European Public Sphere| Good Corporate Citizenship: Predictors of Corporate Social Justice as an Element of Sustainable Citizenship Norms in Europe

Lucy Atkinson


Using 2011 Eurobarometer survey data, this study draws on the O-S-O-R model to examine the predictors of one dimension of sustainable citizenship. It takes a cross-cultural approach to compare the roles of trust, satisfaction, pro-social values, media use, and interpersonal discussion in predicting support for corporate justice in Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain (the PIGS countries) and Denmark, Finland, and Sweden (the Nordic region). OLS regression reveals trust is a more important predictor in PIGS countries, whereas satisfaction is more relevant in the Nordic countries. Findings also indicate that corporate justice is qualitatively different from political consumption, the other, more-studied dimension of sustainable citizenship.


sustainable citizenship, corporate justice, political participation, trust, satisfaction,

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