Media Audiences| Spaces Across Europe: Where People Use Media

Nicoletta Vittadini, Marina Micheli, Francesca Pasquali, Piermarco Aroldi


This article focuses on the various spaces hosting the communication activities of European citizens in nine different countries. In contemporary societies, characterized by the pervasiveness of mobile devices and other media, space is key to understanding the everyday uses of media. Where people use media holds important implications for not only the daily routines of media usage but the meaning-making processes that media enable and sustain. On a theoretical level, this article introduces two interrelated concepts of domesticity and mobility to account for the contemporary configuration of private and public spaces of media use. On an empirical level, the article characterizes these configurations in the nine countries of the European study, identifying five patterns of media use across social spaces, and relating these patterns to sociodemographic as well as cross-national factors.


media use, domesticity, mobility, space, domestication, cross-national analysis, patterns of media consumption

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