Participatory Outcomes of Collective Action Groups on Facebook: The Roles of Network Relationships and Group Contexts

Chih-Hui Lai


This study examines the mechanisms of how participation in Facebook collective action groups predicts civic participation and the generation of group impacts. The results from a nationally representative sample in Taiwan showed that group participation was positively associated with civic participation, but only indirectly through perceived tie strength within the group. This indirect relationship was also moderated by the extent to which members coparticipated in other groups on Facebook. Moreover, the results from a second data set (a young adult sample in Taiwan) showed that group participation had both direct and indirect effects on perceived group impacts (internal and external) through perceived network size within the group. The indirect and negative relationship between group participation and perceived external impact was mitigated by the extent to which the groups endeavored to collaborate with other entities.


social media, Facebook, voluntary group, civic engagement, communication infrastructure theory

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