The Importance of Latinx Showrunners in Getting Authentic Latino TV Series in English-Language American Television: The Case of Tanya Saracho and Vida (Starz, 2018–2020)

María-José Higueras-Ruiz, Jordi Alberich-Pascual, Enrique Herrera-Viedma


The growth of the Latino population in the United States during the 21st century has attracted the attention of television professionals and scholars to this community. This article aims to study the inclusion of Latinx people in American TV series and the correlation between Latinx characters and Latinx showrunners and writers. A literature review on the Latino community in television media has been conducted. After this, a specific case study—Vida TV series—is examined following a qualitative methodology based on two theoretical approaches: media production and television aesthetic. These results show that Tanya Saracho has a creative and personal connection to her TV series as showrunner. In conclusion, the traditional stereotyped and limited representation of Latinx people in U.S. TV series is counteracted by hiring Latinx television professionals in the television production process.


TV series, Latinx, showrunner, media production, U.S. television

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