The Moderating Role of Political Ideology: Need for Cognition, Media Locus of Control, Misinformation Efficacy, and Misperceptions About COVID-19

Porismita Borah


Along with the horrific impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been another attack alongside termed as the “infodemic.” The main purposes of the current study are to examine (1) the association between literacy variables and misperceptions about COVID-19 and (2) the moderating role of political ideology on these relationships. The findings from a survey conducted in the United States show that self-identified liberals, need for cognition, and misinformation efficacy were negatively related to misperceptions about COVID-19. Findings from Hayes’s PROCESS model 1 show meaningful moderating effects of need for cognition, media locus of control, and misinformation efficacy with political ideology. Implications are discussed.


misinformation, COVID-19, need for cognition, media locus of control, misinformation efficacy, political ideology, survey

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