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Vol 18 (2024)

Table of Contents


Envoi: Looking Back With Pride and Looking Forward With Optimism PDF
Larry Gross 6 pgs.
Passing the Conductor’s Baton: The Score Remains the Same PDF
Silvio Waisbord 2 pgs.
More Editorials


Identity Experiment in the Metaverse: Making Sense of Zepeto Users’ Avatar Use ABSTRACT PDF
Eun-Ju Lee, Sojeong Park, Wonjae Lee, Hyun Suk Kim 22 pgs.
Critically Analyzing Platform Interfaces: How Music-Streaming Platforms Frame Musical Experience ABSTRACT PDF
David Hesmondhalgh, Raquel Campos Valverde, D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, Zhongwei Li 22 pgs.
An Exploration of Fitspiration Content on Social Media and Chinese Young People’s Insight Into Their Experiences of It: Gender-Based Differences ABSTRACT PDF
Jooyeon Lee 23 pgs.
The Inherent Vice of Internet Memes: The Double Bind of Recognition and the Aesthetic of Haste ABSTRACT PDF
Ben T. Pettis 24 pgs.
Queer Identity Negotiation in Taiwanese Tongzhi’s Relationships with Mainland Gay Men in China ABSTRACT PDF
Wei Luo 18 pgs.
Revisiting the Relationship Between Internet Access and Civic Engagement: A Multilevel Analysis of Between-Country Differences and Within-Country Change ABSTRACT PDF
Ruth Jin-Hee Heo, Tai-Quan "Winson" Peng 23 pgs.
Does Party Affiliation Matter? A Moderated Moderation Examining Literacies, Foreign Social Media Use, and Political Affiliation on COVID-19 ABSTRACT PDF
Xizhu Xiao, Quanchao Li, Mengyuan Wang, Xueping Chang, Xiaowei Liu 23 pgs.
Linking Exposure to Uncivil Online Comments to Decreased Political Knowledge: The Mediating Role of Active News Avoidance ABSTRACT PDF
Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu, Héctor Centeno Martín, Sheila Guerrero Rojas 21 pgs.
A Century of Pandemics: The Spanish Flu, COVID-19, and the Splintering of the Modern Time Regime ABSTRACT PDF
Adetobi Moses 21 pgs.
Mediatized Environmental Governance: The Normalization of Waste-classification Policy in China ABSTRACT PDF
Jia Dai, Chenghao Ji 27 pgs.
Uncertainty and Privacy Management of the South Korean Public During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Adoption Intentions for AI-Based Digital Contact-Tracing Technology ABSTRACT PDF
Soo Jung Hong, Hichang Cho 21 pgs.
An Integrative Conception of Micromobility: Its Technical Tendency, Its Appropriation, and the Role of Mobile Interfaces ABSTRACT PDF
Thilo von Pape, Jean-Claude Domenget, Séverine Equoy-Hutin, Sophie Mariani-Rousset, Thomas Buhler 20 pgs.
“Bargaining With Patriarchy”: Newsroom Experiences of Women Journalists in Turkey and Greece ABSTRACT PDF
Sevda Alankus 19 pgs.
Extending Athlete Reputational Crises: Theorizing Underperformance Crises and the Flip Appeal ABSTRACT PDF
Lillian B. Feder, Diana Zulli 23 pgs.
Making Politics Attractive: Satirical Memes and Attention to Political Information in the New Media Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Kirill Chmel, Nikita Savin, Michael X. Delli Carpini 24 pgs.
Russian Public-Diplomacy Efforts to Influence Neighbors: Media Messaging Supports Hard-Power Projection in Ukraine and Georgia ABSTRACT PDF
Maureen Taylor, Natalie M. Rice, Oleg Manaev, Catherine A. Luther, Suzie L. Allard, R. Alexander Bentley, Joshua Borycz, Benjamin D. Horne, Brandon C. Prins 25 pgs.
Online Disinformation in Brazil: A Typology of Discursive Action of Harmful Political Content on WhatsApp and Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Tatiana Dourado, Victor Piaia, Viktor Chagas, Dalby Dienstbach, Marco Aurelio Ruediger, Eurico Matos, João Guilherme Bastos dos Santos 25 pgs.
“They Know Everything”: Folk Theories, Thoughts, and Feelings About Dataveillance in Media Technologies ABSTRACT PDF
Dong Zhang, Sophie C. Boerman, Hanneke Hendriks, Margot J. van der Goot, Theo Araujo, Hilde Voorveld 21 pgs.
Firewalls Have Ears: How Horizontal Privacy Regulation Influences Online Political Expression in Russia ABSTRACT PDF
Aysenur Dal 22 pgs.
Search Engines as “Globalizing Machines”: International News Flow Through Google During the 2020 Belarusian Presidential Election ABSTRACT PDF
Daria Kravets 21 pgs.
