Changing Narratives: An Evaluation of Pakistan’s Public Diplomacy Efforts Under Imran Khan

Ravale Mohydin


In today’s multipolar world, asymmetric power relations are common as nations compete to strive and gain greater access to scarce resources, such as influence and a positive national brand. Discussing the nuanced relationship between nation branding and public diplomacy, along with best practices for both, this article analyzes Pakistan’s past international image through a historical sociopolitical lens as a case study. Then, it evaluates the country’s public diplomacy efforts, including those linked to the U.S. war in Afghanistan, undertaken especially by the Pakistani government under Prime Minister Imran Khan. A growing congruence was detected between Pakistani and Western officials’ communications, potentially signaling a change in perception of Pakistan, particularly in light of regional security and its relationship with the West.


public diplomacy, Pakistan, Imran Khan, nation branding, U.S. war in Afghanistan

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