Participation and Transmediality: Audience Influence on Web Series

Tomás Atarama-Rojas, Enrique Guerrero-Pérez, Valeria Gerbolini


Interactivity with users represents a key feature of transmedia storytelling. This research revolves around the way viewer engagement influences the content of an interactive Web series—namely, Si fueras tú. The series used a strategy based on social networks to encourage viewer participation in the decisions of the protagonist. Research uses a mixed study methodology that includes (1) an analysis of turning points, (2) an analysis of characters, (3) content analysis based on viewers’ comments on social media, and (4) in-depth interviews with project managers to illuminate the process of building the transmedia strategy. Findings confirm that audience participation influences the content of the fiction series, albeit in a limited way, with the main aim being to retain the audience as part of the marketing strategy.


transmedia storytelling, interactivity, fiction, audience, series, participation, viewer engagement, social media, production, television

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