Analysis of Peruvian Newspaper Portrayal of Chinese Foreign Direct Investments From 2001 to 2020: An Exploration of Factors Influencing International Economic News Reporting ABSTRACT PDF
Longxing Wang, Yicheng Zhu, Juan Diego Zamudio Padilla, Ruitong Huang, Zejia Bi, Yue Shu, Haoyi Chen 27 pgs.
The Effects of Elihu Katz: A Stepwise Enrichment of the Concept of Communication Effects ABSTRACT PDF
Klaus Bruhn Jensen, W. Russell Neuman 22 pgs.
Nationalism for Sale? Transnational Capital, Gender Politics, and Policing the Patriots in Digital Platform ABSTRACT PDF
Sara Liao, Lin Sun 18 pgs.
Perceptions of Opinion Climate in Online Comments and Among the General Public: Examining the Roles of Personal Opinion, Political Knowledge, and Comment Reading ABSTRACT PDF
Ki Deuk Hyun, Nakwon Jung, Mihye Seo 19 pgs.
How Do Individuals With Conspiracy Beliefs Respond to Humorous Public Service Announcements Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination? The Role of Scientific Consensus and Vaccine Confidence ABSTRACT PDF
Jeong-Yeob Han, Hanyoung Kim, Hye Jin Yoon, Ja Kyung Seo 23 pgs.
African Media Portrayals of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi ABSTRACT PDF
Brooke Chambers, j. Siguru Wahutu 20 pgs.
Blurring Social Order With Public Sentiment: Governing Online Disinformation Through Criminal Penalty in China ABSTRACT PDF
Tingting Li, Daniel C. Hallin 25 pgs.
Disinformation Perceptions and Media Trust: The Moderating Roles of Political Trust and Values ABSTRACT PDF
Francis L. F. Lee 23 pgs.
The Role of News Sharing in Curbing the Negative Impact of Misperceptions on Prosocial Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Jihyang Choi, Jiyoung Lee, Hae Jung Oh 20 pgs.
On Digital Media Risks, Intensive Parenting, and Glocal Tensions: Public Discourse and Parents’ Experiences in Vietnam ABSTRACT PDF
Becky Pham 25 pgs.
Legitimation, Authenticity, and Communicative Entitlement in YouTube “Lifestyle” Vlogs: The Case of “Hygge” ABSTRACT PDF
Will Gibson, Elisabeth Muth Andersen 26 pgs.
Were Online Media Biased? An Assessment of Statement and Actor Bias During the 2015 Referendum in Greece ABSTRACT PDF
Paschalia (Lia) Spyridou, Vasiliki Triga, Dimitra L. Milioni 22 pgs.
Engaging With the Oscar-Winning Parasite on Social Media: Intercultural Use of Country-of-Origin Frames ABSTRACT PDF
Dam Hee Kim, Kyung Jung Han, Sungchul Lee 23 pgs.
Why Do Some Shout and Others Stay Silent? Communication Context Consistency in Political Discourse Offline and on Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Carrie Anne Platt, Don Waisanen, Jose Marichal 23 pgs.
Meaning Cocreation and Social Influencers in a Digital Racial Crisis A Social Network Analysis of Starbucks’s Racial Crisis in Philadelphia ABSTRACT PDF
Ying Xiong, Moonhee Cho 24 pgs.
Self-Deprecating Cyberculture on TikTok: Experiences of Young Indonesians ABSTRACT PDF
Anindita Widiastuti, Atwar Bajari, Ira Mirawati 23 pgs.
#WhatsHappeningInMyanmar: The Evolution of the Digital Fight Against Authoritarian State Repression ABSTRACT PDF
Tuwanont Phattharathanasut 21 pgs.
Local Production for Global Streamers: How Netflix Shapes European Production Cultures ABSTRACT PDF
Daphne Rena Idiz 20 pgs.
Researching Social Media and Activism With Children and Youth: A Scoping Review ABSTRACT PDF
Annamária Neag, Markéta Supa, Paul Mihailidis 22 pgs.
Impact of Media and Culture on Constructions of Homomasculinity Among Gay and Queer Men in Aotearoa New Zealand ABSTRACT PDF
Martin Kaulback, Elena Maydell 20 pgs.
Dehumanized in Death: Representations of Murdered Women in American True Crime Podcasts ABSTRACT PDF
Jessica Lang, Audrey Alejandro 21 pgs.
Is Communication Visibility a Threat or an Opportunity? Social Media and Anonymous Social Support Organizations ABSTRACT PDF
Katie K. Kang 20 pgs.
The Making of Elihu Katz, 1926–1956: Generations and Ethnoreligious Identities in the Transnational Development of Communication Studies ABSTRACT PDF
Peter Simonson 24 pgs.
Glittering Generalities: Reconsidering the Institute for Propaganda Analysis ABSTRACT PDF
A.J. Bauer 19 pgs.
