Talking With the 'Hermit Regime'| Mobile Media and Its Impacts on Social Change and Human Rights in North Korea

Sunny Yoon


This study attempts to elucidate social change and human rights situations in North Korea by examining the use of media by North Korean citizens. In particular, mobile media that has recently become available to the public will be the focus of the study. Although mobile media is viewed as a symbol of the increasing openness of North Korean society to the world, it is highly controlled by the North Korean political authorities in terms of availability and accountability. Moreover, mobile media are used as tools for public management and propaganda. The discourse analysis is conducted to examine the use of mobile media and its impact on social changes in North Korea. In-depth interviews with mobile users were conducted by recruiting North Korean defectors who used mobile media while they were in North Korea. The result of this research demonstrates the impacts of mobile technology on social changes and human rights in North Korea.


North Korean mobile media, digital culture, youth culture, human rights in North Korea, discourse analysis

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