The Influence of Channel, Flooding, and Repair on Effective Couple Conflict Communication

Nicole Kashian


This study examines the influence of face-to-face (FtF) communication and mediated communication on effective conflict communication among married and dating couples, and whether flooding or repair were mechanisms for effective conflict communication. A national sample of couples who primarily used mediated communication or FtF communication in a recent conflict discussion participated. Individuals who reported primarily using FtF communication experienced a negative relationship between flooding and effective conflict communication. This relationship was not significant for individuals who primarily used mediated communication, suggesting that mediated communication might buffer the negative effect of flooding on effective conflict communication. Repair also mediated the indirect effect of channel on effective conflict communication for individuals with low and high levels of relational satisfaction, suggesting mediated communication facilitates repair among dissatisfied couples, and FtF communication facilitates repair among satisfied couples. This study emphasizes the importance of channel, reduced flooding, repair, and relational satisfaction for effective conflict communication.


mediated communication, conflict, effective communication, flooding, repair, satisfaction

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