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U.S. Newspaper Editors’ Ratings of Social Media as Influential News Sources ABSTRACT PDF
Masahiro Yamamoto, Seungahn Nah, Deborah Chung 17 pgs.
Courts’ Use of Social Media: A Community of Practice Model ABSTRACT PDF
Jane Johnston 15 pgs.
“Blood Is Thicker Than Water”: Interpersonal Influence, Selection, and the Role of Family in Forging Italians’ Political Agreement ABSTRACT PDF
Moreno Mancosu, Cristiano Vezzoni 22 pgs.
Seeking Comfort in Past Media: Modelling Media Nostalgia as a Way of Coping with Media Change ABSTRACT PDF
Manuel Menke 21 pgs.
Partisan Self-Stereotyping: Testing the Salience Hypothesis in a Prediction of Political Polarization ABSTRACT PDF
Jiyoung Han, Daniel B. Wackman 23 pgs.
“Stir-Frying” Internet Finance: Financialization and the Institutional Role of Financial News in China ABSTRACT PDF
Jing Wang 22 pgs.
Emotion Matters: What Happens Between Young Children and Parents in a Touch Screen World ABSTRACT PDF
Hogeun Seo, Claire Shinhea Lee 20 pgs.
Contributors and Arguments in Australian Policy Debates on Fair Use and Copyright: The Missing Discussion of the Creative Process ABSTRACT PDF
Patricia Aufderheide, Dorian Hunter Davis 24 pgs.
Examining the Practices That Mexican Journalists Employ to Reduce Risk in a Context of Violence ABSTRACT PDF
Sallie Hughes, Mireya Márquez-Ramírez 23 pgs.
Whose War, Whose Fault? Visual Framing of the Ukraine Conflict in Western European Newspapers ABSTRACT PDF
Markus Ojala, Mervi Pantti, Jarkko Kangas 25 pgs.
The Compoundness and Sequentiality of Digital Inequality ABSTRACT PDF
Alexander van Deursen, Ellen Helsper, Rebecca Eynon, Jan van Dijk 22 pgs.
A Time-Series, Multinational Analysis of Democratic Forecasts and Emerging Media Diffusion, 1994–2014 ABSTRACT PDF
Jacob Groshek, Kate Mays 23 pgs.
WeChat as a Semipublic Alternative Sphere: Exploring the Use of WeChat Among Chinese Older Adults ABSTRACT PDF
Lei Guo 21 pgs.
The Participatory Roots of Selective Exposure: Baby Boomers, Political Protest, and Talk Radio ABSTRACT PDF
David A. Weaver 25 pgs.
Making Business News: A Production Analysis of The New York Times ABSTRACT PDF
Nikki Usher 20 pgs.
Reimagining Riben Guizi: Japanese Tactical Media Performance After the 2010 Senkaku/Diaoyu Boat Collision Incident ABSTRACT PDF
Yasuhito Abe 19 pgs.
Frames and Reasoning: Two Pathways From Selective Exposure to Affective Polarization ABSTRACT PDF
Yariv Tsfati, Lilach Nir 22 pgs.
The Match-Up Hypothesis Revisited: A Social Psychological Perspective ABSTRACT PDF
Eser Levi, Kaan Varnali, Nurhan Babur Tosun 23 pgs.
Miscommunication: The Other of Communication or the Otherness of Communication? ABSTRACT PDF
Tuğrul İlter 19 pgs.
News Seekers, News Avoiders, and the Mobilizing Effects of Election Campaigns: Comparing Election Campaigns for the National and the European Parliaments ABSTRACT PDF
Jesper Stromback 22 pgs.
From Social Merchandising to Social Spectacle: Portrayals of Domestic Violence in TV Globo’s Prime-Time Telenovelas ABSTRACT PDF
Samantha Nogueira Joyce, Monica Martinez 17 pgs.
Africa Rising: An Analysis of Emergent Africa-Focused Mass Communication Scholarship from 2004–2014 ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wasike 22 pgs.
The Populist Communication Style: Toward a Critical Framework ABSTRACT PDF
Elena Block, Ralph Negrine 20 pgs.
Enhancing Attitudes Toward Stigmatized Groups with Movies: Mediating and Moderating Processes of Narrative Persuasion ABSTRACT PDF
Juan-José Igartua, Francisco J. Frutos 20 pgs.
The United States in Decline? Assessing the Impact of International Challenges to American Exceptionalism ABSTRACT PDF
Jason Gilmore, Charles M. Rowling 21 pgs.
The Impacts of Online Grassroots Criticism on Citizen Satisfaction With Government: An Inconsistent Mediation Model ABSTRACT PDF
Tianjiao Wang, Fei Shen 24 pgs.