Do They Stop? How Do They Stop? Why Do They Stop? Whether, How, and Why Teens Insert “Frictions” Into Social Media’s Infinite Scroll ABSTRACT PDF
Nikhila Natarajan 20 pgs.
In Dishonor of: The Assemblage of Counter-Memory as Networked Resistance on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Fatima Gaw, Jon Benedik A. Bunquin 25 pgs.
Memories on Steel and Vinyl: The Northern Pacific Railway and the Sound of Memory ABSTRACT PDF
Bryce D. Tellmann 18 pgs.
Mapping Chinese Digital Nationalism: A Literature Review ABSTRACT PDF
Xiaoyu Zhang, Delia Dumitrica, Jeroen Jansz 22 pgs.
Physiological Response to Political Advertisement: Examining the Influence of Partisan and Issue Congruence on Attention and Emotion ABSTRACT PDF
H. Denis Wu 21 pgs.
Digital Artivisms: Creative Practices, Digital Technologies, and Political Participation Among Young Portuguese Artivists ABSTRACT PDF
Ricardo Campos, José Alberto Simões 19 pgs.
Jair Bolsonaro’s Populist Communication on Brazilian Television: An Analysis of Television Newscasts on Globo and Record During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Bruno Araújo, Liziane Guazina 21 pgs.
Analyzing Media Representations of Terrorist Attacks Against Muslims: A Comparative Content Analysis of the Christchurch Mosque Attacks on BBC, Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya Websites ABSTRACT PDF
Fatima Abdul Rehman, Ruba Salma 19 pgs.
“They Are Amongst Us”: News About Islamist Terrorism, Perceptions of Sleeper Terrorists, and Negative Stereotypes Toward Muslims in the West ABSTRACT PDF
Jörg Matthes, Ruta Kaskeleviciute 22 pgs.
Reviving the “Yellow Peril” Digitally: Anti-Asian Hate on Twitter During the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Fangjing Tu, Shanshan Jiang, Xue Gong 24 pgs.
Spoilers as Self-Protection: Investigating the Influence of Empathic Distress and Concern for the Self on Spoiler Selection ABSTRACT PDF
Sarah E. Brookes, Judith E. Rosenbaum, Morgan E. Ellithorpe 20 pgs.
The First Spanish-Language Album to Reach Number One: El Último Tour del Mundo, Bad Bunny, and the Billboard 200 ABSTRACT PDF
Christopher Joseph Westgate 21 pgs.
How Chinese Women Cope With Physical and Psychological Traumas in Gynecological Examinations: A Situational Analysis of Patients’ Communicative Accommodations ABSTRACT PDF
Xinying Yang, Hongfeng Qiu 21 pgs.
Bibliometric Analysis on the Research Trend of Over the Top Platforms—Focusing on Social Science Research on Netflix From 2001 to 2020 ABSTRACT PDF
Xiaole Zhu, Yeajin Joo, Yoonjae Nam 20 pgs.
Debunking News as a Journalistic Genre: From the Inverted Pyramid to a Circular Writing Model ABSTRACT PDF
Paula Herrero-Diz, David Varona-Aramburu, Marta Pérez-Escolar 23 pgs.
Intersectional Powers of Digital Repression: How Activists are Digitally Watched, Charged, and Stigmatized in Thailand ABSTRACT PDF
Janjira Sombatpoonsiri 23 pgs.
Different Dimensions of Communicative Exchanges in Online Political Talk: Measuring Reciprocity Through Structures, Behaviors, and Discourses ABSTRACT PDF
Tariq Choucair, Rousiley C. M. Maia 29 pgs.
That Is So Mainstream: The Impact of Hyper-Partisan Media Use and Right-, Left-Wing Alternative Media Repertoires on Consumers’ Belief in Political Misperceptions in the United States ABSTRACT PDF
Brittany Shaughnessy, Myiah J. Hutchens, Eliana DuBosar 21 pgs.
Agenda-Setting Effects During Times of Social Disruption: The Influence of Mass Media and Personal Experiences on Societal Concerns ABSTRACT PDF
Sophia Schaller, Dorothee Arlt, Jens Wolling 24 pgs.
Developing an Affordance-Practice Framework to Data Practices: How Civic Technologists Practice Data Literacy Cross-Regionally ABSTRACT PDF
Alejandro Alvarado Rojas 21 pgs.
From Information Poverty to Information Deficit: An Intersectional Analysis of Women of Color’s News Information-Seeking Habits in the Digital Age ABSTRACT PDF
Chelsea Peterson-Salahuddin 22 pgs.
From Emancipation to Confusing the Nation: Social Media and Figurations of Disinformation a Decade After the Arab Uprisings ABSTRACT PDF
Nermin Elsherif, Tasniem Anwar 21 pgs.
