasia Howe Bukowski 3 pgs.
Siva Vaidhyanathan, Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy PDF
Reviewed by Chang-Te Hsu 3 pgs.
Lori Kido Lopez, Asian American Media Activism: Fighting for Cultural Citizenship PDF
Reviewed by Laura Simpson Reeves 3 pgs.
Mercedes Bunz and Graham Meikle, The Internet of Things PDF
Reviewed by Edward B. Kang 3 pgs.
Jean Burgess and Joshua Green, YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture (Second Edition) PDF
Reviewed by Natalie Jonckheere 3 pgs.
Hye Jean Chung, Media Heterotopias: Digital Effects and Material 
Labor in Global Film Production PDF
Reviewed by McKayla Burnstad 3 pgs.
James Pamment and Karin Gwinn Wilkins (Eds.), Communicating National Image Through Development and Diplomacy: The Politics of Foreign Aid PDF
Reviewed by Kadir Jun Ayhan 4 pgs.
Florian Schneider, China’s Digital Nationalism PDF
Reviewed by Shuang Liang 3 pgs.
Fenwick McKelvey, Internet Daemons: Digital Communications Possessed PDF
Reviewed by Maria Michalis 4 pgs.
Viorela Dan, Integrative Framing Analysis: Framing Health Through Words and Visuals PDF
Reviewed by Danielle K. Kilgo 3 pgs.
Peter Janich (E. Hayon & L. Pao, trans.), What is Information? PDF
Reviewed by Tyler Morgenstern 4 pgs.
Therese Boos Dykeman, Rhetoric at the Non-Substantialistic Turn: The East-West Coin PDF
Reviewed by Junyi Lv 3 pgs.
T. L. Taylor, Watch Me Play: Twitch and the Rise of Game Live Streaming PDF
Reviewed by Eszter Hargittai, Gianluca Miscione 3 pgs.
Arta Khakpour, Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami and Shouldeh Vatanabadi (Eds.), Moments of Silence: Authenticity in the Cultural Expressions of the Iran-Iraq War, 1980‒1988 PDF
Reviewed by Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani 4 pgs.
What Do Queers Do With Media? Two Different Visions of Media Power and LGBTQ Identity PDF
Reviewed by Thomas J Billard 5 pgs.
Peter Humphreys and Seamus Simpson, Regulation, Governance, and Convergence in the Media PDF
Reviewed by Shuyi Cheng 4 pgs.
Beth Knobel, The Watchdog Still Barks: How Accountability Reporting Evolved for the Digital Age PDF
Reviewed by Sebastian Sedlnitzky 3 pgs.
Safiya Umoja Noble, Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism PDF
Reviewed by Taeyoung Kim 4 pgs.
Sarah Banet-Weiser, Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny PDF
Reviewed by Dasol Kim 3 pgs.
Julie A. Wilson and Emily Chivers Yochim, Mothering Through Precarity: Women’s Work and Digital Media PDF
Reviewed by Tisha Dejmanee 3 pgs.
Alex Rosenblat, Uberland: How Algorithms Are Rewriting The Rules of Work PDF
Reviewed by Julian Posada 3 pgs.
Mike Ananny, Networked Press Freedom: Networked Press Freedom: Creating Infrastructures for a Public Right to Hear PDF
Reviewed by Niall P. Stephens 4 pgs.
Naomi Schiller, Channeling the State: Community Media and Popular Politics in Venezuela PDF
Reviewed by Noah Zweig 4 pgs.
Olga Baysha, Miscommunication Social Change: Miscommunicating Social Change: Lessons from Russia and Ukraine PDF
Reviewed by Oliver Boyd-Barrett 3 pgs.
James W. Ure, Stop the Press: How the Mormon Church Tried to Silence the Salt Lake Tribune PDF
Reviewed by Daria B. Griffith 3 pgs.
Ruth Palmer, Becoming the News: How Ordinary People Respond to the Media Spotlight PDF
Reviewed by Monika Raesch 3 pgs.
Peter Janich (trans., Eric Hayot and Lea Pao), What is Information? PDF
Reviewed by Peter Beattie 4 pgs.
Bruce Mutsvairo (Ed.), The Palgrave Handbook of Media and Communication Research in Africa PDF
Reviewed by Gregory Gondwe 3 pgs.
Lori Kido Lopez, Asian American Media Activism: Fighting for Cultural Citizenship PDF
Reviewed by Greg Niedt 3 pgs.
Farooq Sulehria, Media Imperialism in India and Pakistan PDF
Reviewed by Oliver Boyd-Barrett 3 pgs.
Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp (Eds.), Mastering Business for Strategic Communicators: Insights and Advice from the C-Suite of Leading Brands PDF
Reviewed by Vanessa Bravo 4 pgs.
Michael Palm, Technologies of Consumer Labor: A History of Self-Service PDF
Reviewed by Ngai Keung Chan 4 pgs.
Heinz Nigg (Ed.), Rebel Video: The Video Movement of the 1970s and 1980s PDF
Reviewed by Gino Canella 3 pgs.
Lisa Parks and Caren Kaplan (Eds.), Life in the Age of Drone Warfare PDF
Reviewed by Hugo Ljungbäck 3 pgs.
Jade L. Miller, Nollywood Central PDF
Reviewed by Annemarie Iddins 3 pgs.
Safiya Noble, Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism PDF
Reviewed by Aymar Jean Christian 3 pgs.
David Cromwell and David Edwards, Media Lens, Propaganda Blitz: How the Corporate Media Destroy Reality PDF
Reviewed by Alan MacLeod 3 pgs.
Colin Milburn, Mondo Nano: Fun and Games in the World of Digital Matter PDF
Reviewed by Maxwell Foxman 4 pgs.
Julien Mailland and Kevin Driscoll, Minitel: Welcome to the Internet PDF
Reviewed by Frances Corry, Anna C. Loup 4 pgs.
Laurie Ouellette and Jonathan Gray (Eds.), Keywords for Media Studies PDF
Reviewed by Lingyu Wang 4 pgs.
Sara Dicerto, Multimodal Pragmatics and Translation: A New Model for Source Text Analysis PDF
Reviewed by Linxin Liang 3 pgs.
Scott Malcomson, Splinternet: How Geopolitics and Commerce Are Fragmenting the World Wide Web PDF
Reviewed by Andrea Miconi 4 pgs.
Yochai Benkler, Robert Faris, and Hal Roberts, Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics PDF
Reviewed by Yeahin (Jane) Pyo 3 pgs.
Hongmei Li, Advertising and Consumer Culture in China PDF
Reviewed by Yang Cheng 3 pgs.
Jefferson D. Pooley, James W. Carey and Communication Research PDF
Reviewed by Peter Simonson 3 pgs.
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