Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| News Podcast Use, Press Freedom, and Political Participation: A Cross-National Study of 38 Countries

Yoonmo Sang, Sunyoung Park, Jiwon Kim, Sora Park


This study investigates the use and effects of news podcasts on online and offline political participation, based on a global survey of news consumers from 38 countries. The results demonstrate that political participation, both online and offline, is directly affected by news podcast use. Online discussion around news mediated the relationship between the use of news podcasts and both online and offline political participation. Furthermore, the study found that people living in countries with lower levels of press freedom tended to use news podcasts more, and that the level of press freedom had a direct influence on both online and offline participation across nations. This article advances the literature on news podcasts and their role in facilitating discussions around news and political participation by contextualizing news podcast use in a global context.


communication mediation model, news discussion, news podcast, political participation, press freedom, secondary data analysis

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