Dual Impact of Tie Strength and Visibility of Action on Political Participation Types ABSTRACT PDF
Simin Michelle Chen 24 pgs.
Unfair Competition: How States Use Disinformation to Exercise Public Diplomacy ABSTRACT PDF
Juan Luis Manfredi 23 pgs.
Commodification of Spirituality and the Spiritual Healers’ Labor on Facebook ABSTRACT PDF
Berit Renser, Katrin Tiidenberg 21 pgs.
From Cultivation to Self-Cultivation: Alternative Media and Reinforcing Spirals in a Fragmented Media Environment ABSTRACT PDF
Angelica Cöster, Adam Shehata 23 pgs.
When Partisans Do Not Share Partisan News: Third-Person Effect in an Era of Polarized Politics ABSTRACT PDF
Seungsu Lee, Jaeho Cho 24 pgs.
Communication Inequality and the Technopolitical Structure of Platform Work: Aotearoa New Zealand Platform Workers During COVID-19 ABSTRACT PDF
Leon A. Salter, Mohan J. Dutta 20 pgs.
The Heteronormative Male Gaze: Experiences of Sexual Content Moderation Among Queer Instagram Users in Berlin ABSTRACT PDF
Rachel Griffin 23 pgs.
Using Radical Co-Design to Create and Develop a Technology-Based Solution to Improve Post-Release Outcomes for Formerly Incarcerated Women: LindaBot ABSTRACT PDF
Michele Jarldorn, Susannah Emery 20 pgs.
“O Ever Youthful, O Ever Weeping”: Exploring Youth Empowerment Through Platform-Dependent Creative Labor in China ABSTRACT PDF
Yunyi Hu 21 pgs.
Vaccine Misinformation for Profit: Conspiratorial Wellness Influencers and the Monetization of Alternative Health ABSTRACT PDF
Rachel E. Moran, Anna L. Swan, Taylor Agajanian 23 pgs.
Explicating the Effects of In- Versus Out-Group Membership and Collective Action Framing on Social Media Activism Messages ABSTRACT PDF
Chen Lou, Chelsea Ning Rei Yap, Xuan Zhou, Ji Ah Lim, Melody Tingyi Koh, Aik Tan 24 pgs.
Platform Analogies: How Bookstores, Libraries, and Supermarkets Can Inform Thinking on Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
Caitlin Petre, Nicole Weber 21 pgs.
“Drop a Bomb on Them . . . and Problem Solved!” An Analysis of Poverty Discourse on TikTok ABSTRACT PDF
Ana Mayagoitia-Soria, Juan Manuel González-Aguilar, Salvador Gómez-García, María Antonia Paz-Rebollo 22 pgs.
Scrolling Past Public Health Campaigns: Information Context Collapse on Social Media and Its Effects on Tobacco Information Recall ABSTRACT PDF
George D. H. Pearson, Joseph N. Cappella 23 pgs.
Health Information Orientation, Social Support, and Diabetes Self-Care Behavior Among Indian Adults: The Roles of Education and Self-Efficacy ABSTRACT PDF
Yam Limbu, Devon Johnson, C. Jayachandran, Christopher J. McKinley, P. Raghunadha Reddy 18 pgs.
Ethical Challenges of Digital Communication: A Comparative Study of Public Relations Practitioners in 52 Countries ABSTRACT PDF
Jens Hagelstein, Sophia Charlotte Volk, Ansgar Zerfass, Andréia Silveira Athaydes, Jim Macnamara, Juan Meng, Chun-Ju Flora Hung-Baesecke 22 pgs.
Social Norms, Referent Group Specificity, and College Students’ COVID-19 Vaccination Intentions: Risk and Efficacy Perceptions as Boundary Conditions of Normative Influence ABSTRACT PDF
Jie Zhuang, Paul Schrodt, Mengfei Guan 23 pgs.
Network Informational Complexity, Epistemic Political Efficacy, and Fact-Checking ABSTRACT PDF
Toby Hopp 21 pgs.
Feeling Threatened and Thinking of Actions? Examining Consumers’ Responses to Corporate Social Advocacy Messages Through Intergroup Threat Perceptions ABSTRACT PDF
Xueying Zhang, Mei-Chen Lin 22 pgs.
Consumer-Generated Visual Advertisements in Social Media Brand Communities ABSTRACT PDF
Hui-Fei Lin, Pei-Chih Lin, Benjamin Yeo 24 pgs.
Civil Society Chatbots: A Plurality of Conceptual Approaches ABSTRACT PDF
Sophie Toupin 20 pgs.
Finding Sarah Everard: A Critical Discourse Analysis Exploring the First Two Weeks of News Media Coverage Following Her Disappearance and Murder ABSTRACT PDF
Sim Gill 20 pgs.
Discussing the Role of TikTok Sharing Practices in Everyday Social Life ABSTRACT PDF
Andreas Schellewald 18 pgs.
