New Political and Communication Agenda for Political Discourse Analysis: Critical Reflections on Critical Discourse Analysis and Political Discourse Analysis

Jiayu Wang


This article advocates using theories and approaches in political communication to advance the agenda of political discourse analysis (PDA) that uses the approaches in critical discourse analysis (CDA). I first review the development in the research of PDA and criticisms against CDA and PDA, along with my reflections on these criticisms. I also discuss how basic concepts and dimensions in political communication can be used to advance PDA. In conclusion, I argue that traditional approaches to PDA center too much on Marxist or post-Marxist conflict theories and on linguistic description and interpretation. They fail to adequately explain political issues as CDA does to social issues. Incorporating theories and approaches in political communication can “demystify” PDA from its status quo toward a discipline that addresses political problems in communication.



critical discourse analysis (CDA), political discourse analysis (PDA), political communication, language, politics, communication

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