The Adoption of Technology and Innovation Among Native Online News Media in Colombia

Víctor García-Perdomo, María Isabel Magaña


This study analyzes how entrepreneurial native online newsrooms in Colombia are implementing digital technologies and innovation in their workspaces. The article uses technology studies and entrepreneurial journalism as frameworks to investigate eight relevant case studies. The method used in-depth interviews with the directors of these online media. Results show that native online outlets value people, quality of content, access to information, and journalistic standards more than digital technology and platforms. For them, innovation is not strictly related to implementing new technology, but it is somewhat linked to the type of journalistic innovation products they are creating. They believe they are an alternative voice to mainstream media content but use traditional outlets to distribute their stories and increase their relevance. The integration of users into their editorial process is a goal, but it is still limited.


technological innovation, online news, entrepreneurs, online native media

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