Information Sources, Credibility, Knowledge, and Risk Perceptions: Findings From the National Tuberculosis Survey in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Jarim Kim, Sunouk You, Yesolran Kim 21 pgs.
The Daily Show’s Climate Change Content: Two Decades of Late-Night Science Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Charlotte Gehrke 19 pgs.
The Role of Second Screening in Online Political Participation in Jakarta and Islamabad ABSTRACT PDF
Drina Intyaswati, Qasim Mahmood, Hermina Simanihuruk 19 pgs.
Engaging International Students via Dialogic Communication ABSTRACT PDF
Rachel Dean, Linjuan Rita Men 24 pgs.
Knowledge Migration and the Politics of Innovation ABSTRACT PDF
Saskia Witteborn 19 pgs.
Getting out of Debt: The Communication Begets Communication (CBC) Typology as an Approach to Theoretical Advancement in the Field ABSTRACT PDF
Nathan Walter, R. Lance Holbert, John Jennings Brooks, Camille J. Saucier, Sapna Suresh, Floor Fiers 20 pgs.
Ambiguity Undermines Persuasive Effectiveness: Ego Involvement, Motivated Reasoning, and Message Ambiguity ABSTRACT PDF
David M. Keating, Qinjun Fan 19 pgs.
Cryptid Communication: Media Messages and Public Beliefs About Cryptozoology ABSTRACT PDF
Wyatt Dawson, Paul R. Brewer, Liam Cuddy 22 pgs.
The Labor of Cultural Conception and Uncertainty in Cultural Work: The Work of Korean Drama Writers ABSTRACT PDF
Hoyoung Kim 18 pgs.
“A Significant Impact on our Democracy”: Chilean Media Audiences’ Claims for Dignity ABSTRACT PDF
Mónica Humeres-Riquelme, Claudia Jordana-Contreras, Jorge Saavedra-Utman 20 pgs.
Trust Divide in Health Information Sources? Investigating the Role of Techno-Capital and Social Capital: A Comparative Analysis of General and Low-Income Populations ABSTRACT PDF
Jaewon R. Choi, Joseph Straubhaar, Soyoung Park, Maria Skouras, Melissa Santillana, Sharon Strover 24 pgs.
Effects of Intergroup Communication on Intergroup Anxiety and Prejudice Through Single Sessions of Peer Counseling in Online Settings ABSTRACT PDF
Romy RW, Nick Joyce 24 pgs.
Journalistic Theater: A Case Study of Reporting on People’s Emotional Response to Current Affairs With the Body as Medium ABSTRACT PDF
Stijn Postema 21 pgs.
Talking Facts and Establishing (In)Justice: Discussing Public Matters on Instagram ABSTRACT PDF
Luise Salte 19 pgs.
Chilling Effects as a Result of Corporate Surveillance in Digital Communication: A Comparison Between American and Dutch Media Users ABSTRACT PDF
Joanna Strycharz, Claire M. Segijn 24 pgs.
Janus-Faced Portrayal: News Representation of Migrant Workers in Malaysian Newspapers Amid COVID-19 ABSTRACT PDF
Huihuang Lai, Hanizah Idris, Jiankun Gong 21 pgs.
Public Service Media and the Internet: Two Decades in Review ABSTRACT PDF
Alessandro D'Arma, Steven Barclay, Minna Aslama Horowitz 20 pgs.
Uncertainty Communication in a High-Trust Society: Source Type, Political Preference, and Trust ABSTRACT PDF
Øyvind Ihlen, Audun Fladmoe, Kari Steen-Johnsen 29 pgs.
Online Toxicity Against Syrians in Turkish Twitter: Analysis and Implications ABSTRACT PDF
Hala Mulki, Samir Alabdullah, Ahmed Halil, Nawari Al-Ali, Maria Kyriakidou, Ludek Stavinoha 28 pgs.
“I Care Where You Come From”: Testing the Conditional Moderated Mediation of Country-of-Origin Effect in Multinational Enterprises’ Corporate Social Responsibility Communication ABSTRACT PDF
BaoBao Song 22 pgs.
Convergent Television Audiences, Digital Inequalities, and Social Support in Getting Audiovisual Content ABSTRACT PDF
Štěpán Žádník, Jakub Macek 21 pgs.
What You See from These Survival Games is What Machines Get and Know: Squid Game, Surveillance Capitalism, and Platformized Spectatorship ABSTRACT PDF
Jihoon Kim 17 pgs.
“These Parents, Themselves, Are Using These Children as Pawns”: The Politicization of Childhood at the U.S.-Mexico Border ABSTRACT PDF
Alyvia Walters 19 pgs.
Spreading Like Wildfire: The Securitization of the Amazon Rainforest Fires on Twitter ABSTRACT PDF
Natalia Umansky 21 pgs.