From Screen to Self: The Relationship Between Television Exposure and Self-Complexity Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth ABSTRACT PDF
Bradley J. Bond, Brandon Miller 19 pgs.
TV News Exposure of Young People in Changing Viewing Environments: A Longitudinal, Cross-National Comparison Using People-Meter Data ABSTRACT PDF
Anke Wonneberger, Su Jung Kim 22 pgs.
Contextualized Transmedia Mobilization: Media Practices and Mobilizing Structures in the Umbrella Movement ABSTRACT PDF
Zhongxuan Lin 24 pgs.
Increasingly Violent but Still Sexy: A Decade of Central Female Characters in Top-Grossing Hollywood and Bollywood Film Promotional Material ABSTRACT PDF
Jannath Ghaznavi, Katherine L. Grasso, Laramie D. Taylor 25 pgs.
Public Media Autonomy and Accountability: Best and Worst Policy Practices in 12 Leading Democracies ABSTRACT PDF
Rodney Benson, Matthew Powers, Timothy Neff 22 pgs.
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Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society — Introduction ABSTRACT PDF
Arne Hintz, Lina Dencik, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen 9 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Normalization of Surveillance and the Invisibility of Digital Citizenship: Media Debates After the Snowden Revelations ABSTRACT PDF
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Lucy Bennett, Gregory Taylor 23 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Advent of Surveillance Realism: Public Opinion and Activist Responses to the Snowden Leaks ABSTRACT PDF
Lina Dencik, Jonathan Cable 19 pgs.
Digital Citizenship amd Surveillance| Enabling Digital Citizenship? The Reshaping of Surveillance Policy After Snowden ABSTRACT PDF
Arne Hintz, Ian Brown 20 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Snowden Disclosures, Technical Standards, and the Making of Surveillance Infrastructures ABSTRACT PDF
Michael Rogers, Grace Eden 22 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Surveillance Culture: Engagement, Exposure, and Ethics in Digital Modernity ABSTRACT PDF
David Lyon 19 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Citizen Snowden ABSTRACT PDF
Engin Isin, Evelyn Ruppert 15 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| The Snowden Revelations and the Networked Fourth Estate ABSTRACT PDF
Adrienne Russell, Silvio Waisbord 21 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| To Pre-Empt A Thief ABSTRACT PDF
Mark Andrejevic 18 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| What Changed After Snowden? A U.S. Perspective — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Ben Wizner 5 pgs.
Digital Citizenship and Surveillance| Compromising Over Technology, Security, and Privacy — Commentary ABSTRACT PDF
Gus Hosein 5 pgs.
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Encoding/Decoding as Translation ABSTRACT PDF
Kyle Conway 18 pgs.
What Communication Can Contribute to Data Studies: Three Lenses on Communication and Data ABSTRACT PDF
Andrew Schrock 9 pgs.
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Book Reviews

Victor Roudometof, Glocalization: A Critical Introduction PDF
Reviewed by Philemon Bantimaroudis 3 pgs.
Gary Hall, Pirate Philosophy: For a Digital Posthumanities PDF
Reviewed by Amanda C. R. Clark 3 pgs.
Vilém Flusser, Gestures PDF
Reviewed by Raúl Rodríguez-Ferrándiz 5 pgs.
Beate Flath & Eva Klein (Eds.), Advertising and Design: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on a Cultural Field PDF
Reviewed by Christopher Chavez 3 pgs.
Pnina Fichman & Madelyn R. Sanfilippo, Online Trolling and Its Perpetrators: Under the Cyberbridge PDF
Reviewed by Margaret Steinhauer 4 pgs.
Stefana Broadbent, Intimacy at Work: How Digital Media Bring Private Life Into the Workplace PDF
Reviewed by Brett W. Robertson 3 pgs.
Cinthia Gannett and John C. Brereton (Eds.), Traditions of Eloquence: The Jesuits and Modern Rhetorical Studies PDF
Reviewed by Thomas A. Discenna 3 pgs.
Michael S. Gorham, After Newspeak: Language Culture and Politics in Russia from Gorbachev to Putin PDF
Reviewed by Anna Popkova 3 pgs.
Jonathan Donner, After Access: Inclusion, Development, and a More Mobile Internet PDF
Reviewed by Grace Yuehan Wang 4 pgs.
Stewart M. Hoover and Curtis D. Coats, Does God Make the Man? Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity PDF
Reviewed by Emma Frances Bloomfield 3 pgs.
Mary R. Desjardins, Recycled Stars: Female Film Stardom in the Age of Television and Video PDF
Reviewed by Catherine Bednarz 2 pgs.
Larissa Hjorth, Sarah Pink, Kristen Sharp and Linda Williams, Screen Ecologies: Art, Media, and the Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region PDF
Reviewed by Zhifei Mao 3 pgs.
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