Celebrity Influence and Young People’s Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore: The Role of Parasocial Relationships and Identification

Nainan Wen


There is concern that young people worldwide are undergoing an increasing number of cosmetic surgeries that are associated with physical and psychological risks. This study examined whether and how this trend of seeking cosmetic surgery was influenced by young people’s exposure to mediated celebrities in Singapore. This study employed two psychological concepts—parasocial relationships and identification—from the celebrity influence model to disentangle the media effects of celebrities. A survey of 555 college students showed that exposure to mediated celebrities directly and indirectly influenced young people’s attitudes toward cosmetic surgery. The indirect path was mediated by parasocial relationships and identification. Our findings contribute to the theory of celebrity influence and provide information that can inform future health communication.


celebrity influence, parasocial relationship, identification, cosmetic surgery, youth

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