Transmedia Critical| Transmedia Appropriation and Socialization Processes Among German Adolescents

Maren Würfel


Recent scholarly discourse about convergence and media developments related to transmedia phenomena has focused on economic and media-centered perspectives. Much work has been done by gathering data about and analyzing innovative marketing strategies in the media industry. These efforts have provided insights into processes of media production and distribution in the age of digitization and under the conditions of convergence and the social Web. Drawing on this research, I develop a perspective on how to examine adolescents’ appropriation of popular media. This article focuses on the perspective of young people who turn toward the media according to their media preferences and content-related interests. It is about their transmedia appropriations, which means—in simplified terms—how they deal with media content that is provided by a converging and highly commercialized media system. The article presents an approach to research in this field as well as some initial findings of an empirical study with German young people related to the role of convergent media and transmedia storytelling for socialization processes in adolescence.


digital media, transmedia storytelling, convergence, audience studies, transmedia appropriation, media socialization

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