Race, Myth, and News: An Updated Model to Explain Representations of Racism in Colombian Racial Democracy

Carlos A. Cortés-Martínez, Jesús Antonio Arroyave-Cabrera, Andrea Cancino-Borbón


In Colombia, racial discrimination is supposedly a thing of the past. However, structural racism is still present in all dimensions of social life. While the myths of marginalization, differentiation, and assimilation explain the relationship between race, myths, and news in the United States, the coverage of racism in SoHo, a Colombian men’s magazine, shows that these myths operate differently. Using a combination of critical discourse analysis, mythical analysis, the constant comparative method, and insights from previous studies, this article contributes to understanding racism and its mythical representations in magazine content outside the United States.


myth, crónica, critical discourse analysis, racism, racial democracies

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