Imaginaries of Success About Netflix Original Series: The Case of Cidade Invisível

Daniel Rios, Mayka Castellano


Over the past decade, Netflix has commissioned productions from different global markets. However, given the scarcity of viewership data, it is difficult to evaluate the performance of each title. Concurrently, fans of Netflix series resort to the company’s official profiles on social media, demanding greater publicity for their favorite shows. This article, then, investigates how users perceive success in subscription video-on-demand services. Particularly, we explore what imaginaries fans create about the performance of the Brazilian Netflix drama Cidade Invisível, analyzing tweets in which users plead for the show to be better publicized. These messages urge Netflix to (1) amplify the show’s awareness among subscribers, (2) assure the show’s future, and (3) appreciate the local audiovisual market. In this sense, they constantly question Netflix’s marketing strategies, highlighting an understanding that, for a Netflix production to become successful, it needs a strong presence on social media.


Netflix originals, streaming platforms, Brazil, success metrics, fans

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