Trust and Online Privacy Concerns in a General Population of Internet Users ABSTRACT PDF
Stelios Stylianou 21 pgs.
Two-Sided Narration and In-Group Narrator: Examining the Effects of Different Strategies of Mediated Public Diplomacy ABSTRACT PDF
Tianru Guan, Yue Yin, Yilu Yang 22 pgs.
Visual Hate Speech and Its Discontents: Young Adult Chinese and Malaysians’ Perception of Visual Hate Speech ABSTRACT PDF
Jamaluddin Bin Aziz, Holger Briel 21 pgs.
Mapping the Russian Media Field Through Audience Networks and Agenda Choice ABSTRACT PDF
Alla Loseva, Anna Moroz, Egor Shmidt, Daniel Alexandrov 26 pgs.
More Articles

Special Sections

Bossware| More Than Monitoring: Grappling With Bossware—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Luke Munn 12 pgs.
Bossware| The Platformization of Worker Surveillance: Materialities and Imaginaries in Teramind and Time Doctor ABSTRACT PDF
Fabricio Barili 23 pgs.
Bossware| Knowledge Workers of the Digital World, Unite! Knowledge Workers’ Workplace Surveillance and Hidden Transcripts in China ABSTRACT PDF
WeiMing Ye, Luming Zhao 22 pgs.
Bossware| Rise of the Performance and Assessment Filter: Microsoft Viva “Bossware,” Presence Status, and the Power of Surveillance Machines—Sleepers Awake! ABSTRACT PDF
Toija Cinque 20 pgs.
Bossware| Automated Monitoring in the Workplace: The Devolution of Recognition—Afterword ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Andrejevic 7 pgs.
Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| Intermediated Communication via Social Media Platforms During the COVID-19 Pandemic—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Dingkun Wang, Brian Yecies 9 pgs.
Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| The Homophobic Call-Outs of COVID-19: Spurring and Spreading Angry Attention From Girregi Journalism Online to YouTube in South Korea ABSTRACT PDF
Jin Lee, Jeehyun Jenny Lee 22 pgs.
Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| The Construction of Distributed Trust on Bilibili Under the COVID-19 Pandemic ABSTRACT PDF
Siwen Lu, Sijing Lu 23 pgs.
Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| Citizens’ Strategies for Navigating News and Misinformation in the COVID-19 “Infodemic” ABSTRACT PDF
Kate Holland, Sora Park, Kerry McCallum, Emma John, Caroline Fisher, Kieran McGuinness, Jee Young Lee 20 pgs.
Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| (Mis-)Connected: Web Series, Digital Culture, and Everyday Life in Lockdown ABSTRACT PDF
Nicola Evans, Mark Ryan, Steinar Ellingsen, Meredith Burkholder, Leandro da Silva 17 pgs.
Pandemic-Incited Intermediated Communication| Communicating Through Chaos in the Webtoon Parasocial Intimacy Chamber ABSTRACT PDF
Brian Yecies, Dingkun Wang, Mehrdad Amirghasemi, Kishan Kariippanon, Ming Lu 29 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| Mapping Scholarship on Algorithmic Bias: Conceptualization, Empirical Results, and Ethical Concerns ABSTRACT PDF
Seungahn Nah, Jun Luo, Jungseock Joo 22 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| How Gender and Type of Algorithmic Group Discrimination Influence Ratings of Algorithmic Decision Making ABSTRACT PDF
Sonja Utz 20 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| The Realienation of the Commons: Wikidata and the Ethics of “Free” Data ABSTRACT PDF
Zachary J. McDowell, Matthew A. Vetter 19 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| Rage Against the Artificial Intelligence? Understanding Contextuality of Algorithm Aversion and Appreciation ABSTRACT PDF
Tessa Oomen, João Gonçalves, Anouk Mols 25 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| Making Algorithms Public: Reimagining Auditing From Matters of Fact to Matters of Concern ABSTRACT PDF
R. Stuart Geiger, Udayan Tandon, Anoolia Gakhokidze, Lian Song, Lilly Irani 22 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| How Process Experts Enable and Constrain Fairness in AI-Driven Hiring ABSTRACT PDF
Ignacio Fernandez Cruz 21 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| Questioning Artificial Intelligence: How Racial Identity Shapes the Perceptions of Algorithmic Bias ABSTRACT PDF
Soojong Kim, Joomi Lee, Poong Oh 23 pgs.
Rethinking Artificial Intelligence: Algorithmic Bias and Ethical Issues| Algorithmic Bias or Algorithmic Reconstruction? A Comparative Analysis Between AI News and Human News ABSTRACT PDF
Seungahn Nah, Jun Luo, Seungbae Kim, Mo Chen, Renee Mitson, Jungseock Joo 30 pgs.
