The Post-Truth Double-Helix: Reflexivity and Mistrust in Local Politics

Timothy Gibson


Post-truth politics—the term has achieved buzzword status, arguably with good reason. After all, the Trump presidential campaign was built on a foundation of demonstrably false statements and unproven allegations of conspiracy. However, the concept of post-truth politics currently lacks a firm conceptual foundation. This article, therefore, defines and explicates the concept of post-truth politics, drawing primarily on the work of Jodi Dean, Marc Andrejevic, and Anthony Giddens. With this refined definition, I apply the concept to examine a recent political debate over a proposed streetcar line in Arlington, Virginia. A brief conclusion discusses the political and ethical implications of the Arlington streetcar case and explores prospects for future conceptual development


: post-truth politics, political rhetoric, conspiracy theory, reflexivity, misinformation, postmodernism

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