Latin American Struggles| A Conversation with Bernardo Gutiérrez: Exploring Technopolitics in Latin America

Emiliano Treré, Bernardo Gutiérrez


In this conversation, Bernardo Gutiérrez examines the multifaceted roles played by digital media technologies in the processes of resistance and emancipation of several Latin American countries, with a particular focus on Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. Relying on his extensive experience as a journalist and activist, and on the preliminary findings of his new project funded by Oxfam, an international confederation to find solutions to poverty, an injustice around the world, he argues that the similarities among these new mobilizations have to be looked for in their technopolitical architecture and in the forms of organization-action they assume, rather than in their demands, shared ideologies, and grievances.


Latin America, technopolitics, social media, distributed leadership, connected multitudes, #YoSoy132 movement, Passe Livre movement

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