Communication, Crisis, & Global Power Shifts: An Introduction

Yuezhi Zhao


This paper brings contemporary theoretical discussions on the nature of the evolving global order into dialogue with a set of transnationally, regionally, and nationally oriented studies addressing communication, crisis, and global power shifts. First, it brings in a class-centric perspective to complicate mainstream nation-state-centric narratives aboutU.S.hegemonic decline and global power shifts from the West to the Rest, especiallyChina. Second, it draws upon anti-racist and anti-imperialist critiques of the racial construction of sovereignty and the concomitant Western-originated capitalist nation-state logic to supplement the class-centric analysis. The resulting social revolutionary perspective on communication and historical change encompasses the analytical lenses of class, nation, state, race, empire, gender, and knowledge/power paradigms, and it also emphasizes the analysis of various social forces and their interrelations both among and within nations.    


Communication, Crisis, Global Power Shifts, Capitalism, Socialism, Class, Race, Nation, State, China

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