Precarity and New Media: Through the Lens of Indian Creators

Smith Mehta


Through critical reflection on the creator labor discussions in the new media economy and its application to the quotidian practices of Indian online content creators, I analyze the emerging industrial practices that are shaping India’s new screen ecology with direct implications to the Indian media entertainment landscape. In doing so, the article highlights the distinct understanding of Indian online creator labor to argue the several ways in which the creators perform agency while negotiating with social media platforms. I articulate 4 broad categories in which precarious creativity is dealt with, on and through social media, as they balance the structural tensions between old and new media. Findings also suggest the creator’s preference to deal with precarious creativity on social media platforms than having to struggle with creative hegemony and closed-door networks of Indian traditional media.


creator labor, platform economy, India, new media, creator affordances, precarity, social media

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