Egyptian Journalistic Professionalism in the Context of Revolution: Comparing Survey Results from Before and After the January 25, 2011 Uprising

Mohamad Hamas Elmasry, Dina Mohamed Basiony, Sara Farag Elkamel


This study presents the results of two comparative surveys of Egyptian print journalists carried out in late 2008 and June 2013, respectively. The surveys aimed to assess aspects of Egyptian print journalism practice and professionalism at two different points in time: during the late Hosni Mubarak era and during Mohammed Morsi’s one-year term in office. The surveys addressed journalism education and training quality, work routines, perceptions of press freedom, and journalistic ideology. Results offer insights into the inner workings of Egyptian journalism before and after the 2011 revolution that ousted Mubarak and, importantly, a baseline on which to gauge Egypt’s future progress on key measures of journalistic professionalism.


Egypt, news, journalistic professionalism, revolution, Morsi, Mubarak, survey

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