Radio Mentions: An Analysis of Radio Personalities and Ethical Behaviour (Spain)

Salvador Perelló-Oliver, Clara Muela-Molina


Radio mentions (RM) are advertising messages read live by the presenters and coworkers of radio programs. However, this type of commercial is expressly forbidden by the code of ethics for journalists due to the conflict of interest and loss of transparency it can entail. This article analyzes the presence of RM by time slot and product category. It also studies the characteristics of RM, the involvement of presenters with the advertised product or brand, and the existence of separation lines between editorial and advertising contents. The research is based on the analysis of a sample from the 12 stations (full-service stations and music stations) with the highest audience shares in Spain. The results show a higher presence and involvement of program directors than of their coworkers and a general absence of sonic triggers to forewarn listeners of advertising.


advertising, codes of conduct, endorsers, media policy, radio

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