More Special Sections


Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Studying the Fire From Inside the Burning Building: Reflections on Connected in Isolation by Eszter Hargittai PDF
Paul DiMaggio 3 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Reflections on Connected in Isolation PDF
Hyunjin Seo 3 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| What Does it Mean to be Connected in Isolation? PDF
Daniel Kreiss 4 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| What is 21st-Century Digital Autonomy? PDF
Amy Gonzales 3 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Connected in Isolation: How Zoom Enabled Ritual Communication for the Digitally Privileged During the Pandemic Lockdown PDF
Lee Humphreys 5 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Personal Reflections on Our Context and Cognitive Digital Skills PDF
Teresa Correa 5 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Exposed in Isolation PDF
Dmitry Epstein 4 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Temporality and Truth in Connected in Isolation PDF
Kevin Munger 4 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Disability and Digital Connection in COVID-19 Times PDF
Gerard Goggin, Kuansong Victor Zhuang 4 pgs.
Book Review Forum: Eszter Hargittai's Connected in Isolation| Increasing the Scope of Digital Inequality Research and Addressing Methodological Challenges: A Response to Book Forum Contributions PDF
Eszter Hargittai 7 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Creating a Language of and for Sociotechnical Change: Interdisciplinary Sites, Stakes, and Senses of Transformation—Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Mike Ananny, Simogne Hudson 8 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| From AAA TripTik to Google: Maps as Sites of Sociotechnical Change ABSTRACT PDF
So Yun Ahn 10 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Disautomated Realities in South Africa: Loadshedding, Poultry Death, and the Promises of Failure ABSTRACT PDF
Ziyaad Bhorat 7 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Digital Nations and the Future of the Climate Crisis ABSTRACT PDF
Alfonso Hegde 7 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Plasticity: Accounting for Adaptation in Sociotechnical Systems ABSTRACT PDF
Renyi Hong 7 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Humanitarian Innovation in Forced Displacement ABSTRACT PDF
Alphoncina Lyamuya 8 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Digital Diaspora and Nationhood: Sociotechnical Imaginaries and Practices of Nationhood ABSTRACT PDF
Azeb Madebo 7 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| “A Fountain Pen Come to Life”: The Anxieties of the Autopen ABSTRACT PDF
Pegah Moradi, Karen Levy 9 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| The Stadium as Sociotechnical Change ABSTRACT PDF
Cerianne Robertson, Pratik Nyaupane 7 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Structures of Capital and Sociotechnical Change: The Case of Tech Startups and Venture Capital ABSTRACT PDF
Benjamin Shestakofsky, Caitlin Petre 8 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Counting on Stability: The Social Construction of the Los Angeles Homeless Count ABSTRACT PDF
Will Orr 7 pgs.
Sociotechnical Change: Tracing Flows, Languages, and Stakes Across Diverse Cases| Pedestrian Mobilities at the Crossroads: The Contestation and Regulation of Jaywalking ABSTRACT PDF
Josh Widera 7 pgs.
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What Is the Value of Cultural Analytics? Discerning Value in Digital Environments ABSTRACT PDF
Jonathon Hutchinson 14 pgs.
Members in Good Standing? The Relationship Between NoFap/Reboot Communities and the Manosphere ABSTRACT PDF
David S. Smith 14 pgs.
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James E. Dobson, The Birth of Computer Vision PDF
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Mark Coeckelbergh, Political Philosophy of AI: An Introduction PDF
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Alice E. Marwick, The Private Is Political: Networked Privacy and Social Media ABSTRACT PDF
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Sarah Banet-Weiser and Kathryn Claire Higgins, Believability: Sexual Violence, Media, and the Politics of Doubt PDF
Reviewed by Jilly Boyce Kay 3 pgs.
Screen Time PDF
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Hsin-I Cheng and Hsin-i Sydney Yueh (Eds.), Resistance in the Era of Nationalisms: Performing Identities in Taiwan and Hong Kong PDF
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Aaron Trammell, Repairing Play: A Black Phenomenology PDF
Reviewed by Kishonna L. Gray 3 pgs.
Djoymi Baker, Jessica Balanzategui, and Diana Sandars, Netflix, Dark Fantastic Genres and Intergenerational Viewing: Family Watch Together TV PDF
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Reviewed by Aiden James Kosciesza 3 pgs.
Martina Topić (Ed.), Women and the Media in Capitalism and Socialism: An Ecofeminist Inquiry PDF
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Omar Sayfo, Arab Animation: Images of Identity PDF
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Lois M. DeFleur, Sandra Ball-Rokeach, and Marilyn Ihinger-Tallman, We Few, We Academic Sisters: How We Persevered and Excelled in Higher Education (Betty Houchin Winfield, Ed.) PDF
Reviewed by Gaye Tuchman 4 pgs.
Dan Bouk, Democracy’s Data: The Hidden Stories in the U.S. Census and How to Read Them PDF
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Mike Piero, Video Game Chronotopes and Social Justice: Playing on the Threshold PDF
Reviewed by Sabrina Sonner 3 pgs.
