Getting out of Debt: The Communication Begets Communication (CBC) Typology as an Approach to Theoretical Advancement in the Field

Nathan Walter, R. Lance Holbert, John Jennings Brooks, Camille J. Saucier, Sapna Suresh, Floor Fiers


A typology rooted in the field’s common object—a communicative act—and the notion that communication begets more communication is presented and evaluated. The organizing power of the typology is illustrated by showing key differences and similarities among existing theories in terms of their communicative dynamics concerning information getting and information giving. The typology’s ability to systematically expand existing theories and increase the theoretical coverage of the field is exemplified by a focus on the spiral of silence and the transportation-imagery model. This article concludes with a discussion of limitations, caveats, and an agenda for theoretical advancement arising from the typology.


theoretical advancement, typology, spiral of silence, transportation-imagery model (TIM)

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