Media Use and Political Engagement: Cross-Cultural Approaches| The Role of Media Use in Political Mobilization: A Comparison of Free and Restrictive Countries

Regina Arant, Katja Hanke, Alexandra Mittelstädt, Rosemary Pennington, Audris Umel, Özen Odağ


Studies examining the link between media use and political mobilization focus on contexts with high levels of democracy and freedom. This mixed-methods study investigates whether intentions for collective action are predicted by media use and past political participation offline and online in countries categorized as free versus restrictive. Quantitative analyses show that intensive users of offline media were more inclined toward future political participation if they were citizens of a free country and if they reported high levels of group efficacy. Although online media use also predicted future political participation, this likelihood was higher among citizens of restrictive countries who reported lower levels of group efficacy. Qualitative analyses provide a deeper understanding of the contextual differences between free and restrictive countries.


media use, online political participation, offline political participation, digital media, social media, collective action, group efficacy, free countries, restrictive countrie

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