Jennifer Clary-Lemon and David M. Grant (Eds.), Decolonial Conversations in Posthuman and New Material Rhetorics PDF
Reviewed by Fatima Zahid Ali 4 pgs.
Rules and Rivals: A Review Essay PDF
Reviewed by Sue Curry Jansen 7 pgs.
Leland G. Spencer, Rape, Agency, and Carceral Solutions: From Criminal Justice to Social Justice PDF
Reviewed by Courtney D. Tabor 3 pgs.
David Goodman and Joy Elizabeth Hayes, New Deal Radio: The Educational Radio Project PDF
Reviewed by David Elliot Berman 4 pgs.
Thomas Poell, David Nieborg, and Brooke Erin Duffy, Platforms and Cultural Production PDF
Reviewed by Mustafa Oz 3 pgs.
Laine Nooney, The Apple II Age: How the Computer Became Personal PDF
Reviewed by Rongxin Ouyang 3 pgs.
Lee McGuigan, Selling the American People: Advertising, Optimization, and the Origins of Adtech PDF
Reviewed by Jennifer Hessler 3 pgs.
Elyakim Kislev, Relationships 5.0: How AI, VR, and Robots Will Reshape Our Emotional Lives PDF
Reviewed by Jinyuan Zhan 4 pgs.
Sue Robinson, How Journalists Engage: A Theory of Trust Building, Identities, and Care PDF
Reviewed by Andrea Dione Wenzel 3 pgs.
Aynne Kokas, Trafficking Data: How China Is Winning the Battle for Digital Sovereignty PDF
Reviewed by Jing Zeng 3 pgs.
Jeremy Packer, Paula Nuñez de Villavicencio, Alexander Monea, Kathleen Oswald, Kate Maddalena, and Joshua Reeves, The Prison House of the Circuit: Politics of Control from Analog to Digital PDF
Reviewed by Michelle Phan 4 pgs.
Patrick Ferrucci and Scott A. Eldridge II (Eds.), The Institutions Changing Journalism: Barbarians Inside the Gate PDF
Reviewed by Thomas R. Schmidt 3 pgs.
Senta Siewert, Performing Moving Images: Access, Archives and Affects PDF
Reviewed by Kelsey Moore 3 pgs.
Peiren Shao, New Perspectives on Geography of Media PDF
Reviewed by Yingzi Qu, Guofeng Wang 4 pgs.
Exploring Creativity Under Platform Capitalism PDF
Reviewed by Barry John King 6 pgs.
Mark Andrejevic and Neil Selwyn, Facial Recognition PDF
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Jürgen Habermas, A New Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere and Deliberative Politics PDF
Reviewed by Elizabeth Folan O'Connor 4 pgs.
Alex Preda, The Spectacle of Expertise: Why Financial Analysts Perform in the Media PDF
Reviewed by Micky Lee 3 pgs.
Dan McQuillan, Resisting AI: An Anti-Fascist Approach to Artificial Intelligence PDF
Reviewed by Florencio Cabello Fernández-Delgado 4 pgs.
Eszter Hargittai (Ed.), Handbook of Digital Inequality PDF
Reviewed by Christopher Ali 4 pgs.
Moya Bailey, Misogynoir Transformed: Black Women’s Digital Resistance PDF
Reviewed by Hyejin Jo 3 pgs.
E Cram, Violent Inheritance: Sexuality, Land, and Energy in Making The North American West PDF
Reviewed by Shelby R. Crow 3 pgs.
Jennifer McClearen, Fighting Visibility: Sports Media and Female Athletes in the UFC PDF
Reviewed by Evan Brody 3 pgs.
Larisa King Mann, Rude Citizenship: Jamaican Popular Music, Copyright, and the Reverberations of Colonial Power PDF
Reviewed by Jiaxi Hou 3 pgs.
Meredith Broussard, More Than a Glitch: Confronting Race, Gender, and Ability Bias in Tech PDF
Reviewed by Melike Asli Sim 3 pgs.
Sara Shaban, Iranian Feminism and Transnational Ethics in Media Discourse PDF
Reviewed by Laila Abbas 3 pgs.
Amanda D. Lotz and Ramon Lobato (Eds.), Streaming Video: Storytelling Across Borders PDF
Reviewed by Melina Meimaridis 4 pgs.
Janaki Srinivasan, The Political Lives of Information: Information and the Production of Development in India PDF
Reviewed by Rajdeep Pakanati 4 pgs.
Johanna Dunaway and Kathleen Searles, News and Democratic Citizens in the Mobile Era PDF
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Richard Rogers and Sabine Niederer (Eds.), The Politics of Social Media Manipulation PDF
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Cory Barker, Social TV: Multi-Screen Content and Ephemeral Culture PDF
Reviewed by Aidan Moir 3 pgs.
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